Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

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Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

Hi everyone. I am so happy we are here together to release 2019 with love and open your heart to 2020 and beyond. I’m Kari Samuels, your intuitive counselor and happiness coach. I’m thrilled that we are here. I’d love to see some comments from people.

So I am thrilled what a year we’ve had though. Oh my gosh. Right? 2019 has been rich with so many spiritual lessons that I have to tell you this year, the year before, actually the past several years, but especially the past three years have really been setting us up for 2020, which is going to be even in some ways more rich with spiritual lessons. It’s a very deep spiritual energy that we’re coming into. It’s interesting though because it’s in a lot of ways it has more spiritual lessons, but it’s also more grounded. So we head into 2020 with five planets in Capricorn. Sagittarius just moved in. Excuse me, Saturn just moved from Sagittarius into Capricorn and Saturn is going to be a big player.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

Saturn has been a big player for the past few years. Pluto has been in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Jupiter just moved into Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. It’s in a natural place. So we have all this Capricorn and all this Saturn energy.

Let me explain a little bit about the Saturn energy and then you’ll understand why I’m saying that this is going to be a year, a year filled with more spiritual lessons, karmic lessons, as well as being more earthy, because that has to do with the Saturn itself. Saturn in our solar system, you know, that beautiful planet, with the rings, right? It’s so pretty. It’s such a pretty planet and it’s a bad ass planet. Like Saturn is a teacher known as the task master. And I’m sure you’ve been feeling that.

What’s Saturn and Capricorn, including Capricorn, this task master energy. It’s the planet that has us face reality. And we actually live in a very reality challenged world right now. This is the era where real news is called fake news. But there’s all this misinformation. And then I’ve noticed in the spiritual community as well, that people want to focus only on the fifth dimension and not on the 3-D dimension.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

Saturn is the planet that reminds you that you are a spiritual being having a physical human experience and it’s all about real life and also 2020 is going to be a four universal year and four is the number of  real life things for as literally associated with planet earth and material things. So Saturn, Capricorn, number four, they’re all associated with very real things. If you are someone that only focuses on the energetic realm without having practical real feet on the ground and your physical body, it’s going to be more challenging for you because this is definitely a time where it is getting real.

That is what 2020 is about. It’s about things getting real. So it’s very much about physical, real life, which is a really good blessing in the sense that we’ve had all this creative energy and soul searching and 2020 is actually a year where you’re meant to build your dreams in a very practical way.

And Saturn is very much about practicality and real life. And the four is very much about practical energy too. If you know squares are fours, and it’s about squaring your corners. And if you want to build a foundation, you build on a square typically, right? If you want it to be solid. So this is very much an energy that is associated with building, building your dreams, creating foundations that will last for the long haul. Building your legacy. What are the gifts and talents that you want to share with the world?

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

How are you going to leave the world? What are you building for posterity and yourself and for the long term, because Saturn is about planning for the long term, it’s not about quick fixes. So that is very much about real life energy and very practical energy and grounded. But there’s other aspects of Saturn and Capricorn that are very spiritual.

You may know the totem of Capricorn being the goat and a mountain goat is interesting in the sense that it’s step-by-step going up to a very top of a mountain. So it can be very ambitious. So this is teaching you to have big dreams and mountain goats can take huge, scary, daring leaps, right? And then climb in ways that don’t even seem possible. But it’s one step at a time, isn’t it? It could be a gigantic, risky, mind blowing step or it could be very steady steps, however you want to get up the mountain.

But you’re getting up the mountain. And it’s about one step at a time. So this is about building and being very process oriented one step at a time. So there’s going to be the energy of changing habits. There’s going to be an energy around your daily routines. And so today, as I was preparing for this healing that I wanted to share with you, my guides shared with me that this is about, we’re going to heal in a very big way on small, like, they don’t want me to fit in like 1500 topics in this.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

He wanted me to keep this very focused for the healing because you can see how making small incremental changes can lead to very dramatic results. Now for my 2020 illuminated event, we have a whole hour together where we’re going to be calling in our guides and calling them in for protection, for wisdom, for guidance, for healing, and we’re going to be doing a longer ritual of healing and an intention setting.

So we’re going to be enjoying at least an hour together as one day of that four day event. So if you want to join me for that, I encourage you to do so. Now while we still have this early bird pricing, I just extended it after the holiday because people requested it. And so it’s only for a few more days though.

