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October Energy Forecast – Rekindle Your Passions

October Energy Forecast – Rekindle Your Passions

Rekindle Your Passions

Awesome October is here!

Your RELATIONSHIPS are the focus all month long.

It’s going to be an action-packed month full of PASSION and excitement.

You’ve done a lot of inner work in the past several months. Now it’s time to put yourself first and make your projects a priority .

That might sound conflicting with relationships being your focus.

Yet, you can have it all!

In this forecast, I share with you the essential steps to bringing balance to your life, so you can feel fulfilled in your personal and professional life.

Some key things to note about October:

  • October is Libra season! Libra is relationship and personal passions oriented.  You can expect to be working on lessons that help you find balance between those you love and the things that are most important to you.
  • There are NO personal planets in retrograde. It’s very much an ‘all systems go’ kind of month. The Cardinal initiation energy of Libra creates a free and clear vibe in the heavens and makes it a great time to get a start on any passion projects you want to undertake.
  • Your greatest challenge this month will be how you balance the relationships in your life with your passion projects and your purpose in the world.

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