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Co-Creating with Your Spirit Guides – Interview with Marilyn Alauria

Co-Creating with Your Spirit Guides – Interview with Marilyn Alauria

You have a team of Spirit Guides waiting to support you.

You are never alone in this world. Ever.

There is a team of celestial helpers with you ALWAYS, guiding you, protecting you, and sharing their love and wisdom with you.

You might not think you’re psychic, but you are.

Your Spirit Guides are communicating with you all them time. Even when you sleep. If you’ve ever had a dream that seemed extra vivid, that was most likely your Spirit Guides getting a much-needed message through to you.

There is a myriad of ways your Spirit Guides communicate to you that you may not realize. It’s seldom dramatic (though the results are profound), and it’s definitely not what you see on television.

Your Spirit Guides communicate to you in subtle ways. You’re doing it all the time, yet you seldom realize you’re connecting with your Guides.

In this fun and candid interview with my friend and fellow psychic Marilyn Alauria, we share with you the many ways you can communicate with your Spirit Guides right now. When you do, you can create a life of joy, fulfillment and peace.

It’s way easier than you think!

Listen to my interview with Marilyn here:


You’ll love Marilyn with her keeping-it-real style full of humor and love.

Marilyn is passionate about teaching you how to engage your gifts, meet your Guides, and live an awe-inspired life.

Soulful Living with Your Guides – Free Video Series

Marilyn  has also put together a free video series that has some priceless gems in it to help you do more of what you love. 

In her Soulful Living with Your Guides  video series:

  • You’ll meet your Higher Self and discover a system that you can use every day to connect with your Guides and receive direct information.
  • You’ll understand what may be standing in your way right now
  • You’ll move past roadblocks to communicating with your Guides, which will lead to you feeling more grounded and peaceful as you move forward in life.

She also has a wonderful Membership Community where you can connect with like-minded souls around the world, and learn from Marilyn and other luminaries in psychic and spiritual development. There’s so much for you to explore!

Enjoy! And feel free to share with a friend.



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