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Blue Moon In Libra

Hi, it’s Kari here, your intuitive counselor and happiness coach. And I have a very special forecast for you because we have a very special full moon coming up. We have a blue moon in Libra and you may not know what a blue moon is. It’s very special and it’s very pretty rare. As you may know from the phrase, ‘once in a blue moon’.

Blue Moon In Libra

So a blue moon is when you have two full moons in the same sign in a row. We recently, on the Equinox, just had our full moon in Libra at zero degrees. It was the very beginning of the sign. And now on April 19th, we’re having another full moon in Libra. This in the last degree of Libra, the mastery degree, 29 degrees. This is very special. There’s a lot of power packed in this moon. I want to give you a heads up on how to really navigate this energy. There’s a lot of transformation that you can have.

As I always say, it’s best to do it consciously now, especially with full moons. Because, that’s when your unconsciousness is more at work. So it’s a very special full moon, right? It’s a blue moon in Libra.  We’ve had three super moons in a row at zero degrees for the full moon. That was its own kind of special magic. These full moons that we’ve been having are all about culmination; endings and beginnings.

There’s the theme throughout the year about endings and beginnings. This one is no exception even though it’s so special. It’s an exception in the fact that it’s spectacular, but it’s this same theme of endings and beginnings. It’s on the 19th of April. Now, you may actually even be watching this after the 19th of April. Or, you may want to know what this means for you, not just on the day, but moving forward.

Blue Moon Energy

This energy is going to transpire, initiating all during this full moon. But, the energy is going to last for quite a few weeks. These can be changes that can be lasting throughout, who knows how long. Like more permanent changes, and then just happening in this immediate period of time. This is one of the reasons I wanted to make this forecast for you for this very special day.

So the 19th if you look at that number, first of all, one is beginnings. Nine is endings. You had one plus nine and that’s 10 which reduces to one.

This is all about the cyclical nature of life endings and beginnings and moons in general. They wax, they wane. It’s always a new moon of beginnings. And then full moons of culminations and letting go. Full moons are always a time when you are out. Things are coming full circle and unconscious and subconscious, intuitive insights and emotions are coming to light.

Because this blue moon is in the sign of Libra, in the mastery degree of Libra. So when we’re having two full moons in the same sign, this is the universe saying, ‘Hey, we really want to make sure that you’re getting these lessons’. What are these lessons about in this mastery degree of Libra? What are you mastering? The last full moon was just hours away from the Equinox and the Equinox is that balance right? Libra is that polarity, masculine and feminine. Libra is the scales.

Equinox And Polarities

So the Equinox is about equality and reciprocity. It’s about really listening to your intuitive senses as well. So a Libra full moon is when the moon is in Libra, directly opposing the sun in Aries. Libra and Aries are very different energy. Aries is all about the self and being very confident and really doing things for yourself and celebrating for yourself. Not in a selfish way, but in a way that initiates new frontiers and changes the energy of spring. So there is that energy of life, bursting forth with enthusiasm and joy and confidence. And I’m hoping you’re feeling that way right now.

Yet there’s this polarity of Libra that is very accommodating to other people. It’s very much about pleasing others and really enjoying life and beauty as well and art and creativity. So these are two polarities that may be working it out way inside your being. That’s what the full moons do. They help you come to terms with these opposing energies within yourself.

So as an empath, you are most likely over pleasing others because that’s just your nature. We love to help other people and make other people happy. And that’s the gift. And that’s beautiful. Yet oftentimes this can be at your expense.

Blue Moon And South Node

And so what this moon is bringing to light for you is these polarities of how do I pay attention to my own needs and also the passions and the purpose that I want to bring into the world while I’m still accommodating the other people in my life who are important to me and, and the relationships in my life that I want to keep these people happy. How do I have that, that balance? And so most likely things are coming up for you right now that are going to initiate something, some kinds of change needs to happen and this moon is bringing up a lot of changes.

It’s activating the South node, which is your karmic past life influences that you’re moving away from. There’s also initiating a Cardinal grand cross. And Cardinal grand crosses are basically like two, opposition, two sets of opposition that  cross each other.

And that’s some kind of tension in a lot of different directions. So you may feel all of these things within you. I want to do this, but I still have to do that and these are my responsibilities to other, and I have a passion about this. Do I have the confidence enough for it? Can I do this? And also is my time, my own, and my claiming my own space? Do I have enough boundaries? So most likely there needs to be some kind of change and conversation happening.

Blue Moon And Uranus

This full moon is also very close to the planet Uranus, which initiates dramatic change that helps liberate you in some way. There’s a sense of freedom that needs to happen. So inside of you, there’s something that wants to be liberated. There’s something that wants to be set free, whether it’s a passion or your time or, or the impact you have in the world, or simply claiming space as your own.

So this full moon is a wonderful time. Full moons are a time of releasing and letting go. So this full moon is an incredible time for you. And again, the universe really wants you to learn this lesson. That’s why it’s coming around again in the mastery degree for you to really, really learn these lessons of Libra. You need to consciously make time and space for yourself for your own needs.

