June 2021 Astrology Forecast: A WHIRLWIND of CHANGE

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June 2021 Astrology Forecast – A Whirlwind of Change

Hello. I’m Kari Samuels, your Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach with your June forecast and buckle up. June is going to be a wild ride. There is so much happening this month. You could probably already feel it already.

Things are just changing. Right? There’s a lot of happening. So, everything has been building to this interesting month because it’s like the midpoint of the year and this is the time when your intentions are going to change. Guaranteed to be a plot twist.

Anything that you thought you’ve been doing. Anything that you thought was set in stone might change because that’s what the whole astrology and numerology…that’s what everything is indicating this month.

June 2021 Astrology Forecast

First, we head into June in an eclipse portal. Eclipses are always two weeks apart, they come in pairs. We had that beautiful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 26th and Lunar Eclipses are endings. They culminate things. They are karmic endings. New Moon eclipses are fateful beginnings, but you always have to clear away anything that you don’t need anymore to make room for the beginning. That’s what’s been happening.

May 26, we started this Eclipse season, and then you’ve been clearing things away. Things have sometimes been ending abruptly and what eclipses do is they bring things to your Consciousness. They bring things up from your unconscious to the light, things that have been eclipsed from your consciousness.

A Whirlwind of Change

So, you’ve been having realizations, maybe things that you haven’t been wanting to admit to yourself. We all do this. So, this is what this is culminating to on June 10th, which is the New Moon Solar eclipse in Gemini. And Gemini is a sign that helps you see things in a new light.

It’s The twins, right sign of the twins. It’s a double bodied sign. You see things from different perspectives. It’s an information gathering sign. It’s a mutable sign. This is all about change, learning, new things and changing, and gathering information.

June 2021 Astrology Forecast

We’re in the sun sign of Gemini until the 21st of the month. We have all this information gathering that that is happening. Mercury is also retrograde in Gemini. So as you’re gathering new information, you’re also going back because that’s what Mercury retrograde does. Mercury the planet of the mind has you go back and see things in a different light.

Your mind is getting all this new information. So, you’re seeing things differently. We have our Sun in Gemini. We have a Mercury retrograde in Gemini. Furthermore, we also have the solar eclipse in Gemini.

And we also have in numerology this is an 11 Universal month.11 is the number of Illumination…of LIGHT. It’s a master number, so it brings in more light. You get these Divine downloads with this 11 portal. These Divine downloads. So, you see things in a new light.11 is a number of innovation and really stepping up to the next level of your soul’s evolution.

A Whirlwind of Change

It’s also this double-bodied energy, these two 1s. So, you’re getting these Divine downloads that are helping you see things from a new perspective just like the Gemini energy just like the Mercury retrograde energy, So this 11 lifts your consciousness, and what happens when you get this infusion of light? The shadow comes up.

There’s all of this seeing things from a new light seeing things that have been buried in the shadow seeing things…so this is going to happen in your personal life and on a global scale. We have five planets in and retrograde this month. I know, right? Like let’s just keep piling it on.

So, we have five planets in and retrograde this month. So, Mercury which is a personal planet, Saturn and Jupiter which are social planets. They govern our society and transpersonal planets, Neptune and Pluto, all retrograde this month. That is a lot of retrograde per capita!

June 2021 Astrology Forecast

So, the retrograde planets help you go back and see things. Things that you missed. There is a sense of collecting energy. Retrograde energy is inwardly focused. You have to remember that all throughout the month, this is a lot of gathering information, processing information, collecting energy, seeing things from a different perspective.

Are you getting a picture of what’s happening here? And there’s more! So, in addition to all of this so, There is a transit that’s happening three times this year. Saturn square Uranus, Saturn is the planet of structure, foundations, discipline, boundaries and limitations squaring, which means it’s in a tense aspect to Uranus.

