Intuitive Guidance With Numerology For The Holidays

In this video, I share intuitive guidance to manage your energy as an empath during the merriment and overwhelm of the holidays.

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Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

Hello, I am Kari Samuels, your intuitive counselor and happiness coach. We are finally here with this holiday thriving event. I’m going to be doing some readings today. So, I’d love to know your life path number. I’m going to be talking about all the life path numbers as we talk about how to manage your energy during the holidays and always. And I’m going to be doing some personal readings as well.

So to do that, I’d love to know your life path number. You can find that . I need to introduce Jess again in case you weren’t here during the technical difficulty. Chief happiness officer. Jess is going to be looking at your questions. And thankfully Jess was there letting us know before that nobody could hear us.

We are definitely in the shadow of Mercury retrograde. So when Mercury goes direct, there’s this retrograde shadow integration period where it can actually feel more retrograde per capita because things are just like rushing to have you catch up with them and integrate them. So until December 6 of 2019, you know, if you’re watching this in the future, just know that there’s a shadow period after every Mercury retrograde.

<h3>Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

That’s an integration time. That’s a processing time. Just so you know, in 2020, we’re having a lot of personal planets in retrograde. So retrograde energy is here to teach you to tune into yourself. I’m going to be talking about that a lot more in the future. And of course, Jess and I are preparing for our annual forecast event, which is gonna be great. So stay tuned for that. It’s going to be an extravaganza this year because we’re headed into a new decade. And there’s a lot of significance to that. I’ll be talking more about that later. You can count on that.

And today, we’re talking about managing your energy, how to thrive during the holidays, and of course, how each life path number manages their energy differently and what you need to do to stay happy and healthy and really thrive. Holidays can be super stressful. Really, every day as an empath can be stressful unless you know how to handle and manage your energy. Right?

I always see everything as a metaphor. I want to interpret this because everything in our universe is like a message for us. Anytime things aren’t working, there’s a message about that. So let’s talk about this. When things go wrong in your life,  that’s the universe’s way of telling you, not that you’re wrong or that you’re doing anything wrong, but sometimes you need to try a different tack.

<h3>Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

So I love that people are refreshing the page because in a way, this new decade that we’re coming into is a reset as well. And I feel like this past year people have had a lot of  trouble making progress with goals and you feel like, what’s wrong with me? Is something wrong with me?

As we’re wrapping up this year and wrapping up this decade here at the holidays, I feel like a lot of people have this feeling like I didn’t accomplish that much. I didn’t accomplished as much as I wanted to or I had all these goals and I didn’t do enough of what I thought I wanted to do. And I just want to remind you that 2019 was a year of creativity and expression and emotional expression.

It’s really important as you move forward for you to have a sense of looking at your life in a way where you appreciate your growth at least as much as your productivity and hopefully more. Because your life isn’t measured by your productivity. But in our culture, we tend to measure our life by productivity.

<h3>Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

I know I wasn’t going to talk about the 2020 energy, but because this refresh and this reset had to happen for people to be able to tune in, right? And the way to really move forward is to tune into yourself and then tune into the messages of the universe. So it’s really important that you have a time to reset and you have a time to refresh.

And while you’re doing that, instead of focusing on what you have not accomplished and all the things on your list you haven’t done yet and what it is that you thought you set out to do the this decade of the teams, so to speak, was all about learning how to stand up for yourself, learning what’s important to you and learning who you really are. Now, the next decade is going to be very much about taking action on that. But it’s important to remember that you’re a human being. It’s not about what you’ve done. You’ve grown so much in 2019.

It is a three universal year. That’s about emotional expression and speaking from your heart and when you’re living and being and experiencing life and from your heart. The creative process is a messy process. It’s not a linear process. So I want to remind you that your growth is the most important thing. The love that you have learned and all the lessons that you’ve learned, that’s the most important thing you can, you can do. So if you didn’t do as much as you thought you wanted to do on your list, throw out the list.

<h3>Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

The universe is telling you there’s more important things. It’s not to say your list isn’t important. And trust me, 2020 is definitely a year of lists. I’m a Virgo. I love lists, but it’s not about that. It’s not about that. You’ve had a lot of spiritual lessons and a lot of what this year has been about, and really the past several years, is what you don’t want, what you will no longer tolerate and how you want to express yourself moving forward.

I hope that makes sense and I hope that has helped you be kinder to yourself at the holidays, as we’re wrapping up this year, and as we’re wrapping up this decade. Because I think the amount of kindness that you give to yourself is so much more important than really just beating yourself up for not doing enough. I think we all have that feeling like, Oh my gosh, I had so many plans for this year. And where did this go? Where did this time go? It went into you learning who you really are.

