February Energy Forecast – Your Higher Purpose!

February Energy Forecast – Your Higher Purpose Revealed!

Fabulous February is here!⁠

Can you believe it? 2021 is going to be FAST! Yet action-packed.⁠

It feels like the first day of 2021 was both a year ago and a minute ago. You know what I mean?⁠

As quickly as this year is moving this is a month to slow down and reflect.



We have our first retrograde of the year! Yes, it’s that mischief-maker Mercury. He’ll be in his backspin until February 20th. ⁠

February 2021 is a 7 Universal Month. (2 +2+0+2+1 = 7).

7 is a number that inspires soul-searching.⁠


With five-planets in freedom-seeking Aquarius this month, you’ll find yourself asking the BIG QUESTIONS.⁠

I have MUCH MORE to share about this enlightening energy in the February forecast. You’ll learn how to avoid the mayhem from Mercury Retrograde and make this a marvelous month!

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February Energy Forecast – Your Higher Purpose Revealed!

Hello, I’m Kari Samuels your Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach with your February forecast. And I think you’re getting the impression by now how fast 2021 is. January was like a year and a second. This whole year is action-packed. There’s so much going on. It’s going to be superfast, but super full. February is a time to slow down a little. There’s still a lot of momentum and a lot of action, but we have our first Retrograde! January 30th Mercury went retrograde. Mercury goes retrograde three or four times a year like clockwork. It feels like it’s all the time.

But this is our first one of the year. All the Mercury retrogrades this year are air signs. So this Mercury retrograde is in Aquarius. Aquarius is our “Sign of the Year”. Our social planets Saturn and Jupiter are in Aquarius. This month we have five planets in Aquarius. We haven’t had five planets in Aquarius since 1962. If you look back at what 1962 was about, there was a lot of social change, a lot of revolution a lot of a lot of civil rights activity. Aquarius is a sign of social change. It’s a sign of humanitarianism and equality.

Now, of course the there is a shadow side to this because anytime we have any kind of forward movement or any kind of breaking through to new paradigms, there is rebellion. One of the archetypes for Aquarius is the Rebel archetype. So with all of this change and progress you have an equal amount of reaction and rebellion. Aquarius is associated with groups, friends… ideals, dreams and hopes, so these are going to be themes throughout the year because Aquarius is such a big player this year.

February Energy Forecast

But really this month all the Aquarian themes are going to be coming to light. There will be a lot of activity in our world around change and progress and moving things forward, especially social change social justice. There’s going to be many themes around that. Aquarius also rules technology. We’re going to see a lot around that as well. So with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, this is time for you to RETHINK because Mercury is all about your communication and your mind.

This is a time to rethink your dreams. Your ideals, your hopes, your desires, how you relate to groups what your plans are for the greater good. Because there are so many planets in Aquarius right now – Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun. So much in Aquarius. They’re all going to be part of you rethinking all these things now, especially since Venus and Mercury are both in Aquarius at the same time. Because Venus is the Mind… Excuse me! Mercury is the mind! See. I’m already in Mercury Retrograde!

Your Higher Purpose Revealed!

Mercury is the mind and Venus is the heart, so this is about getting your heart and your mind into alignment so that you can move forward in the world, and in your life, and in your relationships in a way that is true to your soul. This is actually a soul-searching month because February 2021 is a 7 Universal month. Now 7 is the number of soul-searching going within, really tuning into what’s right for you and what’s really not right for you anymore.

Now all of 2020 there was so much soul-searching. We had every single planet retrograde in 2020. So those retrogrades really got us to stay indoors more than usual but also reflect, and it was a time of pairing away what you will no longer tolerate. This year most likely you went in with this “in between” energy. Like you know what you don’t want anymore, but you’re not sure if you do want – you kind of have an idea about where you’re heading, but you’re not certain. Maybe there isn’t a lot of clarity around it.

This is a really good month to get some clarity around what your soul is longing to express what your true gifts are. How you relate to people. How you relate to the world. So, this is a very powerful month. In terms of your calling, and your relationships. Now, you can still move forward with your plans. However, with Mercury Retrograde you do want to avoid signing contracts or making any major decisions, and the reason for this is that your mind and your heart especially as it’s connected to Venus, are changing during Mercury retrograde, It’s giving you a chance to reflect and revisit what’s really true to your heart.