So that’s going to be a longer, more extensive healing as well as intention setting with your guides and angels. Yet, I wanted everyone to have an opportunity to have a profound healing right now, before we step into this new decade before we step into this brand new frontier where we’re going to be tearing down our structures. And when I say that this is because Pluto, okay, I’m going to remind you it. I know it’s hard to take in. It all sounds like this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. So let me break this down for you.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

What’s going to be happening? Pluto is in Capricorn and has been since 2008. It is the death transformation and rebirth planet. Pluto is literally the Lord of the underworld. It’s like the guardian of hell. So any kind of hellish thing. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. So Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, governs government, economy, all structures, all of the structures of our life. And they’ve been going through this death and shadow bringing. Pluto brings the shadow to light.

So if you haven’t noticed, there’s this kind of a hell realm government and economy and these big structures, it feels like this is this shadow and that’s what’s happening. I have a lot more to say about this. But again, that is where the, you know, there’s only my guides want me to in this time together, give you small doses so that they can have a more profound effect because this is what Saturn’s teaching us step by step changes that lead to gigantic results.

Jupiter just moved into Capricorn for the next year, which is ruled by Saturn again, and Saturn is in Capricorn for this two plus year cycle. So Saturn, this big player is the planet with the rings. That’s about boundaries. And there’s two planets in our solar system that are known as our social planets, Jupiter and Saturn. And after that we go into transpersonal planets. Now, Saturn is the last planet in our solar system before we get into these transpersonal planets.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

So it’s about knowing you from other, it’s about having these personal boundaries before you dissolve your boundaries into all that is. Because again, it’s very important that you are an individual, that you are human being in this vast spiritual world, that you know where you stand, who you are, what you’re made of and that you’re putting in the work of being human.

So this is why Saturn has the taskmaster. Saturn is also the hoard of karma. And this is why I’m saying there’s this vast spiritual energy to this year. Now, the Lord of karma. So what does that mean? It means that anything that you’ve put in your shadow, which includes your gifts, like things, your talents that you’ve protected and tucked away because you didn’t feel safe enough to share them with the world that’s in your shadow. And what else is in your shadow or parts of yourself that you find maybe people won’t like you or are you the part of you that’s human, that has emotions, that aren’t all butterflies and unicorns are often put in your shadows cause we all want to be a nice kind spirit.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

Well not everyone, that’s the thing. And that’s part of the shadow that we’re seeing in the world that not everyone is nice. And that is part of the shadow that we’re all dealing with, but most likely you want to be a nice kind, loving spiritual person that’s never envious, that never has anger that, Oh, okay, good luck with that.

So let’s talk about this week. Okay, so December 25th or 26 depending on where you live in the world, is eclipse season. Eclipses that happen two weeks apart.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

We just had a new moon solar eclipse. The two weeks is the span of time between a new moon and a full moon respectively. We just had a new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn on the 25th or 26th depending on where you live in the world. And this whole end of the year bridging into 2020 is this eclipse portal, this two weeks eclipse portal.

And our first lunation of the year on January 10th is a full moon lunar eclipse in cancer and cancer is ruled by the moon. So this initiation into this whole year, this whole new decade, is this eclipse portal which makes you more emotional. It brings to light aspects of your shadow, which have previously been at clips from your consciousness. So when I’m preparing for any forecast for my monthly forecasts or as I’m preparing now for this 2020 forecast that I’m going to be sharing in my online event, I am reading the story of the year.

So the year begins with a full moon lunar eclipse in cancer, which is ruled by the moon, which is already very sensitive and very emotional. I hope you’re following me. I know this is a lot of Astros speak at once. So it begins with that which brings up emotions that have been buried karmic leap, right?

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

Like this isn’t just a full moon that’s already more emotional. This is bringing up things that are wanting to be birthed now, things that you’ve been suppressing, repressing. So this has been a very emotional week. It’s been a very emotional end of the year, not just in an old anxiety sentimental way, but just like, two hours before I came on here, I saw this video of this puppy that was rescued in Philadelphia that went into this house and I cried for like 10 minutes, I was like, Oh my God, beautiful. They brought her home. She found home. I mean it’s ridiculous, right? All of these emotions.

Past life, energy. So we have all this Saturn in 2020 which is the Lord of karma. We go into the decade with this eclipse portal and the year actually ends with a full moon lunar eclipse in cancer and every single planet that we have in our solar system is going retrograde next year, including personal planets, which doesn’t happen every year. I know it feels like there’s always some kind of retrograde.

