May 2021 Astrology Forecast

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May 2021 Astrology Forecast – Change Is In The Air!

Hello. I’m Kari Samuels, your Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach with your May forecast, and we have quite a busy month coming up. There’s a lot of planetary activity and that means that you’re going to have a lot of activity within your psyche within your mind within your energy.

So, I want you to be prepared. We have a lot of happening here. We’re lucky because we have four planets in Taurus at the beginning of the month and Taurus’ element is Fixed Earth. It’s slow. Its grounding, it’s deliberate. It’s really delicious energy and this is really helpful right now because it starts to speed up as the month moves along.

It’s good. You start out on this really solid footing here. All this Taurus energy is helping you re-evaluate your worth because Taurus really helps you assess your values. So, you’re having a period of assessment, what’s important in your life? How can you enhance your self-esteem and your self-worth, and how can you enjoy life’s pleasures?

May 2021 Astrology Forecast

In the first week of May, we have two planets changing signs into Gemini, Venus and Mercury are moving into Gemini and those are personal planets, Venus is your heart and Mercury is your mind. Gemini is ruled by Mercury. So, there’s a lot of this Mercurial energy. It’s fast. Quicksilver.

So, your heart and your mind are connected at least, right? And so, what’s happening is, there’s a lot of changing of your mind. As you’re changing your values, you’re changing your mind. Gemini is a double bodied sign, it’s The Twins, so it helps you see different facets of things, Different sides of things.

Throughout the month, there’s going to be a lot of new information where you’re going to be looking at things from different perspectives. Your mind is going to be changing.LOL! I’m doing this cuckoo thing. I didn’t mean that! So, your mind is going to be changing throughout the month, and it can make you feel cuckoo if you’re not handling the energy, really.

Change is in the air!

That’s that’s why we do this, right? Your mind is going to be changing throughout the month, and you’re going to start to see things in a new light. You’re going to start to see yourself in a new light and as you do that your choices are going to change. There’s almost too much planetary activity to talk about because I don’t want to make you confused.

But just so you know there’s a lot of coming and on May 13 we have Jupiter which is our planet of expansion, which stays in a sign for roughly a year. It’s an Aquarius throughout the year, but it’s having its changing signs temporarily into Pisces until July. Now Pisces is really, very soulful, very much about the soul, and there’s a lot of healing involved.

So, the next couple of months, as things come up for you, there’s a lot of healing happening and this will give you a taste of Jupiter and Pisces, that’s going to happen in 2022. So on the 14th, this is when we start the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde because Mercury is going retrograde at the end of the month.

May 2021 Astrology Forecast

Now, it doesn’t go retrograde until May 29th and a lot of we’re going to experience will be in June. However, you start to get the shadow, the pre retrograde shadow where you start to get a glimpse of what Mercury is going to be teaching you. Now there’s a lot of happening in June it’s kind of a bananas month so make sure you’re subscribed to this channel, so you get notified about what’s coming up. In June, there’s a lot of happening but for now, you get a glimpse of this Mercury Retrograde. So pay attention!

Toward the middle of the month to things that start coming into your consciousness. There was going to be a lot of coming into your consciousness because we begin Eclipse season on May 26. We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, and this is in the Sagittarius/Gemini polarity. So, you see a lot of this Gemini activity, this mental activity.

This full moon lunar eclipse, eclipses, always, bring endings. Huge ENDINGS, not just like, little endings, but huge cycles, karmic endings, especially during Lunar Eclipses and then Solar Eclipses tend to bring fateful beginnings. So, this Eclipse season begins on May 26th.

Change is in the air!

The energy ahead of time…you’re going to start to see and feel some of this. Eclipse energy. It’s a wave of energy, a wave of insights that you’re going to receive because eclipse is bringing things to light that have been previously hidden from your consciousness.

And May 2021 in Numerology is a 1 Universal Month and 1 is the number of new beginnings… Insight, intuition and Innovation a 1 is also a mental number1 is very much about mental activity. It’s about really receiving energy through your crown chakra from the Divine and that energy needs to be manifest that energy needs to move through you and become something in the world. So, I’d like to share with you three steps that are going to help you do this.

First Action Step

So, your first action step for this month that’s really going to help you is to GET GROUNDED. With so much frenetic activity around. You need to be really centered, really grounded to the Earth and grounded to your body or else you’re going to get pulled out and lose your footing.

Now, if you don’t know how to get grounded, or you want some assistance with it, I do have a free grounding meditation. You can get using the link below. So make sure that you do that. It’s super helpful and again, it’s free.

You have nothing to lose by getting that. So, that’s going to help you really maintain your Center. When everything’ around you is really not centered. If so, it’s important to stay grounded throughout the day. So, it’s not just like, okay I grounded myself during this meditation. Now I could just, you know, do whatever. It’s important to practice these grounding energies and these grounding intentions throughout the day, so you can maintain your footing.

Second Action Step

Now, your second action step is to MAKE YOURSELF YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Really, this is what the 1 Universal Month teaches you is that you are number one, and your happiness is imperative for the surrounding people to be happy. So as you’re making all these decisions, as you’re seeing things in all these different new lights and perspective, it’s so imperative for you to first, ask how does this affect me?

Before you ask yourself how it is affects every other person because that’s what you’ve probably been doing, especially since you’ve had so many responsibilities, Right? Haven’t you had so many responsibilities toward everyone else for the past couple of years, at least? So, you must start to focus on. Okay, how do I feel about this decision? What do I need to be happy? And then you can see how it affects everyone else.

Third Action Step

Now this brings us to our third action, step and this is critical. Exercise your body. Again, with all the mental activity… I keep doing this cuckoo thing, LOL, Just go with it. :)With all this mental activity, it’s easy for you to forget, you have a body, haven’t you ever been where you just have so much on your mind? And you’re just like all these energies are swirling around. So as you exercise your body, first, it helps you keep up with all this mental activity, and it helps you process this mental activity. Healthy energy is energy that moves.

You want to keep up with this Mutable Air, which is Gemini, right? So, you want to move, you want to be present and bring that energy from your mind, down into your body, and then you can access your body’s wisdom, and again it helps you stay grounded. I hope that this has helped you navigate this energy.

May 2021 Astrology Forecast

If you’ve enjoyed this video, share it with your friends, I’m sure they will appreciate you for it. And of course, remember to download that free grounding meditation, There’s a lot of coming up that I want you to be aware of, so make sure you’re subscribed to this channel, and if you hit that bell, then you’ll get notified every time I come out with a new video. So, I am wishing you an incredible marvelous, magnificent May and beyond. I love you so much. Bye for now.

May 2021 Astrology Forecast – Change Is In The Air!

Marvelous May is here!

What an action-packed month is ahead of us!

There’s an abundance of astrological activity. We have a lot of coming and going in the heavens. You’ll most likely experience a burst of activity as well.

You’re most likely feeling change on the horizon.

The planetary stirrings are prompting transformation in your heart and your mind.

Mercury is going retrograde. We have a powerful Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Saturn is going retrograde. And Jupiter is changing signs.

If this sounds like a lot, it is! Fear not, I have you covered!

In this forecast, I share with you how to stay centered and avoid the mayhem of May’s energies.

Enjoy and share the love!

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  1. This is such an exciting forecast! I’ve been feeling this frenzied energy already, and I appreciate hearing what’s going on and what’s to come—and how to stay grounded. Thank you, Kari. I look forward to your monthly forecasts!

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