Soulful Intentions – How To Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose

In this video, I share with you how to discern your soulful intentions from your ego and how to create a more prosperous career.
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Soulful Intentions – How To Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose

Hi everyone. I am Kari Samuels. I’m Kari Samuels and this is Jess, our chief happiness officer.

She’s going to be helping us with all the technical things and she’s also going to be fielding questions. I really want to take up questions today and answer some questions. We do have a lot to cover. So I’m in my classic New York way. I’m going to speak a little bit quickly at first.

So again, I’m Kari Samuels. I am your intuitive counselor and happiness coach. And you know the reason I call myself a happiness coach is because I help people align with their soul’s intentions and align with their souls purpose and share their soul’s purpose. And that is what makes you happy. So that is very relative to what we are talking about today, which is about creating soulful intentions from your heart rather than your ego.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

I’m dedicating the month of February to helping you with your calling. I used to say with your career, but it’s actually your calling, right? Your calling is more than your business. Your calling is more than your career, but hopefully you can turn your calling into a lucrative and viable and thriving career. That’s one of the things I want to help you with.

That’s why I created the shine and be seen group because empaths, sensitives, creatives, we, you know, everything in the universe is a little bit paradoxical. So everything in the universe is a little bit paradoxical because if you’re meant to learn something or if you have a gift in something, that’s often what you’ll find the challenges in. So when you have a gift to share, you’ll often find that you have a lot of opposition because you have to find that strength from within. You have to find something within you that wants so badly to share it, that it has to happen, right?

And you get strengthened. You get tempered through opposition. That’s the way the universe works. So when you have a gift, when you have a purpose in the beginning, the universe might make it where those are your challenges for each. For instance, in your youth you struggled with addiction and then you overcame it and then you want to become an addiction counselor and help other people through that. For me, I struggled a lot with my self esteem and the last thing I wanted to do was be seen. But then I also have a purpose to reach thousands, if not hopefully millions of people around the world.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

So I had to find within me the strength, the confidence and the joy. Believe me, I was not born a happiness coach. I struggled with a lot of depression when I was younger because of my low self esteem. Because it was such a triumph for me to get through these things, I struggled with poverty vows. I had these fears about being seen, about actually being my own brand.

It feels very awkward to put yourself out there as yourself. You know, it’s easy to hide behind something. It’s funny cause when I was looking to create my website, I tried all these names that had nothing to do with my name because I didn’t want my name there and Jess will tell you, I was like, no, I don’t want my picture on the site.

All these things are very important. You are the channel for your gifts and people need to know that they trust you. People need to know that you’re the vessel to deliver these gifts that they connect with. So I had to go on this journey to feel comfortable being seen, to feel comfortable putting myself out there, to feel comfortable being confident in my, in my gifts. And because of that, I want to help you. And I know how challenging that is for sensitives. I know how challenging that is for empaths.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

You know, here’s the paradox. If you’re a sensitive person, if you’re an empath in any way, or if you’re an HSP, a highly sensitive person, you are designed to connect with people emotionally and yet any kind of fear of criticism, fear of rejection or perfectionism because you want everything to be like amazing before you put it out there.

And of course you will be more amazing than you think you are. Okay. And just because you’re, you, you’re amazing, right? But there’s this drive to connect and there’s this drive to uplift and inspire people with your gifts. And you notice inside of you, and yet that part of you that is so sensitive, that part of you that is finely tuned, it was really like your little feelers, right? Of what people are thinking and feeling, which makes it your greatest gift. It makes you feel a little self conscious sometimes, perhaps. Right? Most likely.

And there’s that sense of wanting to hide. And there’s also that sense of, you know, especially now the world can feel a little bit crazy and a little bit cruel sometimes and, especially with social media now. So like you can see that and be like, well, I just don’t want to have any part of it.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

I’m just going to do my thing in my own little way and not be a part of it. That doesn’t make any sense in some ways because you’re meant to connect with people emotionally. So what happens is instead of radiating your light, you were shrinking and trying to do everything yourself. You were born to connect with people you were born to be sensitive and also nurturing in some ways and being nurtured. So you were born to have this emotional connection.

And yet when you hide, you’re depriving yourself of that emotional connection and you’re also depriving people of your skills. So if you’re in a good place right now where you are feeling like you’re giving too much or not making enough money, you work so hard and you’re not appreciated enough. Part of that might be because you’re either afraid to share your gifts in some ways and the universe is reflecting back at you that you’re walking up the wrong hill perhaps.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

Or that you need to learn to be okay with receiving gifts, financial rewards, praise, appreciation, all those things for who you are and for what you have to share. And so this is why I advocate this group, shine and be seen. Now this group is through February 2020. Now, after February is when I mentor a beautiful group of souls through Marie Forleo’s B school. One of the things I’m to help you with is to recognize that you’re masters of your trade and so that you have the confidence to put yourself out there in the world and you have the tools to put yourself out there in the world.

So I’m going to be mentoring people through Marie Forleo’s B school after this. That takes a lot of focus and a lot of loves. So that’s why this group is temporary. But in the meantime, I wanted to help as many people as I can. That is what I’m about, helping you do that. Cause that’s my purpose. My purpose is to help people live their soul’s calling. And it’s an honor that you’re here with me, but I get to share this experience with you and I believe in you.

And this is the thing you need to surround yourself with people who accept you for who you are. Because when you do that, you have so much opportunity to take some chances, to experiment, to take risks, and also to feel love, nurture, support, right?

How To Create Soulful Intentions

That’s what we’re here for. I’ve noticed in this group, people have already been making connections and sharing of themselves and expressing what you were born to do, what your calling is, what you love, more of that. Shine and be seen is for that. Okay.

Not just when I tell you to, but all the time right now when I say, Hey, write this in the post. Go ahead and use this group as an exploration. This is what community is about and I encourage you in your life to find like minded souls. It is the most important thing to have people who are with you on your journey. So if you have a calling to do something, don’t be competitive or feel threatened by the people around you. The true, the Latin derivative, the etymology, of the word, competition, originally meant to strive with.

