April Energy Forecast – New Opportunities Abound!

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April Energy Forecast – New Opportunities Abound!

Hello, I’m Kari Samuels your Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach with your April forecast. And this is an exciting month. You will see some forward progress because all are free and clear, and this astrologically, is one of our most easy months of the year in many ways.

There’s not many complications. It’s pretty straightforward, and it’s very, very action oriented. We are in the Sun Sign of Aries for the first three quarters of the month and Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.

It begins the whole zodiac wheel and this is an exciting time because when Aries gets initiated, that is the first day of spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, but even if you live in the Southern Hemisphere the archetype is still very much the same. It’s all about initiation and forward movement, and confidence.

New Opportunities Abound!

Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars is the warrior planet. Mars is not concerned with what other people think. This planet is aggressive and action-oriented. The warrior giving you courage and confidence to go for your goals. Aries is the energy of spring!

Again, whether you live in the Southern Hemisphere or not, this is the archetype and that is the energy of the sprout beneath the Earth pushing through the Earth to become a plant or tree, a flower or whatever, right? Whatever needs growth? This is the energy, the force, the vitality that brings life into creation.

So, this is one of the many reasons Aries is so incredible. We also have Mercury and Venus, which are personal planets, in Aries for the first part of the month.

And Mercury is your mind and how you communicate and Venus is your heart and what you love your passion. This is all about bringing forth some confidence within you to put yourself first.

April Energy Forecast

Now, Chiron is also in Aries. Chiron is the Wounded Healer. It’s the parts of you that have been wounded, that become your greatest gifts. These are the parts of you that in overcoming you can inspire yourself and others towards change. They can really produce your greatest gifts.

So, we have all of this is in Aries in the first part of the month. Now in the last part of the month, we move into Taurus and Taurus is Fixed Earth. That’s the element of Taurus. That gives you the energy to ground your plans. To really make them manifest and to put them in action.

Taurus is also ruled by Venus and Venus is moving into Taurus in the later part of the month. Taurus is about your self-worth and what you value and also enjoying life’s pleasures. So, this is a very physical energy. It’s a very vibrant energy.

New Opportunities Abound!

And again the skies are free and clear. No retrogrades. So, this is the time for action. It is GO time! There’s something to remember about this. This is not about action based on what has been expected of you.

Aries teaches you the art of celebrating yourself and putting yourself first, which isn’t selfish. This is why Aries begins the Zodiac wheel because you need to have a strong sense of self before you put yourself out into the world. Before you mingle with other beings, right?

It’s so important to have that strong ego; that strong sense that you matter. Aries’ motto is “I AM.” So in that second part of the month, which is in when we’re in Taurus, the Sun is going to be conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the freedom planet. Uranus is the planet that reminds you of the power of your uniqueness. The freedom to be yourself.

April Energy Forecast

Your Sun, which is how you express yourself, is connecting with this planet that teaches you about the freedom to be yourself. This is what’s happening in the third quarter of the month.

April 2021 is also a 9 Universal month in numerology. Even though this month has the energy of initiation and beginnings, which is what Aries brings, 9 is the number of letting go and culminating. But it’s also celebrating; celebrating all you’ve achieved.

The other thing that 9 teaches you is to individuate, to go within and listen to what’s inside you. What is in your heart? What is in your soul? To tune into yourself and your needs as you’re tuning out what other people think and expect of you as you’re tuning into that inside of you. That is why it’s time to let go.

Because as you are activating your individuation, as you are realizing these parts of yourself that want to be actualized and energized, then of course you let go of everything else. So, this is why it’s an energy also of endings, but it’s really an energy of individuating and intuition as well. So, how do you navigate this exciting energy?

Three Action Steps

I have three action steps for you. And this is a month of action! So, your first action step is to put yourself first. This is what Aries is teaching you this is what Taurus is teaching you too because Taurus is the here and now and enjoying life’s moments.

So for you to do that, you need to know what you want and need. This has been a long couple of years. You’ve had a lot of responsibility. You’ve had many responsibilities to other people. And so, you may not even remember what you want and need anymore.

It’s really essential right now for you to remember what you want. You need to tune into what you want and need and to put yourself first to make your happiness a priority and that is going to benefit all of your loved ones and anyone else who is depending on you. Okay, please remember that. It is not selfish to take care of yourself. Okay.

Second Action Step

Now your second action step is to let go of energy drains. They’re everywhere. That could be people, circumstances, or obligations because Aries brings life force energy. So as you’re having this energizing moment, you want to tune into the to ask what is energizing me, and what is truly draining my life force?

