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How To Protect your Energy from Other People

Hey, it’s Kari here, your Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach. And today, I’m going to teach you how to protect your energy from other people. This is a valuable life skill that you can use every day and I don’t know why they don’t teach this to you in school!

But, you’re going to learn it right now. And the way I’m going to teach it to you is more empowering than many ways that you can see out there on the internet. For some reason, the way that this is typically taught is about shielding you and shrinking up your aura, and putting you in your own little bubble of protection.

Yes, you are going to learn to be in your bubble of protection. But this isn’t about shrinking or even shielding. This is about making your energy strong. This is about making you radiant and vibrant. And Powerful. Doesn’t that sound more fun?

How To Protect your Energy from Other People

So, when you have a radiant, and powerful energy field when you have a vibrant and strong aura, then you can interact in the world without being affected by the world. Then you can be yourself and feel yourself, and feel happy, comfortable, and protected, but you don’t need to be isolated or make yourself invisible, because that’s not fun.

This is a really fun and empowering way to be because then you can go about being your beautiful empathic sensitive self, and you can also enjoy life. So, the reason you need to do this is that you’re a sensitive soul, and perhaps you are empathic, or maybe you’re an HSP.

If you’re watching this video, most likely, you intuitively know that you’re picking up on energy from other people, Right? This is because you are an energetic being, we are all energetic beings and so when you interact in the world you pick up energy from other people.

How To Protect your Energy from Other People

It’s natural. It’s just like your clothes. You need to wash them at the end of the day, and you need to take a shower, you need to brush your teeth and I hope you’re doing all those things, right? And so this is another step. This is about cleansing and strengthening and energizing yourself and your aura.

So, what we’re going to do right now is to teach you how to strengthen your solar plexus and fill your aura with light and strengthen up the boundaries of your aura and also shine past the boundaries of your aura. Now it’s really important that you are grounded, and I have another video about grounding that I will link here.

It’s very important that you’re grounded. It’s your lower three chakras that really keep you protected. Particularly your Solar Plexus. Your Solar Plexus is right beneath your rib cage. It’s like a small sun inside you, and it’s called a Solar Plexus because it is like a small radiant sun and the more radiant you are the more confident you are.

How To Protect your Energy from Other People

But this is also connected to your energetic boundaries. If you have a strong solar plexus, you have strong energetic boundaries. This is why the first three chakras are really important for you to have nourished. So, we’re going to nourish your Solar Plexus now. And the Solar Plexus is associated with confidence and courage and self-esteem.

So, this is going to enhance every aspect of your life when you nourish the solar plexus. And so as you’re shining in the world, and you’re radiating your light, you can be a light in the world, you can be the lightworker that you were born to be. And you’re not shrinking, you’re radiating!

Therefore, you’re going to attract positive people and circumstances to you, and you won’t feel so oversensitive. And yet, you will still maintain that beautiful emotional intelligence and sensitivity that you have yet. You’re going to be strong. Amazing!

Meditation to strengthen your solar plexus

We’re going to do an exercise right now. A meditation where you’re going to strengthen your solar plexus. So to achieve this, you need to close your eyes. So please don’t be driving! And close your eyes. Okay, I’ll do it too.

Now, with your eyes closed, feel how beautiful it is to be in your body. And bring your awareness to the soles of your feet. And from the soles of your feet, imagine there are roots that are growing deep into the Earth.

These roots are growing deeper and deeper all the way down… as they connect with the core of the Earth. And this core of the earth is the fiery center of Life Force energy. So feel that power of the life force energy at the core of the Earth. And your roots are gathering this energy drawing in this fiery life force energy through your roots, all the way up into your feet.

How To Protect your Energy from Other People

Now enter your calves and your legs all the way up into your root chakra. Nourishing, your chakra at the base of your spine up into your second chakra and now into your solar plexus. This fiery energy is coming up through the Earth, all the way up through your legs, into your solar plexus, nourishing and energizing that solar plexus.

Your solar plexus is growing stronger and brighter and bigger, and brighter and bigger. And brighter. Good. You’ll feel how powerful that is? Good.