No, every planet, which means that you’re reviewing your past, you’re reviewing your emotions, you’re reviewing everything in 2020. So even though it’s this time of great healing, great building, and very practical, expansive, growing, ambitious energy, it’s a lot of emotional energy and you can feel that, can’t you? I’d love to hear what’s coming up for you this week because it’s very emotional and that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. It means you’re right on track.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

There’s another aspect to this karmic healing energy of 2020 it’s something called the South node of the moon. Now the south nodes of the moon have to do with the elliptic and that has to do with what eclipses we have. So where the energy is brought to light. So right now our South node is in Capricorn. South node is about karma.

So your past life influences what you’re moving away from. Now our North node is in cancer. So this means as a collective, we’re moving away. Now Capricorn is also associated with the patriarchy. And isn’t that where the shadow has been coming up? Right? So the shadow energy is all about patriarchy and and issues related to father and fatherhood. All this male energy that’s the past life energy that we’re healing right now as a personal and a collective.

And where we’re headed to is Cancerian energy, which is more nurturing. The energy coming up now, the issues that are coming up now globally and personally are ones that are going to be magnified next year. So pay attention to what’s coming up for you. Let me hear what’s coming up for you because I’d love to know what kind of lessons you’re having now. Most likely they have to do with you feeling nurtured, your sense of security and what makes you feel insecure, your environment in terms of your emotion, work life balance, whether you’re working too much and what are you working toward? All of this, it’s going to be highlighted, it’s going to be in bold relief.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

So I encourage you to pay attention to what’s happening now emotionally for you because they are going to be the lessons that you’re going to be working on next year. And I’m always hesitant to use the word work. But Capricorn, Saturn energy is about doing the work. It’s about having the discipline. Next year will be many things. It is going to be fulfilling, incredible life changing, but it is definitely not going to be easy. Okay. Because you have to get real about things in your life and about what it is that you’ve been hiding from and what it is that you have to deal with either emotionally, physically, spiritually, every structure in your life. I don’t mean that to sound scary.

It’s kind of like if you are just starting an exercise regimen and you’re like, wow, look at all these people in the class that have been like, they’re so in shape and they’re doing all this and here I am and I haven’t gone to the gym and like six years or however many years and you’re just starting and you have to start this routine that has to do with your nutrition. It can be intimidating and it’s hard. Take some discipline going into the gym or whatever and having a healthy diet.

But wow. How gratifying is it to get you strong? And four is associated with physical strength as well as emotional strength. This is a year where you are going to be building your dreams and yes, that takes discipline and yes, that takes work. Wow. How immensely gratifying this is what’s coming up for you. So this is why my guides have me had me come on here today and share with you a healing.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

So that you can let go. Some of this has been heavy the past years. There’s a lot happened personally, globally. There’s a lot going on. And so this is your time right now to let go of some of that energy that you don’t want to take into the next decade or the next day. Let that go. And you can open your heart to these immense and amazing opportunities that are ahead of you that are going to avail themselves to you in 2020 and beyond.

And the energy, and because we have this eclipse portal, this is a very ripe time to release this energy and for this transformation. That’s the beauty of all of that retrograde energy. And the karmic energy and the spiritual energy of next year, you can release some of your burdens for good. Now, isn’t that exciting? So I am so excited. So again, my guides shared with me that this is going to be a very simple healing that you can have a profound effect with.

And they shared with me the things that they want to focus on the most. And so this is a metaphor for the entire year. You don’t need to take on everything at once. This is about step by step process and this is the first step that they wanted to share with you. My guides, cause I love my guides, I love your guides, I love our guides. We’re so lucky to have these beautiful beings here with us, our angels and guides. And that is another thing I want to remind you of. You’re never alone. You have so much help.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

And I’m here helping you too. So I know I’m on video, but I’m going to be closing my eyes. I suggest that you do this if you’re not driving. Because we’re going to be closing our eyes because I really want you to be tuning into your body.

If you are driving, I’m asking you to tune into this later so that you can tune into yourself. So right now we’re going to have our eyes closed. So don’t look at me even though I’m on video. To begin, make sure you’re in a nice comfortable position with your spine straight and keep your jaw nice and relaxed and don’t jut your chin. Just make sure it’s nice and aligned so that your spine is aligned with your body, but your jaw nice and relaxed.