Uranus is the planet of Freedom change Revolution. There’s a quickening. So, these are two entirely unique energies. We’ve been seeing these clashes throughout the year. Things like, okay, we have to have these restrictions and in your life or in the world and then this sense of like,“No, don’t tread it on my freedoms. This is what freedom means to me!

A Whirlwind of Change

So, what you’re going to have in your life is this square is going to bring up for you, how your self-imposed limitations have maybe restricted your freedom, and what freedom really means to you. And Saturn is the Builder.

As you realize how you want to change your life how you feel more free to be yourself how you want to change the foundations of your life, you can implement that. So, there’s all this happening, Are you seeing why I’m saying? This is going to be a little bananas! Okay?

Because we have so much high-octane energy, I have three critical steps to help you navigate this. So, you can stay sane. So, you can stay calm, and you can thrive during this time.

First Action Step

So, your first action step is to LEAVE SPACE IN YOUR CALENDAR. You want to avoid fighting the tide of these retrogrades, especially Mercury retrograde. You want to make sure you are going with the flow.

So then, you are leaving space that when you have these days, when life is just really to Too much that you didn’t put too much on your plate when you have some new information coming, that is guiding you to maybe change your course, then you have the space in your calendar to do so. Do you see why this is so important?

Second Action Step

Which brings me to action step number two: SLOW DOWN. I know I’ve been talking so fast. :)You really you need to slow down. So five planets in retrograde. Again, the wave is like pushing inward, it’s not moving out, it’s pushing you inward. It’s a time for reflection. You want to go, you want to really calm your nerves.

Or if you’re doing too much, and you’re really fighting against everything, then you’re going to feel frazzled. This 11 energy can really do a lot on your nervous system.

So, you want to make sure you’re taking things slow, and you’re not pushing yourself, and you take that time every day to gather your thoughts and gather your feelings and process things, so no pushing forward. If you want to go with the flow, you’ve got to go slow. Okay? You don’t have to move slow, but it means like you’re not pushing through life.

Third Action Step

Now, your third action step is to HAVE ENERGETIC PROTECTION. If you are an empath, and you pick up on the energy of other people and all this is happening in the world, you want to make sure you have your energy game on, okay?

Now, It’s helpful if there’s so much frenetic energy in the environment that every day, you set the intention to let go of energy that doesn’t belong to you. Send it back to where it belonged cleansed and send it back to its source. Then call your energy back, cleansed, okay? And surround yourself with light because the stronger your energy body is the more you can move through the world with Grace.


Now, I have something to help you. I, personally, use the Archangels for protection and positive energy. They’re here. Their Divine Design is to uplift our energy to bring protection, and healing, and love, and really protect our energy.

So, I have an archangel guided meditation for positive energy and protection. It’s free. You can get that using the link below, and I highly recommend that you use that every day. To build up your energy and the archangels are miraculous and helping you do that. So download that using the link below for free, and I know it’s going to totally help you.

Now, I’d love to hear about what is going on in your life. What kind of changes your already sensing? Now, I want to remind you of something that as you’re getting all this information, things might feel confusing in the process. Be gentle with yourself in the process because at the end of it, you’ll have a lot of clarity.

A Whirlwind of Change

So really, during this month, you may feel confused, just know, that’s exactly where you need to be. So be kind to yourself and just know that at the end of it, you’re going to have a lot more clarity. I’d love to hear about what you’re experiencing. You are welcome to share it in the comments below.

And if you’ve enjoyed this video, share it with your friends and loved ones. I know they will appreciate you for it, especially now. And if you haven’t already subscribe to this channel and hit that bell to be notified when I come out with a new video. I have a lot to share with you coming up, and I don’t want you to miss it. I love you so much!

Wishing you a joyful, jovial June and beyond. Lots of love. Bye for now.

June 2021 Astrology Forecast – A Whirlwind of Change

What’s in store for June astrology?

Buckle up! It’s going to be a wild ride!

If you think your plans are set in stone, the Universe will have some surprises for you.

