Zodiac Signs – How The Seasons Relate To Your Astrology

Your Sun Sign’s strength can be revealed by looking at the season of your birth!

Depending on your Zodiac sign, you can always look to astrology to know your moment in the sun. All zodiac signs have a month-long period where they are aligned with the sun. These are also known as solar seasons (or the four seasons we have on earth).

As the sun aligns with each sign, it also shines light on the area of your life ruled by that sign. It casts its influence and plays a leading role in your life. For instance, the aspect of your life ruled by Taurus will also experience a need for growth or progress when it’s aligned with the sun, even if you’re not born under this sign.

What if I live in the Southern Hemisphere?

These readings can also be applied to people living outside the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, the zodiac signs are also adapted seasonally. For example, Capricorn is geared toward being more reserved and preserving energy (as we need to do in winter), whether in a rainforest or the tundra. Cancer is a sensitive sign even in the desert.

As contemporary astrologers put it, the seasons can be more of a psychological season and not a literal one, although the seasonal metaphors for the 12 zodiac signs are solar based.

These are how aspects of your life could be illuminated by the solar seasons.

Spring Zodiac Signs


The start of spring initiates birth, as seeds are sown for future crops, and hibernation ends. The solar season begins with Aries, the trailblazer.

In the same way that the world experiences new beginnings, Aries becomes the initiator, as life’s challenges encourage you to move forward with courage and zeal.


In late April, Spring is established, and the results of the previous month are soon to be seen. The Taurus is in the moment of their lives where they need to display a concern for getting results in various ways as well.


As Spring dawns, the last trimester of Spring means that survival depends on nature’s ability to adjust to environmental influences and changes.

As nature begins to synthesize, you also find the desire to learn about synthesis and affinity.

Summer Zodiac Signs


With life lush and abundant at the beginning of Summer, mankind’s nurturing instinct is developed, just as nature is busy taking care of Spring’s produce.

Maternal instincts are strong, and you may feel more sensitive than usual.


Nature is in full bloom, and Leo needs to project confidence, enthusiasm, and a love of life. Your personality is a reminder that you can be fun-loving and generous like Mother Nature.


With fall just around the corner, another transition begins. Virgo must prepare for work, as Winter is on the horizon.

You must learn from what has been done and what should be done. Know your responsibilities to move forward.

Autumn Zodiac Signs


As leaves begin to turn color, human and nature start working together in harmony to maintain balance. You learn about the need for cooperation, both with nature and with your fellow man.

Balance and justice are the ultimate goals.


As the sun moves to the month of Scorpio, the more delicate of nature fall while the stronger survive. Like nature, you also begin a process of regeneration as you go through a transformation in your life to find a deeper meaning.

The coming Winter threatens life, and Scorpio faces it without showing fear.


Freedom and tolerance are practiced during the last part of Autumn because passion and intensity have passed.

Survival for Winter depends on foresight and vision, and Sagittarius have a natural ability to visualize possibilities for the future.

Winter Zodiac Signs


Nature takes a rest. Like the animals seeking refuge, you instinctively build a wall of protection around your feelings of vulnerability to the environment. You project that same austerity and sensibility to survive.


It is a time to reflect on the new year. With still little to do outside, the Aquarian breaks through the barriers of creativity and invents new things.

It is a time of waiting and controlling emotions, and you become indifferent about most things as you wait for Spring.


It is once again a changeable time as Spring looms over after the long Winter. You are becoming inspired by thoughts of the new year.

Just as nature is starting anew, you must also commit your life to a future cause.

Every season has it’s own magic!

No season should be viewed as either a challenge or advantage. It should only serve as a reminder that everyone is subjected to the entirety of the Zodiac regardless of their star sign.

This is a guest post by Oscar West at Astrology.com.au

Oscar West is an astrology geek and (self-proclaimed) cool dad who likes sharing his passion in philosophy and astrology. Aside from writing blog posts about everything under the sun, he also does social media consulting for small businesses and tries to learn how to code in his free time. When he’s not contemplating about the meaning of life, you can usually find him roughhousing with his kids or indulging on his favorite ube-flavored ice cream.

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