And the more you know who you really are and the more clarity you have around around that moving forward, when we get into this new decade, especially this 2020 year, which is a four year of action and grounding and foundations, then you’re going to have so much more clarity and the more in alignment you are with who you are, you can actually manifest more quickly. Trees, they’re growing. All plants, everything that grows underground. You’re growing a lot underground first and you need that nourishment. So let’s talk about the nourishment.

<h3>Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

And I want to talk about that creativity more because sometimes you’re trying to do something and you’re hitting a wall. That’s the universe’s way of saying now if you feel it in your heart that you’re meant to do something, it’s not that hitting a wall is telling you not to do it necessarily. It’s saying you need to be more creative about how you’re doing it. And sometimes that means taking more risks. Sometimes that means connecting with other people to find a different perspective. It’s really about finding creative solutions, right? Cause it’s like, okay, this wasn’t working. And I know like I know I want to get on this broadcast and here’s the right link.

And sometimes it’s just like, okay, I’m just going to try again from a different angle. In which case it’s like a refreshing of your browser. So I just want to remind you that if you have a feeling in your heart that you’re meant to go somewhere or do something or change your life in one way and you hit a wall, just find a different path. Okay. It’s not about you not doing it. It’s about the universe trying to get you to be creative in your solutions. The other thing I wanted to talk about, and I’m going to talk about each specific life path number and how you manage stress and energy, and what you need to do to be happy, especially during the holiday season.

<h3>Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

The thing I wanted to talk about is, especially for empaths, making sure that you’re taking time to yourself, even during the holidays, and tuning into what’s really important to you. And the one main thing that my guides wanted me to express to you today was not to make decisions out of guilt. So there are many opportunities for you to feel guilty this holiday season.

For instance, we have some social contracts that aren’t in your best interest. For instance, let’s say it’s not appropriate for you to go certain family events because they stress you out or not even family events like events at work that you think, Oh, people are not, people are gonna think I’m a horrible person if I don’t go to this. But you’re truly like needing this time to yourself and there’s two reasons that people make decisions during the holidays that tax them too much.

One, I really should go to this because this person expects me to do this but I don’t want to or these people expect me to but I don’t want to. Or I feel guilty because I should. Because you know, this is what the social construct is. This is what society tells me I need to go to this because they’re my families or coworkers or, or really good friends. But if you’re, you are truly like needing time to yourself or, or feeling uncomfortable in a certain situation. Guilt and what people are going to think if you don’t are two reasons not to go.

<h3>Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

I want to remind you of that because of there’s so many times that we’re making our decisions or even like how or what you buy for people. A lot of times it’s that sense of what are they going to think of me and a sense of guilt. And so I really want to emphasize your need for time to yourself. Next year is going to be really big. We have this amazing conjunction at the top of the year. It’s something that hasn’t happened with these planets for hundreds of years. So you really need to manage your energy well. Because next year you are going to need your strength and your discipline and really a certainty about who you are. So start managing your energy now because the more you dissipate your energy, the less you’re going to have to fulfill your dreams.

And I don’t want it to sound scary about next year. Next year is a year to build your dreams. Really, it’s about structure. And so you really want to be very clear about your time and your space and where you’re delegating those resources because we have a lot of it in Capricorn this year and next year in Capricorn. Ruling planet is Saturn. This is about boundaries. Your teacher, once you have good boundaries and you have strength and structure.

<h3>Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

So I hope that I’ve reminded you to take care of yourself and which ways to make decisions in which ways not to make decisions. So take a lot of time to yourself and really be clear, is this a good use of my time and energy and, or am I making this choice out of guilt or fear of what people think of me? Just a reminder. Okay? Cause that’s gonna really help you manage your energy and your time during the holidays. And of course salt baths, epsom salt baths can cleanse your energy and chakra meditations and cleansing and balancing your energy every day. So important.

So let’s go through the numbers here. This year has been incredibly challenging. The past three or four years have actually been culminating toward 2020. And that’s going to be a super pivotal year and probably one of the most important in our lifetimes. And this is all to help you really be true to yourself. The more true you are to yourself, the easier and more joyful and prosperous things will be. The universe has been showing you where you’re giving away too much of your energy or you’re not being true to yourself.

<h3>Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

Now, this year was all about truthfulness and authenticity and you’re really being tested when you make excuses for other people, when you make excuses for yourself, when you’re dissipating your energy on things that are, you know, other people’s dramas or helping other people too much and not focusing on your own wellbeing or not expressing who you really are and not expressing your feelings. So what this has been about, and if you’ve been keeping too much of your truth inside of you, the universe will show you that it’s time for you to express that. So be true, be authentic and share who you really are. And then the more you do that, the more in alignment you will be with your soul’s purpose.