So it’s important that you find like minded souls to support you. And again, that’s why I created this group, but we’re only here til February 2020. Now, of course the people that are with me through the school, we get to share this experience throughout the year. I would hope that I have the opportunity to do that. But whatever you do, you need to find a group of like minded souls who you can share your gifts with. Not just clients, just people that like, get you, that are working on the same things as you so that you can help each other so that you can support each other.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

So please promise me that whatever happens throughout this group, you’re going to do that. And then after group promise yourself that you weren’t going to connect with like minded souls, you’re going to find a community that helps you. I didn’t realize I was going to talk about all this stuff because what we’re focusing today is on creating soulful intentions, but since one of my intentions is to help you as much as I can in the time we have together, I wanted to share that with you and I wanted to help you understand what this group is about and what groups are about in general and why it’s so important.

So thank you for being here. I love you. So what we’re going to do now is create soulful intentions rather than ego based intentions. And I want to first clarify for you is what that even means and what we’re talking about. What did I mean by the soulful intention versus an ego based intention?

So I want to get back a little bit to the time before you’re born. I want to talk about your pre-birth agreements and what happens. So a lot of you don’t know this about me, but I’m a professional psychic and intuitive and I did intuitive one-on-one readings for many years, almost two decades. My calling is to teach people and I’ll talk about that more in a bit.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

So yeah, I have these psychic gifts as well. And so I was teaching people in my psychic one-on-one readings and yet I wanted to reach more people, right? Which is why I’m doing these live streams now. When I was doing one on one readings, my specialty was pre-birth planning. I would connect with the guides that would give me an idea about your karma, what happened before you were born, why you have certain life lessons, why you’ve had your challenges and why they are gifts, right?

Before you were born, you and your amazing wise council of spirit guides plan your life. You plan what you’re going to share with the world, the gifts that you’ve accumulated over many lifetimes that you want to share with the world in this incarnation. So you have to remember that. If you’re like, Oh, I’m not experienced enough yet, I don’t have enough, whatever you’ve accumulated these gifts over lifetimes, you know a lot more than you think. You’re way more ready then you think you are.

So there’s a lot more to your life purpose that has to do with karma and relationships. Right now we’re going to focus on gifts, right? And the talents that you have, because that’s the focus that we’re doing now. So you have these unique talents.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

They’re unique to you. You know, maybe you’re a writer or maybe you are a musician or whatever you are. Of course there have been those things before in the past. But it’s how you bring that into the world, your unique flavor, your unique version of how you deliver these messages. It’s very unique to you, your personality, right?

So the way the law of attraction works is that when you are in alignment with what you were born to do, meaning when you’re making decisions that helped you express what you were born to share with the world, the universe creates all kinds of opportunities for it. Doesn’t mean it’s never scary or hard, right? I mean, because of life. But you know, and sometimes if you’re scared, that means that you’re on the right track. Obviously, you know, if you weren’t scared, you would’ve been doing things before, but were meant to express things that haven’t been done before, even in our previous lifetimes.

You’re expressing these things in a very unique way now. So the way the law of attraction works is that when you are in alignment with your unique purpose, your unique gifts, then that’s when things open up for you. That’s when you find opportunities and have prosperity. That’s when you have happiness and feel joy.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

And when you are not in alignment, meaning when you are making choices that take you further away from your gifts and your purpose and your talents and what you’re supposed to express, that’s when the universe will show you. It’s kinda like, you know that game Marco Polo that you used to play in the, in the pool. You’re warmer, you’re hotter, you’re colder. It’s like the universe is sort of like a game that way. It’s always showing you when you’re on track.

Now, if you’re exhausted right now, if you’re in this place where you’ve just been giving too much and not receiving enough, or you can’t get an opportunity, it’s simply the universe’s way of showing you that you need to receive more, that you need to make some choices. Or you may need to make some choices where you’re actually doing things for your soul’s purpose and making that a priority rather than making choices that you think are better for you.

And oftentimes what you think is the secure choice is the one that’s less secure because it’s taking you away from your unique purpose. Does that make sense? So we are creating soulful intentions rather than ego based intentions so that you are more in tune with what you really came here for and what choices to make around that rather than what your brain thinks is a safe choice.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

Those are ego choices. And I see this happen all the time. Like even people that teach the law of attraction, it’s, in my opinion, a little bit simplified. The word that came to me was perverted. It can be very spiritually materialistic. Like where you’re just thinking the universe is not like a vending machine, right? Like you can’t just think you want something and then the universe will give that to you because, the universe is trying to help you live your purpose.

So if you’re thinking something that’s totally not in alignment with your purpose, you might not get it and you can thank your lucky stars for it. So it’s really important that you pay attention to what the universe is showing you. And if you think, well, I really want to do this and this is my gift, but I haven’t had any opportunities, it’s just the universe showing you that you need to find a different direction, that you need to try something else. Maybe a little riskier. Right?

I remember I’ve always wanted to teach. This is what I love. And when I was living in Pittsburgh, which of course we know is the spiritual Mecca of the universe. Love. I love Pittsburgh. This is where I got my start and I was meant to be there and I freaking love that city and the people in it and the trees and it’s such a great city, but it’s not known for it’s woo woo. We’ll just put it that way. I was there to be like a bridge maker and it was helping me bridge into the woo woo as well.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

So it was awesome. I had a lot of clients for, you know, relative to the time, right? This, this is like, you know, I wasn’t online yet and I thought I’m going to teach a class and, and I’m going to get all these people show up.

I sent my email to like, I think I had like 60 people, which I thought was amazingly massive. And I sent this email out and I got no response and I thought, you know, what am I supposed to interpret this? Like I’m not supposed to teach, but I felt so strongly I was supposed to do that. So I went to the local new age store and asked to teach there.

Oh, I see. Hello? Pittsburgher hello. I so just come into there from Pittsburgh, love that city. So, my husband’s from there, so how can I not love it? Right.

So anyway, I went to the local new age store and started teaching there and I also went to the college, the continuing education, and said, hey, do you guys want a class on intuition?

And I just like, my world expanded. And so, you know, it wasn’t that, Oh, I, you know, it didn’t work out, so I should just give up. It’s like, you know what, let me try something else. Something that’s scary, something that’s new, and then it worked out. Does that makes sense?

How To Create Soulful Intentions

And please feel free to comment. If there’s anything that’s sparking something within you or that you really want to, that really you recognize, right? Or that you go, ah, I mean, this is what, this is why we’re here together. Right?

