March Energy Forecast – Heal Your Heart & Soul

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March Energy Forecast – Heal Your Heart & Soul

Hello, I’m Kari Samuels your Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach with your March forecast. And this is a glorious month. It is full of love and beauty and hope and healing and more good news we have no planets and retrograde! Which means that all of your plans that have been backfiring and just held up because of the chaos at the beginning of the year. You can finally move forward with progress and momentum. There’s so much love in the air right now! Our Sun is in the sign of Pisces until March 20th.

And Pisces is a dreamy sign. It is sensitive and soulful. The element of Pisces is mutable water. We’ve had a lot of fixed energy and a lot of the planets are in fixed signs throughout the year. So, this is a bit of a break from that because there’s a lot of mutable energy now. Pisces is mutable water, and we have Venus in Pisces, Venus is the heart and Venus is exalted in Pisces because of that beautiful sense of Oneness and connection that Venus loves and Mercury is going to be in Pisces later on, and we have Neptune in Pisces and Neptune is Pisces’ ruling is one of the co-rulers.

March Energy Forecast

So, there’s a sense of dreams now and there’s the sense of connectedness and  change, and the sense of flow because water flows it also helps your emotions flow. So, you’re going to have some heart-opening energy. Now, there’s this there’s this energy of healing coming through because of the flow of the water and emotions flow and also because Venus opens up your heart. So, it’s gorgeous, and it’s a really a time of hope as well. It’s very soul nourishing.

So, we have this beautiful energy culminating in our New Moon on March 13th. This is one of the most glorious New Moons of the whole year because we have the Sun and Venus in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces conjunct, so there’s Neptune all over this moon. So, this is a time for your dreams. This is a time to set your intentions because Neptune is associated with dreams and New Moons are a time to set intentions. So keep dreaming dreamer and dream big!and set your intentions on that New Moon so that they grow Don’t think small.

Heal Your Heart & Soul

This is a time to expand your vision and to really expand what you believe is possible and that’s why Venus is opening up your heart so that you can receive more love and open up your heart to receive more of all the goodness that the Universe has to offer. So take advantage of this energy. We have another magical moment on March 20th. That is the Equinox. It’s our first Equinox of the year. And that’s always a magical time when the day and night of are equal. It’s always known as a time when the veils are lifted between Heaven and Earth.

So with this Piscean energy, it’s a great time for that dreaming as well. And that is the birthplace of the zodiac that is the time when Aries is born. It is the beginning of the zodiac wheel, so we move into Aries on March 20th. Pisces is very different from Aries. Aries is fire. Its ambition its movement. In numerology March 2021 is an 8 Universal month and 8 is the number of abundance and prosperity and passion.

The reason that 8 is associated with financial abundance is because it connects you with your passions and your power. So as you enhance your self-esteem and your self-worth you can attract more goodness to you. Then you can attract all good things to you. So, this is really a time to connect with your passions to connect with your dreams to engage in them and express them and not to hold back because we have all this flow and forward movement. It’s an incredible time.

March Energy Forecast

Now we have this extraordinary Full Moon on March 28th. This is when our Sun is in Aries, which again is fire and ambition. And the moon is going to be in its opposite sign of Libra. They’re both going to be at 8 degrees. Now, we have two other planets at 8 degrees at this time. So, we actually have more… it’s incredible. So, we have the Moon connected with Venus, which is going to be in Libra at that time also at 8 degrees. So, the Moon is your soul. It’s your feelings. It’s your emotions. Venus is the heart and what you attract. Venus is going to be conjunct Chiron which is known as the Wounded Healer. Also, at eight degrees. We have a lot at 8 degrees. Uranus is in Taurus squaring these at 8 degrees.

Do you see what’s happening here? During this 8 Universal month. So, this Chiron the wounded Healer. It’s really about the wounds that you have throughout your life that in transforming them becomes your greatest gift. So, this month’s energy is about tapping into your passions and power and opening up your heart, so you can transform your challenges into your gifts. And when you connect with your passion, and you express your power the power of the Divine flows through you anything is possible. This is an “anything is possible “a month.

