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June Astrology 2024 Joyful June is here. And this month is full of excitement and opportunities. Hello, I’m Keri Samuels, your intuitive counselor and happiness coach with your June forecast. And can you believe it’s June already? This year is Zipping by and this month is going to be super fast. I know in Taurus season in May it was the time for slowing down and really getting that steady Taurus energy but it was still pretty fast because you were finding your footing after that wild April that we had. And June is going to be even faster because Gemini is mutable air. It’s super fast and there’s a lot of Gemini this month. And so this is a time for opportunities and sharing your light and socializing and A lot of goodness is happening this month. So Gemini is the honeybee of the zodiac. It’s all about finding new perspectives and connecting with different types of people. So it’s like pollinating flower to flower to flower. So there’s this sense of like, Busyness in the air as well. Of course, it is an air sign. So there’s a lot of air energy, a lot of mental energy. So you may find yourself not knowing what to choose or having a lot of ideas at once, and especially since Jupiter, our planet of expansion, has moved into Gemini for a year. As of May 25th. So we’re having a time of expanded connection and expanded perspectives because Gemini is a double bodied sign, right? So it’s the twins. So you may see things in one light and then want to see things in another light, which is really good for diplomacy and understanding each other. And because Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Which is the communication planet. You’re going to want to say what’s in your heart. You’re going to want to communicate more. You’re going to want to share your voice. And the personal planets in this sign as well, at different parts of the month, especially after the 3rd, it’s really going to, and because we have personal planets in Gemini and Jupiter in Gemini, it’s a really delightful time to flutter around and be a social butterfly in a way and lighten up. That’s what mutable air is doing. It’s bringing light and levity to a very heavy time in the world and possibly following a heavy time in your life. Now, that’s not to say that there isn’t a shadow or you’re not going to have to deal with anything because the sun in Gemini is going to be Trining, Pluto, the underworld planet, the planet of the shadow. Trining is an easy energy, but because it’s trining with a planet that’s maybe more heavy in some ways and profound, it’s about really bringing depth. Gemini is wrongly accused of not having depth just because it’s mutable air. Doesn’t mean it can’t be grounded, right? Because it is about the mind and expanding your mind in certain ways. And Jupiter is really the higher octave of that, about expanding your mind in a way that’s very much about higher consciousness. And we have Jupiter in this sign now as well. Pluto, the shadow, the lord of the underworld, takes you deep. So with Mercury, so with the Sun, our planet of expression, and how you radiate your light. and really find your destiny in this easy energy with the shadow planet and air signs because Pluto is in Aquarius. It’s really going to bring a depth of awareness to how you speak, to how you communicate. It may bring light and information because Aquarius is technology including AI and Mercury’s communication, which is great. Again, Gemini’s ruling planet. It brings a depth of communication, but it will bring light to shadow of communication as well. Because this easy energy makes information more accessible. So this is a time when your conversations can have more depth. It’s a time when your words can have deeper meaning. Pluto is also associated with power. So we may see Light come to institutions of power or people in power. And words are so important right now. You need to use your words very wisely right now because they can just fly out of your mouth without you thinking about things. So, you really want to make sure that you’re being very careful with your words, that you take some time to regroup yourself before you do that. Say what’s on your mind, but still be easy with yourself, right? And if you’re having conflict, this Gemini energy is very helpful for you to see things from another person’s perspective. So it’s really helpful for you to take that time and look at things from another perspective. And you may have a lot of decisions to make right now. So when you make these decisions and you’re weighing the pros and cons, Really feel into things and get a sense of which feels lighter to you, which feels more motivating to you, and which is going to give you more joy in years to come as well. And if you’re having that kind of, well, it’s this or that inside of you, really check inside your body. Really go inside and ask yourself how you feel. are experiencing this in your body. And if you feel stuck in some ways, try to imagine yourself from different perspectives. Imagine yourself making a certain decision and imagining yourself in that probable future and see how you feel when you do that. By the way, I do have something that can help you with this. It’s a free exercise called intuition answers. Ask your body. I will share that in the link below as well because that will be helpful for you right now. And it’s also a time to really express yourself in a larger way. In numerology, June 2024 is a 14 universal month, which reduces to 5. And 14 especially is very much associated with And especially with that sun trying to Pluto, which is going to be exact on June 2nd, but really, we’re going to feel the influence all month. Easy energies. Pluto is about power and in Aquarius is about groups, right? And so we have this 14 energy, which makes it easier for you to tap into your power, easier for you to reach more people, easier for you to reach larger audiences, whatever that means. So if you’re, Especially someone who doesn’t always feel seen and heard that could mean within your own inner circle. So if you have something within your heart that’s pressing on you, you really want to tune into that as well and and express yourself, right? And this power energy that you’re going to feel is going to be amplified later in the month. On June 20th, we have that magical time. So tune in. of the solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the longest day of the year. And then in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s that return to light. So it’s this time of really finding your light, being in the light, being the light, and enjoying that sense of lightness as well. And right after that, we have this powerful full moon in Capricorn, and it’s one of two consecutive Capricorn full moons. And Capricorn. is really at the top of the Zodiac in the way it’s the, it’s the seagoat which reaches down into the depths of your psyche and your emotion and climbs up to the top of the mountain where it’s visible. So because we have two, everything in the universe right now, because next month, our full moon is going to be in Capricorn as well. It’s time for you to be visible. It’s time for you to be seen. And a lot of empaths especially have this soul contract where you have to learn to move through feelings of invisibility or being afraid to be visible where you fear you may be criticized. The more you’re seen, the more you’re visible, um, to be criticized, right? So maybe you subconsciously keep yourself small. And so this is a time to work through that, to move through that, and to let yourself go. Let your light expand more and more and to let yourself take up more space. Be comfortable being visible. So with that, I have three action steps for you for this really powerful month. Your first action step is to share your voice far and wide. Let what is in your heart. Let your unique gifts, your unique talents, your unique feelings. Be heard. Let yourself be seen. If there’s something that you’ve been wanting to do that has to do with any kind of media or expression or even if it’s just creativity in your own space, right? Where no one even gets to see it yet, right? Let yourself enjoy that sense of creativity. Let yourself express yourself just for the joy of you being and sharing your unique heart, your unique words, your unique creativity. Let yourself enjoy it. Let yourself see and witness and experience it. And really, this 14 Universal Month is about experience as well. Because 4, which reduces to 5, is all about the 5 senses. And experiencing life through the 5 senses. Which brings us to our next action step, which is to have fun. We do not have any personal planets in retrograde right now. This is a time for forward movement. And of course, with all this. Honeybee energy of Gemini. It’s a wonderful time to simply experience. Experience the light of joy and fun for its own sake. Not for productivity sake. Not for like what this is going to do for your career. But certainly, and you know what? When you have fun and when you enjoy yourself and bring joy to yourself, it really lightens up your aura. Really, your aura fills with light when you do that. And by doing that, you attract more people. and circumstances that support and nourish you. So it actually is productive. It’s just not overtly productive, right? So let yourself have fun. Let yourself enjoy yourself. Let yourself connect and communicate with people in ways that have maybe felt like, like, um, you’ve been a little shy about. We’re all a little shy in our own way, right? Which brings us to our third action step. It’s Which is to expand your comfort zones. This is a time to really stretch yourself. This is a time to see how far you can go with an idea or with an action. Because really with this retrograde free sky, except for Pluto is really a wonderful time to, to experience. Some forward movement, some momentum. And remember, things are going fast. So don’t overthink it. Tune in with your body. Again, I have that resource for you below, which you can find in the description. Tune into your body and don’t overthink things. And you can try something. And if it doesn’t feel right or work out, you just change course and try something else. Don’t let yourself get hung up on overthinking things because it’s really easy to do when we have so much Gemini and so much air. You can overthink things. So remember, tune into your body. And if it feels good, if you’re not feeling resistance, then go for it. And then just see what happens. Expand your social circle, expand your mind. This is a wonderful time to take a course or a class or a creative project with yourself or others. Stretch yourself, expand. And remember, this is a time to reach groups if that is something that’s in your heart that you’ve been wanting to do. I also have something that’s going to help you this month as my June Soul Salon We’re going to be looking at your soul contracts. So those soul contracts of invisibility, poverty, all of those things that are keeping you stuck. If you’ve been in a pattern that just keeps repeating over and over and over again, regardless of what your conscious mind is trying to do, It may be a soul contract. So we’re going to connect with your guides and your subconscious to heal them so that you can move forward with freedom and joy. So you can find the link to that as well in the description below. I hope that I’ve helped you co create a joyful jovial June and beyond. I love you so much. And if you’ve enjoyed this video, make sure to Like it and subscribe because I have so much more to share with you and feel free to share it with others. I’m sure they’ll appreciate you for it. I love you so much, and I’ll see you soon. Lots of love. Bye for now. 

