August 2021 Astrology Forecast

August 2021 Astrology Forecast: An ABUNDANCE of POSSIBILITIES

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Hello, I’m Kari Samuels your Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach with your August forecast and this is a very dynamic month. There’s so much opportunity for prosperity and change, and growth and empowerment. There is a lot of opportunity for you.

Now, before I tell you about the exciting astrology that we have in store this month, I want to share with you an opportunity for a free healing with the archangels. This is going to be a New Moon healing because we have a powerful new moon this month. It’s on 8:8 the Lion’s Gate, and it’s also a Blue Moon month. We have a Blue Moon in Aquarius, a full moon.

So, there are lots of luscious lunations and I want you to make the most of it because the moon cycles are perfect for setting your intentions. And as the moon’s light grows your intentions come to light, come to fruition.

Now, because we have this 8:8 Lions gate new moon, I want to prepare you for it. On August 7th, the day before the new moon, I’m having a Healing with the Archangels event, and it’s going to help you let go of grief and fear and shame, and guilt and all these lower emotions that are keeping you stuck, and being small, Leo and 8 are all about shining and expressing yourself, and living large.

This is going to help you elevate your energy so that you can attract prosperity in love. This is a free event. And I highly recommend that you join me. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You can sign up for that using the link below.

Now, I want to share with you why this month is so exciting, and you got a little glimpse of it there with the moons. We are in Leo season for the first three-quarters of the month, and Leo is a fire sign. It’s radiant. It’s actually ruled by the Sun.

So, the sun is in Leo, and it’s ruled by the Sun. And so, this is all about radiating and shining your light and shining your light from within, it’s about really radiating your unique light and your unique gifts to the world and be like the sun as you shine your light and radiate in a large way, The Sun brings warmth to others.

It brings light to others. So let’s talk about these moons here. So last month, there was a full moon in Aquarius in the first degree of Aquarius, it was right when the Sun moved into Leo. And now at the end of Leo season, the last day, we have another full moon in Aquarius on the 22nd, which is a master number day, we have a full moon in Aquarius at the last degree, the 29th degree.

So, we have the beginning and end of Aquarius, and we have these Blue Moons. A Blue Moon is when you have two consecutive full moons in the same sign. So, we have this rarity of a blue moon, right? That’s what they say, “Once in a Blue Moon”. It’s really uncommon. And so, you always want to take note when there’s an unusual Celestial event.

The universe is trying to tell you something. And then right, in the middle of these moons, these Aquarius full moons are this new moon on the 8th day of the 8th month and that’s considered the Lion’s Gate. And 8 is a power number too. So, to have the new moon, on that 8:8 day in between these wonderful Aquarius full moons That is saying something.

So let’s talk about this Leo-Aquarius axis, Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs in the Zodiac. And so, they balance each other. Leo teaches you to shine your light and Aquarius also teaches about individuality, but it’s for the greater good.

So as you shine your light and express your uniqueness, it always benefits, the greater good. It benefits humanity. Aquarius is the humanitarian sign. It’s about the group, and it also is about friends and hopes, and dreams, and technology, and using your voice in ways that that can reach the masses. And 8 is a power number.

8 is associated with prosperity, abundance, and money, It’s known as the money number. Now, why is it known as the money number? Because 8 is associated with your passion and your courage. And when you are in touch with your passions and when you are expressing them and having the courage to be yourself, that is when prosperity rains down on you, that is when you attract prosperity and love.

So, that is what this month is teaching you. It is teaching you to embody your power. It’s teaching you to be courageous. Furthermore, it’s teaching you to feel confident. Being yourself. And in doing so, how you can very much benefit the greater good and humanity.

In numerology, August 20 21 is a 4 Universal Month. This is the 8th month, and it’s a 4 Universal month and in numerology 4 and 8 are the manifesting numbers 4 is associated with everything material, everything that you can touch, everything, that’s tangible money, finances home, family, everything to do with the root chakra and the material world. And 8 is about expansion.

Do you see all this incredible synchronicity of the numbers? And the astrology? How it’s all coming together to help you shine? And express yourself to embody your full power by being in touch with your passion and allowing yourself to express your true self unabashedly with courage and confidence with the heart of a lion. Which is also full of love and affection? We have all this going on, that’s teaching you to radiate and shine from within your uniqueness, but there’s something else happening. We have no personal planets that are retrograde right now.

So, there’s this sense of all systems go. Go for what you want. Go for your dreams. Do what is feeling right for you inside. Really, go ahead on that. And at the same time, the social planets Jupiter and Saturn or retrograde in Aquarius and our outer planets, our transpersonal planets Neptune, Uranus Pluto are also going to be retrograde.

That’s five planets in retrograde, the social planets and the outer planets. And Chiron is retrograde, which is known as the Great Healer or the wounded healer. So even though the personal planets and yourself is like all systems go.

There’s all this happening on the outside in the retrograde world, and retrograde is rethinking and redoing. So definitely, we’re going to see some things on a public health level having to go back and redo things and really shore up are public health measures.

We’re going to have a little backtracking with that. Be aware of that and also the world. It’s like the world is revisiting our Collective Consciousness on where we’re headed as a culture. So as the world is somewhat taking a back step, you’re moving forward.

