Your Sun Sign Astrology Got SOUL

People who desire compatibility want to know each other’s sun sign astrology because it’s a genuine indicator of inclinations and expression.

Hey, what’s your sun sign?

This question always makes me laugh. It’s so cliché and yet when I meet someone I really want to know their birth sign. (Mind you, I want to know their life path number, moon sign, and moon phase, too!).

There’s a reason that people who desire compatibility want to know each other’s sun sign astrology. It’s a genuine indicator of your habits, inclinations and expression.

It might seem impossible that one in every 12 people share the same traits because they have the same astrological sign. And yet, how many emotionally deep Scorpios do you know, or tactile Tauruses, or nurturing Cancers?

If you were going to adopt a puppy, you’d know that dogs of a specific breed would share the same habits (hey, a beagle’s gotta howl and a dachshund’s gotta dig!), and yet can have entirely different personalities.

Your sun sign astrology is the same way. There are characteristics that are hard-wired into your sign that shape the way you relate to the world. This is to help your soul express itself in a way that benefits your purpose.

Contrary to popular belief, the planets don’t make you do things. They’re not causing you to act a certain way. The planets are a vibrational match for your energy.

Let’s say you were born a Leo. You don’t act like a typical Leo because you’re born under that sun sign astrology sign. Your soul chose to be born during the Leo constellation because that represented your divine intentions the best.

There’s a reason you were born at a certain time and place. Nothing is random.

Your destiny is divinely designed

The planets in the heavens have a cosmic chemistry when you’re born that is in perfect alignment with your soul’s intention.

Knowing your sun sign astrology is a magnificent way to illuminate your soul’s blueprint, and even shine light on those dark places in your psyche you would like to heal. You can learn immeasurable insight about your partner, parents, children, friends, and even your pets!

I highly suggest you get to know your sun sign more in depth than what you read in a weekly horoscope. It will shine light on your life and illuminate your world.

Have fun and shine on!

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