Right now take stock of what’s draining you because as you’re letting go of what is no longer giving you vitality life force, passion, and joy. Then, you’re making room for all these new things.

Third Action Step

Which brings us to your third action step which is to pursue your passion projects. That can be anything. That could be your home. An artistic endeavor. That could be a new career; anything you put in the back burner. This is about passion. Mars is Passion. Really, Venus is passion too. Venus is love.

So, this month we have Mars. Mars rules Aires And Taurus which is ruled by Venus. These two planets are being activated. So, whatever it is that makes your heart joyful you want to pursue that.

You really want to take advantage of this forward moving energy before we have a wall of retrogrades that’s coming up in a couple of months. So, you really want to take advantage of this now. Use this forward momentum. Use this for action. It doesn’t mean you need to start a new career.

Just do things that make you happy. Don’t put them on the back burner anymore. Again, when your happiness is a priority you will make sure that you are pursuing your passions.

April Energy Forecast

Now I have something special for you that I created because I love birthdays and this is the birthday of the Zodiac Wheel! This is our birth month of the zodiac.

I want to offer you something to help you understand your zodiac sign, your Sun Sign and what that means for your life purpose. I realized there’s not a lot out there that explains WHY you are your sign, why your sign acts the way it does, right?

So, I created a guide for you. Your Zodiac Guide is going to help you understand your zodiac sign, which is your Sun Sign and how you are radiating in the world. Why your soul chose your specific zodiac sign and how you can express yourself fully. So, you can radiate in the world and fulfill your purpose. I hope you enjoy it. It is absolutely free.

New Opportunities Abound!

I’m so excited to share that with you. And you can get that using the link below. And if you’ve enjoyed this video share it with your loved ones.

I’m sure they will appreciate you for it. And I want to hear about your Sun Sign your zodiac sign and how you express your passions in the world. Leave a comment below, so we can all enjoy and bask in your beauty.

I love you so much, and I am wishing you a wonderful amazing April and beyond. Lots of love. Bye for now.

April Energy Forecast – New Opportunities Abound!

Awesome April is here!

It’s GO time! April’s astrology is FULL SPEED AHEAD!

We have no planetary retrogrades. The skies are free and clear.

Everything you’ve put on the back burner can now get your attention. You’ll feel the fire beneath your feet with an abundance of planets in Aries.


In numerology, April 2021 is a 9 Universal Month.

9 is the number of culmination and celebration. It also teaches you how to tune into your soul and listen to yourself.

Everything about this month’s energy is teaching you to make yourself a priority.

In this forecast, I share with you how to tap into this potent energy to propel your life forward.

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17 thoughts on “April Energy Forecast – New Opportunities Abound!

  1. Hi everyone,

    The link from the April forecast page to the Zodiac Sign Revealed didn’t work for me either. But I found that if you open a new tab and type in
    it will take you to a page where you can enter your name and email, and that link works.

    This is my birthday month (Taurus here), and I’m so excited about this forecast. Thank you, Kari, for all you do!


  2. Hi beautiful Kari,
    After listening to your April forecast, I tried to sign up for the Your Zodiac Sign Revealed but its not working ☹️ It just keeps trying & not going through ☹️
    I hope it gets fixed soon 🙏🏻

  3. Hello Kari and wishes of love and light!
    My moon is in Aries!!! and I am raring to get things moving!
    your forecast gave me the much needed confidence.
    thank you so much and I thank the universe for guiding me towards your learning path.
    be well!

  4. Hi Kari
    Once again I absolutely loved it , totally what I needed to hear
    Many thanks Robbie Australia 🇦🇺🌈🌈

  5. Thank you!! This is a very inspiring. I’ll be watching it often to keep me going.
    Rising and Venus in Pisces – Moon in Leo – Sun in Taurus –

  6. What a great soulful star you are Kari 🌟💕x thanks for the help x ❤️❤️❤️ &blessings xx

  7. Hi Kari, I am a Capricorn, I wanna know about about my sign and what I need to do that will help me
    cheers .

  8. Thank you Kari!
    I’m Claudia from Portugal.
    I’m a Cancer Sun, Moon and Rising Sign.
    And I really would like to know why I am how I am.

  9. Thanks Kari!
    Scorpio, with sun in Scorpio and moon in Gemini
    yes…..time for self…..caring for a husband with cancer and a 90 year old mother…..thanks for the message…..very timely….and for my Aries friend….I just sent it to her…..so on the mark for her.
    Happy Easter and Be well

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