How to Balance Karma

Karma can be a b#%@h and I love her for it. Learn effective strategies on how to balance karma and foster a life of harmony.

Karma & Cosmic Influences: Balance

Karma can be a b#%@h and I love her for it.

September is a month of radical revelation and karmic clearing.

All year and into 2020, the Pluto/Saturn conjunction is causing quite a stir.

Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld. Saturn is the Lord of Karma.

These two powerhouse planets have been acting in tandem all year in Capricorn (which is also ruled by Saturn).

Their truth-seeking power has been intensified with our South Node in Capricorn as well.

The South Node represents your past life karmic influences.

On September 28, Saturn and the South Node will be in an exact conjunction at 2:22am EST, on the day of the New Moon.

It’s the last time they conjunct in this sign in our lifetime.

That’s a lot of karma per capita, a lot to balance.

This means that you can run from the truth, but you can’t hide.

You will become very aware of what you’ve been hiding from yourself!

You can experience this in your personal and professional life.


Libra’s Scales

If you’ve been giving away more than you’re receiving, the scales of karma will bring you to balance.

If you’ve been denying your intuition, making excuses for other people, putting up with BS, or living a life that is out of alignment with your truth, the Universe will be sure to wake you up!

Our Sun is also in Libra now. And guess what?

Libra is not the pushover you think she is.

Libra may be the sign of relationship harmony, and is often over-accommodating.

And yet, Libra also rules JUSTICE!

You can see this playing out on the global stage now, for sure. (Take that you racist, xenophobic politicians!).

Libra is helping balance your karma and to make sure you are treating yourself fairly.

This is a gift from the Universe now to see where you need to live your truth and restore balance in your life.

It’s powerful stuff.

And remember, no matter how challenging things might feel, the truth will always set you free!

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