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Mercury Retrograde – Guide to Do’s and Don’ts

Mercury Retrograde – Guide to Do’s and Don’ts

Mercury Retrograde is here! Don’t fear!

Here’s your Mercury Retrograde Guide! You can THRIVE not just survive during Mercury Retrograde!

What is Mercury Retrograde?

It’s not the Universe trying to break your computers, and make you miscommunicate.

The trickster transit is actually here to help you!…

How to Stay Positive in tough times – Empaths and sensitive souls

Sensitive Souls, Empaths and Lightworkers!

How do you stay positive when negative people are around you and the world feels chaotic?

It can feel like an impossible task sometimes. Yet, you were born to thrive and be joyful!

First, know that even though some of the more negative energy in the world can seem the loudest, there’s more LOVE than anything else.…

October Astrology & Numerology forecast – Love from within

Glorious October is here!

This month is all about LOVE!

Yet, this isn’t a rainbows and unicorns kind of love. This month is all about teaching you to love and respect yourself, so that your life and relationships reflect an enhanced self-worth.…