And the more the universe will avail itself to you with opportunities. I don’t believe the universe is a vending machine. I’m really not a fan of the way the law of attraction is taught. That like anything you think or want that the universe gives you, absolutely not in my opinion. You have to be in alignment with what your soul intended. So this brings us to what we’re talking about here in terms of the life path numbers. The life path numbers in my experience are one of the most incredible tools to understand what your soul intended. And most people when they learn about their numerology, Jess and I were talking about this yesterday, but one of the things I hear all the time is I wish I had known this years ago.

<h3>Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

I wish I had known this years ago because this would have saved me a lot of, anxiety, stress, beating up myself, all the things. Because one of the things about learning your numerology, I said this in my previous broadcast, that you choose your life before you’re born, your circumstances. You also choose your birth date because your birth date gives you an idea of the energies that your manifesting in this life, the energies that you’re playing with in this life. Also it’s a blueprint. It’s a gift from the universe to help us decipher what it is our soul intended. It’s a map and it’s a compass.

And when you understand more about your, your chart, right? Like what your soul charted in this life, it helps give an understanding of, first of all, why you’ve had certain challenges. Because every number has gifts and challenges and the whole point of your life path and understanding your life path is knowing that what is your greatest gift, what it is you’re sharing with the world often is a result of you transforming your greatest challenges. So understanding your life path gives you an idea of your gifts and what you need to be happy as well as, wow, this is why I’ve had these challenges. This is why I had to go through that.

And when you understand that, it helps. First of all, you forgive yourself. Because I think especially if you’re an older soul and you know you have an idea, like, I chose this life, you’re like, I don’t even understand. Why would I choose that? And why would I choose to have that experience? Why would I choose to have that challenge?

<h3>Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

And then when you start to look at life from a soul perspective, which is one of the things that numerology teaches you, is that you realize your soul is wise and the older souls actually take on more challenges. When you understand your life path number, you understand what your challenges are, why you’ve had them, how your soul is growing from them, and what you need in order to be happy, how express yourself.

So I’m going to go through each of the life paths right now and give you an idea of that, how you can best manage your energy during the holidays. This applies to all year round, but especially during the holidays. So I want to remind you, you can find out your life path number


Roosevelt says, can the life path change through the years they had my numerology done 20 years ago. Will it be pretty much the same?


Their life path is your birth date added together. So you add the day, the month and the four digit year and you get your life path, you get a composite, you get a double digit number from that and then you reduce that double digit number unless it’s a master number. So yes, your birth date never changes in the way we derive your life path number is through your birth date.

And I know we’re not talking about the the destiny number now, which is derived from your name because your name is no accident. But I know a lot of people have this question about their name as well. It’s the name you were given at birth is also part of your your path. And some people say, I don’t like my name given at birth. You know, a lot of people don’t like their circumstances given, but that’s part of what you chose. And you can change your name actually and you can change your number, but your destiny number doesn’t change because that’s the name you were given at birth, whether you were adopted and it was changed or any of that.

<h3>Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

And some people say, Oh, but you know, my birth certificate says one thing, there’s a discrepancy on this. I know a lot of numerologists say, Oh it’s what’s on the birth certificate. I’m like, nope, it’s the name you were given whether or not that’s on a birth certificate. Whatever your parents named you, which was part of what was derived from your spirit guides in your soul came together to find that name. That is your name.

Those things do not change. That is your chart, right? That is like the snapshot of your life when you were born. So let’s go through this now and I hope you have your life path number now. And if not, you know, look it up as we’re talking.

1 Life Path – 23:15 – Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

The one life path is very connected to the crown and ideas, they’re the idea number, right? All numbers have ideas, right? But this is very much associated with the crown chakra and information that comes through the crown. So because of that they’re very much associated with the mind.

You can get caught in your mind and you can get caught analyzing, The one is especially has downloads with so many ideas. So there’s so much more to do at the end of the year. So for the one life path, the one, five and seven especially, they’re associated with movement. One, especially for you to stay happy and sane throughout everything in your life, and especially during the holidays, you need to be creative and you need exercise. Those are two things that the one life path always needs. And so if you’re not doing either of those things, and it’s easy for you during a more stressful time to really push that aside.