June 2024 Astrology Forecast

.June is imbued with Gemini’s vibrant energy, lighting up the sky with its social and intellectual sparkle. Venus and Jupiter cozy up in this communicative sign, creating a perfect climate for forging new connections and indulging in lively conversations. Your social calendar is likely to be bustling.

The skies are remarkably free of retrogrades, except for Pluto, signaling a smooth runway for launching personal or professional projects.

Your social life is set to buzz with engaging conversations and the chance to make intriguing new connections. It’s the perfect time for diving into negotiations, contracts, or any detailed work that demands sharp focus. Or you may decide you don’t feel like working at all because your mind is set on recreation. This is the sign of the twins, after all!

Sparks fly on June 4th when Venus kisses the Sun. This celestial connection blesses the day with an infusion of romance, artistic expression, and financial prosperity. The Sun’s rays intensify the radiance of Venus, amplifying all aspects of love and creativity.

Gemini Season brings a breath of fresh air!

Gemini’s breezy energy sweeps in, bringing a time of lively exploration and social connection. This air sign’s love for socializing beckons you to get out, engage in new activities, and expand your reach. Like a bumblebee moving energetically from one place to another, Gemini encourages you to embrace a variety of interests and ideas, enriching your life with each new experience.

intuition answers

Celebrate the Solstice

The energy takes an internal turn as the Sun enters Cancer on June 20th, heralding the Solstice. This transition marks a change in focus from the mental agility of Gemini to the nurturing, emotional depths of Cancer. This magical day invites you to reflect on your personal growth and the relationships that provide comfort and security. It’s a time to honor your emotional needs and to connect with those you consider family, whether they’re related or chosen.

Join me for Soulful Contracts: Explore Your Sacred Agreements

soulful contracts

We all make sacred agreements, known as soul contracts, before incarnating, shaping our life’s journey and relationships.

Your Pre-Birth Agreements can influence your relationships, career, finances, and every aspect of your life. You can learn powerful tools and practices to rewrite limiting agreements and create new ones that empower you.

In this live online event (recorded for you), you will identify the key themes and patterns present in your soul contracts, gain insights into your karmic lessons, and learn how to release them.


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