So, this is a very potent and pivotal time for you to recognize your unique place in the world and how you want to help Humanity. This is definitely not a time for you to slow down your goals and intentions, it’s time for you to really ramp up your belief in yourself. To own your gifts, own your power.

So, I have three action steps that are going to help you do that. Now, your first action step is to rekindle your passions. Jupiter has been in Aquarius since December of last year and then in May, it switched signs and went into Pisces. It just went back into Aquarius, but as retrograding there.

Now, Pisces is all about healing and the soul. Feelings. And this is part of why your emotions have felt larger than life, and May was when we had all those eclipses, and it was really just nuts. So, you’ve been dealing with a lot of Larger-than-Life emotions.

And you had to process a lot. Well, now as Jupiter and Saturn, the social planets are retrograding in Aquarius. It’s time for you to rekindle those passions, those projects that maybe fell to the wayside in May or earlier when things went topsy-turvy. It’s time for you to really refocus and regroup. If you had some intentions that that got lost, don’t give up. Rekindle them! Start up that fire again and really go for your dreams.

Now, your second action step is to free yourself from any restrictive energies. So, this is anything from physical things, like go through your closets and decide what doesn’t represent you anymore. Does this help you shine? Does this make you feel like “meh”?

So, really understand what is not fueling your fire anymore. Let go of it. And this is for beliefs, as well, especially for beliefs. So if you have any beliefs that say “I can’t” And maybe, “I shouldn’t “it’s too… I don’t know. “Do I really have what it takes?” Yes, yes. Yes, you do.

So anytime you start to think these limiting beliefs about yourself, or what you’re capable of, notice them and let them go and say, “Yes I can! I AM!” You have whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams and keep focusing on that. So, if there’s any people circumstances anything in your life, that is not fueling your dreams, you can let it go. And that includes your thoughts and your belief system.

Now, your third action step is to focus on your fulfilling future. You know, you really had to rebuild your life in the past couple of years. There’s been so much breakdown of everything that is fundamental and so much questioning of “what am I doing with my life?” And “is it important?” That’s part of these retrograde outer planets, “Is what I’m doing, does it matter?” “Do I still care about it anymore?” And it can really shake your confidence, and it could make you question everything, and it’s good to be questioning everything.

That’s what the past two years have been about. And now you’re rebuilding yourself, but you’re not putting yourself back together the way you were before. You’re making yourself into something new, something new and more beautiful. And More in alignment with your Soul’s calling.

So as you’re doing that, it’s effortless to stay where you are or go back to some kind of security that isn’t appropriate for you anymore. So, I am encouraging you to focus on building a fulfilling future that feels wonderful that lights you up inside and that helps the world, even if that’s the world around you like your immediate family, right? I’m not telling you to be a martyr.

I’m telling you to believe in yourself, So as you start to backtrack, or think, “Oh, maybe I’ll look back and blame myself…for Or question Why I didn’t do something, or maybe settle for something… Keep looking forward to what you want to create. I believe in you so much. You can create the most miraculous life.

So, this is part of why I’m encouraging you to join me for this New Moon Healing with the Archangels. It’s about resetting your energy. As you move forth into this, powerful future of yours. You have a new energy, you’re up-leveling your energy, you are raising your vibration because it is your vibration that attracts all things to you.

It’s not just your vision board or your thoughts. You want to change your ENERGY. So, you’re clearing out beliefs that no longer serve you, and you are imbuing yourself with power and confidence, and this is what the archangels help with.

Now, I have everything in my happiness store, that is Angel-related. All my angel products and courses are on sale this month. It is Angel Month in August at So, you can find an angel course that helps you. I, personally, connect with the angels to help me with my confidence and healing, and my message in the world because that’s what the Angels help you with. August is angel month!

I really encourage you to join me for that healing. We already have thousands of people showing up. We’re going to have a legion of angels helping us and helping you. I love you so much, you beautiful radiant being of light. Now, if you’ve enjoyed this video, share it with your friends and your loved ones. I know they will appreciate you for it.

And I have so much more to share with you. So make sure you are subscribed to this Channel and here on YouTube, hit that bell to be notified whenever I come out with a new video so that you will be the first to know. I love you so much, and I’m wishing you a wonderful, amazing August and beyond. Lots of love. Bye for now.

August astrology brings an abundance of possibilities!

August 8th is known as the 8:8 Lion’s Gate portal. On that powerful day, we will have our New Moon in Leo.

This is also a Blue Moon month! On August 22nd, we have our second Full Moon in Aquarius.

These powerful Moons are teaching you to shine your light and believe in yourself. When you share your unique gifts with the world, you benefit the greater good.

This is what Leo and Aquarius are teaching us.


In numerology, August 2021 is a 4 Universal Month (8+2+0+2+1 = 13, and 1+3 = 4). 4 and 8 combined are very powerful for manifesting your heart’s desires. They are numbers of material rewards and abundance.

We also have five planets in retrograde, so things can feel tricky to navigate.

In this astrology forecast, I share with you the three essential steps to creating a prosperous, happy future!

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