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September Energy Forecast

Hi, I’m Kari Samuels, your intuitive counselor and happiness coach with your September forecast. I am so happy to be back after a two month hiatus!

You might have noticed that the last two months have been very, very busy with life things. It’s been one of those times when you just think you have your plans and then life has other plans, right? You may have noticed that in July and August, especially during that eclipse season in July, that you were dealing with unexpected situations. And August was the time of integration.

Since these eclipses are in this Capricorn cancer opposition, we’ve all been dealing with this balance between our work, our career, our ambitions and family responsibility. So a lot of people have had a lot of family responsibilities that they’ve had to deal with for the past couple of months at least. That’s all part of the divine plan. Because right now there is energy aligning in the universe to help you prioritize your life. It helps you to prioritize what’s important in your life.  Such things like your body, your mind, your spirit, your health, and your loved ones.

September Energy Forecast

There’s this rebalancing of what your ambitions are. But it’s kind of interesting right now.  In September, the focus is a little bit more on your ambitions and your wellbeing. Because you’ve been doing so much for so many other people the past few months at least. And now it’s your time to really take care of yourself.

We are in Virgo season! I love Virgo season! Happy birthday to my fellow Virgos out there. This is a very Virgo season. We’ve got lots of Virgo and we have a lot of earth signs right now.

In addition to the Saturn and Pluto that we’ve had all year, we’re going to have next year really intensely, in Capricorn, which is an earth sign, which is really about ambition and career. We have a lot of planets in Virgo, personal planets. So our sun is in Virgo for the majority of the month and the personal planets, Mercury, Mars, and Venus in Virgo throughout most of the month.

So a lot of your personal consciousness and your attention has to do with Virgo things. Someone who is very Virgo myself, I can tell you a little bit about this from personal experience, but also from a general astrological standpoint. Virgo is very much about the body and about health. It’s also about your service in the world, how you bring your gifts in the world and how you communicate those gifts.

September Energy Forecast – Mercury

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. So even though it’s an earth sign, it’s a mutable earth sign. So it’s very much about changing and transformation. And Mercury is quick, right? There’s a quickening whenever Mercury is involved and Mercury, which is also going to be in Virgo this month. There’s just a whole lot of that going on. Mercury is about communication and your mind.

So your mind is going to be very active this month, but it’s important to have your mind focus on the right things because if you’re not focusing on what these planets are teaching you to focus on this month, you’re going to wind up just having a head full of neuroses and like your mind will be racing.

September Energy Forecast – The Body

Virgo is very much about tuning into your body and taking care of your body and your daily routines. This is very much a month where you’re going to want to change your daily routines and make them more in service to you and make them more healthy for you. Really keep an eye out for your diet.

This is a perfect month to clean up your diet. Because the mind is racing and Virgo is very much about the body, this is a wonderful time to really do some physical exercise to keep up with your body, right? Because you don’t want your mind racing and your body being left lethargic. So it’s really important that you exercise, that you take care of yourself. And when you exercise, this is about creating routines that you can keep or keep routines that are going to help you in the long run.

So when you’re changing your routine for exercise, don’t necessarily just think about what would be good for you. You really need to feel it. So if there’s an exercise that’s more fun for you, that you know that you can keep up with every day or exercise, that’s easier for you to start with, that you can keep up with every day to create these better, healthy daily habits, that’s going to be much better for you. Then if you just think something’s good for you and then you don’t want to do it because then you’re just going to trip yourself up. So it’s your diet. Make these little changes.

September Energy Forecast – Habits

This, this energy right now is very much about day by day, changing your habits, changing your daily routine. It’s very much an energy of patients there. There’s so much earth energy between the Virgo and the Capricorn that we have and earth is this.

It’s, it’s really yin and very slow. It’s not fire or air, which is really fast. Like I said, even though Virgo is ruled by mercury, there’s this slowing down and connecting with nature all this earth is really to help you connect more with the natural world. So anything you can do this month to connect with the natural world and connect with your natural rhythms and connect with your true, what’s truly inside of your heart is really going to be beneficial for you.