This is when you need it the most. So if you’re, especially if you’re feel yourself too much in your head, and at the holidays, you need to get more in your body and you need to move, walk, run, get on a bike, whatever, move. And also ground your energy. You need to make sure you’re really grounded because that energy is all up here. You want to bring it down here. Now again, all of these, not all of this information is going to apply to all life path numbers, but this is especially for the one, take this energy from your mind. Focus on your breath and bring it all the way down through the soles of your feet and down into the earth.

2 Life Path – 26:50 – Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

Got it. Okay. And we’re gonna move on to the two. We’re good. We’ve gotta be brief. Otherwise I’ll be here all day. And for those of you, if you’ve been on my email list, you will know that right now I have  my Numerology Illuminated course. We go really, really in depth with all of the life path numbers. I have to go really quickly right now because that course is three hours plus. There’s two one hour Q and a MP3s that you get with that.

So if you really want to go in depth here at the holidays, and I highly recommend you do to know yourself and your family and your children, parents about whatever numerology illuminated where we go very much in depth but the life path. So that’s We’ll put a link down below as well. Okay, let’s move on to the two life path now. The two life path where the one is about the self, the two is about other.

Mirroring – Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

So twos always need mirroring. The two is definitely the people-pleasing energy and over-giving energy because it’s very other oriented and you tend to give too much. They also get torn apart with like, Oh, this person wants this of me, but I want this for me. So you have to make sure you two life path, you beautiful two life paths out there, first of all, that you’re not seeking affirmation outside of yourself, that you’re not doing things, again, because of other people’s expectations of you.

And it’s really important that you take time. Now salt baths are like, I would think a must for you. Especially during this holiday season because your nerves can get very fried because you’re focusing so much on like other people’s expectations of you. So it’s really important that you take quiet time, especially in or around water if you can. That’s why I recommend salt baths. Sevens are very associated with water as well. And really take quiet time and as you’re making decisions, ask yourself, am I doing this because other people expected of me or because this is really good for me. That’s important for you all year round. But especially now.

3 Life Path – 27:50 – Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

The three life path, one of your major life lessons is to learn how to communicate what’s inside of yourself. What happens with the threes is they tend to think that everyone is as sensitive as they are. They should learn how to really tune into themselves and express what’s in their heart. And also not to expect other people to read your mind or your feelings or your thoughts.

What you can do is also let people get away with things. Let’s say a relative at Thanksgiving says something that’s upsetting to you. Instead of keeping it inside it’s really important that you say something. It’s really, you know, again, we’re in 2019 we’re all in a three universal year. A three life path tends to get upset that other people don’t read their minds and their thoughts. Then you can kind of play a little bit of emotional blackmail, like, well, I’ll just let them figure it out. And then they don’t. Then your feelings are hurt, but you’re swallowing this energy. So it’s really, really important.

So the threes need to learn how to tune into themselves, not expect other people to read their minds or their hearts and actually share and express what you’re feeling. And it might be helpful for you to write out your feelings before you express them. If you’re concerned that you don’t know how it’s going to be received or whatever, write them out for us. Because the more you express your feelings, the more liberated you’ll be, the more alignment you’ll have with yourself and the universe.

4 Life Path – 30:25 – Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

Life path four is, you’re here to learn about authority and leadership for intuitive guidance. The thing is when things feel stressful, you tend to want to control things.  So life path for authority and leadership and know not to control your environment. Because what happens is when you’re feeling things are out of control, you try to control them. So it’s important for you when you find yourself wanting to control your environment that you stop, take some breaths and say, I’m going to release my need to control other people who I cannot change and make everything around me an order that I cannot control. Basically, you can’t fix other people.

You can’t make them do things that they’re not, and you can’t control everything in your life. So make sure you’re taking some deep breaths and imagine that there’s, there’s water moving through you so that you get that sense of flow instead of control and say a prayer to release your need to control and allow things to flow and let people be who they’re meant to be. You can’t fix other people, right? Now, again, this applies to all of the life paths. You can’t fix other people or make them who they’re not. You can’t control everything in your environment or everyone in your environment. All you can do is let go and let the universe work its magic.

5 Life Path – 32:45 – Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

Let’s move on to the five life path now. The five life path is all about freedom, adventure, and excitement. The five life path wants to experience everything at all times, wants to have fun all the time.

And it is the number of fun. It’s a number of fun and adventure and excitement. You can burn yourself out if you try to go to every party. And do everything and stretch yourself too thin. This is a life lesson for you in general. And if you do too much of this, if you try to do everything all the time, like, Oh my gosh, the year is ending, the decades ending, I have to do everything and I have to like, go to every single party or whatever, then you’re going to burn yourself out.