February Energy Forecast

And so, that’s why it’s important to possibly wait until Mercury goes direct which is February 20th is when Mercury goes direct. Wait after that to make major plans for major decisions or signed contracts. Now, of course if you have to go right ahead. All right, so just do what’s what’s in your heart. We have a critical transit happening on February 17th. So Aquarius’ Ruling planets are Saturn and Uranus.

So, those co-rulers. They’re very different which kind of gives you an impression of the paradox of this sign in general. Saturn is the planet of structure and foundations and discipline and tradition. That’s one of the co rulers of Aquarius. Aquarius is about moving past your traditions. That’s because Uranus, its co-ruler. It’s all about revelations and sometimes shocking revelations bringing things to light to move forward with progress.

It’s about tearing down structures, breaking glass ceilings to move us ahead. Right? So on February 17th, there’s one we’re going to have what’s Saturn squaring Uranus this is the major Transit of this year because it’s going to happen three times. They’re squaring all your long, but they’re directly squared February 17th, and there are two others throughout the year This is really what’s going to define our year. This is really a time for history when this happens because Uranus breaks down structures and moves us forward.

Your Higher Purpose Revealed!

And there are these awakenings. There’s bringing us into this new realm. So, this is going to happen globally and personally. What’s going to happen for you personally is revelations around what structures in your life need to be revisited and broken down and renewed. Uranus always brings a kind of shocking or sudden events. So, there may be things that you’ve been pondering, especially with Mercury retrograde which really brings you back to your Intuitive awareness.

So, what will probably happen is things that have been underneath the radar beneath the radar for many years possibly all of a sudden things will make sense to you all of a sudden things…. You’ll have an aha moment where you realize what you need to do moving forward, but the thing about when that happens is its important not to beat yourself up about not making these changes before we all do things… in alignment with what our soul is ready for, and we all have karmic patterns, and we all have things that we do in our life that we can only learn from experience. And this is actually a 5 Universal year, which is all about experience and learning from experience.

So as you have these revelations, which you most likely will have this month, it’s important to move forward with them and don’t look back with any regrets simply understand that you and your soul did everything that you were meant to do in the Divine and perfect timing. So, February 17th, is the big day. It’s probably history-making kind whether it’s your personal history or global history. This is a big time right?

Three Action Steps

So, this is a big month. Because this is such an important pivotal time I have three action steps to help you navigate this energy with grace and power. Now because we are in a retrograde month these three action steps are going to be RE words because during a retrograde it’s time to do all the RE things. So, your first action step is to reassess your values now Saturn squaring Uranus, Uranus is in Taurus, which is very much associated with what you value Venus is associated with what you value that’s Taurus’ ruling planet.

So, this is the time to reassess your value system. Which is basically YOUR value is also associated with your self-worth, isn’t it? What you value – how you value yourself. So, you have a life force energy that is constantly regenerating. But also in the physical body we have limited amount of energy, Right?

So, where do you want to put your energy? So as you get a sense know how the universe is going to be helping you with this all month, but you want to do this actively, you may want to keep a journal and write down, “What’s important to me?” “What will I not tolerate anymore? What do I want to share with the world?” Or, “What do I want in my life?” “How do I want to invest my energy?” as you ask yourself these things It will become more clear to you what your intentions are, and then you can start attracting more to you that’s in alignment with your values.

Second Action Step

Which brings us to Action Step number 2, which is to reflect on your Higher Purpose. You have a Higher Purpose. You may not know what that is. And if you don’t know what your higher purpose is, if you don’t know what it is that you really want to share with the world that ONLY YOU can share with the world. If you don’t know what that is, then it’s time for you to be creative and to play and to explore what’s in your soul.

Now if you do know what that is really get that definition clear for yourself so that you make a mission statement to the universe. This is what I want to share. These are the gifts that I want to share, and then you want to ask yourself “Is my career, is my work in alignment with my higher purpose?” Now you may not have a job but is what you’re doing every day in alignment with your higher purpose? That’s what you want to contribute to the world. That is your job. Right?

Whatever it is that you feel is that special gift that’s inside of you that’s longing to be expressed. You want to get very clear on that. And again, if you are not clear on that it’s time for you to create and play and explore. What makes your soul happy.

