How to Find Your Calling? Here’s 4 Steps

Discover how to find your calling with these 4 practical steps. Tap into your potential and navigate your journey with confidence.

How do you fulfill your soul’s purpose?

It’s a calling, not just a career.

You have something special inside you. You have a gift to share that can help so many people.

It might not be clear what it is. Or, perhaps you know what your talents are but haven’t found a way to create a viable career with your gifts.

It’s a vicious cycle.

There’s that feeling that you’re wasting your life. You put hard work into a job that helps other people become rich or successful, but does nothing to further your career.

Then, you have no energy left for yourself. So, you don’t pursue your passions, and you’re left feeling unfulfilled and frustrated.

And yet, there is something inside you that knows you are meant for more.

That’s a sign of health. You’re meant to pursue your purpose and find your calling. In fact, the more you avoid it, the more intensely it will come after you. That’s why it’s referred to as a “calling”.

Four Steps To Discover How to Find Your Calling

The calling is relentless.

The more you avoid doing what your soul intended, the more exhausted and miserable you will feel.

This is the Universe’s way of letting you know that you are out of alignment. Yet take heart. Your life can turn around quickly.

Once you discover how to find your calling and begin expressing your innate gifts, you will find that amazing opportunities abound!

Your calling will never leave you. Your Spirit Guides and Angels will always direct you toward ways to live your purpose. Yet, you must heed the call.

1. Find a community of like-minded souls

This first step to learning how to find your calling is often overlooked yet is paramount for your well-being. In fact, it’s the foundation of your energetic design.

Your root chakra (located at the base of your spine) is associated with money, career, finances, security and community. This chakra connects to your sense of belonging. If you don’t feel as if you’re part of a collective, it affects every aspect related to your root chakra – including money.

Your feelings of safety, security, and belonging directly correlate to you having financial success.

This is exacerbated if you are in the spiritual closet in any way. If you don’t feel you can be yourself, all of yourself, then you are hiding every aspect of your being. Your gifts will get locked in that spiritual closet as well as your joy.

When you connect with people who support you for who you are, you have an opportunity to explore all of your talents without feeling judgment or shame. You will have people who speak the language of your soul. Most importantly, you can be yourself.

Don’t try to do everything by yourself. Life is meant to be shared and enjoyed. Find people who are doing what you’re interested in and together you can make magic happen!

2. Make your passions your priority

Whatever makes you happy cannot be the last on your list when you are working on how to find your calling. How often are you doing everything in your life you “have to do” and then hoping you have time for the things you actually enjoy?

Your passions will always lead you to your purpose. That’s why you need to add fuel to your fire. If there is something in your heart that you enjoy (it doesn’t need to be career-related), make that the number one thing that you make time for. Then, schedule everything else around THAT.

This is sending a strong message to your subconscious and the Universe that you are making yourself a priority. When you do that, you can discover what you’re meant to do, rather than what you “should do”.

3. Be creative and have fun

Have you ever heard the expression “do what you love and the money will follow”? This doesn’t apply only to your vocation. Having fun will enhance every area of your life. Sometimes you simply need to do things for the joy of it, including hobbies and activities that have nothing to do with your career to learn how to find your calling.

Positive energy floods your aura when you do something fun. This attracts good things to you!

If you have a talent that brings you joy, you can absolutely pursue this talent as your career. Do it because you love to share your special gifts and not simply for the money.

Allow yourself to explore your talents simply for the joy of it. Allow yourself to play, just as we do for our children.

4. To find your calling, work with a mentor.

Having an innate talent doesn’t mean you need to do everything yourself. You need support to discover how to find your calling. Finding a mentor can save you years of heartache. If they’ve found success in their profession, they can teach you the most strategic way for you to reach your goals.

Oftentimes, they’ve learned from their mistakes and can help you steer clear of them.

Whether you’re looking to learn something in the spiritual arts or business, it’s important to learn from people who can help you grow.

This often means investing in a program or coaching package. If that’s scary for you, remember, you’re the world’s best investment. You’re worth it.

Whatever you do, make sure you invest in yourself. Make yourself a priority, and never, ever give up on your dreams.

Now find your calling and live it!

Find Your Calling
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