Now bring your awareness to about 3 feet above your head. Where there is a sun, imagine a sun around three feet above your head, that is bright and radiant and the Sun is so strong. And so powerful, this light is bursting. And then pouring into your crown, into your face and your neck and your heart. This light is pouring down, into down your arms, streaming through your fingers. Down your torso into your solar plexus.

Your aura is getting filled and so bright

The light from the Sun is meeting this Earth Energy gathering at your solar plexus, making your solar plexus stronger and brighter and stronger and brighter. You are a perfect balance of Heaven and Earth, a beautiful bright Sun within you. That is shining even more brightly, As the celestial energies pour down into you and earth energy up into you, gathering at your solar plexus. Your solar plexus is bigger and brighter and bigger and brighter.

Now imagine your aura three feet around you all the way around you above you and back of you beneath you 3 feet around you and the light from your solar plexus is filling up your body and filling up your aura. This late is so bright. It is filling your aura with this light and this power and this radiance.

Your aura is getting filled so bright with light that the outer boundaries of your aura three feet around you all around you are getting sealed with light. This is a protection around your aura. Only positive energy can come into your being.

How To Protect your Energy from Other People

You are so bright and so protected and like a light bulb that can emanate its light past the glass, you are emanating your light past the boundaries of your aura. Your light is emanating bigger and brighter and bigger and brighter. You are such a sparkling, radiant being of light.  Feel how powerful it is to be this radiant and strong. Good.

Now, take a nice deep, cleansing breath. Fill your being with light once more and exhale. And whenever you’re ready, you can open up your eyes. Don’t you feel magnificent? Isn’t it amazing to feel this bright and shiny and strong? You will continue to emanate your light and be a light in the world you were born to be.

This is your purpose of being a lightworker, of being a radiant being, and as you shine your light, you are drawing in positive people and circumstances to you, and you are lifting the energy of everyone around you. I learned a lot about this from the archangels. Archangel Michael is the guardian of lightworkers because he teaches people to be strong and powerful, and radiant.

Positive, Energy and Protection with the Archangels

So, I have a free meditation for you that you can download. Positive, Energy, and Protection with the Archangels. I highly recommend you do that because practicing this every day is important. It’s like exercise, right? To strengthen your aura, it needs exercise. It needs to be strengthened.

You can use that meditation every day, and I highly suggest you do this when you download it. It will change your life because when you change your aura and you change your energy, you change your life.

How To Protect your Energy from Other People

I hope I have reminded you what a beautiful, radiant being you are. And if you’ve enjoyed this video, like it, and subscribe to this channel, I have so much more to share with you about intuition, energy, management, empath empowerment, and astrology. And so much more, so subscribe to this channel.

If you have a question for me if you want me to answer something if you want me to make a video about one of your questions, write it in the comments below. I will read and answer your questions to teach you things that help empower you. You beautiful, radiant being, Shine on you, beautiful diamond! I love you. I wish you so much love and bye for now.

How do you protect your energy from other people?

You need energy management tools that empower you. I want to share with you a simple technique that can improve your life.

If you are an empath, you can feel particularly vulnerable to other people’s energy. Instead of feeling drained by others, you can feel strong and empowered.

In this video, I share with you a simple technique to nourish your solar plexus and strengthen your aura.

Many other energy management techniques will teach you to shield yourself and shrink your aura. Yet, by doing so, you might feel isolated and disconnected.


Strengthening your aura and solar plexus enhances your self-esteem, gains confidence, and attracts positive circumstances.

And you will FEEL AMAZING!

I hope this technique brings you joy! Shine on!

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  1. So much awesome new insights for free-so much gratitude!! I have an IMPORTANT question. Next yr I will have 7 twos on my birthday 02 22 1945 born at 02 20a.m. in the yr 2022 on a Tues ANY WONDERING WHAT TO EXPECT. Can u please help me thanks much

  2. Beautiful Kari
    Thank you for your wisdom may
    Archangel Michael be with you protect and surround you always
    Regards Alice Louise.

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