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2020 Spiritual Lessons – How to Handle Life’s Curveballs

2020 Spiritual Lessons – How to Handle Life’s Curveballs

2020 is going to offer you a lot of lessons!

I can hear the collective “oh no!”. Truly though, it’s going to be an amazing year.

Yet, one thing 2020 is not going to be, is easy.

2020 is the year to build your dreams

If you’ve ever built anything from the ground up, you know it’s not easy. Yet it is entirely worthwhile.

Building anything from scratch is fulfilling, fortifying, strengthening, nourishing, and will test you every step of the way.

In numerology, 2020 is a 4 Universal Year. 4 is the number of foundations that teaches you to have patience with your process.

Looking at the astrology, 2020 has its share of twists and turns as well.

It’s a year where you will you need careful planning, and flexible adaptability.

I discovered that in real life as I was planning my annual forecast event.

I knew that the Universe was showing us a spiritual lesson we all need to learn in 2020.

Watch the video below to discover an essential spiritual lesson of 2020.

You’ll also discover how to handle it when life throws you a curveball.

~ Kari



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