Angels Are Fierce

Angels aren’t always nice.

I was doing a meditation with my guardian angels and the four major archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel) to prepare for an angel healing that class I was teaching.

So, I asked them what they wanted me to share with my students. I was expecting to see lots a rainbows and butterflies floating with cherubs in white fluffy clouds. What I discovered surprised me!

A strong, powerful, and VERY direct message came through. They emphatically wanted me to share that angels are not always “nice”. Many people, especially those who feel they are “earth angels”, or want to be good spiritual people, feel they must be nice all the time, and do good deeds, and if someone bothers them, they should accept it, bless that person and give them love. Well, it’s not quite that simple!

Angels are fiery fierce creatures.

There is a lot of darkness here on this planet, and these incredible beings help us transmute negativity into love.  This is more warrior energy than pacifist energy. After all, Archangel Michael, the head honcho of the angels carries a sword!

Many of my clients and students are overly concerned with being nice and not causing any disharmony. So, they take in other people’s negativity and don’t stand up for themselves.

Consequently, they find themselves in unhealthy relationships, illness, and poor finances. Angels can help you heal these issues, not by giving your power over to them, but by asking the angels to help you own their powerful, dynamic, healing, radiant energy and share that with others. This is bold energy!

You are powerful beyond measure

When you connect with your angels, try to envision their dynamic radiance, and match their energy. This will help you heal your life on all levels. They are working with you to heal your life, but they can’t do it all for you.

One of the lessons we are meant to learn here is to co-create our lives. So if you want healing on any level, physical, financial, or emotional, visualize these powerful beings and allow their energy to work through you as you match your energy to theirs. You will be amazed at the level of healing that can occur. Listen to their guidance. They will always lead you towards love.

And love truly is the most powerful force in the Universe. It’s fierce!

Archangel Michael is fierce!

If you want to experience the awesome power of Archangel Michael, and would like to learn techniques for releasing fears and negative energy from relationships and circumstances, check out my Healing with Archangel Michael audio course. You’ll learn how to be a fierce spiritual warrior for peace (and never be “too nice” again!).

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