So there’s something else. I was actually in Pittsburgh when the movie, the Secret came out. And in that movie, I remember I was there in a screening of it. It was at that new age bookstore that I was talking about. I remember there was a screening for it.

And of course, as a psychic, I read energy, right? And so I saw people during that movie, it was the weirdest thing. They actually went outside of their hearts. They’re like, let’s say they were in their body, like fully embodying themselves during the movie. The Secret when they were all talking about, Oh, what you think, you know, you get what you think are your thoughts, you create your fear. All that stuff.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

I saw them going into their heads and just purely being in their head visualizing things, I almost saw pictures going around their head kind of like, you know how like a baby’s have those things that just around them. It was just like these pictures in their head that were totally disconnected from your heart. After that, I went on a mission to help people reconnect with their hearts and have a better understanding of how the law of attraction works.

Because you absolutely have to be in tune with your soul in order for it to work. You can’t. The universe will send you on the wrong path. And so if you think your ego doesn’t always know what you want, you may think you want something, but your soul has something deeper, better always.

So what we’re going to do now, we’re going to be closing her eyes in a moment because you have to look within to tune into your soul. And so if you’re driving, don’t, this is recorded so you can come back and you can listen to the recording. So please don’t do this if you’re driving, please don’t do this. If you’re distracted, this is your sacred time. This is your sacred space. So be in a place where you can actually have quiet and tune in. Okay? This is for you.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

So what we’re going to do in a moment is close our eyes and I’m going to guide you through the process where you can tune into your heart, which connects you to your higher self and that you’re going to be receiving energy. So during this process, I think it’s really helpful for you to first see. First, allow yourself to receive impressions, to allow yourself to see what comes to you instead of forcing something, right?

Now, if something doesn’t come to you right away, it’s okay to let yourself imagine there’s a difference between forcing yourself to imagine something and imagine something. Do you know what I mean? Like if you think you want something, you’re going to try to visualize it. Just saying, allow to see what your imagination comes up with. And I’ll probably guide you to ask some questions to yourself. So what we’re doing now is we’re using your imagination to put you in a state in the future where you’re not worried about the obstacles that you have in your real life.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

So you’re letting yourself imagine as if you’re not afraid of what people think about you. You’re not afraid of, you know, you have enough money to do what you love. So when we’re going through this visualization, I ask you to do this as if you’re in a future place where it’s already happened, where you are already in that place of joy and love and abundance and bliss, where, where you’re beyond even like, you don’t even remember like, Oh, did I ever have that concern? Was I ever caring what people thought about me? Was I ever, you know, so freaked out about money that I didn’t take a chance on myself? I want you to transport yourself to a reality and the here and now as if it’s already real. Okay? So that’s what we’re going to do in a moment.

So just let yourself do that. And I’m going to guide you to say some things from your heart. Now if you’re not a visual person, you know, like let’s say I say to you, Apple, you can picture an Apple, right? So don’t force anything, right? Like you have an imagination and you know, like I said, even I’m asking you not to force anything. Imagine something like, if you don’t know what an Apple looks like, imagine what an Apple looks like. All right?

How To Create Soulful Intentions

And then if you can’t do that at the moment, that’s okay. Well, the point is not to force anything, right? Just so just see what comes to you. It’s more important that you keep the focus on your heart, that you keep your focus on your breathing and your in an easy process with this. So the other thing is too, always stay connected with your heart. Now if you may, just have words that come to you, right? Or maybe as you’re speaking, you can feel something but you can’t picture it yet. It’s okay. You are where you are. Don’t force anything. Just be easy and allow yourself to be guided. Okay? Promise, promise. You’re just going to let yourself relax and receive. Okay? Now it’s time to close your eyes.

Have your spine nice and straight and make sure you’re not trying so hard to visualize that you’re scrunching up your face or tensing your neck or your head. Just let your mind go. Imagine that your angels are here with you. Just taking your thoughts and your worries from your brain and nothing you can’t think, but just the worries, just let them release you of all of that from your mind, from your energy field, any concerns or worries.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

Just allow yourself to enjoy this process nice and easy so you can feel joy in your heart. Feel that joy in your heart already. Just think of the energy of joy and allow yourself to experience it and take some slow, deep, even breaths. Slow down your breathing so that you can feel your breath in your body. That’s wonderful.

Now, at the soles of your feet, you can actually feel yourself connect to the earth and you can even imagine roots that grow deep into the earth. Wonderful that those roots grow deep and wide into the nourishing, moist, rich soil, and bring your awareness to base of your spine and feel your breath in the base of your spine, nourishing your root chakra imagined from your root chakra ground there’s a thick grounding cord that goes deep into the earth.

Let yourself be anchored into the earth and supported by the earth. Now you’re going to be put in a column of white sparkling light. This light draws away any lower thought forms, energy and vibrations, and brings love, warmth, healing, and protection. With every breath, this column of light is growing larger and wider, larger and wider.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

You’re in this beautiful healing protective column of light. Now imagine there’s a pillar of white light in each of the four corners of your room that goes from heaven down to the core of the earth, and your whole room is filled with this beautiful sparkling light.

Now, we’re going to call in her guides, great spirit, surround us with your love, your light, your peace, your power and your grace. Help us to be at one with you and may we feel your presence in our hearts. We’d like to call the archangels, Michael Gabriel, Rafael and Uriel to guard and protect the four corners of our spaces and to ensure that we connect only with the highest energy and the love and light of the creative.

We invite all of the archangels, angels, spirit guides, power animals, ascended Masters and beings of light of only the highest vibration to surround us, protect us and share your love and wisdom with us. And we ask to be clear channels of divine consciousness and love. We ask that you assist us in letting go of our fears toward fulfilling our purpose, living our truth, speaking our truth, being seen and appreciated for who we are and for living our calling for the highest and best of all, thank you. Amen.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

Keep your eyes closed. And now that you’re in this beautiful protected space in this column of light, visualize about 20 feet above your head, a beautiful ball of light which represents your higher self. And allow this higher self to stream their light into you, into your column that’s connected to the earth. You are connected to your higher self, body, mind, and spirit. And allow yourself to have your higher self guide you, thoughts, action and deed every day in every way.

