Guided Meditation to Meet Your Guardian Angels (Video)

In this guided meditation to meet your guardian angels, you are transported to a celestial realm for healing and support.

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Meet your Guardian Angels

You are about to be transported into a heavenly realm to be healed and transformed by the angels. Before you begin, close your eyes and relax. Breathe deeply and easily. As you release any tension in your body and your mind, all of your stress is melting away with every breath. Very gently, all around you now is a beautiful, white, airy mist. It is very light. And as it fills the air around you, it caresses your body, your cells, and your entire being. Let this healing mist surround you and soothe your body. As you breathe in, you feel lighter and lighter. And lighter. Almost as if you can float away. Now all around you, you feel a warm, loving presence. The feeling of pure love. You notice now, angels surround you.


Your body feels very light, so light in fact, the angels ask you to completely let your body relax into their arms. They will catch you. They are all around you. And at the count of three. You will let yourself fall into the arms of the angels. You are completely safe. One, two, three. Now the angels gently and firmly hold you as you begin to float up, and up, higher and higher, until you are in the clouds. This is the most glorious feeling. All around you is the beautiful healing white mist that invigorates you, cleanses you, and protects you. Allow this beautiful mist to wash over you completely. Angels support you as you continue to float through the clouds. You’re floating through a rainbow now, feeling the vibrant colors wash over you, energizing your body and spirit. Higher and higher you go, to the other side of the rainbow in a mist of golden white light. You feel completely relaxed and beautiful, heavenly. Your angels take you now to a resting place above the clouds. They sit you down gently on soft green grass. You see you are in a beautiful meadow, surrounded by grass, birds, and flowers of every color and size. You smell the sweet aroma of flowers as you drink in their fragrance, colors, and beauty.


You hear the birds sing as you feel the sun warm your limbs and face. Your whole body is warmed by the sun’s golden rays, and you feel the moist grass beneath your feet. This is a healing place. Your angels have taken you here to heal your body and mind and nourish you with the energy of love. You are surrounded by angels. There is a large, beautiful angel standing behind you and she spreads her beautiful wings open. and wraps you in a soft feathery embrace. Wings of love wrap around you, and you feel your fears just melt away. You know you are safe, protected. Love is lifting your vibration, bringing you a serene feeling of bliss. You are loved. Every moment guides you. Your angels are always here for you, bringing you love. Receive their love. You feel a gentle caress now on your forehead, as angel wings are touching your brow, lifting away your worries. Filling your mind with thoughts of love. You feel peaceful because all your worries are being taken away, lifted from you, and love coming from all the angels surrounding you. Their healing light is emanating into your entire being. Your cells are vibrating with the energy of love. You are loved. With this beautiful feeling in your heart, you feel completely at peace.

Meet your Guardian Angels

Now it is time for you to come back down to earth to the present moment. You know your angels will always be with you. You can connect with them anytime you wish. And travel to this healing place anytime. With the angels firmly supporting you, they lift you up. The white mist is surrounding you now. As you very gently float down, down, down. Down through the layers of white mist. All the way back down through the clouds. And you’re almost home. Allow yourself to come back completely. Back down to Earth. Now. You feel the Earth supporting you. Allow the energy from your feet to connect to the center of the Earth. The earth completely supported you. Take in a deep breath, and as you exhale, feel how wonderful it is to be in your body, to be in the here and now. You will always have this beautiful experience inside of you, and you can experience it any time you wish. Have a blissful day, and always remember, You Are an angel on earth.

Guided Meditation to Meet Your Guardian Angels

Have you ever felt a gentle presence around you? Or perhaps experienced an unexplained but comforting feeling of protection when facing a challenging situation? These might be signs that your guardian angels are nearby, watching over you. Guardian angels are divine beings assigned to each individual at birth, with the sole purpose of guiding, protecting, and supporting them throughout their lives. Their presence is not limited to times of danger or distress; they are always by your side, ready to offer guidance and help whenever needed. Although guardian angels are generally invisible, they can manifest themselves in various ways. Some people report seeing flashes of light or fleeting shadows out of the corner of their eye when their angels are present. Others may feel a gentle touch or hear whispers in moments of doubt or confusion. But it’s important to remember that not everyone will experience these sensations in the same way; each person has a unique connection with their guardian angel.

Reflection and Meditation

To strengthen this connection and better understand your guardian angels, take time each day for quiet reflection and meditation. Clear your mind and open yourself up to receive messages from these celestial beings who watch over you. You can also communicate with them through prayer or simply by talking aloud as if addressing a trusted confidant. Trust that your words will be heard, and any doubts or fears will be comforted by the loving energy of your guardians. Remember that meeting our guardian angels is not about seeking extraordinary experiences; it’s about recognizing the subtle signs they send us every day. Practice this 11-minute meditation, Meet your Guardian Angels, here ».

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