Intuitive Mentorship: We Are All Connected. You Are Never Alone.


Your Guides and Angels are ALWAYS here with you.

One of the many things I learned after doing thousands of psychic readings is that we all have more help than we could possibly realize.

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Diving Deep Into Spiritual Waters


What a day for dreaming!  Our Moon dips into the spiritual waters of Pisces today.

There are many other planets dipping into the stream of your psyche.

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What are Spirit Guides And How They Help You (Video)

spirit guides

Your Spirit Guides want to connect with you!

You are loved, supported and protected beyond your imagination. Your Spirit Guides are always with you directing you toward your destiny.

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Co-Creating With Spirit Guides – Interview With Marilyn Alauria


You have a team of Spirit Guides waiting to support you.

You are never alone in this world. Ever.  There is a team of celestial helpers with you ALWAYS, guiding you, protecting you, and sharing their love and wisdom with you.

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Connect With Your Guides & Angels – Elizabeth Harper Interview


You already have the gifts inside of you

Have you ever wondered how to connect with your Spirit Guides?  Or, have you tried to connect and wonder why you’re not receiving an answer?  Relax. It’s easier than you think!

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7 Ways To Connect With Your Spirit Team

spirit team

Your Guides communicate through your intuition

Spirit Guides are usually souls who have previously incarnated on earth and now live in the spirit realm. You have at least one Spirit Guide, someone who stays with you throughout your life.

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Your Spirit Guides Help

spirit guides

There's some epic energy in the ethers.

The good news is, you have more help than you think! You have Spirit Guides who are with you every day supporting you, loving you, and cheering you on. Of course, they’re directing you on your path too – that’s why they’re called GUIDES!

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Spirit Animal Meaning – Your Protectors And Guides

spirit animal

Your Spirit Guide Animal is with you now.

There are so many ways people start the New Year. You may have created a vision board, or wrote down your “theme” words, or core desired feelings to set your intentions.

These are all very potent ways to direct your energy for a positive year ahead.

I like to do something different. Instead of deciding what I want my year to be like. I ask Spirit to show me. It’s the difference between visioning, and envisioning. When you envision, you are RECEIVING your guidance from a higher source, instead of directing your life from your mind.

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Shine Your Light! How To Act Like A Spirit Guide

connect with your spirit guides

Spirit Guides are hilarious!

I’m often amazed and delighted when my Spirit Guides show up during an intense reading to make me laugh. When my Spirit Guides lighten my heart, I can be a light for others.

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Deja Vu Meaning And The Future


Have you ever had déjà vu?

Before I developed my psychic abilities, I used to have déjà vu all the time. I took it as a sign that I was in the right place at the right time. Little did I know that many of those instances were me traveling into the future, rather than the past.

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