And this is a life lesson for you not to try to do too. Now, again, this is a number of freedom. So you need to have variety and you need to have adventure. And yet you also need to learn how to find the balance in that with structure, right? And security. So go out, enjoy yourself, don’t do too much and don’t burn yourself out. And remember five is one of those numbers that need to move. So make sure you’re not being too much in your head and make sure that you are exercising and breathing and grounding.

6 Life Path – 34:00 – Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

Now let’s move on to the six life path. Again, I’m being very brief with this because there’s just so much to talk about with all of the life paths. And again, you can find more information. We have that wonderful sale going on at and that Numerology Illuminated course.

The sixth life path feels responsible for everybody. And the six life path has life lessons around learning how to delegate responsibility. The one life path are very much like this as well. They’re the ones and the four life path, are the ones that say you can’t do things. You know, other people can’t do things right. I’m the one that has to do them myself. So let’s say you’re going to Thanksgiving dinner here in the United States. If you’re in the United States or whatever you’re doing our holiday party and you cook your dish amazingly and you know you how to cook all the other dishes amazing.

And people are just not bringing the right dishes or whatever, or they’re not cooking it the way they want or they’re not setting the table the way you want or making the home the way you want or organizing things the way you want and you feel like I have to do this myself.

Delegate Responsibility

Don’t. Big life lesson for the six life path. Again, the one in beforehand this as well. Big lesson. You must learn how to delegate responsibility. And yes you probably can do things better than everybody else, but that doesn’t mean you should. It means that you are learning how to hold space for people as they learn, as you’re guiding them.  You’re not trying to fix or control them, but your nurture sixes are meant to nurture and see the best in people. So as you see the best in people, not what they’re not doing right or not good enough that you have to do so.

Okay, they don’t do this as good as me now. Or yes, I can do this better than other people, but I’m going to let people do things in their way. And then visualize them doing it in a way that’s better so that you keep them moving forward with your positive visualization of them, of what they can do, not what they’re not doing.

So I hope that makes sense for you.

7 Life Path – 36:36

Now let’s move on to this seven life path. The seven life path needs alone time, probably the two and the seven and the nine need alone time. I mean, all of us are empaths, so we all need alone time. The seven it’s built into what you’re made of. The thing about the seven, you can get so many downloads and so much information at once and so much psychic energy coming through your body.

If you don’t take time to process what that is, you’re going to get so scrambled and you can tend to analyze things as well. So it’s really important for you to tune into your feeling nature, to tune into your intuition, to help you make decisions this holiday season, especially about what you need to do, what’s right for you. And you must take time to yourself. I would very much recommend journaling right now as well so that you get a clear idea of what’s inside of you because you can be so busy and so stretched out with so much information.

You’re not even realizing what you’re processing. And this is why seven needs alone time. The thing about the seven, you can kind of feel like you’re from another planet anyway. Like what am I doing on this planet? And, you know, that might actually go towards a sense of isolation, a feeling of isolation.


Like, well, I don’t relate to anybody. So maybe instead of focusing on connecting with people that you don’t relate to that and taking, you know, not taking enough time to yourself, make sure you’re taking time to yourself and make sure you are connecting with people who do understand you. And maybe this is the time to even find those people as well because you can feel like, geez, maybe you don’t relate to your family of origin and that makes you feel isolated and lonely.

It’s really important for you to connect with people who get you and so Reiki is really good for the sevens because that all that, like, your nervous system it attacks. So really bring light to yourself and calming energy and maybe this is a really wonderful time for you to take up something like Reiki or learn Reiki or get energy healing or learn energy healing, not to give you another thing to do during the year, but it’s about not doing the things that aren’t appropriate for you and really finding these energy tools and intuitive tools to help you balance your energy.

8 Life Path – 39:24

Let’s move on to the eight life path. You might know this as the number of money and abundance and prosperity. Yet that doesn’t mean that you inherently have a lot of money and abundance and prosperity because you’re meant to learn about it. You’re meant to learn about how to manage money and power and energy.

Eight can tend to be workaholics. So it’s really important that you’re not doing too much work right now, that you are taking time to recreate and have fun and take care of your joy. And you have to remember that the more joyful you are and the more positive your energy that the more abundance you will receive. It’s also a number of big wins and big losses. Eights can have really big expenses. So it’s really important for you not to indulge too much in other people’s expectations of you.

Invest Wisely

You’re spending too much on gifts because eights have that sense like, well, I’m obligated to make everything big. So very important that you don’t work too hard. Very important that you, when you’re spending money that you’re asking yourself, is this a wise use of my investment? Is this going to help me? Is this nourishing for me? And is this really inappropriate use of how I’m investing my time.

