Fear of Rejection and Self-Doubt Healing (Video)

You CAN heal your fear of rejection and failure. In this video, I share simple techniques that will revolutionize how you express yourself.

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Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

Hi, my name is Kari Samuels, your intuitive counselor and happiness coach. And again, we are going to be focusing on healing your fear of rejection and failure. I have to say one thing, we all have this, okay? So you inside of you have within you, you know, we all have a fear of not being good enough or what other people will think about us. So what we’re going to cover today is the energetics around it. The energetics around why you have this, and also how you can move through it. Now this is a layered thing, right? So these fears can run very deep.

They can actually run from your past lives, right? So what I’m going to share with you today is a simple exercise to continue to help you move through these fears to continue to help you radiate more confidence. This is to help you radiate more joy so that you can be the shining star that you were born to be.

Heal Your Fear of Failure

So this is one layer here. But the thing is, because some these fears have been accumulated over your life, probably over lifetimes, it’s going to take a process for you to move through them. It’s going to be a process for you to enable yourself to have the strength and the fortitude to build this every day. This is like exercise. If you’ve been not eating right and if you’ve been not exercising, then when you first go to the gym, you have to start slowly, right?

So what we’re going to do today is give you a tool where you can build your confidence, where you can build your courage and most importantly, where you can build your energy so that you can be successful. You can be prosperous because what’s most likely happening whenever this fear is triggered, whenever you have a fear of what other people are thinking of, you are not doing good enough or not being good enough.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

Whenever you have that fear, it triggers something in you that keeps you from sharing your gifts. That keeps you from sharing your talents. And when that happens over and over again, you hide more and more. So if you retrain yourself to be confident every time you have a fear. What we’re going to do now is teach you something that’s going to retrain these fears into proactive confidence, proactive acts of courage.

Before we begin getting into that, let me introduce our chief happiness officer. Jess, are you with us?

I am here.

So this is, Jess, our chief happiness officer. She’s going to make sure everything is running smoothly. She’s gonna, help bring you on board when you have questions. So that that your questions will be answered. I’ll have time for just a few people at the end, but I want to be able to answer some questions. Again, this is a process. This is a deep layered process, so we’re going to cover as much as we can in this short period of time together.

Heal Your Fear of Failure

But I know that these simple techniques that I’m going to share with you today are going to help you if you continue to do them. This is like a muscle that needs to be activated. And if you haven’t worked your confidence muscle, your I can succeed muscle, your courage muscle, your, I can do anything less than you’re going to need to strengthen them.

So then, don’t underestimate this simplicity because this is a very simple yet profound process. You know, I personally used to have debilitating fears. So I don’t know how much you know of my past. I think a lot of you know, that I was a psychic or I am a psychic and intuitive and I used to do one on one readings for many, many years. Two decades, right?

So before that I was an actress and I was in theater and this is the trick though. I didn’t know I was an empath and I didn’t know about picking up on other people’s energy. So I was actually very talented at acting and I was very nervous all the time. So even though I had a lot of talent for the craft, I had debilitating fears of stage fright.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

Part of this was because I was picking up on the energy of other people and I wasn’t realizing it. And after I left theater, I am doing what I’m doing now. I discovered my psychic gifts and I nurtured them. And my guides had taught me so much about energy management and some of that I learned the hard way. That’s why I want to make it really easy for you. And my guides taught me about energy management and about strengthening my aura and they teach me things.

So that’s why I want to teach you what my guides have taught me and what I’ve learned from experience doing thousands of readings. Now, in these thousands of readings that I’ve done, much of it dealt with with karmic patterns. It dealt with patterns that people have brought through lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime. So I want to explain to you the energetics of this.

So when you have a fear that keeps you from fulfilling your purpose, it keeps perpetuating itself. If you hide a little, then you’re going to keep hiding more and then you’re gonna keep hiding more. That becomes this karmic imbalance. Eventually your life will begin to show you that you need to set the balance straight.

Heal Your Fear of Failure

For instance, if you have a gift that you know you want to share and you’re exhausted and you’re overworked and you’re not getting enough money, that’s simply the universe telling you that it’s time for you to change these patterns and believe in yourself more. Start charging more, start making your gifts a priority. That’s what happened to me. So in theater, what happened to me too with this debilitating fear that I used to have, I was picking up on energy of other people.