Now bring your awareness to your heart chakra. Bring your awareness to your heart and imagine now that your consciousness is in your heart. So if you feel yourself thinking in your brain, just bring your awareness back into your heart. As you breathe light and love into your heart, breathe into your heart and open your heart. Open your heart, front and back. And as you breathe into your heart and your consciousness is in your heart, you are connected with your higher guidance, your spirit guides, angels, and your higher self who guide you on your journey.

Now, as you are connected to your heart, set an intention to have clarity about living your calling, doing what you were born to do, and having the confidence and courage to do so. That is a very strong intention. Keep your eyes closed and I’m going to guide you to visualize.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

So you’re going to open up your third eye, bringing light there. Imagine that your third eye is opening up and connect that third eye to your heart to imagine that there’s a beam of light connecting your third eye on it. So as you are still connected to your heart, you’re going to allow yourself to imagine. Imagine. So you’re transported to a future realm where you are already living your calling. It could be the immediate future.

You are living your calling, you were doing what you were born to do. As you do that, imagine where you are. What are your physical surroundings? So what are the surroundings you are in as you are in this reality, where you’re doing what you love, where you’re living your purpose? Where are you? What are your surroundings?

Look around, okay. Are you by yourself? Are you with others? What are you doing? Now, can you hear anything in this environment? What does it sound like? What are the aromas? Are there any fragrances? What do you smell? What does it feel like?

How To Create Soulful Intentions

Okay, look around and experience this and as much detail as you can with all of your senses. So notice emotionally what it feels like to be in this environment where you are in your calling. You’re living the life your soul intended. What does that feel like?

Now, you might switch scenes in your mind or not. Might be here still. As you’re living your calling, ask yourself to imagine now what you’re doing. What are you doing? Just notice the first thing that comes to you. And if nothing’s come to you, simply imagine what you imagine yourself to be doing and let that scenario play out for you for several moments now. And as you do, notice how you feel. Go inside your heart. Keep visualizing, but make sure you notice how you feel. Don’t strain. Let this be an enjoyable process. Now take a breath.

And you can remain visualizing or not. Just notice. As you remember, as you’re feeling into this experience, whether you’re visualizing or not, you can say to yourself what you’re feeling, what you’re experiencing using the words, I am.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

And if you’re in a place where you can do so, say it out loud. You can say something like, for instance, I am blissful. Talk about how you feel. I’m blissful. I feel at ease, nourished, and connected. I can feel how much I’m helping people. And I can feel the energy of this other being that I’m connected with and it feels so beautiful to know that I’m helping them. Whatever that means for you. Talk about your experience in your heart using the words I am or I feel and amp it up a little bit.

Amp up that volume all the way through. If you are feeling happy, you can feel blissful and really feel the joy of knowing that you’re helping other beings, other people, plants, animals, whatever that is. Feel that joy and knowing what a difference you are making in the world, what a difference you are making in other’s lives. Really feel that. Good. Now take a nice deep cleansing breath. Really ground that energy into the earth and whenever you’re ready you can open up your eyes.

I would love to hear from you in the chat what you’re experiencing, how that may feel different than simply just visualizing what you think you want. The beauty of this is that your body doesn’t know the difference between memory, imagination and reality. So as you’re visualizing this, I’m really feeling it.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

Then that becomes your reality. And so when you are in life making choices, you’ll have a very strong sense if you are closer to that reality or if that is something very different than what you felt in that vision. It’s so important to make your decisions. Based on what you just experienced, what did you see yourself doing? How did it feel? And as you’re making choices, boy, does this feel like it’s taking me closer to that or does it feel like it’s taking me further away from that?

And you know, it’s really, really important for you to understand that you don’t need to take the long route to get there. Your life can and will change very, very quickly when you are doing things that are taking you toward your purpose, that you are actually living your purpose. You can feel that joy, okay. That blessed even throughout the journey.

So I’m going to give you an example too, of like taking the long way versus like going the straight route. So I always knew I was meant to teach and I love doing readings and I was extraordinarily good at them. They were popular, but I was exhausted. And it started to feel very draining in the end because it’s my purpose to reach a lot of people. The readings were feeling like, wow, take an hour and it’s awesome helping one person. But if you knew in your heart that you’re meant to help thousands and thousands of people, then you know.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

So I’d always seen that and I’d always known that, but I was very afraid to leave my readings and then I got very sick, which was the way the universe is like, you need to do this. Now. So one of the reasons I am mentoring people, and I’m doing that through Marie Forleo’s B school, is because I really didn’t have the tools to do that. And I needed a mentor and I needed someone to help me. I actually was craving a community and connection. And so I thought that an in person thing would be a lot better than doing something online.

But I went on a journey to find a community to help me and to find a mentor to find this. And I went on a very long journey, I actually avoided Marie Forleo B school for a long time cause I didn’t want to do something online. I thought it would be less personal, less awesome. But, I’ll tell you about some of those experiences, another time perhaps where the universe was very much telling me that some of those in-person groups were inappropriate for me. I actually found a better community online through Marie Forleo’s B school.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

I did eventually sign up after the universe showed me that, maybe she was the best teacher for me and, and she was. And so I learned the skills to bring my message to the online world and to create courses and products and meditations, which is what I’ve been wanting to do. So I learned the skills through her. But what I didn’t understand was that I also found an incredible in-person community because there’s so many people around the world who have joined. It’s like I have friends that I’ve created, you know, I’ve collaborated with and just lifetime friends that I talk to every day.

So the reason I am sharing this now is because I was trying to avoid teaching by doing readings first. Okay. So let’s say you are a massage therapist, right? But your real goal is to do energy healing. A lot of times people will be like, well I need to just do massage first and build out my practice for 10 years and then people will be ready for me to share my unique energy healing message. And then by that time you’re already exhausted and like have carpal tunnel. Right?

How To Create Soulful Intentions

Whereas if you have a vision and a knowing that your meant to do something, just go straight to that. Like, don’t get sick like me. I should have just gone straight to the teaching longer. Like really more quickly. Right. I’m so grateful that I found the tools. And once I did put my mind to it and have those tools, my life changed very quickly. And I mean people thought it was like an overnight success, right? But I took years getting there. But once I did, once I’ve made that commitment and found the mentor and found my group, my life changed extraordinarily quickly because I was doing what I was born to do.