Your hands at your side, your palms open if you’d like, you can be lying down or sitting down and begin with some deep cleansing breaths. Now, sometimes when I’m doing this in person, in real life, not just on video, I noticed people, when I say deep breath that they push it at just being gentle. This is about being gentle. So let’s take some nice deep cleansing breaths where you can actually tune in and feel this breath in your body. And with each breath you feel cleansing and your body. So breathe in light and breathe out any stress and negativity. Breathe in light and any tension just melts away as you exhale, breathe in and exhale.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

Really tune into your body because one of the things my guides showed me that they want to share with you today is how to tune into your body to heal and to release energy. Imagine now that you have a grounding cord from the base of your spine, like a thick trunk of a tree that goes deep into the earth. So deep past the floor, down into the ground, into the earth path past the rocks and roots of great trees, the living waters, all the way down to the very core of deeper you can imagine.

Now that root energy is going down your legs and at the soles of your feet you have chakras that are opening and growing roots deep into the earth far and wide. And you can imagine this earth, the soil being very moist and rich and nourishing, dark, beautiful soil, and feel how healing it is to simply be connected to the earth.

Wonderful. And visualize yourself in a column of beautiful, sparkling light light. We’re in this beautiful column of light and there was a column of white light in each of the four corners of your room and a beautiful ball of sparkling light in the center of your room that draw us away all lower thought forms, energies and vibrations and brings love, warm feeling and protection. And with every breath, this beautiful ball of light grows larger and brighter, bigger and brighter until it envelops your whole space.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

And now that your space is cleansed and protected, we’re gonna call in our helpers. Great spirit surround us with your love, your light, your peace, your power, and your grace. Help us to be at one with you and maybe feel your presence in her hearts. We invite the archangels, Michael Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel to guard and protect the four corners of our spaces and ensure that we connect only with the highest energies in the love and light of the creator.

And we invite all of our archangels or angels, spirit guides, power animals, ascended masters and beings of light of only the highest vibration to surround us, protect us and share your love and wisdom with us. We ask that you help us release any energies, thought, forms, vibrations that no longer serve our highest being. So we can open our hearts and our beings to love prosperity, abundance, power, power that is used for the positive good of all. And we asked that we are confident in our earth walk that we walk forth with shore and steady steps towards our dreams every day for the highest and best of all, thank you amen.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

So keep your eyes closed as you feel that beautiful loving, healing energy all around you and that you remember how protected you are. So calling your guardian angels, you can feel your guardian angels around you. They’ve got your back, they’ve got you all around. You’re surrounded by angels.

We’re calling forth our healing team to assist us with this transformation to let go of anything that doesn’t serve us. Keep breathing in this beautiful loving energy and feel what it’s like to be in your body. Now with this beautiful loving energy, I’m going to open my eyes for a moment, but you stay with your eyes closed. So one of the things my guides were sharing was that they want you to feel some of how some of the heaviness or negative energy is in your body so that you know how to let it go. So I’m going to be sharing three things that they want us to heal today.

And as I say these things, first we’re going to start with what? What is your maybe carrying with you? So that’s not enough formation. If you’re like, why is she saying these negative words? And then we’re going to release that and replace it with something better. So tune into your body.

First Cleansing Belief

The first thing that they want to help you release and heal and cleanse is the belief that I am not enough. So you can say that to yourself out loud.

Again, it’s not an affirmation. You want to notice how this is having stuck energy in your body. So as you say, I am not enough. We all have this belief somewhere. But notice where in your body this energy is restricting some of the life force energy from flowing through you. When you say to yourself or out loud, again, it’s not an affirmation. You’re just noticing where that energy is affecting you. I am not enough and you have to really be in your body.

Now, don’t worry. If you’re not good at tuning into your body, we’re going to still do the healing. It’s going to still be effective. But if you can feel it, notice where you feel stuck energy in your body and as you do, simply breathe in light. Now imagine there’s this beautiful star of light above your head and this light is pouring down love and light and healing energy into every cell of your being.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

And as this energy of light is pouring down through you and you’re breathing in light, you’re letting go of those places in your body, mind, and spirit in all directions of time where you may have had a belief, I am not enough. We ask Archangel Michael and Raphael to assist us with this healing right now in addition to your healing team and let go of that energy.

I am not enough. Let it go. The angels are taking it from you as you are breathing late and open up your heart and your energy to replace this energy with I am more than enough right now. With your permission, you can just say yes. You allow yourself to be downloaded body, mind, and spirit in every cell of your being with I am more than enough right now and let that penetrate every cell of your being and emanate out into the world. You’re seeing this as sparkles of light. You are radiating light of I am more than enough right now. So breathe in that beautiful loving, healing energy.