You can imagine it. It’s more than just like one on one kind of fear or like the kind of fears we may have in our relationships. We’re like, Ooh, I don’t want to say anything. This was like me picking up on energy for hundreds of people thinking, Oh no, they’re going to hate me.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

So, I grew up with a very low self esteem, which is part of why I want to help you. And that’s the way the soul gifts work. What are your greatest challenges? Often they become your greatest gifts, right? So this is why I want to share this with you. I had to move through my own insecurities and my own fear and learn to make my empathic gifts, my greatest strength, my super power. Because having this ability to feel so deeply and to pick up on other people’s energies is what makes me a really powerful and helpful healer and intuitive and guide.

Yet, I had to learn these from within. If you’re experiencing that now, if you’re experiencing any kind of challenges or fears, I want to remind you that the only reason you’re doing that is because it’s part of your soul’s plan to move through that. That becomes your greatest strength. Having moved through it. And this is part of the gift that you’re going to be sharing with other people, whether it’s in your day to day life or your career or your calling. So be kind to yourself in this process.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

Being an empath is an incredible gift. Being a sensitive is an incredible gift. And if you’re listening to this now, if you’re joining me now, I know that you are one. I know because otherwise we wouldn’t be here together, right? So your sensitivity is this beautiful gift. So here’s how it works.

Some people have a very buoyant kind of aura right? They’re the people that you want fighting fires and being policed people and that kind of thing. They’re,  the kind of people who usually say to you, just let it roll off your back. Don’t worry. That doesn’t work if you’re sensitive or you’re an empath because here’s what happens. We have very sensitive and porous auras, right? So they have these little feelers that are picking up fine tuning, very fine tuned auras, right?

They are more sensitive, more delicate, picking up on other things, right? So we’re picking up energy from other people. That’s what’s happening to you. That’s why you feel so deeply. This is an incredible intuitive gift you’re picking up on energy from other people. Very astutely, very minutely, right? Very, very detailed. So that makes you very talented at helping people because you’re emotionally sensitive.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

You pick up on nuances, you have a great emotional intelligence. You’ll pick up on things that are beneath the surface that other people can’t perceive. What a gift, right? Here’s what happens. It also makes you very vulnerable to what other people think and feel about you.

So you are going to do anything in your power to avoid feeling their criticism, to avoid feeling they’re not liking you. Most likely this has tied you in knots in some ways. This has made you not listen to your intuition because if you want to do things that other people will like you for, it’s not always what’s in your heart because your intuition will often lead you on the road less traveled. That’s the fun of it, right? Because your meant to shine in a very unique way. You’re meant to share very unique gifts, and that’s not going to take you on the path of everybody else.

So if you are having something inside of you that wants to be shared, whether it’s something that’s bothering you in a conversation that needs to be had in a relationship or something in terms of your calling, you’re going to be avoiding ways that you’re criticized at every turn.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

And when you do that, it makes it hard for you to share your uniqueness, especially because what you have to share is unique. If you’re looking around and you’re saying, well, I haven’t seen anybody else do this, or at least not in the way that I do it, so I don’t feel comfortable. I don’t want to feel their rejection by me standing out and being different. Not to mention you have had many lifetimes, right, where witches were burned at the stake, where you were persecuted for your gifts.

Also when have we ever had a lifetime where you are your own brand? I mean that didn’t happen when we lived in little European villages or tribes or whatever it was, monasteries. You were not meant to stand out and be a brand or anything like that, so it makes it very uncomfortable. That’s why I want to help you today. That’s why your spirit guides want to help you because as you move through these fears of being unique, which ultimately have a root of fear of being rejected, fear of being seen, fear of failure, all of that.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

Ultimately it’s like, what are they going to think of me and this is where it really affects you energetically. How is it going to affect my security? Because if I take a chance and people out there don’t like me or I humiliate myself, this means I’m going to get kicked out of the tribe because we are all the root chakra is about tribe.

It’s about community. And you’ve had all of your lifetimes including this one where you’re dependent on that to some extent, right? So that being said, how do you change it? This is what I want to help you with today. What we’re going to do is a simple exercise where you are going to retrain yourself to focus on what you were sharing as opposed to what other people are thinking about you or how they will react to you or how they will respond to you.

