Imagination vs Intuition?


Your imagination is an essential KEY to connecting with your intuition.

Your imagination is an essential KEY to connecting with your intuition. Most people second-guess themselves when they get an inspiration or an image about their future. Yet, this is a gift. It’s a divine download!

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If Your Path Feels Unclear… Don’t Rush!

path feels unclear

For many now, the path forward feels unclear.

Are you feeling like you’re in the middle of something, but unsure of how or when you’ll get to your destination?

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Intuitive Decision Making with Video


Your intuition is your trusted guide.

You make choices every day, at every moment. When you know how to tune into your intuition for answers, you can make the right choice in divine timing at every moment.  Listening to your intuition will guide you toward your soul’s purpose and destiny.

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Intuition or Judgement – How To Trust Yourself?

intuition or judgment

I want to talk about discernment.

This is the BIGGEST challenge I see people have in accessing their intuition. Sometimes your intuition will reveal something to you, about a person’s character, about a situation, about yourself – and you don’t like it.

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Your Spirit Guides Help

spirit guides

There's some epic energy in the ethers.

The good news is, you have more help than you think! You have Spirit Guides who are with you every day supporting you, loving you, and cheering you on. Of course, they’re directing you on your path too – that’s why they’re called GUIDES!

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Oracles For Magic Living


The resources I'm about to share with you can change the course of your life forever.

I know that sounds dramatic, but that’s how strongly I feel about it. If you want to know how to chart your destiny, you’ll need tools to navigate your journey, just like a GPS helps you get to your destination.

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Join The Intuition Revolution!


Intuition is as natural as breathing.

They call intuition a sixth sense.  It is as essential to our joy and survival as seeing, touching, or hearing. If you didn’t have intuition you wouldn’t be here now, reading this blog post.

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Intuitive Messages For You Are Everywhere!

intuitive messages

You're trying too hard!

I often hear people say, “I ask my Guides, but I cannot hear them!”.  My answer is always, “You’re trying too hard!” Our intuition speaks to us every day, in every way.

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Intuition In Action Is Not Wishful Thinking

intuition in action

Some of the most intuitive people I know have difficulty making decisions.

Listen to where your intuition is guiding you.  Step by step, moment by moment, you will find yourself moving away from disharmonious situations and into more positive ones.

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