Oh, you are doing so great. You know why? Because you are more than enough right now. So keep breathing that in and let any excess energy go down through your roots, down into the earth to be transmuted and healed. The angels are taking that to transmute it into light, pure light.

Second Cleansing Belief

Now the second belief that your guides want you to transform and release. You’re going to say this and see how it resonates in your body. I have not done enough or I have not accomplished enough. You can try those both and see how they feel. I’ve not done enough. I have not accomplished enough.

Notice where you feel that in your body and take that light from the star above and let it flow through you. As you breathe the light in every cell of your being, body, mind, and spirit, and it’s dissolving that energy. It’s dissolving those thoughts, energies, beliefs, emotions, body, mind and spirit in every cell of your being in alterations at the time, any energy of I have not done enough is now transmuted, formless, and harmless into pure light. Keep breathing that into your body so you feel that beliefs, intention all through your being and now call forth into you. Allow this to be downloaded into my soul has achieved greatness and let that resonate in your being, body, mind, and spirit in every cell of your being. I am great and I have achieved greatness.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

I am an extraordinary being, doing extraordinary things and let that resonate in your being, body, mind, and spirit in all directions of time, I will continue to achieve greatness every day in every way, I am extraordinary, I have achieved greatness and great things extraordinary. It is safe for me to share my gifts with the world and let that energy shine and radiate in all directions. How shiny and extraordinary you are. Allow yourself to shine. It is safe for me to shine, so I allow myself to shine bigger and brighter every day in every way and let that really radiate and sparkle in every cell of your being radiated out into the universe and the universe is responding manifold.

Third Cleansing Belief

Wonderful. Now, the third and final belief that your guides wished to help you heal today, I am responsible for other people’s happiness. That’s something they want you to let go of. So notice how you feel when you say, I am responsible for other people’s happiness. How’d that makes you feel? Yeah, of course, your guides want you to feel delightful. So we’re going to let go of this energy now working until Michael Raphael. They’re going to transmute that energy for you as you let it go. And you have this light from above the star from above, shining down upon you, washing away any of those thought forms, energies, beliefs, and all directions of time in every cell of your being.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

As you let that light flow through you. Wonderful. And now we’re going to replace that with, it is safe for me to put my happiness first. My happiness is a priority, but that download into body, mind, and spirit into every cell of your being. My wellbeing benefits all beings. That’s wonderful. We’re gonna wash that over you and are going to wash you in a shower of light, waterfall of light. Let any lower thought forms, energies, or vibrations or anything else that needs to be released right now, Let that be released, Let your angels take it from you, Let it be transformed and transmuted, formless and harmless as that is transmuted into pure love, body, mind, and spirit in every cell of your being.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

Let this light from above shine into your heart and then go down all the way down your body grounded into the earth and then this light is radiating from every cell of your being, from your heart, the love in your heart, the love of your life, the love of being alive, the joy of being alive, the gratitude for being you, Let yourself feel that in your heart as that radiates in your body, mind and spirit in every cell of your being, radiating into the universe. Allow yourself to shine bigger and brighter, bigger and brighter, bigger and brighter.

You are so shiny. Oh, if a deep cleansing breath we let go of anything else that doesn’t serve us, you feel that gratitude in your heart and you thank of your guides, your angels, and your helping spirits. You thank them from your heart and they can feel that energy. Take another deep cleansing breath. Let that go and whenever you are ready you can open up your eyes.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

How are you feeling? You bright, shiny being. I’d love to hear how this resonated with you. Any changes that you feel. Now that was only three beliefs and let me tell you, letting go of those three beliefs, energy restrictions are going to change your life dramatically and this is something our guides want us to know about 2020 it’s about making these small, profound changes that are going to totally transform your life. You have quite a year ahead of you.

You have quite a decade ahead of you. I want you to have the tools that you need to really start this decade and your life. Your next chapter with grace, with beauty. I hope this has helped you. Now. As I said, I am creating now this four day online experience. If you’d like to join me, I’m going to tell you a little bit about it.

Now we extended the early bird special for just under a week because people requested it for the holidays. They were putting other people’s needs in front of their own and that’s one of the things that we do during the holidays and our guides want us to learn to make your happiness of priority.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

So if you’d like to invest in yourself, I’ll tell you a little bit about this four day online event. So I made it four days this year. Every year I’ve been doing these forecast events and people love them. They request them a month ahead of time. They’re like, where is it? Are you doing it? If you’ve ever watched any of my forecasts videos for the month, you can understand that. We can forecast energy. It’s like a weather report. So what I do is I read the symbols, the clues, and I also receive a lot of messages from my spirit guides about what to expect for the year ahead.