So I’m going to give you a moment now to tune into yourself and ask yourself, what am I afraid of people thinking about me? Who am I afraid is judging me? Take a moment right now. Close your eyes if you want to. Actually, I suggest it because as you’re tuning in, let’s tune out the outer world while we tune into ourselves.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

So if you’re not driving, close your eyes and breathe, that’s good. Want to be nice and relaxed while you’re talking to yourself, right? Like what’s the pressure? You’re nervous. You won’t like yourself? So tune into your solar plexus, in your heart chakras and truly ask yourself, who am I afraid won’t like me? Who do I feel is judging me? Or who am I afraid will judge me? How will it affect my life, my security?

Probably a lot. Everybody, right? So take a moment. Open up your eyes. Here’s the thing. If you feel that it’s like everyone’s going to be judging you or just people out there or people close to you or anyone. Welcome to the human race. So I do not want you beating up on yourself in any capacity because you care about what other people think. This is part of being an empath. You will never not care. Okay?

So what we’re going to do today is an exercise to help you retrain yourself. In those moments when you’re feeling that, because here is how I did it and here’s what’s worked for thousands of people that I’ve helped do this as well. You can retrain yourself to focus on what you want to share as opposed to how people are going to respond to you to focus on what you need to say, what you need to express, what creativity needs to be birthed from your heart as you focus on, I need to express this and what I want to express rather than how they are going to respond to me.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

As you shift that focus, your whole life will change. I know because I’ve lived it now. You’re perfectly human for having these feelings and as an empath you always will and these are your gifts and even as an empath who does not think what people care about them. I’m telling you, if you don’t care, you are a narcissist and you know what? Those people are around you anyway, right? Thank God you care. You are compassionate, beautiful soul, so it’s okay. It’s just, we want you to have, when I say we, I mean me, you, your spirit guides our spirit guides.

The universe wants you to move through this so that you can shine and be seen and be successful and share your gifts. So the first thing that you can do every single day is notice when you are making a decision or when you’re just thinking about anything. Even when you’re like getting dressed in the morning or whatever. Whatever it is, whenever it is that you’re thinking, Oh, people are going to think I’m this, or I wonder how they’re going to react to that. Or like how is it going to affect X , Y, and Z? Notice. Because what happens then is you’re bringing your mindfulness to it. That’s like a meditation. That’s like a daily meditation.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

You can say, Oh look, I’m doing that again. So what do you do when you start to recognize that you’re focusing on other people? So here’s what happens. Here’s you in your body, totally grounded in your body, your soul, your spirit, all connected to your heart, your intuition, your higher self. You get an insight. You get an intuition, you get a feeling, you get a desire, you’re like, yeah, I’m going to do this.

And all of a sudden when you think that you think, and how’s everybody else going to respond? What you’re doing then is you’re jumping outside your body and you’re scanning everything around you and then you’re not in your body anymore. Then you can’t make decisions for yourself anymore that are for the highest good. And whatever’s good for you is good for your loved ones as well. Your intuition will never steer you wrong.

So the first step, and let me tell you, this is a very powerful step that will totally change your life, is to recognize when you do it. And notice if you are scanning outside yourself, about how everyone else is going to react, or whether you’re still inside of yourself, really intuiting what’s best for you.

Heal Your Fear of Failure

So do this every single time and it might happen hundreds of times a day. This is how I changed my life, okay? You notice when you’re doing that, when you’re thinking about, I’m not saying when you’re thinking about other people because you love them and you want to buy them the perfect gift or what you want to make for dinner, whatever I’m talking about, when you’re concerned about what other people are thinking about you or how they’re going to respond, including perfect strangers, like if you do a YouTube or you’re going on a Facebook live or whatever that means, notice when you’re doing it, notice where your energy is.

It’s somewhere outside of yourself and call yourself back. Say, I’m going to bring myself back into my body now and I’m going to tune into my heart. I’m going to connect with my higher self and really take stock of what I want to share, what I want to express.

You don’t need to close your eyes when you’re doing it. It’s like a millisecond process. Maybe at first you need to do that, right? In a moment now I’m going to guide you through a process that’s more powerful, that really, really changes your energy and a visualization that you can use anytime you are wanting to feel more confident, feel more courageous, and move through this fear of rejection, move through fear of failure.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

So I’m going to guide you through a very simple and powerful process to change your energy in these moments when you are feeling or noticing that your afraid of how other people are gonna respond to you or afraid of not doing well.