Eights can also get into power dynamics with other people. So it’s really important that you know, during the holidays that we can get into these power dynamics with family. So instead of like going right at it and trying to defend yourself, if you find yourself like needing to defend yourself in any way, don’t just retreat and take some time and know you are powerful and you don’t need anyone to tell you who you are or who you’re not.

9 Life Path – 41:41

Now we’re going to move to the nine life path. The nine life paths, again, in the taro this is the hermit. Again, you can feel like a stranger in a strange land sometimes a lot of nine life paths, because they need to learn how to affirm themselves. A lot of times in their birth family, they don’t feel like, they were understood or appreciated. And you have to, first of all, remember that that was part of your soul’s plan.

So, especially you know, when you see all of this, holiday activity, and again this applies to any life path, but especially the nines. If you see holiday activity that makes you feel like, huh, why don’t I have a family like that or maybe the nines can either feel maybe isolated from their family or they can feel like they’re responsible for everyone and everything in their family and in the world.

So first of all, make sure you are not taking on too much responsibility people in your family, people in the world. It’s hard to see when they are not as fortunate as you are. No matter how fortunate or not fortunate you feel, but also no one is your responsibility, your responsibilities for your own well being.

And also that remind yourself that in this life this was about choosing your soul family, not necessarily your family of origin and that there’s a lots of soul family out there for you to connect with. And I hope that helps you.

11 Life Path – 43:20

And 11 life paths. If you didn’t recognize this, this is a higher vibration of two. That doesn’t mean it’s better than two, by the way, it’s just a master number. So this is about mastering your life.

So this is like the double one so you can get very stressed out in terms of your nerves. The 11 tends to like make your nervous system like high-octane. So really important that you’re taking baths, that your taking salt baths, that you’re doing things to calm your nerves, that you’re taking this alone time, that you’re breathing and meditating and also that you’re not hiding. So 11 life path. You’re meant to be a light in the world and a leader that way. If there is something that you want to do before the end of the year to put yourself out there, I recommend it.

22 Life Path – 44:10

Same thing for the 22 life path. You’re a master builder. So, that’s about taking the inspiration of the 11 and manifesting it on the earth. So if you haven’t done anything concrete I would take this time now to really lay some foundations for what want to build in next year and beyond.

33 Life Path – 44:36

And the 33 life path, you’re the most rare life path, right? And boy, the sense of responsibility you have to make everything perfect is, sometimes very unreasonable. So understand it’s about process and not perfection. So you can also go back and listen to the six life path this well for some more guidance in 22 life paths. You can listen to the four life path as well for more guidance. So I hope that’s helped you. We’ve been here together for quite some time now. I still want to take some questions.

So Jess is going to help, choose a couple of questions here. We’re going to read your life path number. So if you have your life path number, that’s great. If not, Jess can help you calculate it, make sure you’re writing out the actual month. So like if you’re born in November instead of writing 11, right. November. And then your full date of birth, including the year and what question you have for me and my guidance. So yes, we’re going to take a couple of questions now. Are there any there for me?


Sure. Denise says, I’m a seven life path and I’m interested in someone who was a nine. How would we get along?


Well, that’s a great question. Every life path has what they need to be happy, right? And every life path has what, what you need to be happy and what they need to be happy. The seven and nine I find are very compatible in a lot of ways. You know, I’m not one of these people that thinks any life path or any astrology sign is incompatible. I really feel like it’s just about knowing what makes them tick. There’s some energies that are more synergistic than others and there are some that are more conflicting than others, but every sign and every life path number can be compatible.

That being said, I find the seven and nine to be very similar in the ways that they both are here to learn more about their intuition. They can lean more toward introversion and quiet time and you’re both very much very intuitive and both the seven and the nine can feel like strangers in this strange land. So it’s good to have each other. The seven in the nines can both respect your quiet time. The thing about the sevens, they tend to analyze a little bit much and need to learn how to tune into their intuition as opposed to control everything in their mind.


The thing is because you both can need a lot of affirmation, so to speak, that it’s important for you both not to take things personally as you’re connecting with each other. It’s important that when someone is having a hard time or going through something that you don’t think, Oh, it’s something about me because I really feel like these two because you’re both so sensitive to what the other people feel and think that you don’t think that’s me.

They’re feeling and thinking that about. So as long as you remind yourself that everyone is thinking and feeling their own thing, and it’s not about you or it’s your fault then you’ll have more joyful energy moving forward. So I hope that helps for all the sevens and nines. But again, I hope this applies to everyone, but especially to you seven and nines and twos as well. So I’ll take a couple more questions here.


