Soul Mates And Soul Contracts: Karmic Relationship

soul mates

Have you ever met someone and felt as if you've known them before?

It’s most likely because you have – in another lifetime! When you have this familiar feeling, it is likely you have met one of your soul mates. And yet there are those times when you FEEL like you’ve met your soul mate, and it turns out to be a completely challenging relationship! It can leave you wondering how your intuition can lead you to such a difficult situation.

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Venus in Virgo: Love And Relationships In A New Light


Venus, the planet of love, beauty and attraction, is moving from lion-hearted Leo to discerning Virgo. She will remain in this perfectionist sign until September 14th.

Venus, the planet of love, beauty and attraction, is moving from lion-hearted Leo to discerning Virgo. She will remain in this perfectionist sign until September 14th.

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Guide for Empaths in Relationships

healthy relationships

Do you have healthy relationships?

Empaths tend to be over-givers, and this tendency filters into every relationship you have.

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Numerology For Relationships – Love By The Numbers

numerology relationships

They say opposites attract.

Numerology for relationships and love is a powerful tool to help your romantic life. You can discover your relationship compatibility and learn to have harmonious communication with any Life Path number.

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How To Attract Love And Prosperity

attract love

Love is the strongest energy in the Universe.

Your heart has a magnetic force that attracts people and circumstances to you. If you want more love in your life, you must find love within. Your emotions have power. You can channel your passions in positive ways to attract all good things into your life.

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Attract Romance

attract romance

Love and romance. Beneath all your goals, that's what drives you.

A blissful romantic relationship is not only possible for you – it’s your birthright. EVERYONE on this planet can find true love that lasts and gets better every day.

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How To Find True Love

true love

I want to help you attract more love into your life.

Too often, I see people either stay in unhappy relationships way too long.  Or, they stay single and give up on love altogether. You never need to settle! If you desire true love, you can have it!

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Having Healthy Boundaries With Your Loved Ones


Are You Enabling or Empowering Your Loved Ones?

If you are a kind, compassionate, sensitive person (which you most definitely are), you never want to see anyone suffer; especially someone you love.  It is natural to want to help someone avoid pain, challenges, and possibly deter them from making a wrong decision.

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How Making Friends Will Help You Prosper

making friends

Friends are invaluable!

Everyone wants to make more money, contribute to society, and help make the world a better place. It’s a natural instinct to feel like you are using your life force to create a better life not only for yourself, but for others as well.

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Love And The Art Of Boundaries

Boundaries are everywhere

Everything in nature has boundaries that act as a mechanism to keep the organism healthy. Take repotting a plant for instance. In order for that plant to thrive, it needs to be in the proper sized container. If the container is too large, that plant cannot take root, receive proper nourishment or grow.

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