I’m going to give you an example here too. Again, this happens to everyone except I don’t know, I don’t know people who are total narcissists and never cared about me. I’m going to give you an example. So for instance, before I’m doing this event, I’m always hoping that technology works. But you have all these thoughts like, I hope that I can help people. I hope that they will be inspired. You know, there’s the sense that like, Oh, what if I’m not, what if I’m not helpful?

What if I do this and it totally doesn’t work? Then what? So of course, as a human, right, we go through these things and this is the exercise that I do before I come on here. First of all, I remind myself that I am focusing on how I can help you. I have a very strong message that I want to share with you and it means a lot for me to share it, which is why I start to focus on, I hope it does. But as I retrain myself, as I connect with my higher self to be a vessel to deliver this message to you, then those fears go away. Then I focus on what I to share with you rather than how you’re gonna respond to me.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

It’s a very simple shift. It’s profound and it brings you back in your body. It brings you back to your truth, and it brings you back to delivering whatever message it is that you want to share. I hope you can feel that difference. Now I’m going to walk you through another process I do energetically that has helped thousands of people that you can do too. It’s very simple and it can totally change your life. So let’s do this now, this simple and profound energetic exercise. So begin by closing your eyes.

Now focus on your breath. Okay. And really feel your breath. Massage your body. Bring ease and relaxation into your body and feel your feet. Connect with the earth. Notice your feet. That’s going to help to ground you to bringing your energy down into your body. And you can imagine from the soles of your feet that you have roots that grow deep into the earth. Great.

Now put yourself in a column of white light. This column of white light grounds you, protects you, transforms all lower vibrations in the tube of light and this light is transmuting every cell of your being, raising your vibration, transmuting all of your energy into pure light and you’re still connected to the earth, very deeply connected to the earth. Great.

Heal Your Fear of Failure

Now as you are in this healing column of light, ask yourself now, what is it? What circumstance are you afraid of? How other people are going to react to you? Judging you? Notice what comes up for you. Give yourself a moment now, it could be something small or something large. What is it in your life that you are afraid of people judging you?

And if you can’t come up with a specific circumstance, just come up with a general idea of people judging you, people not liking you, people rejecting you, whatever that brings up for you. Again, it could just be the concept of it. And now notice where in your body you’re feeling restricted as you’re bringing up that energy or that circumstance. And as you notice, any tense energy or restrictions breed light into those areas, this column of light is like liquid that’s flowing into every cell of your being and you feel this energy lifting.

Now as you’re bringing light into it, you’re not thinking about the circumstance anymore. You’re simply focusing on the light in your body. So let go of whatever that circumstance or situation was. As you focus on simply breathing, light, love and healing into every cell of your being. Your whole body is filling with light, body, mind, and spirit in every cell of your being. Now feel this light gather in your solar plexus, which is right beneath your rib cage.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

It’s a beautiful sun that radiates inside of you, your beautiful solar plexus, and with each breath, the light of your solar plexus is getting bigger, stronger, brighter. They grow stronger, brighter. It’s filling your whole aura with the light that is radiating from solar plexus. Good.

Now let this light from your solar plexus radiate brighter and brighter till it’s expanding, expanding, filling up the whole room with light. Bigger, brighter past your room till your whole home or building or wherever you are. The light now is growing bigger and brighter, bigger and brighter. It expands beyond the universe. Go ahead, now think again of a circumstance of where you’re afraid of being rejected. You’re afraid of what people think about you and notice how it feels different as you’re radiating this bright light from your aura, your confidence, your courage.

Now call in your guardian angels who are standing behind you because they’ve got your back. And all of your guardian angels and spirit guides, power animals surrounding you. And you’re radiating so bright. Now imagine yourself sharing whatever this is inside of you that needs to be expressed, that wants to be expressed, and you’re seeing yourself, visualizing yourself, confident. You’re seeing light emanating from your being. You’re seeing yourself as a beautiful being of light, confident, radiant as you are sharing what is inside of you that needs to be expressed.

Heal Your Fear of Failure

And if you feel any fear, simply bring the light to that fear, that energy as you radiate, even bright, brighter, brighter. You call an Archangel Michael now, the guardian of light workers. And we ask him to imbue you with imbue you with the energy of absolute certainty, confidence, and feel that radiate from your being even stronger. Oh, that’s beautiful.