Somebody said that they were life path 33 and they wondered if you could just elaborate a little bit more. You said it’s about process not perfection.


So the six life path and then the 33 again is the master number version of the six life path. So it’s the double three, which is that emotional sensitivity and expression where you feel other people and can feel what you feel or think what you think, then you don’t understand why people don’t understand you. But the sixes is tend to really be perfectionist. This is that sensitivity of the double three and the six. The three, six, nine and two are like extraordinarily sensitive, especially for what other people are feeling and thinking.

Because the sixes in general have that sense of responsibility and can also feel what other people are feeling and, you can think, well, they’re feeling this about me, so I want to be perfect for them.


Also because you’re a 33 life path and you have an extraordinary sense of that master number’s responsibility that already has a sixth sense of risk. The sixtes have a strong sense of responsibility. You can have a fear like, okay, I need to be perfect before I share my gifts with the world. I need to be perfect. For other people. This needs to be perfect before it can be expressed. So that’s what I mean when I say focus on process instead of perfection. If you want to find confidence in your career, do things before you’re confident and that’s going to make you feel confident.

Trust me, going on videos and Facebook lives and doing live reading on air, no one starts out being like, yeah, yeah, I got this. It’s takes a while. So you have to really do things. Again, this is for everybody. Do things before you’re confident and that’s how you get your confidence. So I hope that helps. We’re going to take one more question because we’re wrapping up the hour here. It’s amazing how time flies.


Oh, Corine. Hi. She’s a fellow B Schooler.


She says I’m a life path 5. How can I manage the change occurring now to expand my service to the world with my psychic abilities?


Oh, your psychic abilities are beautiful. Five tend to be very clairvoyant. They tend to see things with their mind. And so you have a good vision about what you want in the world.

Now five is also associated with the throat chakra, right? And I’m reading this generally for all fives as well. The throat chakra. Five is about experiencing the world from your five senses and breaking down structures. So the more daring and revolutionary you are, the more success you’re going to have. So what happens is you can look at structures and even if you’re somebody who make structures, you’re making new structures, right? You’re tearing down old ones and making new ones. So if you’re one of these people that are alike, wow, this isn’t the way people have done it. This may be a little risky. That’s perfect for the five life paths. Know that you are a revolutionary and you’re here to bring revolutionary ideas, revolutionary new structures, revolutionary ways of doing things.

So the more unique, the more different, the more daring you are. That’s that throat chakra. Like, like when you’re thinking, Oh my God, what are people gonna think? This has never been done before. This has never been shared before. Then it can feel scary, right? So remind yourself that that’s part of your life path.


The other thing is that five is associated with media and broadcasting and anything having to do with media. So the more media I feel for you, especially like radio shows, podcasts, videos, get your voice out in the world in a media kind of way. Also five is associated with teaching and learning. So definitely be teaching as much as you can, even if your guest teacher on other people’s podcasts. So I hope that helped. I feel like we need to wrap it up now.

So, we’re getting to the top of the hour and I don’t want to be one of those things that make it more stressful for your holidays because I want you to go out and do all these things we talked about. I hope this has helped you and remember, I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing your life path number, the life path number of your family, the life path number of loved ones, especially if you’re a parent and you want to raise your children really with a deep understanding of them.

<h3>Thrive In The Holidays – Intuitive Guidance With Numerology

If you have any kind of partnership, a business partnership, if you have colleagues, coworkers, basically every application of life, it’s really important to understand people, what makes them tick, what makes you tick, what’s more in alignment with your soul’s purpose, what’s in alignment with their soul’s purpose. I highly recommend that you invest in this. It’s a very nominal investment. Numerology Illuminated. This is my signature course on life path numbers, where we’re diving deep into life path numbers. And I teach this with the taro.

So it’s actually like learning the tarot and numerology at the same time so that you can interpret both. And if you know anything about me, I teach in a really fun and easy way. It really can change your life once you understand why things have happened to you, what your true nature is, and how you can align yourself with your soul’s purpose moving forward. So I hope you take advantage of that. We have the link below that’s at I hope that you are feeling really good about yourself and are kind to yourself and remember to focus on what you’ve done rather than what you haven’t done so far. I love you so much. This was so much fun and I love you and take care. Bye for now.

You can thrive during the holidays as an empath!

The holidays are upon us! Yes, that can mean much merriment. It can also feel stressful and overwhelming.

Being the end of the year, you can feel as if you need to finish ALL your goals this month. There is so much to do, and you can feel time is running out. Oh, the pressure!

You might feel stretched with family obligations. Or perhaps you feel you wish you had a family that understood you. Or maybe you feel you would rather have time to yourself than engaging in all the holiday hullabaloo!