Third Action Step

Now this brings us to Step Number 3. Which is to rethink your relationships. Things are going to be changing and as you get more in touch with what’s important to you and what your value is, you may recognize that there are relationships in your life that no longer nurture you that no longer reflect who you are that no longer support your well-being, and you may realize that there are relationships that you want to invest more time and energy with that includes the relationship to yourself.

Okay, but there could be relationships in your life where you want to pay more attention to your loved ones – after all that is what makes the world go round in the end. It is ultimately the love that we share that is so important. The love that you have in your heart the love that you give and receive. That’s really the stuff that life is made of, so it’s important for you to reflect on your relationships. To really nurture them nurture the good ones and let go of what isn’t serving you anymore.

Live Q&A

Now. I do have something to help you. I’m so excited about this. I am going to be doing a live Q&A on soul mate relationships and romance. I am so thrilled to share this with you because there’s so many aspects of relationships that are on the soul level. Every relationship that you have, there’s a soul connection there. Even if it’s a brief one You have soul mates that you plan to meet before you’re born, and we have soul contracts with people all the loved ones in your life. And even people that have given you a very hard time your karmic connections your karmic relationships with people.

This is all to help your soul grow. I’m going to be discussing that on this call, and I’m also going to be answering questions. They’re going to be several participants that I choose for 1:1 mini readings where we’re going to look at your relationships and examine that on a soul level, what your soul had planned what you’re learning on a spiritual level from these relationships. And when I do these mini one-on-one readings for a person on the call, it benefits the whole group and any time I’ve done these group intuitive coaching calls it is so profound… How answering someone’s question can really benefit everyone.

Numerology Guide

So, I hope you join me for that. I’m thrilled to be offering this for you, and you can do that using the link below I also have something very special for everyone. It is a FREE Numerology Guide to your Personal Year Your Personal Year Number This helps you understand your higher purpose and how to focus your energy all throughout the year. It’s so helpful, and you can get that using the link below. That’s absolutely free. I hope you join me for my live Q&A. I’m so thrilled about it.

Now, whatever you do. I am wishing you a fun and fantastic and fabulous February, and if you’ve enjoyed this video share it with your friends. I’m sure they will appreciate you for it. I’m wishing you a wonderful month and beyond. I’ll see you soon. Lots of love. Bye for now.

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19 thoughts on “February Energy Forecast – Your Higher Purpose!

  1. Hi Keri,
    I also was not able to download the Free Personal Year Numerology 2021 Guide….which sounds very exciting!!!
    Thank you for all your Monthly Happiness Coaching!!
    Fabulous February indeed!
    Thank you,

    1. HI @jannetje,

      I’m so sorry you had problems downloading! Check your inbox – you should have an email with the guide in it! Reach out to us using the little purple chat icon to the bottom right of the screen if you don’t get it!

  2. i cant find the free Numerology Guide to your Year that Kari said was available at the end of her report?
    With Kindness Julie x

      1. Hi Jean,

        Would you mind sharing what type of device and browser you are using? I’m so sorry for the trouble – I’m emailing you the download! Thank you for letting us know!

    1. Hi Julie! I’m so sorry about that. I’ve emailed you the download – would you be able to help me by sharing what browser and device you are using? I can’t seem to replicate the error on my end. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Debra – check your inbox – you should have an email with the guide in it! Reach out to us using the little purple chat icon to the bottom right of the screen if you don’t get it!

    1. Hi Karen, I’m so sorry about that! Try checking your inbox – you should have an email with the guide in it! Reach out to us using the little purple chat icon to the bottom right of the screen if you don’t get it!

  3. Hi Kari,
    Happy New Year to you ; ) Thank you for your February forecast and all the other forecast you post, keep shining your light, I always feel more uplifted when I see your happy smiles and feel your positive vibes, I am getting more and more use to Mercury retrogrades, staying in the flow and navigate them like a Rock Star c”,) – Cheers A A Michael

  4. Thank you for the February forecast Kari – wonderful! I can’t see the free download for the numerology though…can you let me know where it is please . Thank you so much

  5. Kari You are so uplifting! Thank you for these helpful monthly forecasts. You have taught me so much and your such a Blessing.

  6. Thank you Kari! I find your messages always very informing and your warm glowing smile is an extra bonus.
    Many Blessings with Love

  7. It was useful and so good to hear your suggestions about Mercury retrograde. Another good one is to see your charming smiles, which make me feel warm and loved.

    love and hugs,

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