October 2021 Astrology Forecast – Beautifying Your Relationships

October 2021 Astrology Forecast

Buckle up! October Astrology brings a wealth of surprises. We begin the month with SIX planets in retrograde - plus Chiron (an asteroid known as the wounded healer).

Our main mischief-maker Mercury will be retrograde. He’s in his backspin until October 18th. There’s always a two-week shadow period after Mercury goes direct. This allows you to process the many lessons you received. We have a predominance of planets in air signs. This makes for indecisiveness, over-thinking, and feeling anxious. It is helpful to ground yourself every day to stay calm and centered.

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Natal Chart Calculator

natal chart

If you want to know your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, North Node, Rising Sign, Ascendant, or all the planets of your birth chart, you can find out using this free tool.

Your Natal Chart is a map of the sky when you were born. Knowing your birth chart reveals your keys to happiness and success. You can learn to understand your inclinations and personality traits as well as your gifts and talents.

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Mercury Retrograde – Soul Lessons And Self Care

self care

Mercury Retrograde is a magical time!

The astrology of Mercury Retrograde is full of soul lessons. It’s so much more than communication snafus and computer malfunctions. You can receive intuitive insights and emotional clarity if you know how to navigate these energies. So, in this video, I share with you the soulful elements of Mercury Retrograde, and essential steps for self-care.

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Mercury Retrograde – Guide To Do’s And Don’ts


Mercury Retrograde is here! Don't fear!

It’s not the Universe trying to break your computers, and make you miscommunicate. The trickster transit is actually here to help you! In this video, I share with you insights about Mercury Retrograde you probably haven’t heard anywhere else, and answer some of your most pressing questions.

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Numerology Guide To Mercury Retrograde – Revisioning Your Life Path

guide mercury retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is a gift to your soul!

That’s probably not what you’d expect to hear about this infamous transit in astrology. Yet, the Universe is truly offering you the most benevolent love-tap when your computer goes haywire and all your communications go amiss.

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Zodiac Signs – How The Seasons Relate To Your Astrology

zodiac signs

Your Sun Sign's strength can be revealed by looking at the season you were born!

As the sun aligns with the sign, it also shines the light on the area of your life ruled by that sign, casting its influence and leads a role in your life. For instance, the aspect of your life ruled by Taurus will also experience a need for growth or progress when it’s aligned with the sun, even if you’re not born under this sign.

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How To Thrive (And Not Just Survive) During Mercury Retrograde

Taming the trickster planet transit is easy!

The mere mention of the two words “Mercury Retrograde” is enough to get even the toughest person into a tailspin. Visions of computer malfunctions, lost documents, and flight delays are sure to come into your mind, and start your heart racing.

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Moon Phase Astrology – Your Soul’s Purpose Illuminated

What's your moon phase?

You know your Sun Sign, but your Moon Sign is just as important. AND, the phase of your moon at birth gives insight into your soul’s purpose.

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Mercury Retrograde – Manifesting Mojo During The “Trickster” Transit

mercury retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is here to help you!

This is an unpopular opinion, but I LOVE Mercury Retrograde. Yup, this transit that has been blamed for everything from computer snafus to failed dinner parties.

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Your Astrology Sun Sign’s Got SOUL

sun sign

Hey, what's your sign?

There’s a reason that people who desire compatibility want to know each other’s sun sign. It’s a genuine indicator of your habits, inclinations and expression.

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