In this video, I share with you tools to manage your energy as an empath. You can truly make this a joyful, soul-nourishing time.

Your Life Path Number can help you during the holidays

Knowing your Life Path Number is a tool for understanding your energy. Each Life Path Number processes their lives uniquely.

Here are some guidelines to maintaining happiness in the holidays, by the numbers:

1 Life Path 

You might have too many ideas in your head that keep you anxious and overwhelmed. You must ground your energy, so you’re not overthinking and getting caught up in your to-do lists. Exercise and creativity are a must for you to maintain your happiness. This always applies, but especially now with you trying to get everything done before year’s end.

2 Life Path

You tend to want other people’s approval and affirmation. As you’re spending a lot of time with family or others, this can cause you some hurt feelings. It’s important for you to learn to affirm yourself and not have your esteem based on other people’s opinion of you. Take more time to yourself to calm your energy and process your emotions. Salt baths would be beneficial for you to cleanse your energy and calm your nerves.

3 Life Path

You’re so beautifully sensitive. Yet, you can tend to keep your feelings to yourself. You must say what you feel and not expect others to guess what you’re thinking. Not everyone is as emotionally sensitive as you, so you need to be direct and tell others what’s going on inside you. The more you speak your truth and share from your heart, the better you will feel!


4 Life Path

You have such a strong sense of authority.  This makes you a competent and capable leader. Yet, when you get overwhelmed you want to control things. Instead, when you begin to recognize that need to control your environment, or fix others – BREATHE. Stop what you’re doing and say a prayer to release your need to control and allow the energy to flow!

5 Life Path 

You want to experience everything in life! Your sense of fun and adventure is wonderful! And yet, you can take on TOO much, or do too many things, and it can be exhausting. Don’t let your FOMO get the better of you. Make sure you have a nice balance between fun and alone time. And be careful not to indulge in too much food and wine. Enjoy the holidays in moderation.

6 Life Path

You’re such a loving being. You want to take care of everyone. One of your life’s lessons is to learn how to delegate responsibility. Your motto can be, “if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself.” Yet, at what price? Focus on process, not perfection. Things might not get done the way you want them if you give up feeling responsible for everything. Yet, you might be a lot happier!

7 Life Path

You need LOTS of alone time. Make sure you’re taking salt baths, meditating, writing in your journal – whatever it is that helps you unwind and process your feelings. There is a LOT of stimulation now in your environment. This can get you caught in your analytical mode and unfamiliar with your feelings. Make sure you’re taking that space to tune into YOU, so you can tune out everyone else.

8 Life Path

8 is the number of abundance and prosperity. Yet, that doesn’t mean that money always comes easily to you. You’re meant to learn about status, power and money. 8s love to live large! This might mean you feel obligated to buy expensive gifts or throw lavish parties – even if they are beyond your means. You also are very committed to work. Make sure that’s not at the expense of your family or fun time.

9 Life Path 

You might not relate to your birth family. Or, you might feel too responsible for your family. The holidays can feel lonely if you don’t have a Christmas card family to enjoy them with. Remember, you also have a SOUL family, that might not have anything to do with your family of origin. Make sure you’re connecting with people who understand you and know you are loved!

11 Life Path

You’re a born leader and healer. Yet, you might still feel scared to let the world know who you really are! Before the end of the year, make sure you share something about whom you REALLY are. Show the world your true colors. Also, since you have a high-octane nervous system, make sure you’re cleansing your energy every day and BREATHING.

22 Life Path

You are a Master Builder that can feel a tremendous sense of responsibility. When you feel the need to control your environment, do something creative instead. You’re a born teacher, so take some time to write down your wisdom instead of thinking of all the things you need to do.

33 Life Path

You have such a strong sense of responsibility. You might feel as if everyone and everything needs YOU to take care of them. This can be exacerbated during the holidays with so many family obligations. Let other people help you. You don’t always need to host the party! And remember, process is more important than perfection!

Your Life Path Number is a compass that guides you toward destiny.


Understanding other people’s Life Path Numbers can make you a better parent, friend, spouse, partner, co-worker, counselor or healer. You get an in-depth view into other people’s experiences.

In my Numerology Illuminated course, you learn about ALL the Life Path Numbers  – 1 through 9, and the Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33. I hope you take advantage of it. It can change your life and relationships for good.

Numerology Illuminated

Your Life Path Number reveals the key to happiness, success, and love.

Transform your life’s challenges as you align with your destiny and fulfill your purpose.

This course covers all the Life Path Numbers, so you can have loving relationships with all the people in your life.

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