How To Calm Your Anxiety? (Video)

The world can feel overwhelming, especially with access to social media. Learn how to calm your anxiety with these six easy steps. 

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How to Calm Your Anxiety

The world can feel overwhelming, especially when you add social media on top of that and the stressors of everyday life. It can all lead to feelings of anxiety.

When you’re anxious, it’s hard to have fun. It’s hard to be productive. It’s hard to do the things in the world that you’re meant to do. And you are meant to do great things in the world, and you are meant to feel happy.

So how do you get back to that feeling of calm and centered and peace? I’m going to show you how. This may be slightly different from what you have learned because I am an intuitive and energy healer.

How to Calm Your Anxiety

I look at things energetically. I experienced things differently. This is useful for anybody, especially if you are an empath or an HSP or sensitive.

But before we get into some simple techniques that you can do to feel more calm and relaxed and relieve yourself of anxiety, I wanted to talk to you about what happens energetically in addition to psychologically.

So your mind, by nature, is always looking for threats. That’s a protective mechanism, and your body will respond to threats. If you feel like a tiger is chasing you or have danger around you, you get into that fight or flight mode, that elevated mode.

How to Calm Your Anxiety

Now what happens in your body is that your chakras are always receiving intuitive information from your environment and interpreting that information from the environment, particularly your lower three chakras.

What connects you to the earth and material matters. It’s your root chakra that helps you feel safe, grounded, and secure. So, if you are not really connected to your lower chakras, you’re may constantly be elevating your energy and hovering above the chakras and not inhabiting those so much.

Then you’re in this state where you’re always in this calm mental state, this anxious state, where you’re looking for threats and feeling threats and perceived threats. And so you need to get back in your body.

How to Calm Your Anxiety

Also, if you’re a sensitive soul, the earth can feel very harsh and challenging, especially if you start resonating with all the trauma in the world and all the pain and suffering in the world.

It makes it even harder for your spirit to want to ground in your body. There’s a part of you that says, I don’t want to be here. This is a difficult place to be.

I see this a lot with intuitive, sensitive souls; they’re kind of in their body and not in their body because the lower three chakras hold most of our trauma, childhood trauma, and even past life trauma.

It’s challenging to stay in that grounded state. So what we’re going to do now is help retrain your energy to get back in your body and get back into a calm state to feel grounded, safe, and secure. And when you are doing that, you can live in the present moment. And enjoy life more, and you have much more access to your intuition.

How to Calm Your Anxiety

Now, if there were a real threat, you instead should be grounded and calm and gain intuitive clarity, so you know how to handle it. So that’s what you’re going to do right now.

I’m going to walk you through this if you can. You can close your eyes and do this with me. Or if you want to leave your vision, kind of like where you’re not focusing on anything, just like a soft-focus.

I’m going to close my eyes. Okay. So close your eyes, make sure your spine is straight and loosen your jaw. Make sure you’re not clenching your jaw. Make sure you’re not scrunching up your face or your eyes or forehead. Just let that all go soft.

Good. Now take a moment to focus on your breath. As you focus on your breath, notice your breath’s physical sensations in your body. Feel how nice it is for your breath to expand your rib cage and go into your lungs. Just feel how beautiful that is. Good.

How to Calm Your Anxiety

Your second step is to slow your breath down and slow down your breathing. Breathe in slowly and breathe out. Slow. Almost as if you’re setting yourself up for hibernation. Slow down your breath. Continue to watch your breath in your body as you notice the sensations in your body.

Good. Now, as you are breathing deeply and slowly and noticing your breath, bring your awareness to the base of your spine. And as you bring your awareness to the base of your spine, you may feel it pulsate. That’s okay. And as you do, as you bring your awareness there, open up the base of your spine, your root chakra. Imagine that it’s opening to receive more light and breadth.

Good. Now notice if you are clenching or tightening, and you might. Around the base of your spine or your legs or your knees or your feet or your toes, notice. Imagine this breath going down your legs and your feet, relaxing any tension.

How to Calm Your Anxiety

Notice the tension you have in your legs or feet relaxing. Good. Now open up the chakras at the soles of your feet. And as you’re breathing in light and relaxing, you breathe out any tension through the soles of your feet. Good. Notice any other tension in your body and breathe light into it. Allow your breath to caress and relax any tension in your room.

Now you can visualize a sanctuary for yourself, a safe place. It could be nature. It could be indoors with your loved ones or Furby. Wherever you feel peaceful, imagine yourself there. It could be a real or imaginary place. Visualize yourself as peaceful, calm, and happy. You feel completely safe and relaxed because you are protected, loved, and safe. Good.

Now put your hands over your heart and say to yourself, I am safe in my body. I am safe on the earth. And give yourself some love through your hands. You can feel yourself taking in all this love as you say this.

How to Calm Your Anxiety

Bring your awareness again to your feet as you feel your connection to the earth. Wonderful. Feel your breath in your body and open up your eyes.

Now you notice that you feel calmer also. How does your body feel as you connect to the earth? It may take some practice to get more grounded, more into your body. It most likely will. So I recommend that practice.

