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Heal Your Past Lives to Create a Happy Future

Heal Your Past Lives to Create a Happy Future

Meet your Spirit Guide to heal yourself from past life karma, release emotional trauma, and create a happy future.

When unresolved memories from your past are brought from your unconscious into the light of your awareness, you can experience profound transformation. Often the key to you creating a happy future is for you to heal the past.

In this powerful life changing course you will discover:

  • Why you feel magnetically attracted to people and situations that are challenging
  • How to free yourself from karmic patterns so you can attract positive people and circumstances
  • Techniques to rewrite your past so you can heal from negative emotions
  • Your soul’s lessons that you chose to explore across many lifetimes
  • Five of the most common fears from past lives and what you can do to heal them

You will be guided through a powerful meditation to meet your Spirit Guide to heal yourself from past life karma and create a happier future.

Recording of a live teleclass
85 minutes

Purchase MP3 – $37 $14

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