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Aura Colors: The Gifts of Your Soul

Aura Colors: The Gifts of Your Soul

Your aura colors reveal everything about your life – past, present, and future. You can easily read and interpret your aura to discover your soul’s gifts and create harmony.

When you understand how to harmonize the colors in your world you can create peace, joy and balance in all aspects of your life.

Join me with my special guest, Color Clairvoyant Elizabeth Harper, for this vibrant course on full spectrum living.

In this fun and inspiring course you will discover:

  • How to feel, see, or sense your aura colors
  • Ways you can balance your emotions using color
  • How the colors in your environment influence your health and well-being
  • Past life gifts and challenges that are in your energy field, and how to transform them
  • The symbolic meaning of colors and how to interpret them

You’ll also experience a guided color meditation to reveal your past lives and inner gifts.

Recording of a live teleclasss
95 minute MP3

Purchase MP3 – $29 $11

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