Change is inevitable.

There will be plot twists.

As we enter the mid-point of the year, you will most likely redirect your course.

During the month of June:

  • Five planets will be retrograde (including Mercury)
  • We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini
  • It’s a Master Number 11 Month
  • We have a year-defining transit of Saturn square Uranus

Any one of these events on its own is enough to shake things up.



Together, they will bring a series of eye-opening revelations.

You will see your life and the world in a new light.

There will be a LOT to process.

In this forecast video, I share with you the three essential steps to stay centered during this high-octane time.

You can thrive during the transformation.

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42 thoughts on “June 2021 Astrology Forecast: A WHIRLWIND of CHANGE

  1. Thank you, Kari, for your wise words and lovely presentation of the retrograde season! I am a Gemini Sun & Cancer Moon, so this is a time for me to “buckle in, it’s going to be a rocky ride!” Thank you, too, for the meditation. I look forward to listening to it.
    What kind of stone makes up the beautiful pendant you are wearing?? I want one!!

    Happy June!

  2. Hi Kari
    Thank you so much for all you do X
    I’m struggling with my shadow side .. I thought I had worked through it a long time ago.
    It’s draining 😬
    I am living now with my lovely partner, it’s a brand new beginning for us both . He’s a widower and sometimes I struggle, as you can imagine moving home and going through a lot of ‘stuff’ in boxes and he says some things he can’t get rid of yet and there we go .. I go into victim mode 🥲 felling as if I’m not worth it because I feel he can’t let go.
    I guess we have uprooted everything and it will take time to clear.
    Thank you for the meditation , I am going to do it right away.
    Much love 💗

  3. Thankyou Kari for all that you are and do! Just listened to this meditation, saw swirls of colors, calming, like a ton of crap has been lifted from my shoulders! I am taking time to listen to this every day. Thankyou again 🙏✌️❤️

  4. Hi Kari, actually we are hoping to fin a cozy house for our family right now. I’m trying to stay positive and send out good vibes, trying not to get caught up with the idea or the limiting belief that all the houses are too expensive for us. I really am trying to visualize us getting a beautiful house that is affordable but I find it hard to not get caught up with doubt and limiting beliefs.

  5. Hi Kari,
    Thank you for your advice for June. I love how you are so lively and positive. I do wish I can be like that. I am having a really tough time the past almost two years and I haven’t felt any peace in my mind even a single day. I wonder how long this will last and when I can feel ‘happy’ again from the bottom of my heart.
    Thank you also for the free meditation. I will do that every day.

    1. It is a daily practice to build up your aura and energy but you can turn your life around and FEEL good too.

  6. Thank you so much for this it came perfect timing as needed everything you said is everything that’s been going on I thought I was stupid just depressed a lot of inward thinking a lot of realization just need to put it to action when the time is right

  7. This last lunar eclipse definitely helped reveal the hidden for me! It revealed two very important suppressed memories from my childhood (both 43 yrs old) that have been the source of much rage and unhappiness in my life. Just remembering these events has changed the way I react to things immensely! I have released so much negativity that I feel like I’ve lost 100 lbs! I feel like this huge step forward has launched me further and faster anything I’ve tried than I’ve moved in 20 years of struggling through the mud of stagnation!

    1. Isn’t it amazing how much is stored in our subconscious? I am glad you are finally free from these memories!

  8. Hello Kari,
    Thank you for your reading today. Our life has been hectic as my husband is re-siding your house after work and on the weekends. So I am doing the gardening around the back yard and front of the house myself this year. Due to not being able to handle the 60 degrees and below, the weeds said yay! and took over the flower beds… so I have my hands full trying to catch up and replace the mulch! I was thankful for the cool rainy weather giving me a days brake today! My husband will be too! But back at it for both of us tomorrow, and I can look out and see how nice it is all starting to look.