Now, keep this light radiating bigger and brighter, bigger and brighter, you are invincible! Take a nice deep breath. And when you exhale, ground this energy into the earth, you are grounded to the earth. Keep breathing in this light as you inhale and slowly exhale. And whenever you are ready, you can open up your eyes. How did that feel?

This is something you’re welcome to listen to this over and over again and continue to do this level of depth of healing to make it very simple for you. I’ll remind you to notice when you are focusing on other people and notice when you are leaving your energy and scanning everybody else and bring that back into yourself. And if you want to simplify this process, you draw that light from above. You radiate from your solar plexus and you allow yourself to shine.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

And as you share your message, you do that brightly and confidently so that your radiance will far out shine. Fear that you have other people. And when you do that, you’re going to find that opportunities abound, that you have more opportunities to fulfill your purpose. You have more opportunities to share your gifts, you have better relationships, everything in your life improves. And that’s how it’s not easy because you have so many layers of this, again, probably through lifetimes, but it’s important to practice it.

What I’d like to do now is take questions. Gigi. She says, how do I escape a career pattern that I don’t want? I feel stuck in. It’s driving me near bonkers.

Well, when you have to actually make your career a priority. Number one, I know from experience when I had my day job that there’s just security in having your day job, even though it drives you crazy. There’s a fear about not having it right. There’s a fear that you won’t have enough money, right? I mean, that’s a legitimate fear. The thing is, when you actually 100% commit to yourself, I am going to do this and I am going to succeed.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

When you actually believe you will succeed, when you know that, you know, I have this inside of me, I know I meant to do this. If I meant to do this, the whole universe will align to support me and I need to meet the universe. I need to make this a priority and do something for this every day. I need to start choosing the people in my life, the programs in my life, the choices in my life to make this a priority and know that I will succeed.

There’s probably something deep down that doesn’t believe in yourself that doesn’t think you’ll succeed if you do it, but that’s why I’m encouraging you to do this light exercise every day because the solar plexus that we worked on, that’s your confidence. That’s your radiant and the thing that you’re radiating. The thing about the solar plexus too, it keeps you from feeling other people’s energy, so the more bright and strong your solar plexus is, the stronger you are in your courage and how you shine and radiate in the world and the less you’re going to care about what other people think about you.

Unless you’re going to be afraid that you can’t do this, keep shining from your solar plexus and believe in yourself and make that commitment that if I have this dream, I’m going to succeed. It may take you on a different path. You may think you’re starting out doing one thing and the universe is going to take you another place, but you’ll succeed in whatever that is because you’re listening. Does that make sense? Super. Great.

Q & A

Janice has her hand up. Can we see your beautiful face? Thanks. How can I help you today?

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the B school and I have a business already. I can see where people have the disconnect and want to help them move out of pain and the intuitive part of helping to release trapped emotions and energies. This has been a really wonderful. I think I’m gonna do it.

I already have some insights for you, but what is your question?

I’ve had a lot of fear of failure or rejection, right.

That’s why we’re doing this today. Right?

Right. So, I’ve come a long way, but I feel like there’s still something really deep. Like, I dunno,

Like the question for you, did you have like an entrepreneurial dad or a dad that was very, like success driven or something or where did you feel like daddy’s little girl? I feel this, something about your father’s energy wanting to please your dad.

Mm. Well he’s definitely very creative and no, it wasn’t like, well, I don’t know if successful in making his creativity money-wise that might’ve been my motive.

No, my ex husband was like..

I’m kind of getting, I’m getting this feeling that because you, you may or may not have models of your intuitive self being as successful. Right. I mean, you have, and because you’re so energetically sensitive to your dad, to your ex husband, there’s all this programming that you picked up from them.

Q & A

Like, well, this isn’t a business model. That’s gonna work. Right?


So there’s some of that. The other thing is that I was seeing when you were talking, is this something B school definitely helps people even with brick and mortar businesses, but I see for you, you know, when you, when you are helping people, obviously you’re seeing patterns of, Oh, this person has this pain because, right. This emotional connection [inaudible] right.


And you’ve kind of find a really good system in your head and it would be an amazing training program for other people. I see two levels of training programs for you. One is teach the teacher because you have
a mentor energy as well. Like you’re good at training other people.


So you’d be so good at training the trainer and you can easily make that an online program, a membership site, that kind of thing. And I also see you creating a healing program that will take these patterns and give people physical exercises and emotional exercises and breathing exercises to help them move through it. All this is meant to be shared with thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of other people. Right?


