September Energy Forecast – Restore Your Well Being

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September Energy Forecast – Restore Your Well Being

Hello, I’m Kari Samuels, your intuitive counselor and happiness coach with your September forecast and happy birthday to my fellow Virgos. And you lovely Libras. So September is a soulful month. This brings a lot of spiritual energy, a lot of spiritual lessons. We actually have some intensity ramped up a little bit this month. I know, right? 2020, this is our final stretch if you can believe it.

And we have a lot of opportunities to gain spiritual mastery. So, in September, this is the month where we go back to school and we start a lot of training or lessons or education. This is the time when we had our fun and Leo, we did our, our summer things here in the Northern hemisphere. And even if you were in the Southern hemisphere, Leo brought some more extroverted energy and fire. Well, now we’re back to earth. We were in Virgo season and Virgo is all about earth. Virgo is a practical sign.

So this is about really synthesizing and taking everything you’ve been learning from throughout the year. And you’ve been learning a lot and synthesizing and integrating it and bringing things back to earth, really discerning how you can take what you learned and make it useful for you, make it practical for you.

September Energy Forecast

If you know the symbol of Virgo, it’s the earth goddess and she is holding wheat, right? Which is a little bit ironic because a lot of health-minded Virgos are gluten-free so including myself. So, but Virgo is all about the harvest, right? And archetypically Virgo comes during autumn. Now, even if you’re in the Southern hemisphere, the archetype of autumn, when the leaves are falling off the trees and there’s this sense of stillness. So when the leaves are falling off the trees and preparation for winter, there needs to be a conservation of energy. You need to really only take with you what’s useful.

And that’s what Virgo teaches you, how to synthesize everything that you’ve learned and make it useful for you, make it practical. And there’s this sense of letting go what’s not important. Virgo offers you the art of discernment discerning what is nourishing for you and what is no longer necessary, what you need to let go of so that you can harness your energy, gather your energy for what’s useful and important. So this art of discernment is really going to come in handy. Now in this digestion, Virgo actually governs digestion, the physical act of digesting. I know that’s so glamorous.

And so Virgo teaches you how to do that. Digest all of the energy and all of the information and make it something that you can use. That’s actually nourishing for you and this archetype of the Virgo goddess, the earth goddess, the maiden. It’s really about that. That goddess is really a symbol of a woman who is complete upon herself, who needs nobody else in order for her own wellbeing in order to give her information.

September Energy Forecast

So you’re really learning right now, how to listen to your intuition, how to listen to what’s inside of you and discern what is nourishing. And this has definitely been a year that has been confusing. There’s a lot of chaos and there’s a lot of noise out there. And I hear a lot of people saying, I don’t know what to believe anymore. I don’t know what my purpose is anymore, or this used to be important for me. And now it no longer is.

Now we’re in this four universal year. Now, four is also associated with earth and grounding and getting real and practical. It’s about the practical material things. But one of the major lessons of the number four is to teach you how to have freedom within restrictions. Four is about boundaries and it’s about restrictions. And four teaches you how to work within those boundaries and how to work within those restrictions.

And certainly we’ve had a lot of that this year, and we’ve had to pair things down and with the restrictions that have come upon us. We’ve had to learn, what’s really important to us. What’s really beneficial for us. What truth is for us, right? Haven’t you been learning that? So every September, because this is the ninth month of the year, the lessons of the year are accentuated because this is also a four universal month. So we’re in a four universal year in a four universal month.

September Energy Forecast

Now September, 2020 is actually a higher octave of the four. It’s a 13 universal month. Now 13 in the tarot is the death card. And this is a symbol of death and rebirth. Now this isn’t really a physical death. This represents similar to what the energy of autumn is. This is about weeding out the garden, taking away weeding out of your spiritual garden. Anything that isn’t benefiting you, isn’t giving you life. Isn’t nurturing you.

That’s what you do when you weed something it’s detritus, it’s taking up energy. It’s weighing you down and in your life, you may have some energy leaks that are siphoning your life force that are keeping you from doing what it is that you’re meant to do on the planet. And Virgo ultimately is the sign of service, how you benefit the greater good, but before you can help other people, you have to nourish yourself.

