2021 Intentions – Feeling Uncertain About Your Future

In this vast universe full of possibilities, you shine like a star in the heavens.

Your unique role is essential to light up this often dark world. You can feel that you’re meant for bigger and brighter experiences. You incarnated for a reason.

There is pressure to set your goals at the top of every year, to clarify your intentions, and set your sights high. Yet, this year feels different. Why?


Have you taken the time to recognize all that you have endured? Or have you simply moved forward because you were too overwhelmed with your many responsibilities?

You might also be picking up on something energetically.

2021 will be a year of immense change. What you “think” you want now will most likely transform.

Nothing is set in stone. 2021 is a 5 Universal Year. 5 is the middle of the single-digit numbers. It is a pivot point.

5 is divinely designed to disrupt your status quo. In 2021, all the Mercury Retrogrades will be in air signs.

You will be changing how you think. Your perspective will be completely different by the end of the year. Your core beliefs will be unearthed.

As I prepare for my four-day forecasting event 2021 Illuminated, I am tracking the distinct turning points that will occur.


The Universe wants to shake you out of complacency.

No stone will be unturned. Your career, friends, finances, all of it will go through a renovation.

So, if you’re having trouble focusing on your intentions, know you are in the right place. Your intentions will change many times throughout the year. What’s most important now is to focus on stay grounded and open to infinite possibilities.

A world full of stars awaits you. They’re beautiful. And so are you.

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1 thought on “2021 Intentions – Feeling Uncertain About Your Future

  1. Dear Kari
    Recently you responded to one of my emails about the US, which touched me as I’ve different feelings about the US however one of my lessons is not all people are equal. I was looking on your site and I read your blog about how you came to do what you’re doing now. I was very surprised because what happened to you is what people say to me as I have an amazing intuition. However I’ve also run from doing this as a profession so I was casting film and tv however for a couple of years I haven’t worked, however now I don’t have an outlet for my intuition which is causing me anxiety. I thought last year was very challenging as my state was locked down in strict lockdown for 3 months. However this year so far is proving more challenging that the entire year last year. I have problems with family and maybe selling my property which I wish to do however my daughter and husband are joining together to stop the sale. My health isn’t great and money is severely limited. So I looking on your site to ascertain if you do readings, of course money is a problem as well and you are in US$ which is one and a half again in Aust $. My number in numerology is a 6 but a Leo. If you could let me know if you do readings and the cost. and if you could also advise if there was one course of yours I should take. The four day course for me with the time difference wouldn’t work I don’t like live course which are replays here. I look forward to hearing from you. Warm regards Michelle Quin mquin@bigpond.com

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