So if you are an artist or you are in a healer or you have a business idea or whatever it is, or you have a coaching practice or whatever, or you want to have one and you think, oh, I need, well of course you need to get training. Right? And that was one of the steps to pursue your dreams, right?

But don’t take like a thousand sidesteps getting there. Just go right to it. Like when you were visualizing that was reality for you. Your body did not know the difference between memory, imagination and reality. You can create this reality for yourself very quickly as you’re making choices to do that.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

But promise yourself right now that you are going to make your calling your priority, that you’re going to do what it takes and not take these side routes to get there, that you’re going to believe in yourself, that you’re going to commit to yourself, that you’re going to invest in yourself, which you’re going to find that community that you’re gonna find those mentors that you’re going to find. Whatever it needs to do that you’re going to make that website if you need to, that you’re going to do that YouTube channel, even if it scares you, whatever that means for you. Take those steps. You have to make this a priority. So use that vision that you had as a guide.

Am I taking myself farther from this or closer to this? You’ll feel it now for those of you that want to continue and have me help you on this journey, I am offering a bonus package because I am an affiliate of Marie Forleo. Why? Because she changed my life and the community changed my life. And I believe in her and I believe and the power of her work and the community and what it’s done for me. So because of that and because also business isn’t that sometimes you need an interpreter for business if you are an empath and you are a sensitive.

Q & A – How To Create Soulful Intentions

So that’s why as my bonus package, it’s very much geared toward people who are sensitive or empathic or aren’t creative or just really feel something on a more soulful level than just like, Oh, it’s just business. It’s not what this is for you. It’s deep. So if you want that support, I do have a bonus where I am your mentor moving through B school and we do live coaching calls and I am going to do group readings that benefit the greater good.

I also do some laser coaching for business as well. And we’ll look at people’s websites or your opt ins. I’m going to teach you how to create engaging webinars, engaging YouTube videos, engaging blog so that you are more connected to your heart and soul and it’s not just like business that’s like out there, but that is of interest to you. Jess we have some links for all kinds of things, right?

Absolutely. We have lots of wonderful comments to Kari.

Do you want to read any or should I read them later?

Well, just lots of lovely comments. Lots of questions, lots of people commenting on what came up for them. Thank you Kari. That was beautiful. I love the meditation. I was surprised by where it went.

Isn’t that interesting? Always surprised about you think you want one thing and your soul is like another thing.

Hi Kari this meditation was so up lifting. Thank you. I even shed tears. Lots of people commenting with what came up for them. Brenda says, I’ve been running it from it for at least four or five years. Hoping I could just make it happen.

Q & A – How To Create Soulful Intentions

The angel. I know, I mean I know that I ran from my teaching, I ran from doing online stuff because I was so self conscious. I ran from all of that and I got sick. The universe was like girl, cause we know the universe is sassy that way. So, you can’t run from it and the universe is going to show you and it really my life changed so fast. Miracles happened left, right and center once I committed to this and once I believed in myself, and just did it and made that choice, like it was scary all the steps were going on. YouTube was scary.

I’m teaching my first class. I was so nervous. I taught in my living room like 10 people and I have done webinars. Now with 87,000 people, there’s 2 million views on what you do. I remember my first YouTube video is like sitting on my hands. I was so scared and I scripted the whole thing. Lord only knows I don’t script anything now. So I mean it, it’s terrifying. But you have to, Marie Forleo actually even says start before you’re ready. And I do think that’s a lovely motto.

Q & A – How To Create Soulful Intentions

So we have links to Marie Forleo’s videos if you want to understand what the school is like and then we’ll put a link to my bonus package as well. If you want me to be your mentor to help you live your calling and help you on that journey in a way that you need that special empath guide. And that, my psychic guide as well because we are doing group readings and we are connected.

I am going to be connecting with guides and one of the things we do during the journey in my intuitive mentorship through the school is I help you clear those blocks was in poverty vows and all those past life vows that you may have toward poverty or that fear of being seen or that fear of rejection. That’s a focus of what we go into a lot of, we go into some past life stuff quite a bit actually.

Because you’re an old soul and so there you have it, old soul, some stuff they carry with them. So you have all these gifts but you also have some fears of, you know, we’re not like, I mean you may be an accountant. I actually have had accountants go through B school with me, but you know, they’re still doing it in a soulful way.

Q & A – How To Create Soulful Intentions

So you’re not just like your average like bean counter or like, you know, you’re special, right? Like everybody’s special. But you know what I’m talking about. So, Jess, I think I’d like to take a couple of questions and connect with a couple of people.

If you are interested in coming on a call to chat with Kari if you’re joining us via web, there should be a little thing at the bottom that says raise hand. And if you’re on the phone, press star two or star eight.

I’m gonna open up for Francesca. Francesca, are you there?

Francesca. Hello. I love your name. Hi.

Hi. I’m so happy to speak with you. I didn’t expect this at all. I can relate to a lot of what you said. The fear of I know, and the massage therapy example just hit me because I did that, but I know I’m a healer. I’m an empath.

I wish I could, can you guys see the angel bumps on my thing? I mean you got it. Everything and you’re also connected to departed loved ones a lot.


Yes. So the mediumship thrown in.

Q & A – How To Create Soulful Intentions

Yes. And I was writing before I knew I was going to be selected to speak with you, which is an honor. Okay. Cause I’m a big fan. And I’m, so, I am a very, like, I’m at rock bottom and I get emotional a lot.

I have my tissue here too, just in case we all cry. We’re all bunch of empaths on the call, so that’s okay. Love, love, love, love, love, love, love.

The point right now where I just embarked like two days ago and I’m going to be selling this. I decided to embark on this, but I know that I need to like do something online. I know that my future is online. Again, I watch some of the videos from Marie Forleo but don’t know where to begin and I don’t even know. I know she has a promotion going that terrified me. I wasn’t really in the right frame to do the video.

I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to, but my question to you was that I know I need a mentor. Is it possible to do the mentorship with you both for doing the school or is it something that you recommend doing simultaneously?

