July 2021 Astrology Forecast: JOY & CREATIVE EXPRESSION

July 2021 Astrology Forecast: JOY & CREATIVE EXPRESSION

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Hi, I’m Kari Samuels, your Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach with your July forecast and the good news is July is so much easier and sweeter than what you’ve just been through. June was a month!

So don’t say I didn’t warn you! If you go back to the June forecast, you’ll see it was like, all right there in the celestial weather. It was predicted that was a cosmic storm and so July is… This month of really kind of like… as if a hurricane just swept through your life and there are some things to clean up and there was what looks like you have to repair, and it’s like, now what do we do?

So, what happens is after you get a storm like that where there’s all this upheaval, and you see things in a new light, which is basically what the whole last two years have been about truthfully.

July 2021 Astrology Forecast: JOY & CREATIVE EXPRESSION

So, there’s kind of a blessing in it, right? Because you realize what wasn’t working, what you actually didn’t really even need that you were holding on to. Sometimes these things come to like turbulence to like to bring things up, and then you realize like why was I holding on to that? So, you can travel more lightly now and also, it’s really helping you set a new course.

Now, the thing is, as you’re setting a new course you’re headed toward uncharted waters. Most likely in a place where things feel like a little uncertain about your life. Where you’re like, well, I know, I need to head in a new direction, or a different direction, or tweak, this direction somehow, but it’s terrifying in some ways, and you’re headed into the unknown.

There are some things that are happening that your little security blanket isn’t with you anymore, right? So, you’re going to be feeling a bit vulnerable this month and maybe even a little confused or scared or uncertain because you’re headed in a new direction. That is exactly where you are meant to be.

July 2021 Astrology Forecast: JOY & CREATIVE EXPRESSION

And to add to the sense of maybe vulnerability for the first 22 days of the month, The Sun is traveling through the sign of Cancer And cancer is a very sensitive sign. It’s a sentimental sign, and it is a bit vulnerable. This is why the symbol for Cancer is the crab. And the Crab has that hard shell That is protecting a very soft squishy vulnerable inside.

So, cancer is associated with your sense of home, with your sense of security. Your roots, your emotional roots, your childhood. So all the things, right? You might be feeling uncertain about your roots, whether that’s how you connect to your family or your Your your home, the emotional aspect of your home, your environment, maybe you’re feeling a little uprooted because you’re meant to redefine your security, and you meant to redefine, how you nurture yourself, and how you need to Mother yourself, which is what cancer is about as well.

And so, you know, the crab really carries its home on its back, right? So, that’s what learning your learning how to feel, secure within yourself. You’re learning how to nurture yourself, and you’re learning where you want to put down new Roots. To help you with this, the universe has brought you some very joyful and exuberant energy.

July 2021 Astrology Forecast: JOY & CREATIVE EXPRESSION

Venus and Mars are both traveling together in the sign of Leo, and Leo is so exuberant. It’s ruled by the Sun. So, where’s where’s cancer is ruled by the moon, Leo’s ruled by the Sun? So, you have this, like sun and moon polarity joining and also, Venus and Mars, which are the mass of the feminine and masculine aspects of yourself. Venus is Your heart. How you love. How you value yourself. What you value. What you attract into your life.

Venus is yin and Mars is yang. Mars is very aggressive. It’s assertive. It’s courageous and dynamic. So, these two are joined this month in this creative, joyful, expressive, really confident, sign of Leo. So, this will bring you a boost of enthusiasm and passion and confidence, and creativity and expression. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Leo loves fun. And you know what else if fun? The number 3 July 2021 in numerology is a 3 Universal month which is also about expression and joy, and creativity, and socializing.

July 2021 Astrology Forecast: JOY & CREATIVE EXPRESSION

So, the world is opening up after so much constriction and contraction and isolation, there’s a sense of expansion and creativity. And socializing and passion and romance. Because when Mars and Venus are traveling together, especially in such a loving, passionate sign as Leo. So all these things.

Now, now you can romance your life. Like, really, that’s what this month is about! Learning how to bring some Joy back into your life. Learning how to stretch yourself, in new creative ways, learning how to speak and express, what is in your heart in very direct ways and with some confidence. So if you have a passion project or something that you want to speak or share, or create… Now is the time! This is your month to get your groove back.

Three Action Steps

So, I have three steps to help you do that. Your first action step for this month is to take some calculated risks. Yes. Things are scary, right? Like in, you want to figure everything out in your head before you do something like plan at all in your head, right? But that’s not the way things work all the time.