You have to perfect the self. You have to be complete upon yourself. Otherwise you’re just a martyr, right? And so there’s another energy that’s accentuating this this month. Mars is in Aries for six months this year, which is an exceptionally long time. Now Mars is the planet of fire and Martian energy, war and aggression and action and the physical. It’s a very physical energy. It’s very passionate energy. Mars is in his home sign of Aries for six months.

September Energy Forecast

Now, the reason he’s in for six months, which is very long for Mars is because he’s retrograde for two months. This year from September 9th, through November 13th. Now, when a planet is retrograde, you have to really relearn some of the energies that you may have overlooked through his first pass in that sign, right through the first pass in a planet sign. So when a planet is retrograde, it’s going in energy.

It’s reverse energy, which is a little bit uncomfortable because Mars loves to move forward. This is the forward moving planet and the energy that pushes roots through earth. This is like really forceful energy, but this is probably why we’ve seen so much volatility. Now, Mars and Aries, the sign of the self teaches you how to stand up for yourself and stand up for what you believe in.

And sometimes that is initiated with anger. Sometimes anger is here to show you enough is enough. I can’t take this anymore. So we’re seeing this globally. And you’re also witnessing this personally, there are things that are infuriating you, that are making you angry. This is giving you the Moxie, the fire in your belly to stand up for what’s important for you and to also stand up for yourself. So as we have this Virgo energy that is teaching you to nourish yourself, we have this retrograde in Aries.

September Energy Forecast

That’s teaching you to remember, to believe in yourself, to put yourself first, to fire up your passions for what’s important for you and what you believe in and how you can be of service in the world and how you can also preserve your energy. So you’re not giving away all of your energy to the world. That’s a delicate balance, right? This is the art of life. This is a lesson that we all live every day. It’s really being accentuated this month.

So how do you navigate all of these different energies at once? I have three action steps for you. They are very practical action steps because I am a Virgo and I love to give practical action steps. So these are practical steps that you can do to help you navigate this sometimes fiery energy and this sometimes introverted energy of Virgo. How do you navigate this dance?

First Step

Okay. So your first action step is to notice how you feel as you are thinking your thoughts. We all get into these loops, these mental loops, these thought patterns that are not nourishing. The way to notice what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling or how you’re responding to people and situations in your environment is to notice how you feel as you interact with these elements. As you interact with the people in your environment, as you interact with your own thoughts. You want to Marie Kondo your life, right? This is Marie Kondoing your thoughts.

So it’s like, as you’re thinking something, notice, be the witness, notice, is this nourishing me? Or is this really bringing down my energy? Is this causing me fear or anxiety? Is this like depleting my life force? Remember the energy of autumn, the weeding. This is about weeding out. What’s depleting your life force. So you really want to notice when you’re thinking something. And when you’re caught in a spiral and addiction of a thought pattern, that’s enervating you that’s causing you fear. Are you listening to people who are invoking fear?

Are you listening to people who are divisive or causing chaos? Or are you doing that with your own mind? So Marie Kondo that. Is this bringing me love or moving me forward? Is this motivating me passionately, giving me life, or nurturing me? Or is this depleting my life force and making me anxious? People, circumstances and thoughts. You want to be mindful and notice how you’re feeling.

Second Step

So after you do that, this brings us to action step number two. Let go of the people, circumstances and thoughts that are depleting your energy. Remember weed, that garden, right? You want to bring new life and new growth. There’s a lot of opportunities. This four energy is teaching you how to have freedom within restrictions. When you pare down what’s important for you, when you let go of the people, the circumstances, the thoughts that are bringing you down that are bringing you into chaos, that are bringing you into those energy drains.

When you, when you let those go, you can garner your energy and use that towards what you’re passionate about. What’s going to bring you life, bring you growth. What’s going to help you flourish and be creative and bring you love and bring love to the world because that’s what you’re here for. Right? So be brave about letting go of the people, thoughts and circumstances that do not nourish you. You can feel that life force energy leaving you. So you have to take that back by cutting that off, cutting off those life enervating situations, circumstances, and people, and bringing back your life force. So be very deliberate about that.

Third Step

Now your third action step is to tune into nature. So this is different than just being in nature. Tune into nature. Virgo is all about the details, the earth, the fire things. There’s so much chaos out in the world. You need to bring calm into your being. And nature is a calming grounding force.