Now, there’s also some soul healing happening this month because Saturn, which is known as the Lord of karma is going direct after being retrograde, since April. Now, you know, whenever a planet is retrograde, the focus is internal and reflective. Whenever it goes direct, there’s a forward movement, right? Saturn being the Lord of karma, the Lord of time, the Lord of discipline, the Lord of personal boundaries, whenever, when Saturn is direct.

So you’ve been re-evaluating what that means for you since what your foundations are, the structures of your life since it went retrograde in late April and now it’s time to put those boundaries, put those structures, put those routines into place. So everything about this month is also about putting new routines and structures into place with, there’s, again, there’s this karmic healing to this as well because Saturn, which is the Lord of karma, is going to be conjunct the South node in Capricorn.

South Node

South node is all about your karma. There’s this meeting of these karmic energies as Saturn’s going direct, right? So there’s this sense of, of, of liberation and, and realization. And while we have all this intense, amazing mercury, just lighting up your consciousness to bring your consciousness to the patterns that you’ve kept in your life that are unhealthy for you or limiting you so that you can create new structures so that you can liberate yourself.

So it’s really important that you bring your consciousness to your subconscious, that you use all of this mercury energy. This, this, this light that Virgo, which is the purifying sign. Virgo is the sign of discernment. Virgo is actually, um, it’s doesn’t sound very glamorous, but Virgo in astrology governs the digestion. So, um, and, and the goddess Virgo helps separate this chaff from the wheat. So it’s like, what’s nourishing for me? And what is being let go, right?

So this is a wonderful month to bring your light of consciousness onto those aspects of your life, which are no longer nourishing for you, which are weighing you down, all the, all the weeds of your life. It’s a really wonderful time to weed your spiritual garden so that you can heal your body, your mind, and your soul. So it’s a very powerful month. This is also a month where we have absolutely no planetary retrogrades and no retrograde shadows.


So while we have all these planets in Virgo, which is about service, remember and like how you share your gifts in the world to benefit the greater good. There is no retrogrades October. There’s no retrogrades either, but we do start feeling the shadow of mercury retrograde. This is like the month where it’s just all systems go. But again, pace yourself because that’s one of the lessons of Virgo is to be slow and patient and steady for go and Capricorn because that earth energy is yin and nourishing.

So you have to figure out how to do this, especially with that Capricorn cancer. South node, North node dichotomy with ourself, node and Capricorn, which is all about ambition opposing our North node, which is teaching you, uh, in cancer, which is teaching you about nurturing and, and, and enjoying, uh, the loved ones in your life. So this is a really wonderful time to, to reflect on that, to bring, to be very active about how you’re managing your daily routine so that they benefit you and your lifestyle.


Now in numerology, September, 2019 is a double three month because we’re at 2019 is a three universal here and September, 2019 is a three universal month. So three. So basically like the lessons around communication and expression and being direct and sharing what’s in your heart, they’re going to be amplified this month exponentially. What you need to do is really pay attention to what is going on inside of you. Because three is all about expressing yourself. It’s literally associated with the mouth.

It’s also associated with laughter and joy and humor and smiling. So that’s definitely one of the keys to getting through this month is to laugh and to smile. And to enjoy the journey, right? Since the threes associated with the mouth and speaking, it’s a wonderful time to be writing things down and communicating and expressing yourself from the heart. So I have three action steps to help you navigate this highly potent time.

September Energy Forecast – Step One

So your first action step is to take action to build your dreams. Now you actually don’t need to finish building your dreams now, but it’s a wonderful time to start things. Virgo is extremely practical energy. This is about, you know, all this earth energy is tangible. It’s practical goal. It’s material.

So what do you want to do is if there’s any plans that you have to make your life better to make your better, come up with a really concrete action plan. Start writing things down because mercury loves to write things down. Write mercury is all about communication and writing and speaking. So the more you communicate what it is that you want, the more that you verbalize it, give voice to it, start dreaming it, start planning it, and start coming up with, with ideas. Then you have more grounding for you to take action on it.

So as much of that as you can do this month will really, really benefit you in the long run, especially with all this Capricorn energy that we’re going to have through the rest of the year and to 2020 so once again, be patient with yourself as you’re building your dreams, but as long as you’re building them step by step, as long as you start creating, as long as you start getting this out of your mind, through your heart and out into the world in some way, you’re going to do great.

