Kari Samuels

Love From My Home To Yours

I’m loving my new home town Portland!

Thank you for your well wishes!

So many people asked my why I moved, so I thought I’d let you know!

I totally enjoyed my time in San Diego. Yet I knew it was time to change.

Something this New Moon eclipse in Cancer (which is all about home and nourishment) will have you pondering is, “What is my element?” I’ve got five planets in Earth sign Virgo. For me, my element is very much in the trees.

I loved dipping my feet in the ocean and wiggling my toes in the sands of San Diego. Yet, I’m much more of a forest fairy than a mermaid.


my new home


There are lots of other wonderful amenities for me in Portland too.

This New Yorker does not drive.

I got my license six years ago and never used it. My husband doesn’t particularly like driving either.
Here in Portland I can walk, bike and take public transportation everywhere. I’m one of many here that love this lifestyle and it’s awesome!

I’m a total foodie. My happy healthy diet is vegan and gluten free. Portland is my culinary heaven. You’ll have to visit to find out!

And perhaps most importantly, I love the environmental and social consciousness here.

When we visited and saw these signs of unity, love and inclusiveness in the shops and people’s home windows, I knew I found a place to call home.


Environmental and social activism is in my bones. It’s amazing to be in a city that cares so deeply about the Earth and other people.

I love being here and looking forward to sharing more adventures with you!

Sending love from my home to yours!




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