So, it’s important for you to test the waters and try new things and stretch yourself. Sometimes you have to learn as you go or take a risk and see what happens. Then you can always recalculate again. If you’re holding back because your rational mind says, “I don’t know.” Just don’t let that happen. Do it and again like don’t go crazy… but don’t go crazy. If you know what I mean.

Just really try things that you haven’t tried before and really 2021 is a 5 Universal year and 5 is about trying new things and stretching yourself, and this 3 and 5 together are really creative, and really fun.  So, take some calculated risks and see what happens.

Second Action Step

Which brings me to step number two, which is to HAVE FUN. 3 is a fun energy and Leo a fun energy. And the sign of cancer can be fun too. So, we have this very just fun, creative joyful Vibe going on here.

As you’re taking these calculated risks, of course, it’s scary, right? If you’re headed towards your future with the sense of like, you know, gripping and on the wheel and like being scared and like tensing up, you’re going to bring that energy with you. And since this is 3 is about creation, you really want to co-create with a sense of Joy with a sense of fun.

So as you’re headed into these new frontiers look at it as a Joyful Adventure, have a sense of childlike joyfulness about it as you’re moving into it because that’s going to help. Bring that energy into your future. And wouldn’t you rather co-create from a sense of joy and fun, then from a sense of fear? So lighten up and enjoy the journey, have fun on your adventures!

Third Action Step

Now, your third action step is to RECEIVE SUPPORT. You are not meant to go on this journey alone! And again, things are really opening up right now and this is a very much about people energy. This is social and playful And not, “alone” energy. So meet new people and be with people. People that you love. Really, take time for that and make sure you’re asking for help. If you are on a journey, get a Sherpa. Find some support in some way and also that opens up your receiving channels to receive more blessings and abundance from the universe.

So as you learn to receive, you can receive all kinds of goodness. So ask for support, and you will receive support. I actually have something that can really help you with this. Before you actually learn to receive from real humans, which can be challenging, you can call upon the angels to help you that.

Their Divine assignment to lift your spirits and to protect you and really help you feel good and loving and joyful and buoyant on your journey. So, I have a Meet Your Guardian Angels guided meditation, that is absolutely free, and that’s going to help you lift your spirits and learn to receive support so that you practice the energy of receiving so that it’s natural for you to receive in all areas of your life. So go ahead and download that free meditation using the link below, and it is going to help you feel heavenly!

July 2021 Astrology Forecast: JOY & CREATIVE EXPRESSION

And if you have enjoyed this video, share it with your friends. I know, they will appreciate you for it. And I want to hear from you! This is a time of expressing. And if you say out loud what you intend to do, it gives it more power. In the beginning was the word, and that is what creates.

So, share in the comments below what is, maybe, scaring you a little and how you’re going to approach it with a sense of fun and adventure. Now, I have so much more to share with you in the months ahead. If you want to know more, subscribe to this Channel and if you’re on YouTube, hit that bell to be notified.

When I come out with a new video, you will be the first to know. I am so excited about what’s in store for you this month! So many joyful Adventures await you! I love you so much. You are so beautiful. I love you, and I’ll see you next time. Lots of love. Bye for now.

July’s astrology is bringing joy!

After a month of upheaval and chaos, you can feel more relaxed and have fun! Yes, you can actually enjoy yourself!

Our Sun is traveling through the sign of Cancer. You might feel more sensitive and vulnerable. Yet, this is a dynamic month. There’s some fire in the sky!

Venus and Mars are traveling together in Leo. This fiery energy will fuel your passions and creativity.


In numerology, July 2021 is a 3 Universal month. 3 is social, creative, expressive, and joyful.

The stars are aligning to give you courage!

In this forecast, I offer you three essential steps to help you get your groove back and create a happy future.

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22 thoughts on “July 2021 Astrology Forecast: JOY & CREATIVE EXPRESSION

  1. I have been receiving guidance to move to the Boulder, Colorado, area. That’s definitely a good drive (or plane or train trip) from Ohio!
    A few weeks ago, I sent an email to the owner of a company that does interesting work with organic food. Since I haven’t heard back, I wonder if it’s time to look for another opportunity. It has been some time since I’ve had a job outside the home, so I intend to manifest employment with some flexibility. I also intend to connect to a group of women to learn more about and participate in healing (and other) ceremonies.
    Since I have been helping to care for my mother, there is some anxiety about leaving her. However, my dad is the primary caregiver, and there are other family members, nearby, who can help. It’s actually just time to let go of fear. I am definitely open to calling in a trustworthy travel partner. But I can travel by myself, safely, too. Angels are with me!
    Thank you, Kari, for providing this sharing space.