  9. Thank you Kari, for this June forecast. I am a sensitive Empath and what you described for June is what I have felt most of this month, (May). Oddly, however, once the moon became full, I began feeling a greater sense of peace and relief. I am feeling grateful. I also want to thank you for the free angelic protection meditation.
    Much Love,

  10. You are a beautiful and lovely soul Kari🙏💖 my sincere gratitude to you and your team for all you do. 🙏💝💐
    My life has been overhauled in an incredible way (seemingly, not positively!), and thr changes were in the making since last year……!!! But I’m trying my hardest to stay positive……

    Thank you for making my difficult days – brighter with your smile, meditations and videos…. I truly appreciate them!! 🙏🙏🙏

    God bless you and thank you once again for your beautiful work and soul. ❤

    Much love and gratitude,

  11. Thanks, Keri. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April and then found out on May 26th that it hadn’t spread (eclipsed out). I’m waiting to hear of my treatment next steps through June (mercury retrograde) so I hope the radiation machines are all functioning properly! It’s been an intense time. Any thoughts on July and August??? I’m hoping for a much calmer and happier time!

    1. D,
      Here’s wishes for a quick recovery! I had Hodgkin’s in my right lung in 1998. After 8 months of chemo, it came back in the other lung. So I had a stem cell transplant in March of 2000! The thought that got me through it all was “You must have a positive outlook!” I would look for reasons to be positive daily. That and a sense of humor about life will get you through the rainbow at the end of your illness!
      Here’s love and a beautiful life for you to enjoy!!


  12. I can feel the energy building up, I am changing my life, meditate for 5 minutes every morning. which sets me up for the day. Redecorating the living room with a pastel color blue, and getting rid of all the clutter in the home.

  13. I have been looking for a job I have been on so many I interviews I got and offer that I excepted as a paralegal I have been doing this for 29 years but I have had enough of this to stressful need something new something for myself something that will make me happy and excited and looking forward to doing any guidance would be very appreciated it

  14. I coincidentally (or not) booked 2 weeks leave starting 1st June. Funnily enough I also had 3 meeting cancellations yesterday which helped me to catch up and clear my work.
    I know this is in preparation for something.
    Thank you for this video, I’m ready for what’s coming x

  15. 1. leave space in your calendar. Go with the flow.
    2. slow down. Go inward. Time for reflection. Don’t push yourself.
    3. have energetic protection. set the intention to let go of energy that doesn’t belong to you daily.

    You are exactly where you need to be, don’t push yourself too hard. The Universe will take care of youu xx

  16. Kari, Always enjoy your wisdom and explanation of just what is going on. This is going to be a doozy. I have requested your meditation as I can use as much angel armour as I can get. Thank you happy retrograde ,eclipse season and 11 month.

  17. It’s already changing for me! It started last week. Great tip about keeping some time in the calendar for changes.

  18. Through the years I have been very solitary and self healing. I have been healing very slowly and consistently { small steps } for the last 36 yrs. My spiritual journey has been amazing, I honor my human emotions like anger, frustration, joy and everything in between. I am truly so blessed to be on the Earth at this very difficult and confusing time and I know there is not going to be anything like the times we are in. I am choosing to be a spiritual coach, I love to guide, empower and inspire others with infinite wisdom. Any guidance for me to accelerate my life’s purpose ?
    Thank You Kari… NAMASTE !!!

  19. I love these videos introducing us to the next month. Love your action steps. They bring me back around when I have lost my way just a little. Thank you for all that you do! Blessings Be!

  20. Thank you, I feel it already for sure!! and thank you for the free download I know it’s exactly what I need right now, we’ll we all need right now! 🙂

  21. Thanks Keri, this video gives us all a heads up for June with all
    the energy whirling around that is frenetic and all the planets in
    retrograde. Wow, thanks for the warning us to work on our energy
    and leave time for unexpected changes that will happen. I find your
    videos very helpful. Thank you so much!
    Lisa Miller

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