And you also consciously need to have some conversations with others where you’re feeling boxed in in some way, or somehow you’re giving your time or space or energy to other people in a way that maybe is limiting your own happiness. Now, when you’re having these conversations, I want to remind you now our mercury just moved into Aries, which is very like sometimes you just speak before you think, right? That’s part of the Aries charm.


And so Mercury has been in Pisces for a very long time because we had this retrograde in Pisces. You’ve really been in your emotions really rethinking how you feel. Now that Mercury has been moving into Aries, it could just be blurted out in an angry way and you don’t want that.

Here is my advice and guidance for you to navigate this very emotionally charged kind of moment as these conflicting energies are coming up within you and most likely in your life. And this could even be coming up not just in your closest relationships and or your career, but like in the supermarket, people cutting in front of you or people cutting in front of you while you’re driving, like people who are taking imposing on your boundaries in some way because you are not claiming your space somehow. You need to be like the Aries Ram a little bit more and claim your space in the world because you matter and your passions matter.

Conflicting Emotions

So before you have these conversations where you’re reacting, which some of this energy can bring up, I encourage you to take some time with any kind of conflicting feelings or emotions that you have and really tune into yourself, perhaps do some writing about how do I really feel and how do I express this in a way where I’m not blaming the other person. Because you have to remember anytime you’re in some kind of relationship dynamic like this, whether it’s with the public at large or your own personal relationships, this was a co-creative endeavor.

If you feel someone is boxing you in in some way or not respecting you, you’ve allowed it to happen. And the beauty of this moon is that it’s bringing up those revelations and those insights. So before you get angry and you blame other people, understand that you had a role in this and now it’s your time to change it by being very proactively claiming your space, expressing your needs and your desires and being true to what’s you.

Letting Go

And so that means actively letting go of responsibilities you no longer want to take on or taking on a role that doesn’t feel appropriate for you. So you can take some of your time back and your energy back for things that you enjoy more. And when you do this, before you, you know, it’s really important that you have direct conversations with people and this is part of the gifts that Mercury in Aries is bringing you.

Yet, you don’t want to do this in a blaming or reactive way. So take your time to process how you feel and what you want to change and then be very direct in your conversations with other people about what you would like instead in a very reciprocity, reciprocal way. And that’s where the Libra comes in. So this is the beauty of areas and it’s mastery degree of 29 degrees and Libra in their opposition.

It’s finding that balance point between your need for your own desires and your own space and your own passions to express themselves and how you accommodate and harmonize with with your relationships. So I wanted to give you a heads up about that because, especially with full moons, they bring unconscious emotions to life and, and so end to light. And so the more that you can be conscious about that, the more you can have direct conversations, the more you can know yourself and the more you can make changes very proactively and consciously.

You Are Where You Need To Be

So I hope that has helped you. This is a very powerful and potent time for change and transformation and very positive way. Now I know that a lot of people are experiencing, you know, what you’re going through and the beauty of why I do these forecasts as well so that you understand that we’re all going through the same things at the same time and you’re not crazy and the universe is not crueler to you than anyone else and you’re not doing anything wrong.

You’re exactly where you need to be and there’s, there’s a in this collective energy, and that’s also why I’ve created something called the psychic salon with me and my spirit guides where I get together. It’s an online gathering. It’s very intimate, beautiful gathering of likeminded like-hearted souls where you can heal this. What we do is I call upon several people in this online forum to do readings and in a way that the wisdom that comes through benefits everyone and then we do healings, collective healings for what we’re all going through and it’s very profound. I’ve had a few of these so far. They’re, they’re beautiful and life changing and I invite you to join me.

Lot’s Of Love

You can find out more about the psychic salon using the link below. It might be just what you need right now to help you transform this energy to clear away all this emotional debris and have more clarity and direction moving forward. So I invite you to join me for that. Again, you can find out about that using the link below, and if you’ve enjoyed this video and you found it helpful, share it with your friends. I’m sure they will appreciate you for it. And in the meantime, I wish you a it beautiful, bountiful, blue moon and beyond. Lots of love. Bye for now.

A beautiful, bodacious Blue Moon blesses us!

Your April 2019 Full Moon in Libra astrology forecast is here!

On April 19, a Blue Moon in Libra lit up our skies.

This cosmic event happens when you have two Full Moons in a row in the same sign.

When this happens, you have an opportunity to re-learn the lessons the previous lunation has brought you. This cosmic event culminates with a sense of closure and clarity.

Master your relationships by honoring yourself

This Full Moon is in the mastery degree of Libra (29˚).

You are learning lots of Libra lessons at the moment!

If you are feeling the need for more respect, appreciation, and freedom, then you’re right where you need to be.

In this forecast, I share with you how you to navigate the illuminated emotional energies with harmony and grace.

If you would like to further explore the topic of relationships during this blessed time, check out my post Numerology For Relationships. I think that you will like it.

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