And several months ago they were sharing with me just how profound and challenging and rewarding 2020 is going to be. So I didn’t want to cram it all into one long event. Again, this is about incremental changes. So I’m having four events that are each its own healing its own lesson, its own transformation that’s going to help you prepare.

First Event

So the very first event in this four day experience is healing and intention setting. We only got to do a bit of that now.

So this is going to be an hour long at least. I tend to have a lot more to share cause I want you to be able to heal anything that is no longer serving you. But it’s really important that you have soulful, heartfelt intentions rather than what your ego wants.

And that’s going to be some of the karmic awakening that you will experience. So if you, and by the way the link is in the description here, but that’s So the first day we’re going to be calling in our guide team for protection, for healing and to align with your soul so that you are really manifesting from a place of the heart and soul rather than from an ego or karmic place. And that is a really profoundly important way to begin this year and this decade.

So if you do want assistance with that, that’s going to be the first event.

Second Event

Now, the second event in this series is going to be a year long forecast where I go through with you the spiritual lessons of the year, the planetary energies of the year and month by month with all these retrogrades and eclipse energy and karmic energy.

It’s going to be a little bit of a tricky obstacle course in some ways to make sure that you’re doing the right thing at the right time. And just like I said that this week is going to be emotional. You have to plan for those things. You have to plan for the more emotionally charged weeks and months even.

Release 2019 And Open Your Heart To 2020!

And you have to plan for retrogrades and all of these things were you may have your plans in the universe is saying, well, this is what we have planned for this time. So I really want to help you have divine timing so that you can flow with the rhythm of the universe instead of fighting against the tides. So the second event in this four day series is the forecast where I go through all of the planets, the numbers. It’s actually a combination of taro, numerology and astrology and its own special magic with also additional downloads from my guides.

Now, that used to be the only event I did. But that’s one piece of this and it’s really important that you know about those ahead of time so that you can plan ahead of time. So we’re going to be going month by month as well. What that month, the spiritual lessons and what it’s best for in terms of physically emotional and spiritual, actual material planning as well.

Third Event

So that the second day, the third day we’re going through your yearly numerology and personal numerology, how to calculate that.

And so what we’re going to be sharing is I say we cause it’s me and my spirit guides. So what we’re going to be sharing is how to understand how to balance your personal numerology with the four energy of the year. Cause a five personal year can mean one thing in a three universal year like we just had, but it’s something different in a four universal year.

So it’s how to balance that. And so I’ll be giving channeled messages that as well as how to calculate your monthly numerology and how to interpret that as well.

Fourth Event

And then the fourth day is a Q&A about all things astrology, numerology, spiritual for 2020 because I’m sure you have questions. So I hope you can join me for that. Check out

So, I hope this has helped you tremendously today. I really, really wanted to give you some tools and levity to go into this new year with joy, optimism, enthusiasm, and the energy to make this your best year yet. So I’m so grateful that you are in my life. I’m so grateful for this time together. I’m so grateful for you being you. Am encouraging you to be more you than ever before, to shine your light more brightly and be that glorious being that you were born to be. I love you so much and I will talk to you again soon. Lots of love. Bye for now.

Release 2019 so you can have an amazing 2020!

I have a prezzie for you! I did a healing yesterday to help you release 2019 and open your heart to 2020!

Love notes have been pouring in from people around the world with about how much lighter this made them feel.

2019 was rich with spiritual lessons and soul’s growth. Perhaps you want to let go of any residual heaviness you have that you don’t want to take with you into the new decade.

This guided healing will help you let go of anything that doesn’t serve your highest good, so you can start the new year feeling amazing!

Access the guided healing in the video below:

Many people have been asking me about my 2020 Illuminated event and wondering if they aren’t able to join the live calls if they’re still able to benefit.

YES! Of course you can! You can download and enjoy the information throughout the year. You’ll also receive a 50+ page 2020 Celestial Guide & Planner.

You’ll most likely want to refer to the forecast, guide and healing throughout the year.

2020 is a year you can completely rebuild your life.

To celebrate the new decade, I’m hosting a 4 day soul nourishing, spirit lifting, dream inspiring online experience.

I invite you to join me for 2020 Illuminated -Days of Forecasts, Magic and Healing.

2020 will be a life-changing year, so I wanted to help you start the decade with all the spiritual and practical tools you need.

You can find all the details of this extraordinary event below.

Access 2020 Illuminated Here »




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