Three Action Steps

So, I have three action steps for you to tap into this extraordinary energy. Your first action step is to ENGAGE YOUR IMAGINATION. Neptune is all about dreams Pisces is an intuitive sign because it’s about dreams your right brain is where you connect with your intuition and your imagination. Your Guides communicate to you through signs and symbols. This is why sometimes you’ll have a dream, and its feels like a visitation. It feels like a message, it is.

So, your dreams are also what help you create because you are a co-creator. If you can IMAGINE it you can CREATE it. Because you are a powerful Creator. Allow yourself to daydream and when these images come to you, maybe they are things from your past that want to be healed allow them to bubble up. Connect with that those parts of you that quake bubbling up through your imagination. Sometimes things that come to you in your imagination are a download, and you want to give them attention. So allow yourself to dream and to daydream and to visualize and to imagine.

Action Step Two

Which brings us to our second action step, which is to EXPLORE YOUR CREATIVITY. Remember you are a co-creator which means you need to be creative and if you don’t realize that you’re creative that’s more reason you need to explore your creativity. It’s your creativity that connects you with the Divine. It’s your creativity that connects you with your passion. Every time you’re if you’re ever really engaged reading a book or doing a creative project. You’re in THE ZONE right?

That is when you channel the Divine. And people who don’t know what their passions or their purpose or even if you’re looking for a romantic partner the first piece of advice I always give people are to explore your creativity. Now if you never had a chance to play as a child even more reason to allow yourself to be your child. Explore and play and create as if you were a child. Allow yourself to engage in that. That is going to lighten up your energy and connect you to the Divine in such a beautiful way.

Action Step Three

So, this brings me to our third action step which is to HEAL YOUR PAST HURTS. I know that’s not easy, of course, you’ve been working on that your whole life! Because basically, our whole adult life is healing from our childhood, but I know that’s not easy but here’s the thing. This is a month for it. This is a time when the energies are just fertile for healing. So if you’ve been thinking about connecting with the therapist, this is a good time for it. If you’ve been thinking about taking a course on healing or learning about healing.

This is also an Incredible time for it. One way to heal your past hurts is through forgiveness. So as things come up for you, if you send love and forgiveness to yourself and to others or the circumstance, and you send love and forgiveness… That is a huge way to heal that energy because this Pisces is very much associated with past life energy and karma because it is the last sign of the zodiac. And it’s about wrapping things up. Some of that is in your subconscious.

Soul Healing

So, anything that engages the subconscious -energy healing and also hypnotherapy are really great forms of healing now, of course, I have something for you, and I’m really thrilled to share this with you. It is a free three-part audio course and ritual Soul Healing for Self-Esteem because if you have something in your subconscious that is blocking you from receiving love and money and all the goodness that the Universe has to offer. You will constantly sabotage yourself despite your best conscious intentions. Your subconscious is 95% of your brain.

This Soul Healing audio is going to help you clear these subconscious patterns at the source. We’re even going to your past life energy for healing there. This is a three-part audio that’s also going to help you understand why you may be sabotaging yourself and how you can transform these patterns. This is FREE and you can download that using the link below. I highly recommend you do that. It can completely transform your life…and your past life and possibly, your future lives. That is completely free for you and you can get that using the link below.

And if you’ve enjoyed this video if you feel it can help someone share it with your loved ones. I think everyone can use a little extra love right now. I’m wishing you a beautiful magical mystical March and beyond. I love you so much. Bye for now.

March Energy Forecast – Heal Your Heart & Soul

Magical March is here!

Our Sun is moving through mystical Pisces until our enchanting equinox on March 20th.

Venus and Neptune will be in the sensitive sign of Pisces. This will open your heart and connect your deepest desires. With these dreamy planets in the same sign as the Sun, the sky is the limit for you to pursue your passions.

Progress is inevitable in the 8 Universal Month. 8 is the number of abundance, strength, and expansion. With no planets retrograde, it’s an opportune time to act toward your goals.

Our Full Moon this Month is a breathtaking spectacle, with a cosmic lineup that is sure to bring healing and hope.

You can find out more about this soul-nourishing energy in this month’s forecast.

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