Q & A – How To Create Soulful Intentions

The thing is B school is a life time investment. I was tens of thousand dollars in debt when I did it and I was really scared. And she did not have a monthly payment. It was a four monthly payments and it still came up too fast for me. But the thing is, at the time I made my investment back very quickly because through the support of the community, you know, when you’re seeing like everybody, they’re like, I just raised my rates or I just did this.

It’s like you get a lot of confidence and you know, I just started doing videos then and it was the peaceful community that’s like, Kari, you should do videos every month. And I was like, nah. But it was like, it gave me the confidence you’re in this like, you know what geese, it’s like, there’s the big fly in the V formation because the goose in front of you, it’s like giving you the wing draft.

And so it’s easier for the geese behind them. So every year I go through this thing where I’m like, should I just offer this by myself? Because a lot of people ask me to, or should I offer this only in conjunction with the school. I always go for B school because she has some skills that, I mean the woman’s got mad skills and she’s so good at what she does and she’s got so many incredible skills.

Q & A – How To Create Soulful Intentions

And the thing is, it’s a community of 50,000 people. So in the school there are groups within groups. So like when you joined through me, for instance, there’s the live your dreams group, which is the mentorship with me. And then there’s the live your dreams for your class and then all the alumni are together after you finish your class.

So there’s that very small group. Then she has groups like you know, B school, Amsterdam, B school, Bologna, B School, Florence be school like the school, like you know, there’s a roots within groups. I also have another bigger group called the woo woo crew, which is another 4,000 just like psychics and energy healers. And so there’s all these levels of groups within groups. So basically you have groups within your field.

So I was actually looking to move to the Netherlands, couple of years ago. And so I like got in touch with the B school Netherlands group and I, you know, met with, so it’s like if you’re going to move somewhere, if you’re going to go somewhere, if you live somewhere, there’s like all these groups, cause she has a community of over 50,000 people. So this is why I’m like, it’s like she has mad skills, which are like incredible.

Q & A – How To Create Soulful Intentions

She has all these mentors that have specialties, like she’ll have a social media mentor. It’s just such an amazing machine. That’s why at this time I keep still choosing to collaborate with her as opposed to offering this as a separate thing because it is such an incredible community and an incredible network and she has like pieces of everything. And then of course she’s a genius that and all the business stuff, right. I mean I am helping you interpret the business stuff too in their own special way.

But she really does have that. That’s her gift.

Yeah. One hesitation and I already know I’ve got to do it, but I don’t know whether I’m biting off more than I can chew cause right now I don’t have a steady job.

I understand.

Yeah. Even contemplating bankruptcy. That’s how bad it is. Oh, I understand. I wonder because I’m starting this job that’s just commissioned based. I just recovering from a concussion that happened in March and that kind of, that’s why my, everything’s kind of upside down cause I’m just a year now. It’s going to be March 14th. It’s going to be a year since the head injury. And I, you know, I’m like just beginning to kind of get my energy back.


I’m going to jump into this sales job, which I know I’m not a salesperson, but I need a stream of income.

Right, right.

Q & A – How To Create Soulful Intentions

I know that. That’s what I, I need to do that before I joined the school. So that’s where am I? My brain.

I personally also feel it’s very important to have  some income before, during this. I personally feel that way because there have been people that have signed up before they were ready. It’s a commitment.  The thing is, as someone wrote, B School can be done over and over again and I agree with that. However, when you’re in this class, right? By the way, I’m not talking anyone out of signing up. If you feel like that I’m here to be honest with people and let them know what’s best for them.

I had someone that joined and then, he had cancer in the middle of it and like things like that, but then he picked up later and he was like, he’s, you know, benefited totally from it. You will benefit from B school all the time. However, if you’re working on a major health and money thing all at once, it may not be the right time. I let in there, I’m like, I’m so ready. I’m so ready. Some people don’t know what they want to do.

Q & A – How To Create Soulful Intentions

And then you go in there and it will help you discover what you want to do. But if you’re like, I don’t know what I want to do yet. I’m struggling. I don’t have the money to pay that. I don’t have anything. You know, it’s not like you have a day job that you want to quit. I might be a little much for you. Right?

Yes. I’m just say that because I struggle with making decisions and I wanted to everything because I feel a little better. I think I can do it and then I bite on more than I can. And if that’s an issue I do have to say, and this has nothing to do with work obviously, but it does.

I keep seeing a man in your life and I keep hearing the word drunk a little bit.

I’m single. I divorced 15 years ago and I struggle with relationships.

I think that’s what I think that’s your guides. Just maybe your guides wanted me to give you that, that message. And so I think your guides wants you to know that you don’t need so much drama in your life. You don’t need so much drama that relationships don’t need to be drama. Business doesn’t need to be drama. Career doesn’t need to be drama. And I feel like you, you got into this pattern of fear after that relationship that you fear that.

Q & A – How To Create Soulful Intentions

Now, this may not have anything to do with anybody, but I just want to talk to Francesca now since her guides brought her on. You’re most likely not joining me for B School most likely this time around.

In the future for sure cause I feel once I got some income.

And for the people that are listening that if you have a day job and you, you know, you’re still struggling with money but you have some sort of income and you’re not struggling with health and money, like I say, go for it Francesca. If you don’t have that, if it’s too much for you, like because there is some focus to it. Do you know what I mean? Like I came in there, I’m like, I’m ready. Like I’m ready to change my life ready.

Someone said three years ago I signed up. What is she saying?

Q & A

There was someone who signed up years ago I signed up and couldn’t finish due to health issues. I’m hoping this is a year I’ll finally be able to go for it. Laurie said that, but she also said too, that can be done over and over every year is the investment, especially when you have lots of things going on in your life. And I just want to clarify one point, because this came up, Kari’s mentorship program is free. When you sign up for B school, there’s no additional charge for you to do the mentorship with Kari.

So thank you for that. And so the other thing is it’s not just every February that you can do B school. It’s like it’s open to you all year long. Okay.

I did sign up in 2012 for the Tony Robbins strategy intervention. I yet have to complete the program.

Q & A

I feel like the thing is roller coasters are fine and I feel like this is something that can help so many people personally. But I also feel like your guides wants you to know that things don’t have to be drama. And relationships don’t need to be drama. So I’m just going to leave you with that message and maybe if you feel like, I can do this and focus on B School and have that opportunity to be mentored by Kari and mentored by Marie and be a part of this community and this will help me then go for it.

