4 Universal Laws For Miracles

I Experience Miracles Every Day

When you are in harmony with these four universal laws, you are in sync with nature, and opportunities and miracles will abound.

I am continuously in awe of the magical synchronicities and miracles of the Universe, governed by the universal law. Over the course of twenty years, after doing thousands of readings, I am always amazed at how loved we truly are. I am in awe of the guidance and support that is available to us from our guides and angels, in accordance with the universal law.

Without a doubt, I know that if you pay attention to your intuition, and listen to what divine helpers are communicating to you, that you will experience miraculous results, aligned with the universal law.

Angels and guides see your life from a spiritual perspective, understanding the universal law.   They know the lessons you are meant to learn, and what gifts you are meant to share, in harmony with the universal law.

The Universal Law

They are also aware of Universal Laws, which govern our Universe. There are a myriad of laws governing our Universe. When you are in harmony with those laws, you are in sync with nature and opportunities will abound. However, if you are working against the Universal Laws, you can feel as if bad luck follows you everywhere, and nothing seems to work out for you.

Have you ever tried to go against gravity? If you weren’t aware that the Law of Gravity governed the earth, you would feel defeated that despite your efforts, you couldn’t float all the time! 🙂

Four Universal Laws of Miracles

Harness Universal Laws to experience miracles every day.

The Law of Attraction

This is the principle that “like attracts like”, based on the fact that we are all made up of energy. In mainstream culture, it has been brought to our awareness that we attract what we think about.

However, what’s more pertinent is that we attract what we vibrate, in accordance with the universal law. Your thoughts alone can not magnetize situations to you. Every thought creates an emotional charge, that vibrates in the Universe, drawing people and circumstances to you.

If you would like to experience more abundance in your life, you can focus on embodying the energy of love. Or, if you have fears, grief, or anger, you can accept your feelings with compassion, raising your vibration with love.

If you would like help transmuting fear into love, you can call upon heaven’s mighty helper, Archangel Michael to assist you. His role is to free you from fear, and imbue you with love, confidence and courage.

The Law of Paradoxical Intent

If you want something so intently that you focus on it with a sense of fear or desperation, you will magnetize more fearful energy to you. Spending all your time focusing, visualizing, making lists, and wanting something so badly sends a message loud and clear to the Universe you are not trusting it will come to you. You will create more tension in your body and energy, therefore pinching yourself off from prosperity.

If you truly want to magnetize what you desire, send a crystal clear intention to the Universe about what you would like. Allow the Universe to work its magic as you detach from the outcome. You can call upon heaven’s healing angel Archangel Raphael, to surround you with his energy of love, so you can release your fears and easily accept the abundance that is yours.

The Law of Expectations

If you expect miracles, you will receive miracles. If you expect to be disappointed, you will attract disappointment. It can be challenging to expect something different than what you’ve already experienced. It requires a leap of faith.

If you have visualized what you desire, made lists, and sent clear requests to the Universe, and still haven’t manifested it, you probably aren’t expecting it to happen.

Energy follows intention. Keep expecting the best for yourself, and that’s what you will manifest. If you would like assistance with this, you can call upon Archangel Gabriel. He is the communication angel that can assist you in shaping your thoughts and expectations toward success.

The Law of Higher Will

Yes, there is a higher plan for your life. It is most likely far more grand than you can possibly imagine. We tend to limit ourselves, believing that if we make the safe choice and take the road most traveled, that we will have a more secure path. However in doing so, you can deny your own greatness. The Universe always has a bigger plan for you than you are aware of.

Destiny calls you with intuitions, passions, and drives from within.  However, if you are afraid of your own power, you are restricting the prosperity of the Universe from flowing through you.

If you would like assistance with this, you can call upon Archangel Uriel.  The angel who links you to the spiritual realm, to elevate your consciousness so Divine Will can flow through you.

Living In Harmony With The Universe

I am absolutely certain that if you apply these principles to your life, you will experience miraculous results. I know you can turn your life around quickly and dramatically. Every day, I hear stories from people who enrolled in my Calling in Your Abundance – 28 Days of Miracles program about the miraculous changes in their life after just a few days.

If you are interested in this life changing program, it is available in my Happiness Store. I know it will elevate your life to a whole new level.

Love & Law

When you live your life with love, from a place of gratitude and service, your life will change. It is law.

Wishing you a joy-filled day full of miraculous adventures!

Love and angel hugs (and cherub kisses too!)

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