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2021 YEAR AHEAD ENERGY FORECAST – New Frontiers Await You!

In this 2021 Forecast I explore why this dynamic year will be full of excitement and transformational change.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2021 is finally here! Get ready! 2021 will be a wild ride! This dynamic year will be full of excitement and transformational change. As the calendar turns annually, it ushers in a new Universal Year in numerology. The spiritual lessons and vibrational shift depicted by the Universal Year Number are experienced globally.

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A Return to Light – Brighter Days Ahead

A new era of hope is here.

We celebrate our solstice tomorrow,(December 21) marking the return of light in the northern hemisphere, while southern neighbors will have warmer days.

What a bright future is ahead of us!

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Are You Ready For A Revolution?

Are you ready for a revolution?

Change is coming. Buckle up! This week brings all the fireworks. It began with the New Moon Solar eclipse in Sagittarius.

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December Energy Forecast – A New Era of HOPE

In this December Energy Forecast I share with you three steps to release this year with love so that you can have a magical 2021 and beyond.

Woo-hoo! You made it to the last month of 2020! Did you think we would ever get here? This year has been epic. True to form, its final month will be extraordinary. December brings a once-in-a-lifetime planetary connection that will transform our society. 2021 will have a dramatic energy shift. The turning of the tides begins this month.

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