  2. Thank you as always for this video, which lightens me up and makes me feel warm.
    You said, “Get a support.” Well, I’ve been feeling fearful to put my video up in the Youtoub, though it is one good way to get prospective clients, so I learned from B-school.
    What supports do I need to make that happen? I need to read and study about it, I suppose….
    My business is down or has been down for sometime, and I need to create something new…
    Much appreciated! kiki

  3. Kari, you are a bright and shining angel yourself! THANK YOU for the meditation and all the good you put in this world!

    The entire 2020 and so far in 2021 have been crisis and upheaval for me! I am exhausted, broken and very discouraged! It is nice to hear that a restful period is on it’s way – as I will have to rebuild my life again and am trying very hard to see the positive in all of this mess…..!!

    P.S. Thank you again for all your videos. Your bright smile and positive attitude always brings me joy Kari… Thank you! 🙂

  4. You definitely described what I was going through. June was quiet chaos at work. Currently employed. Too much emotional and mental conflicts which has prompted me to reflect if this is the workplace I would like to stay in for the rest of my life. Been in this job for 4 years now. The stress was getting into me affecting my family. It made me think of my ideals, my beliefs and my principles. After talking to some few friends and support from my husband, I’m handing in my resignation and will be working as self employed/freelance. This is shaking my security and stability as you say. I though it’s just me but didn’t realise how the astrology has influenced my situation and decision. Thanks for the advice and for the reassurance that’s it is ok, change is imminent and face the change with enthusiasm.

  5. I am going to begin writing. This is the goal in my life that has been the most scary. I constantly put it off with excuses… but I feel it strongly now. This is the time. And I am going to have fun with it!

  6. Hi Kari, thank you for your forecast. We all need to be relaxed a little bit. I have teeth problem that I have to take care of them. I have seen two dentists so far. The first one, I am not choosing him. But the second one, she seems ok but I am so worried. Of course my previous experience plays a role, bad experiences make you set back and think twice. I have to make a decision to either go to see another dentist or choose the one I have already seen. You are talking about taking risk which is true but I don’t know if I can do that with my health. I am just waiting for confirmation from above. Hope my Angel help me.

  7. I’m Exhausted and Anxious Kari. A Number 11 Personal Year is a Bitch Especially When You Harbor from a 7 Destiny, 7 Day and 7 First Name. But, Fortunately, I’ll Be Entering a #3 Personal Year by the Month of September. July Will Offer Me including the Jupiter Return in Pisces It Will Offer Me a Test Run of Abundance to Come. I Can’t Go Another Fuuther Beyond July. I Need Resolve Furthermore My 2nd Saturn Return in Aquarius Ends by the End of the 2021 Year of the Metal Ox. I’ll Be Entering a Water Tiger Return as well by 2022. It Has to Get Better. I’ve Decided to Color My Hair a Complimentary Subtle Shade of Blue by the Month of May 2022. Thanks Again. Ascendant Pisces/ Mystic Rectangle

  8. Thank you so much for the monthly forecasts and also all the free content you offer, so so grateful ♥️

  9. all of the things you say about July energy i ‘am feeling! i feel like iam busting in my seams and want to have the adventures you speak of… only thing is is that I do feel stuck and scared and don’t know which way to turn , to go and be brave . i want to leave where i live now after a very tough winter !! I would love to leave what is now and what was .. all behind me. I’am so caught up in the stuckness and don’t seem to be able to take the first step as i watch and hear so many of my friends ‘cutting loose and going on vacations or moving to new territory .. i feel frozen ! could it be that i’am a Capricorn and want to do things more orderly and yet i just want to flee.. it’s a conflicted feeling.

  10. The last year but especially last month has been odd disconnections from my family…. definitely feeling uprooted and lost there. I’m also about to move from a city I’ve lived in over 20 years with mixed feelings.
    Earlier today the words “open up” and the picture of a pink rose kept popping into my mind. I feel as if I’ve been living as a closed bud, staying too safe and choosing comfort over everything. I have been hoping to focus on that creativity inside me that has been calling for a long time. I hope this month is it. Thank you so much!

    1. it sounds like the universe has indeed pushed you to open up! it will be so good for you to make these changes!

    2. I like this image. Thank you.
      I have experienced disconnections from my family, too. I haven’t wanted to be around certain family members, as I don’t feel they are supportive of my dreams. So, it’s a way to protect my SELF and my precious future….

  11. We are looking for a new home to rent. We have been seeing the vision of this home for about 1 year now. Doing our best to be a vibrational match. Keeping the faith perhaps July is the month we move forwrad.

    1. Kari
      you are a inspiring soul and I appreciate all your news!
      July sound restful, happy, and will to accept change.
      Thank you I’m a cancer and have to crack open my shell !

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