As you find yourself racing your thoughts in your head and just trying to figure things out throughout the day, remind yourself to focus on your breath. Notice how your body feels so you can slow your breath and focus on these sensations in your body. Throughout the day, it’s important to remember your feet.

How to Calm Your Anxiety

If you find yourself racing in your mind, focus on your feet and continually notice how your feet feel. Notice the sensations of your feet, how they feel against the floor, against the earth, which will help you ground yourself. And you can remind yourself to call your spirit back in your body. And as you do, you will heal these layers of fear and trauma that have kept you from being there.

Now, as you do this every day, this will give you calmer peace and serenity, and intuitive clarity to make better decisions. Every day, you’re also going to be contributing to the peace of the world. So continue to be the most beautiful person you were born to be, and this will help you shine your light that way.

And if you want to help somebody else, make sure that you forward this practice to someone. Please share this video with someone that you think can benefit from it. I know they will appreciate you for it. And I’d love to hear how this has helped you. Leave a comment below and let us all know how you felt before you did this.

How to Calm Your Anxiety

And then after, please remember to continue these exercises. And again, you can download that from the Grounding meditation using the link below. I have many more resources for you. You can find those on my website at, and make sure you are subscribed and hit that bell to get a notification when I come out with a new video.

I love you so much, and I wish you much joy and love, and serenity. Lots of love. Bye..

How To Calm Your Anxiety

You can calm your anxiety with these easy energetic techniques. The key is to be consistent. The more you incorporate these stress-relieving tools, you can become grounded and at peace.

The world can feel overwhelming, especially with access to social media. It’s not just the stress of daily life that can affect you. The energy of the world bombards you too.

Any stressors can trigger your fight-or-flight response and lead to anxiety.

Good News!

You can calm your nerves and restore your presence.

I am an intuitive healer, so these stress-relieving techniques are more energetic than cognitive.

These are the tools I’ve used in my life and can be particularly useful for empaths, HSPs, and sensitives.

I used to suffer from debilitating anxiety when I was younger, and this is what has helped me.

You are an energetic being.

Your root chakra keeps you grounded and feeling safe.

This is what usually happens when a sensitive person feels triggered or threatened by an external or internal stressor:

Instead of staying grounded in your root chakra, the energy rises into the head. The spirit can hover over the body in certain situations, not fully rooted. This event can happen for seconds, minutes, or sometimes months.

To calm your anxiety, it’s important to get your spirit firmly rooted in the body for you to feel safe and secure.

Yet, your lower three chakras tend to hold most of your trauma. You CAN retrain yourself to stay grounded and calm.

Six simple steps to relieve anxiety and stress

Take time in stillness & quiet

Your nervous system can get overstimulated with too much sensory input. It is important to take time for yourself and process the intuitive input you receive daily.

Ground your energy

Your root chakra goes from the base of your spine to your feet. Make sure the muscles in your legs and feet are relaxed and allow energy to flow through you.

Focus on your breath

Slow down your breathing and feel what it’s like in your body. Focus on the sensation of your rib cage expanding. As you focus on your breath, you calm your mind.

Scan your body

Notice if you have tension in your body. Are you gripping or tensing anywhere? Are these areas where you are guarding or protecting with tight muscles? Breathe into those areas.

Imagine a happy, safe place

Take a moment to visualize a safe sanctuary where you are completely secure and at peace. You can go back to this safe space whenever you want.

Focus on your feet

Throughout the day, notice if your energy is all in your head or if you are aware of your body. Keep your energy focused on your feet if you need a reminder to ground yourself.

You will become calmer and more peaceful as you practice these techniques daily. You will find yourself feeling more joyful and productive. 

As you become more centered, you will respond to the stress of life and the world with more intuitive clarity and joy.

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8 thoughts on “How To Calm Your Anxiety? (Video)

  1. Before the calming meditation, I felt like I was vibrating, scattered. It wasn’t until Kari mentioned kind of floating above the lower shakras that I realized that’s where I was.

    At the end of this grounding meditation, my feet felt like they were heavier, but a pleasant heaviness of being rooted to the earth and receiving energy from the earth. My breathing was slower and the chaotic vibrating was replace with a sense of calm throughout my body, physically and spiritually.

  2. Really had a very stressful day this helped me I am under tremendous pressure at work and I feel kinda like my head wanted to explode. Our company is o. Short time and seeing all the their faces makes me feel so bad for them. I try so hard to be good at my job and take it very seriously. It’s taking it’s toll. This will be my daily meditation…. Thank you

  3. Thank you. I had a strong vision of a place/space from when I was 7 or 8 years old. I felt safe. That may have been the last time I felt that safe. My body felt warm, settled and ready for rest.

  4. Hi Kari,

    This Grounding Meditation is perhaps the best tool I have learned in the last few weeks. I have been meditating daily, and your Grounding Meditation is probably the BEST I have used. Your voice alone is quite soothing, and I was more relaxed and calm when exiting the video. I enjoyed every minute of it, and will continue using it!

    With a grateful heart,
    Paula Stewart

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