I can do this because I know, ultimately my future is online. As soon as I get the stream of income and I get myself back on the road. I’m there like a bear.

Well, Francesca, it’s my honor to speak with you.

Me too, it’s an honor.

Lots of love, Francesca. Thank you.

Q & A

Like I said, you don’t need to start in February the program. So, if you’re not struggling with income, I don’t have any income and I don’t know what I want to do. I mean those are any one of those factors by themselves wouldn’t be too much of an obstacle, but all three at once might be a little much. But if you have something and you’re not liking it, definitely join me.

If you’re compelled to, if you don’t know what you want but you know you want something and you’re really ready for that, awesome. You know, if you’re struggling with the health issue, but you know, like I really want to focus on my business too. Go for it. Does that make sense? She had all three which makes it a little bit more challenging.

You know, I take surveys every year of our participants and people are thrilled that they signed up. And the thing is, it’s so much deeper and more different than even about your business. Like there’s so much more to it that changes your life then. Cause you learn most of your lessons through that.

Q & A

I have another person, Jess with her hand up. I actually think just went through school with us already, but I, she’s ready to talk.

Oh, hi Jess. So what’s going on? How can I help you?

Yeah, the sun came out for my birthday. It’s like seventies.

I’m glad that we got to set some intentions for your birthday. People are wishing you a happy birthday on the chat.

Thank you guys. I’m so happy I get to see your face. And Jess as too, I heard the person talking about, I signed up three years ago. I think I also was in the three years ago group. I think so. And so I was just sharing. Yeah, I didn’t finish the B school part yet. I actually like had to bail out of my payments and I’m going to sign back up and finish my B school now three years later. But if I hadn’t gone through the mentorship thing, that was where you told me I had all this institutional karma and that’s, that’s true.

Q & A

Like I spent the last three years working on it. Kari does like weekly calls on the mentorships or monthly now, monthly calls. They’re monthly and she will take people’s questions and do sort of readings, intuitive readings for them to help them kind of deal with their past life karma or their karma that’s affecting them, it’s not just the people we’re reading for.

It’s like everyone gets to benefit when I read for something. Yes. There’s always themes. There’s always for sure what happened with the past life stuff we’re talking about here.

So I just think that what I wanted to share is that if you hadn’t told me that when I was going into the documentary with the BBC about the dance for camera stuff, I wouldn’t have survived it. The project. I mean, I haven’t finished it and I’m having still a lot of obstacles and stuff. And you tried to warn me and I don’t think I was ready to hear it fully. And so I was like running from stuff too.

Q & A

So let me clarify for people. So basically during these coaching calls where I tune into people and there’s always themes and like I said, a lot of times it’s past life things. I had tuned into Jess on one of the calls and picked up on some karmic lessons she had around institutions. And I was explaining to her that she was working on a project with a very big institution, I think the BBC, and I was explaining to her how karmically, how to move around these obstacles.

So there was some past life healing that needed to happen in that. And that was one of the things that we discussed on the call. And there’s often past life themes on the calls and what Jess, I believe, is saying is that helped you through that clearing those past life issues, correct?

Yes. Yeah.

Q & A

So thanks for coming on on your birthday. So basically, during these calls, during these coaching calls, a lot of times often, your business is where you’re going to learn a lot of your spiritual lessons. Right. And that’s the part that I’m helping with. So Maria’s going to teach you all about business and I’m going to teach you all about helping you spiritually through your blocks. Help you see all that baggage around, you know, being seen and the fear of rejection and getting caught in karmic patterns so that you can do what your soul intended.

Is that what you came on to say on your birthday?

Yes. Yeah. Like don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to sign up and learn the lessons that you need to learn so that you can move to where you want to in your business because it doesn’t always happen and instantaneously, and you don’t have to be ready for everything all at once. You know, it’s process and sometimes you need where there’s support, take it. And I didn’t have any support back then and I needed those sessions to feel like I could take care of myself. Yeah.

Q & A

You need support to know that you can take care of yourself.

Yup. To give yourself support.

Do you feel supported?

I do. In my tarot reading I got for my birthday, the first card was like, yeah, getting healthy now. You know, getting healthy is the most important thing. And I’ve been having a week of intense self-love, so yeah, I think I’ve learned that lesson.

Lots of love.

So as Jess was saying, the other Jess, not this beautiful Jess right here. Also the other beautiful just as she was saying, it’s, you know, this is a journey and this isn’t just, you’re signing up for February. So if you don’t have like piled on obstacles, it is a great source of support and spiritual nourishment. Are there any other questions about any other questions?

I’m going to tick through them, Kari, so you can answer them real quick.

Wren says, can I start B school at any month?

Q & A

Well you need to sign up before February 28th. There’s registration period is open now. Yeah. And it’s only once a year that you can register, but they can go with your own pace through it. If they choose to, you know, people get sick or people have babies and people get distracted or people get overwhelmed and life happens. So then again, no, you don’t need to just even start in February, you sign up in February and if something happens where you get like, Oh, I’m away for two months and you know, on a mission in Africa or whatever, you know, and then you come back and then you can do it not just in February, sign up in February, but then you have access to it 24 seven three 65 and then you have access to our group.

And all of my calls are recorded in the bonus package. So anything that I’m going through, any of the mentorship is meant to be recorded and for you to benefit from always as well. So all the healing that we’re doing, all the lessons that we’re doing all recorded for you, just like this is recorded right now. You know, you could do this meditation, this journey, like in 10 years and hopefully it would still help you. So that’s, that’s how that goes.

Q & A

What other questions Angela? Angel says she’s is on Facebook. She says, I already have business experience and I’m part of a mastermind group. How does B school differ from other areas?

Later on this next week we’re going to be talking to Fiona who has an MBA as well and I’m, so again, B-School mastermind is, again, it’s like a smaller network as well, which I think is really important to have.

There are masterminds within the school, you have, Marie, her modules, she has mentors for different specialties like social media and this is just such a broad network of specialties that you have access to. And the other thing is about, any resource that you need. If you need web designer, if you have a question just about like, you know, like I remember asking people in my local B School group, what lawyer to use for when I incorporated into an S Corp.

