2020 Spiritual Lessons-How to Handle Life’s Curveballs

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2020 Spiritual Lessons – How to Handle Life’s Curveballs

Hello, it’s Kari here and I am so excited to be with you. I wasn’t planning on this, but, I had sort of a bananas day yesterday. It was a really sort of a strange and interesting day. It was full of all kinds of lessons. And I knew it had to do with the energies of 2020. So I’ll explain. First of all, whenever I am in the process of teaching something or getting something ready to teach, I always have to learn the lessons about what it is that I’m about to share, right? We teach what we need to learn and what better way to do it than to experience it in real life.

So for instance, when I was getting ready for my animal souls class that I was teaching several years ago my cat died. It wasn’t really my cat. It was a cat that lived in our yard but I loved him.

Anyway. So that was part of what I was teaching. And it’s really funny because every time I’m doing a video and I’m going to be talking a monthly forecast and I’m going to be talking about mercury retrograde, all kinds of crazy pants stuff happens. Like someone will decide to mow the lawn of a public park right in front of me and just weird hot air balloons. I don’t even know crazy stuff. So, so I always look at everything and this is what I do.

2020 Spiritual Lessons

I interpret everything in the universe as a sign because everything is a message for us because the universe is alive with messages. And this is what I do. I interpret the messages around us and that includes planets and numbers. So I spend a lot of time reflecting, Oh my gosh, there’s so much happening in 2020 that I’m getting ready to teach my annual forecast event.

And this year it’s, it’s more than just a forecast because it is a new decade and this has been a very intense few years. We’re starting out with energy clearing and bringing in our guides for protection and healing and the forecast and numerology. If anyone’s ever taken a course of mine or anything that I’ve shared, well even my forecasts, you can, you can probably tell how much love and care I put into things.

So you may know my chief happiness officer, Jess. Jess and I really worked hard in a labor of love kind of way to make the registration pay. We want everything about this entry into this new decade to be magic, right? So that’s why we’re calling it 2020 illuminated, four days of forecast, magic and healing because magic is a big part of what we all need to bring into our life, especially because next year is going to have a lot of energies about very much the earth plane.


You need to balance that with magic and fairy dust, right? So we worked so hard to make the registration page, just a magical, beautiful experience. And we tested it and we tested it. So this is one thing to know about me. I’m typically not afraid that I have enough words to say. Do I know what I’m going to say?

The thing that kind of always makes me anxious, whether I’m doing a video or a live event is technology. So much can go wrong, right? So we tested the heck out of this thing to make sure it was going to be a smooth experience. So the day after registration started I woke up and I was like, wow, I am amazed. There was not one technical thing. This is like mana from heaven.

Right. Okay. You could see where this is coming next. So at midnight that night, for those of you who know anything about me, I’m very much a night owl. I don’t believe these people that say only morning people are productive. I’ve got five planets in Virgo. I’m plenty productive. So I’m a night owl. And so it was like midnight.  Now mind you, my team are all morning people, which works perfectly for everybody. It’s not a huge team but, but most people live on central time and I’m Pacific time.

Lessons From My Team

So it was like midnight. And I get this thing from PayPal, like, Oh, we’re going to make this easier and better for you and your customers. Just click here and upgrade. And I’m like, cool. I want to make things easier and better for everybody. So guess what happened? So like every single checkout link on every single page I ever made somehow went wonky.

Like it just didn’t work. Like on anything. So, you know, they all work woke up at like 5:00 AM their time. And I’m like, you know, upstairs beditating, eating, like getting ready for my day, I’m taking my time because I had like this, you know, this week of preparing to share this with the world.

And so I really took my time, but you know, so I finally look at my phone and it’s like, yeah, nothing works. So like we got on a Skype call and it was like, by the way, for those of you who tried to register, you can register now. So that’s all great by the way. Cause I am super blessed to have the most amazing team around. So we’re all trying to figure this out and they have kids and they’re like, well, it’s getting late here.

Karma Awakening

I have to do this and this and I have to make dinner and I have to… So it was one of these things, it was like, we’re all starting to scramble. We were starting to make like, Oh, let’s do this or let’s do that. And then we’re like, no, let’s just take a little break. So here’s what I wanted to share this with you. So mind you, yesterday I was going to come on and do a Facebook live about karma in 2020 because one of the big themes about 2020 is your karma awakening.

And there was all of these clues with the 121212 full moon that we had and this incredible event that’s happening on the 12th then all this. And so I was like, wow, there’s so much I want to share about this karmic event and how to handle the karma and karmic awakening that we’re all going to have in 2020.