It’s just scary cause it hasn’t been done before because you’re doing it in your unique way and you hadn’t had the modeling.

I keep getting a lot of downloads about like what it can look like.

Q & A

Oh yeah, me too. I’m getting those downloads for you. I’m like those, I mean it’s all there. It’s just a matter of having the skills, the confidence and the community to help you bring this forth and to give me a good thing about amazing thing about B-School. It’s like because there’s over 50,000 people in it when you’re like, Hey, I’m looking for a tech person to help me with my membership site, or I’m looking for someone to help me with my website. I’m looking for sound engineer, I’m looking for a designer, whatever it is. They’re all right there and they’re all trained.

Yeah. Well as a matter of fact, do you remember on the first video, Bettina and I had this weird thing for Maryland.

Yes. I said to her, I’m like, Oh, you are, you aren’t from Maryland by any chance, are you? And all that.

It blew my mind, cause I know Bettina, she was a client of mine back in the day when I was doing phone readings in Pittsburgh.

She told me that we talked today for an hour and a half.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

She really had me see, this is what I’m talking about. Like these weird synchronicities starts. So can you explain to people what just happened? So basically I have this group shine and be seen and Bettina who was a dear person and someone who’s been with me for a while, she posted what she does and you write what are you by chance from Maryland? Yes, because I loved what she was offering and I just had this, I don’t know, I don’t, I just had a feeling like wow, that would be wonderful. And lo and behold she’s really only about 40 minutes from me.

So the kind of thing I’m saying when you, when you start to like put yourself out there and express yourself like these amazing synchronicities happen and that is you can, I mean basically it’s weird magical mafia where you find everything in there. Like you can find your clients, you can find the people you want to train with, you find your colleagues like you. And as I’m saying, I found some of my best friends as well, but business is sprout just within that kind of cooperation and exchange in B School and it is very magical by the way. You say you’re going to sign up.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

I’m going to, yeah. The structure I think is what really helped me with the structure and also the network of people that you can draw on that are the best of the best.

And like, and you also, the thing is too, you also have models like you see, okay, this person did this. And then there’s groups for each. Like there’s little Facebook groups for like each craft, you know. And so you can be like, Oh, well how did you do it? Or like, did you, you know, what did you find the best? Which software did you like the best? Or you know, it’s just an incredible, exchange of, of high quality information and people, yay. That’s good. This programs out there to help millions of people. Okay.

Yeah. I’m excited about your bonuses too.

I am too. So I’m excited. Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing you in the inner circle. Lots of love. Yay.

Q & A

So exciting. Gigi says, thank you very much for the advice. We’d have another question from Colleen from the Facebook group. She says, when having a fear emergency, what should be done right in the moment?

A fear emergency. Okay, so these skills that I taught, that’s why I say you don’t need to go through the whole process. You can do this very quickly. So ground yourself, put yourself in light re that light focus on what you want to share rather than other people. Bring in your guides. You could do this all like in it. The more you practice it, the quicker you can do it too. And then just keep focusing on what’s inside of you as opposed to, so you just got to keep reminding yourself, shine that light really brightly. That’s going to help you, I promise. Okay.

What else? What other questions? We have another person that just raised their hand.

I’m Colleen Marie. I’m the one that asked the question. Yes. I’m the one who asked about the fear emergency.

Q & A

Okay. And well, hi Colleen.


Lovely to see your beautiful face.

Thank you. Lovely to see you too. I so appreciate you and what you’re doing.

Thank you. I appreciate you too. I like the indigo color in the sky behind you too. Did you take a look at the sky tonight?

It is gorgeous here today. Yes.

So how can I help you today? What’s this fear emergency?

Well, this is just so timely because this is, I’m getting ready to launch something that’s been incubating for a couple of years and I just find myself just, I’ll be moving along and then I get this hiccup of just this huge wave of fear and I feel paralyzed in the moment. Right. Get disoriented and not falling through on my to do’s. And yeah.

Well, you know, especially, and this is part of why I included the soul healing collection in this too, because that’s a lot of past life clearing. Cause if, especially if you have something from a past life, it is in your cells. It’s like in your chakras, it’s in your subconscious. This fear that like, Oh, if I do this, if I share my gifts, I’m going to be punished, persecuted, killed, that kind of thing. So you have to really, That’s not as much of a fear. Emergency is a chronic fear, right?


