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May 2022 Astrology Forecast – Eclipses Bring BIG Energy!

May 2022 astrology and numerology bring BIG energy with eclipses, a retrograde, & major planetary shifts! Watch my forecast video for more!

You are probably experiencing the intensity already. Maybe you are feeling extra-sensitive or emotional. Perhaps you have some relationship conflicts that you thought you worked through. Or maybe you are stuck in emotional patterns that you thought you healed.

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Aries Astrology

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. The role of this Zodiac sign is to initiate change through the power of self-belief and confidence.

Your Astrological Sign, Zodiac Sign, Star Sign, and Sun Sign are all names for the same thing. They represent the constellation in which the Sun appears to travel at the time of your birth. Knowing your Sun Sign is akin to having an owner’s manual. There are characteristics that are hard-wired into your sign that shape the way you relate to the world. When you understand your true nature, you can fully express your purpose.

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How To Ground Your Energy!

Grounding is the simple practice of connecting with the Earth so you can profoundly change for the better.

You may wonder how you can ground your energy and why it is important. Grounding is the simple practice of connecting with the Earth. When you ground your energy every day, your life can profoundly change for the better.

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Connect with Your Higher Self

In this video, I share all about your Higher Self and the many ways you can connect with it for growth and guidance.

Higher Self, Angels, Spirit Guides, and Soul…

These are words that are seemingly interchangeable. Yet, they a distinctly different. If you’ve been studying spirituality you’ve heard these words referenced, yet may not know what they mean.

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