So that was my plan for yesterday and it was not what happened. We were trying to help people get registered and have a nice experience and things going smoothly. So here’s what happened. We were all very kind of scrambled when we were trying to hurry up and make decisions and then because they all had to go and take care of their kids, we all got to take a break. I did what any responsible adult would do in that situation. I went to Zoomba because they have two hours where they need to deal with their kids.

Two Lessons

So I’m going to go and have fun and clear my mind and get in my body and not like, and like detached from this. And so in this process of us all detaching, we were able to have some clarity and make some decisions about how we’re going to fix it.

Cause there were a lot of options. She would switch everything to PayPal, she’ll be like, not use credit cards. And it was like, it was again, it was bananas, or pick a fruit, whatever. So we, but why haven’t we took the space and it helped me get a lot of perspective as well because I was like, is this like, I mean like why am I, why, why is there even a panic energy around this? Because one, let’s have some big picture energy here. This is not like a major situation. This is something that quite obviously we don’t know how to fix it yet, but I’m 100% sure that it has a solution.

And two, I’m so blessed to have this support team. I used to have to do this by myself. And here I have these incredible people helping me like in their evening and like so it went from feeling like very stressed to very blessed, right?


Of course I’m reflecting on, well this has to be a message about 2020 because I’m, I’m here preparing for the 2020 event and what I’m going to be sharing and nothing’s random, right? This is obviously a teaching. Here is what I wanted to share with you because this is going to be a lesson for us all in 2020 because 2020 is a year where life is going to be like, it’s, here’s the thing, there’s all this karmic energy happening and I’ll share this for another time, the details about that.

And again, I have so much to share about this. This is why this event that I’m planning is a four day event because this is no ordinary year and this is the beginning of the decade. And I want to make sure that you start this off with all the spiritual and practical tools that you need.

Because this is part of what 2020 is about, is about being very practical. It’s about real life stuff cause it’s a four universal year. So it’s going to be all about finance, business, home, your body, all the material things are going to be the focus. And we have all this in Capricorn, which is an earth sign, which is very much about earth, right? This is the, the, the mountain goat or sometimes known as the sea goat also. But it’s all about how you’re managing.


And this is all about process. Capricorn teaches you process before energy teaches you process. The four and the Capricorn are very much aligned. So it’s a very universal message. But then there’s all this spiritual theme with a 2020, because of the number of the high priestess and the tarot, and then the zero has all this spiritual protection and potential.

So it’s this incredible mash up of highly spiritual energy and is very practical. So this is why I’m calling this the year you’re to build your dreams. But if you’ve ever built anything, a business, a career, a home, your finances, your health, you know that it’s, first of all, it’s not easy, but it’s gratifying and there’s always going to be growing pains. You’re like, Oh my God, I didn’t expect this because you couldn’t plan  anything. Right? And I highly suggest that you plan and this is why we do the forecast.

So you understand the lessons around it as well. So planning is not just like, okay, I’m going to do A, B, and C and then it’s all going to go perfectly. Planning is all about having the spiritual tools that you need to respond to everything. And this is where I thought this was so funny.

2020 Spiritual Lessons

So of course I’m talking to my husband about, 2020 energy and I’d love the fact that he has so much insight for me as well, and we can share this. So I was saying that one of the themes of 2020 is going to be responsibility. And learning how to respond to our reality different and he goes, response ability, the ability to respond. How did I not think of this before?

Did you know, is this obvious? Is this one of those things that like, I mean, honestly that blew my mind. So this is like before this thing happened, I thought about those words as, you know, this technical, I mean, all it was was a technical glitch and it wasn’t like the day that like, I started registration. Well, so what if it was anyway or like the day before? And again, so what if it was anyway?

I mean, really? So I was thinking about that and I was like, well, how do I respond to this situation?

One, my first thoughts were, what if, what if these people, what if they have trouble? What if they don’t come back? And then it was like, okay, and so, it may not seem like an epiphany for you, but I have to tell you, it was a real learning lesson. What other kind of lessons are there? But you know what? I mean, so it was a real lesson about what, what to expect in 2020.

2020 Spiritual Lessons

You can plan and you can test and a big part of planning is going to be number one, keeping your perspective about the big picture and two don’t be codependent in your responses because what if the responses that were going on in my head, that’s like codependent.