September Energy Forecast – Step Two

Now, your second action step is to communicate what’s been buried in your heart. We all suppress our emotions in some ways. I mean, I really feel that spiritual bypassing is something that almost all of us do a lot accidentally. So what I mean by spiritual bypassing is we have an idea of the kind of person that we want to be, the kind of loving, forgiving, happy, positive person that we all want to be and aspire to.

However, sometimes what that means is that we keep things inside. We suppress our emotions. Like, let’s say you don’t want to hurt somebody’s feelings. You don’t say something, you don’t communicate to them. That in the long run is actually going to create a karmic imbalance between both of you and those feelings buried inside of you need an outlet.

September Energy Forecast – Self Expression

Let’s say that there’s your uncomfortable with the emotion such as fear or jealousy or anger or sadness, and you just moved on in your life because you know, either you didn’t have the tools to process them at the time they happened or you felt embarrassed about them or you felt you were going to be judged. These are, these are inside of you now, creative forms are inside of you too. There’s creativity waiting to be expressed within you. So maybe you have a poem inside of your painting or a dance or book or blog, whatever it is that’s been inside of you that you haven’t given expression to.

This is an extraordinarily powerful month to express that with the devil threes, with the mercury, with the karmic cleansing that the Saturn and the South node or bringing you. So there’s incredible liberation that’s going to happen when you express what’s inside of you. It is going to open up your cup to be filled with the universal blessings.

So as you release yourself from all of this that’s been buried inside of you, that’s been longing to be communicated, that’s been longing to be shared, then you’re going to feel so free and amazing opportunities will come to you. You might not even know what they are, so it might be helpful for you to journal. Just journal every day or every night or whenever you’re feeling anxious or emotional in some way. Just write, write down your thoughts and feelings and see what comes to you. Any way that you can get your emotions from your heart out expressed into the world.

September Energy Forecast – Step Three

The third step for this month is to listen to the messages of your body. Your body speaks your mind. Your body actually is holding all of your trapped emotions. So there’s a lot of times when we don’t realize things with our conscious mind and our body communicates to us what our subconscious is thinking.

So you’ve probably had those moments in your life where you were rushing and then you get sick or you get into an accident or, or you were doing too much and then you have to slow down because you got sick or whatever, right? And there’s, there’s ways that your body communicates to you when you walk into a room, when you meet certain people, do you feel anxious? Do you feel happy? Do you feel elated? You feel expansive. It’s really, really important that you listen to your body’s messages.

September Energy Forecast – Listen To Your Body

How does your stomach feel? Does your chest tighten? All of those things, our messages for you and as you learn to communicate with your body, that is one of your major intuitive tools that you have that can guide you on your path toward happiness and wellbeing and health. So listen to your body. Listen to those intuitive messages in your body and honor your body. Whatever shape you have, whatever form you have, whatever disharmony in your body you’re experiencing, this is the vessel of your soul.

So give your body love and thank your body for getting you through this incredible journey called life. Now of course, I have a gift for you to help you do this. I’ve created a free ask your body for intuitive answers download for you. So in this recording, you can learn to tune into your body for yes and no answers that will be accurate every single time I use this tool every single day and it is flawless and without fail gives me the most accurate intuitive insights. So I’m sharing this with you. Again, this is free. You can get that using the link below.

Thank You

And in the meantime, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Now if you have, please share it with your friends. I’m sure they will appreciate you for it. And I am wishing you the most spectacular, splendid at September and beyond. Lots of love. Bye for now.

Spectacular September is here!

September is a double 3 month. Joyful, creative 3 energy will be exponential since 2019 is a 3 Universal Year.

3 teaches you to express your emotions.

It is imperative this month for you to communicate what is in your heart.

This is also a month of karmic releasing. As you let go of what no longer serves you, you open yourself to a bounty of blessings.

Virgo goddess is your guide.

It’s a very Virgo September!

All of the personal planets are in Virgo this month.

Since Virgo is the sign of discernment, you are being guided to what’s nourishing for you.  You can heal every aspect of your life.

Your creativity needs an outlet, so sing, dance, write, journal, play and show the world your true colors.

In this forecast, I share with you how to use the earthy energy of Virgo to build your dreams.

Enjoy and share the love!

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