There’s so many aspects. It’s such a broad range of not only is Marie very unique and special in the way that she teaches. First of all, you have me as your mentor. Like Jess was saying that my bonus package is free and I know that I have a very unique gift in a very unique way of helping people in a very unique skill set of helping people through their spiritual journey.

Q & A

And that in and of itself, I’m not sure you can get in your mastermind because I know I have this special gift, right? Marie has a very special gift of her communication style is very easy, but also like I said, just the range of support, just the range.

Also, Angel, Marie’s B school is very much geared towards people who want to take their business online. So it’s not just running brick and mortar business which is different in a lot of ways from running your business online. And so a lot of the resources and tools and skills that you need to know about how to bring your business online, how to grow and scale online, that’s what you’re going to get at B school. That is going to be really different from regular business training and experience.

Thank you Jess. What other questions do we have?

Yes, there were some other questions about how many hours per week to dedicate to B school?

Q & A

Well, she says around three. So do one at least like an hour and a half with me, hopefully. Right? Again, they’re recordings. So join me for some of the live calls. And we also have a live masterminds. We have these live masterminds where Jess has some kind of technical magic and you’re off with a group of eight to like help each other. So there’s these like little mini masterminds like that that we’re going to have different, you know, accommodate different times and one sport for sure, so that you can collaborate with people live there. So I would say between three and four hours, I would say three and a half you would want to dedicate for those eight weeks.

But my bonus program is longer than B school because I feel like I don’t want to pile on too much at once for you. So like, I stretch out my mentorships so that we have like these monthly calls that are four months sometimes to stretch it out just to space things. It’s more so like sometimes like five months or sometimes even six. Of course we’re spacing things out so that you have this continued support and you don’t have to like dedicate 10 hours a week while you’re in a B school. So I would say a good three and a half while you’re in it. But again, you can come back to it if you need to. Wonderful. Thank you.

Q & A

What day of the month are your mentorship calls and that we haven’t decided yet?

Well we usually do different times. AM’s or PM’s. We haven’t decided yet. I’m sorry, I can’t answer that now. They’re during the week typically. Okay.

Shalita says I would love to enroll in B school, but I’m wondering if there are any karmic blocks that need to be cleared before embarking on this journey.


So Shalita. So basically I feel like you’re not ready to do something that you really want to do is a karmic block sometimes. Do you know what I’m saying? And whether you join me for B school or not, like whatever it is you want to do, like go directly there. Like don’t take all these sideways routes or think you’re not ready. If you have a vision and inspiration and insight, something that you know you’re meant to do, go right to it.

We have Andrea with her hand up.

Hi Andrea. Did you have a question about anything we did today or B school or anything?

Q & A

Yeah, not really B school because the, the reason is I’ve been a hairstylist for all my life and I feel like I’ve counceled people and I’ve done a lot of energy clearing or sometime when I was working on people because I would really take on their energy and all that.

Yeah. A lot of hairdressers are psychic. Oh my goodness. Sometimes it’s so intense and, and thanks to you, I’ve learned how to help myself. Okay. So what’s your question?

Well, I’m thinking about changing careers totally into something else, as actually a flight attendant and, because I feel I have this idea that there’s something else I need to do and this has been something that I wanted to do before I even became a hairstylist.

And I say yes, totally.

So I should do it. Oh, okay. You know, when you say fear is holding you back and then I’m stopping.

You wanted to do before. Yeah. Go travel the world. Enjoy yourself.

So you think with my purpose that way I can still help people.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

So let me explain to you, it’s not my thinking. I’m listening to what you’re saying and I’m listening to your energy, you know, inside you that you need to make a change. It’s something that you felt before you even did this. So this is that thing I’m saying won’t go away. So you need to do it. And this is what I’m saying. I thank you so much.

I’m going to wrap this up now because we’ve been together for an hour and a half. I want you to go about your day and enjoy yourself. So to wrap up, we talked about if there is something that you are born to do, please do not avoid it, no matter how much it’s scary. Invest in yourself. Make those choices to go that as opposed to taking the side route, go right to what you want to do.

If you think there’s karma holding you back, it’s the fear that’s the karma, right? And do what you know is inside of you. Now regarding the school to sum up, my bonus is free when you join B school, but you have to join through my unique link. Marie Forleo was my mentor and the community totally changed my life.

How To Create Soulful Intentions

Jess is going to share with you the link below and if you want to know more about Marie Forleo and her incredible training she has a free training on now and that is just going to put the link for you there.

And really to sum it up, I just want to make sure that you are care. Take a chance on yourself, whatever that means. Whether you join me, I’d love for you to join me, whatever that means for you. You need to take a chance on yourself to believe in yourself and do whatever that is inside of you.

Take steps toward what your calling is, what your purpose is, and find the people in the community and the mentors and the support that you need. Bring your calling to life. I love you so much and I am so honored that I had the opportunity to share this with you today. I love you, I love you. And, this is going to be recorded so I can share this with you again and I love you and I hope to see you in my inner circle. I love you. Lots of love. Bye for now.

Soulful Intentions – How To Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose

In this video, I share with you how to discern your soulful intentions from your ego and how to create a more prosperous career.

Do you want to live your calling instead of just work?

Living your calling means that you are expressing the gifts your soul intended.

You are meant to do more than just have a career.

𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐜𝐚𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐭 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐚 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧.

Ask yourself, “What MUST I do before I leave this planet?”

This is more than your bucket list of travel destinations. I’m talking about your unique way of making the world more beautiful.

In this video, I share with you:

  • Why you are ready to share your gifts NOW and stop second-guessing yourself
  • Insights into your soul’s plan from before you were born
  • How to discern your soul’s intention rather than your ego
  • The steps you can take to turn your calling into a prosperous career

I guide you through a powerful meditation with your Higher Self to tune into your soul.

You will connect with your intuition and elevate your energy so you can gain clarity and healing.

Whatever you do, make sure you invest in yourself. Make yourself a priority, and never, ever give up on your dreams.

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  1. Thank you so much for all of your support over the many years that you have been supporting me in my spiritual life journey, Kari. Your advice, forecast and guided meditations have helped me tremendously. I love you and your incredible work!

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