How to Own Your Truth in Uncertain Times?

Learn how to own your truth in these uncertain times. Once you tap into your intuition, your world changes around you.

Own Your Truth

Our Lunar Eclipse was yesterday, but the eye-opening transformational energy will linger for a long time.

Most eclipses are intense. This particular season has ushered in so much healing.

The power of 7

Mercury went retrograde on 7/7 and our lunar eclipse was 7/16 (which is also a double 7 day since 16 reduces to 7 (1+6 =7). 7 is a number of in-depth insights and soul-searching.

16/7 brings a karmic element of ensuring you’re living and owning your truth. The consequence of you not doing so is having the Universe kick your ass.

16/7 can bring startling revelations – sometimes in the form of betrayal. When these betrayals arise, they are the result of you betraying your intuition.

When you don’t listen to your intuitive nudges, the Universe has a way of waking you up!

You can also receive sudden insights that bring great joy. That’s one of the many gifts this eclipse season offers…

Ultimately, this energy is designed to free you from self-imposed limitations.

There’s so much more than meets the eye…

There are currently many planets touching the South Node in Capricorn.


The South Node represents your karma – those past life patterns your soul wants to move away from.

Chiron (the wounded healer) went retrograde on the 8th – the day after Mercury went retrograde.

This cosmic cluster of events is designed to make sure you’re reclaiming parts of yourself, ensuring you move forward with your intentions in alignment with your soul.

You must own the truth of who you are, rather than whom you want people to think you are if you want to create a life of fulfillment and joy.

You can’t push or coerce yourself through this process.

In every relationship, especially the one with yourself, make sure you’re being honest with how you feel.

Is your external world representing your values and authentic desires?

How do you live and own your truth?

When you are in your karmic patterns, it can feel impossible to see them objectively.

These past life patterns are embedded in your subconscious. This can cloud your intuition and make it more challenging to see your truth.

Remember to heal your energetic blocks and receive clarity about your life.

I intend to bring you closer to your truth, so you can share your gifts, speak your truth, shine your light, and own your truth.

Being yourself brings a lightness you never thought was possible.

Once you tap into your intuition, your world changes around you. You begin to move with the flow of life instead of against the tide.

You’ve been accessing intuition your whole life. I’m reminding you how to tune into your natural abilities.

We can all use support during these times of change.

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