Q & A

Deeply layered. So keep training yourself in this way that I’m talking about. Right. In the sense like, well, if you’re doing it with little things, it might make it easier. Like, Oh, what is the person in the supermarket think about me? Or, you know, like, I’m sure there’s like little thing you have to keep training yourself. It would be helpful for you to at least, do the soul of wealth, which is a past life healing.


You know, of course I feel like I’d love to help you through this. You know, with a more continued mentoring

That too.

Yeah. I, if you don’t have the resources now, is that what it is for you? It is at the moment. I totally understand that. It probably the cause of this, right?

I can’t, I’m just caught in this hamster wheel.

Yeah. It’s a deep, deep, deep past by fear from when you were persecuted from when you have so continued to do every single time. Again, start with small things. If that makes it easier for you. Because there are times throughout the day, right, where you’re just like, this person’s not going to like me. Or oh, I did it wrong. Oh my gosh, what does this mean? Don’t fire me. Don’t do this. Like if I did this wrong, you have to keep retraining yourself. Okay?

Q & A

So bring yourself back in your body, ground yourself and shine that light and remind yourself. Visualize yourself being okay with everything. Visualize yourself being good and like, I’ve got this. So instead of going into that spiral of this is going to happen to me. What happens in a millisecond, right?


They have to retrain. And the first thing to do is notice what’s happening in your body. Okay? You have to get back in your body first.

The breath that’ll get me in. Okay.

Call your spirit back. Really feel your body. Really feel yourself grounded to the earth and make sure you’re in your body, not in your head. Bring yourself, keep breathing into the solar plexus and bring in that back. And so notice like when we first did that thing where you were afraid of what other people would think. Can you feel the fear stuck in your body?

For sure. Yeah.

That’s paralyzing. That paralyzing feeling. Keep breathing light into that energy. Breathe into that energy. Start on the physical. If you have to, right? You’ve got a lot to move through. So let’s have a Colleen,

Thank you. Same to you. Appreciate it.

My pleasure.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

Yay. Awesome. I want to read a comment here from Leah who was a B schooler with us last year. Leah, she says the solar heating collection is amazing. It did a big change for me. She also asked a question. She said, I joined the school with Kari last year. Can, we still be able to join Kari’s sessions this year?

So last year’s alum get access. First of all, make sure you email our office so that you get, and I’m going to be sending out an email soon to make sure you get another invite to, you’re going to get the link for all the coaching calls so you have access to the live mastermind so that the new students and all the alum get to join each other.

The reason I send the alum the replays instead of the live call of the class of 2020 is because you have an opportunity to just speak with me directly and I’d be coaching directly and directly and answering questions directly. I want to make sure that I’m focusing on the new people and give them that opportunity. But all the alum have access to all the replays and again, the live mastermind sessions. And you already have the soul filling collection so I’m so glad that you enjoy it.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

And those live calls are for the collective. So even if you’re not live on the call, it’s still very helpful.

They’re often very helpful. Like if you ever listened to any course I’ve had or any replay or any video I’ve made, it’s like you know, they benefit the greater good. Cause even when I’m answering one person’s question, setting the intention and sharing information in a way that benefits everybody and you have access to those replays for life. Okay.

Awesome. I don’t have any more questions unless anybody wants to either raise their hand or put something in the Q & A.

Heal Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

No, I think we’re good. I think so. I thank you so much. So as a reminder to you, it’s super important that you invest in yourself, that you make your priorities number one. That as soon as you’re feeling afraid that you’re not going to do well, that you’re going to fail, that other people are gonna think something of you that you’re not going to do well with your calling or what you wanted to share.

As soon as you do that, tune into your body, bring your breath in, shine your light, and your still have, just as when we were talking to Janice, as soon as you’ve put yourself out there, as soon as you shine your light, as soon as you start investing in yourself and taking risks, these amazing synchronicities begin to happen. So I hope that you are going to have the confidence to pursue your calling.

I hope that you invest yourself into yourself and find your community of like minded souls. And again, if you want to continue to mentor with me so that it can guide you toward moving through your fears and, and having the success in your business that you want so that you can have the lifestyle you want and help tons of people. I love you so much. I’m so grateful we have this opportunity.

Lots of love. Bye for now.

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