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Thrive in the holidays – intuitive guidance with numerology

Thrive in the holidays – intuitive guidance with numerology

You can thrive during the holidays an empath!

The holidays are upon us! Yes, that can mean much merriment. It can also feel stressful and overwhelming.

Being the end of the year, you can feel as if you need to finish ALL your goals this month. There is so much to do and you can feel time is running out. Oh, the pressure!

You might feel stretch with family obligations. Or perhaps you feel you wish you had a family that understood you. Or maybe you feel you would rather have time to yourself than engaging in all the holiday hullabaloo!

In this video, I share with you tools to manage your energy as an empath. You can truly make this a joyful soul-nourishing time.

Watch the video below for more insights:

Your Life Path Number can help you during the holidays

Knowing your Life Path Number is a tool for understanding your energy. Every Life Path Number processes their lives in a distinct way.

Here are some guidelines to maintaining happiness in the holidays – by the numbers:

1 Life Path 

You might have too many ideas in your head that keep you anxious and overwhelmed. It’s important that you ground your energy so your not overthinking and getting caught in your to-do lists. Exercise and creativity are a must for you to maintain your happiness. This applies always, but especially now with you trying to get everything done before year’s end.

2 Life Path

You tend to want other people’s approval and affirmation. As you’re spending a lot of time with family or others, this can cause you some hurt feelings. It’s important for you to learn to affirm yourself and not have your esteem based on other people’s opinion of you. Take more time to yourself to calm your energy and process your emotions. Salt baths would be beneficial to you to cleanse your energy and calm your nerves.

3 Life Path

You’re so beautifully sensitive. Yet you can tend to keep your feelings to yourself. It’s important that you say what you feel and not expect others to guess what you’re thinking. Not everyone is as emotionally sensitive as you, so you need to be direct and tell others what’s going on inside of you. The more you speak your truth and share from your heart, the better you will feel!

4 Life Path

You have such a strong sense of authority.  This makes you a competent and capable leader. Yet. when you get overwhelmed you want to control things. When you begin to recognize that need to control your environment, or fix others – BREATHE. Stop what you’re doing and say a prayer to release your need to control and allow the energy to flow!

5 Life Path 

You want to experience everything in life! Your sense of fun and adventure is wonderful! And yet, you can take on TOO much, or do too many things it can be exhausting. Don’t let your FOMO get the better of you.  Make sure you have a nice balance of fun and also alone time. And be careful not to indulge in too much food and wine. Enjoy the holidays in moderation.

6 Life Path

You’re such a loving being. You want to take care of everyone. One of your life’s lessons is to learn how to delegate responsibility. Your motto can be, “if you want something done right you need to do it yourself.” Yet, at what price? Focus on process, not perfection. Things might not get done the way you want them if you give up feeling responsible for everything. Yet, you might be a lot happier!

7 Life Path

You need LOTS of alone time. Make sure you’re taking salt baths, meditating, writing in your journal – whatever it is that helps you unwind and process your feelings. There is a LOT of stimulation now in your environment. This can get you caught in your analytical mode and out of touch with your feelings. Make sure you’re taking that space to tune into YOU, so you can tune out everyone else.

8 Life Path

8 is the number of abundance and prosperity. Yet, that doesn’t mean that money always comes easily to you. You’re meant to learn about status, power and money. 8s love to live large! This might mean you feel obligated to by expensive gifts or throw lavish parties – even if they are beyond your means. You also are very committed to work. Make sure that’s not at the expense of your family or fun time.

9 Life Path 

You might not relate to your birth family. Or, you might feel too responsible for your family. The holidays can feel lonely if you don’t have a Christmas card family to enjoy them with. Remember, you also have a SOUL family, that might not have anything to do with your family of origin. Make sure you’re connecting with people who understand you and know you are loved!

11 Life Path

You’re a born leader and healer. Yet, you might still feel scared to let the world know who you really are! Before the end of the year, make sure you share something about who you REALLY are. Show the world your true colors. Also, since you have a high-octane nervous system, make sure you’re cleansing your energy every day and BREATHING.

22 Life Path

You are a Master Builder and can feel a tremendous sense of responsibility. When you feel the need to control your environment, do something creative instead. You’re a born teacher, so take some time to write down your wisdom instead of thinking of all the things you need to do.

33 Life Path

You have such a strong sense of responsibility. You might feel as if everyone and everything needs YOU to take care of them. This can be exacerbated during the holidays with so many family obligations. Let other people help you. You don’t always need to host the party! And remember, process is more important than perfection!

Your Life Path Number is a compass that guides you toward destiny.


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