Our Dreamiest Pisces New Moon This Year

Our Dreamiest Pisces New Moon This Year

The Sun and Moon, our celestial luminaries met in the sky this morning the sweetest New Moon of the year. They are connecting in dreamy Pisces.

Venus and Neptune are joining them in the sensitive sign.⁠⁠

New Moons are always a fertile time for setting intentions.

As the Moon’s light waxes, your wishes gain momentum.⁠⁠

Pisces is a sign of dreams, imagination and connection.⁠⁠ Neptune is currently in Pisces. Neptune is Pisces’ ruling planet.⁠

  • Neptune’s domain is your dreams and psyche
  • Venus rules all matters of the heart
  • The Sun is your consciousness and outward expression
  • Our Moon is your inner world

Do you see the energies converging here?⁠

For your intentions to take shape, you need to connect with your heart, and channel the power of your imagination.⁠⁠

How are you feeling about where you are heading?⁠⁠

Do your intentions still FEEL good to you?⁠

Tune into deep inside your soul and imagine a better life for yourself. What does it look and feel like?⁠⁠

If you can’t imagine yourself in your future, you either aren’t setting the right intentions, or you need to feel more into what’s best for you.⁠⁠

Once you have a dream that lights up your soul – set your intentions to the Universe.

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