So 2020 is a four universal year and the four is the emperor in the tarot. And so I was thinking, how do I respond as the emperor, right? Like, am I going to like freak out about this or am I going to be like, let’s work at the team to manage this to make this better? Right? So, it’s about taking back your authority about claiming the power in your life rather than freaking out over and reacting.

There’s a big difference between reacting and responding. So this is why I came on here to share this with you because this is going to be a lesson all throughout 2020. I have to tell you, we have a lot starting March. It’s personal planets, it’s just going to be retrograde after retrograde of personal planets. And we start off with an eclipse.

2020 Spiritual Lessons

So when we starting off with the lunar eclipse and then this dramatic event on the 12th that Saturn, Pluto, Pluto, Capricorn conjunction, that hasn’t happened since 1512, for 700 years. I mean, there’s so much about 2020 that is going to be spiritual lessons. So the high priestess has at least as much to teach you as the emperor and they can be, there’s an art to balancing that, right?

Again, that’s why I’m coming on here and sharing this with you. That is why I am doing this for a day event because there’s so many spiritual lessons of 2020, and, because we have so much in Capricorn, the temptation could be about just planning the physical things.

So we actually bridge these decades with this eclipse portal and that’s opening you up to the truth, that’s awakening to your true purpose. And things that have been hidden from you. And this is how we’re entering the decade with this like bridge between eclipses. So if we’re beginning this decade with the lunar eclipse in this dramatic event, two days later, you can bet that there was going to be a myriad of spiritual lessons. I almost had a miracle because that’s also what it is. So I’m encouraging you as you’re moving forward and you’re setting your intentions and you’re planning for 2020, you prepare yourself to recognize, first of all, to be grounded.

2020 Spiritual Lessons

And that’s part of what the four teaches us as well. It’s all about the earth plane. So to be grounded, to be in your body and to be responsible to yourself and your well being above anything. And that is how you can be present to respond to situations, to have response ability for any situation that comes at you. And I want to remind you that the emperor doesn’t go, What if other people like, that’s just so you know, these twelves that kept coming up. Like that 12, 12, 12 full moon at 12, 12:00 AM one of the things the 12 teaches you is to be true to yourself first. That’s number one.

Then you can have healthy harmony and partnerships with others. That’s the number two. And of course three, which it adds up to first of all, one, two, three. It’s about lining things up and getting your ducks in a row, reminding you that life could be as easy as one, two, three, if you allow it.

It’s also about expressing what’s in your heart. So that’s why I came in here online to share this with you, to remind you to stay present, to have a perspective that nothing is as dramatic as it may seem in the moment to keep your eye on the big picture. I have a lot of insights about the big picture of 2020 that I’ve been putting together.

2020 Spiritual Lessons – How to Handle Life’s Curveballs

I’m going to be sharing them with you and really I would love for you to join me to be prepared for this because that’s a one way to have this, that’s why they call people first responders. The more prepared you can be and I don’t say this lightly, like everything that you’ve been doing for the past several years has been leading up to what you’re going to be building in 2020 and how strong you need to be in, how, how gratifying and fulfilling it can be if you have the right tools.

And that’s why I’m very passionate about sharing these tools with you. And if you would like to join me, that link is working now. It’s at karisamuels.com/2020-illuminated. I’ll put the link for you below. I wanted to share this with you. And I hope that this has helped you have a perspective and just remember to stay present.

Remember how much support that you had in real life and in the heavens. Simply stay in your body and expect for things to work for you. And I promise they will. I send you so much love and again this is at karisamuels.com/2020-illuminated. I’ll put the link below. I love you so much and I have so much to share with you about this incredible decade. Love you. Take care. Bye bye.

2020 is going to offer you a lot of lessons!

I can hear the collective “oh no!”. Truly though, it’s going to be an amazing year.

Yet, one thing 2020 is not going to be, is easy.

2020 is the year to build your dreams

If you’ve ever built anything from the ground up, you know it’s not easy. Yet it is entirely worthwhile.

Building anything from scratch is fulfilling, fortifying, strengthening, nourishing, and will test you every step of the way.

In numerology, 2020 is a 4 Universal Year. 4 is the number of foundations that teaches you to have patience with your process.

Looking at the astrology, 2020 has its share of twists and turns as well.

It’s a year where you will you need careful planning, and flexible adaptability.

I discovered that in real life as I was planning my annual forecast event.

I knew that the Universe was showing us a spiritual lesson we all need to learn in 2020.

You’ll also discover how to handle it when life throws you a curveball.

~ Kari



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