And one way to discern what’s good for you. What’s real for you is to be in your body. When I teach intuition, the foundation, the very first step is about being in your body. The chakras are about starting with the root chakra. Trees need to ground themselves before they elevate to the light. So as you tune into nature, you’re tuning into the order of nature, the beauty of the world.

So listen for the birds. Look at the birds, the squirrel how they go about gathering nuts right now. And they’re adorable. Puppies are always lovely. As the wind blows, the breeze happens. Feel what that’s like on your face or notice how the leaves shimmer. Notice how the light changes. There’s so much beauty to tune into in nature that can really nourish your spirit ground you and get you back in your body.

September Energy Forecast

This is where your intuition is. It’s not just all out here. And I feel like we’re all being pulled outside of ourselves because there’s so much outside of ourselves that’s pulling us. So come back into your body, by tuning into nature, tuning into your breath, tuning into the animals, the birds, the trees, the flowers, and by doing that, you appreciate them. And the earth needs our love right now. And you can receive love from the earth in return. Now, I know that if you do these three steps, you’re going to navigate this dramatic energy. That’s coming our way with some grace.

Now, I also have a special gift for you. I have created a new free intuition course, Six Steps to Awaken your Sixth Sense, and that is free. And you can get that on my new website, using the link below. I am so excited. My new website is so much what I wanted for you. It’s such a more beautiful experience for you. It’s easier to navigate. There are some sparkly bits and there’s a lot of goodies on there for you to explore. So please download this free goodie.

This can really help you. This is an extensive course. This is an in depth free intuition course so that you can tune into your soul, ground yourself as you attune to the higher realms. And we all need that right now. So enjoy this free course. You can get that using the link below, and I am wishing you an absolutely spectacular, soulful sensational September and beyond. Lots of love. Bye for now.

September Energy Forecast – Restore Your Well Being

Sweet September is here!

The astrology and numerology of September bring some intensity. It will be a soulful month full of spiritual lessons.

This is a time to ground yourself and get back to business.

We’re in Virgo season throughout most of the month. This is Earth sign will help you synthesize and assimilate the often confusing energy in our chaotic world.

In numerology, September 2020 is a 4 Universal Month. 2020 is also a 4 Universal Year. Whatever challenges and opportunities you’ve had throughout the year will be intensified.

Mars, the planet of action and aggression, will be retrograde from September 9 – November 13. This will fuel the flames of anger we’ve been experiencing in the world.

In this September forecast video, I share with you how to navigate these challenging energies with grace.

Your personal numerology changes with the calendar each year. Discover how to calculate your Personal Year number.

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17 thoughts on “September Energy Forecast – Restore Your Well Being

  1. Kari, such wise words, thank you!! I love your web site it is so beautiful and uplifting. Love all the gold and sparkly additions. How fun it must have been to create 🙂 !! Thanks for you do and Happy Birthday dear Virgo!!

  2. Once again dear Kari….thank you for all you offer….greatly appreciated !!!
    I don’t see the link to your 6 steps for 6th sense development class….please advise

    PS sooo glad for you with this lovely new website too !!!

  3. Once again you gave me what I needed. It really helped when you covered anger. I had been getting so angry with myself and then feeling guilty. Nourishment of taking in what feeds me is so important as I am facing health issues. At 75 I never saw it all coming. However I’m so grateful for my sense of humor and friendliness. So bless you Kari as usual I feel so enlightened.

  4. Thank you for your excellent guidance and also for the offer of the free intuition course, It sounds very good — but it does seem to be rather well hidden. I tried clicking on the bar which appeared under your video, but this was ineffective. Is there some other step I have missed? Thank you for your time, attention and help. All good wishes, Philippa Steel

  5. Kari,
    Love your Energy forecasts , so practical and helpful. Love your beautiful and radiant energy. Love and light from an Irish fan 🦋

  6. Thank you so, so, so much Kari.
    No words. God bless you.
    May we meet in Paris next year 2021.
    September is going to be very very tough. But because of your wonderful and compassionate guidance, I will stand up with courage for Justice, Wisdom and Love.
    Thank you again. God bless you.
    jérôM Bird

  7. So Happy to see you back Kari…. I really missed your forecast videos…Thank You so much …..Lots of Love to you…


  8. Whatever you said completely resonated with my being right now and I am totally excited to witness the things to come in the realm of awareness and fruition. Thank you and God bless you.

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