September 2022 Astrology Forecast – Time To Slow Down

September 2022 Astrology Forecast

September is a month to slow down. We have SIX planets in retrograde, plus Chiron, an asteroid known as the Wounded Healer.

Mercury goes retrograde in Libra and Virgo from September 9 through October 2. Mercury is a personal planet. Jupiter and Saturn are social planets. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are transpersonal planets.

ALL of these planets are retrograde this month. With retrogrades in every corner of the heavens, you will rethink all aspects of your life. It’s essential to leave a lot of flexibility in your calendar. Your plans are likely to change. Your relationships can demand your attention, making it challenging to focus on projects.

Our Sun is in Virgo for the first three weeks of the month. Virgo is a sign that wants to get down to business and work. Yet, you may find that you are less productive than usual. If you try to do too much, you will be thwarted. If you leave yourself open to possibilities, you can make steady gains.


Retrogrades foster inner work. Progress is an inside job. It’s best to reassess your plans and intentions. You may want to change course and diverge on a different path. What was once stable may no longer feel suitable to you.

Your interests can pique in another direction. Allow yourself the time and space to process your emotions. This is an ideal month to receive healing or engage in therapy. Releasing stuck and stagnant emotions is an excellent retrograde activity.


It’s not all work and no play. Romance is on the radar as well. With Mercury retrograde in relationship-oriented Libra, you may hear from old flames, rekindle a romance, or pay more attention to the partner you already have.

You may want more balance between work and play and emphasize enjoying time with your loved ones. Tune into your heart when making decisions. This moment is a pivot point. Choose what will make you happy rather than what looks good on paper. You will make the right choices if you pay attention to your feelings rather than other people’s idea of happiness.


September 22 is the Equinox, that glorious time when the day and night are equal in measure. This initiates the balance-seeking sign of Libra, and a change of seasons. This is a beautiful day to celebrate the light within and around you.



15/6 6 is the number of the heart chakra. You must learn to make choices based on what you really want, rather than what others expect of you. 6 is nurturing energy associated with children and pregnancy. This could be your lucky month if you want to bring another being into this world. Furbabies and creative projects count too!

It’s also a lovely time to beautify yourself, your home, or your environment. 15/6 can illuminate the shadow side of love, such as perfectionism and feeling responsible for other people’s happiness. Make your well-being a priority. Focus on self-love, and you will thrive.


Relationships, Love, Harmony, Beauty, Home, Children, Pets, Beauty, Romance, Choice, Relationships, Responsibility, Family, Security, Destiny, Temptation, Ego, Perfectionism, Martyrdom


August 22 – September 22 Earthy Virgo will help ground you. Get back to earth and put your plans into practice. This is a purifying sign, helping you discern what nourishes you and what is energetically toxic.

You may feel the urge to purge, clear the clutter in your home, and let go of people and activities that don’t support you. Your mind may be busy with ideas. Virgo helps you synthesize information to make it useful. All that you learned and explored in the previous months may begin to make sense now in a tangible, practical way.

Your body will inform your decisions. You can enhance this integration process by journaling and meditation – and of course, being in nature!


Key dates this month:
9/9 – Oct 2 – Mercury Retrograde
9/10 – Full Moon in Pisces 5:59 am EDT
9/22 – Autumn / Spring Equinox
9/25 – New Moon in Libra, 5:54 pm EDT  

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26 thoughts on “September 2022 Astrology Forecast – Time To Slow Down

  1. May your heart be embraced by all the love and light you share with the world so graciously and generously, and may you know with certainty that you are worthy of it all. Blessings to you and yours,

  2. Dear Kari

    Thank you for these wonderful gifts you bring to us with your joyous energy. I hope and pray that the same healing loving joyous energy brings to you all you need in this time and always. Sending prayers for health and well-being for you and all your loved ones and sending lots of good vibes! I hope the medical emergency is taken care of in the best way and all yours remain safe and healthy. We look forward to hearing from you whenever is best for you next Take care of yourself and lots of love 💛💛💛💛💛💛

  3. Dear Kari,
    thinking of you, your parents and your family constantly.
    Sending so much love & light, we got you .
    Thank you for teaching & sharing. 🙏🏻😘❤️

  4. Kari, as I was reading the September forecast I could hear your voice.
    What peace you bring to others may that same peace & light 💡 be with you now.

    Love 💕 & Blessings
    Stephanie E.

  5. I absolutely love and feel like I Need your forecasts… the loving guidance you express is so needed in my life 💛

  6. Hey thanks very much, I look forward to hearing your advice and insights every month. Be well and take care.

    Lots of love Westie

  7. Thank you and be well! This is a great energy forecast, but the Virgo in me misses my three Action Steps! I think I can figure those out. 🙂

  8. Thank you, Kari, for your bright soul and for all you do! Sending you and your loved ones my wishes for good health and positive development of things!

  9. I just love what you do and I’m so tickled that you had the courage to follow your heart!
    Sending thoughts and prayers for you and your loved ones. Hopefully, everything turns out okay with the family emergency!
    And, once again, thank you!

  10. Thanks Kari,
    Your messages are so uplifting!
    You are a bright star 🌟 and a positive beautiful person who makes others lives so much better by just being there for everyone ♥️
    Love and light and comfort right now for you and your family 👪 ❤️ 💛 💕 prayers sent for you all.. 😘💐❤️

  11. Lots of love and light coming your way, Kari! You always bring me hope and joy, I’m hoping that you and your loved ones can feel the well wishes coming to you.
    May you all get what you need. Thank you for all you do! .

  12. Thank you Kari! Your monthly messages mean so much to me. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.

  13. Thank you for your insightful updates every month.
    Wishing you and your family the highest and best outcome
    of this emergency.
    Lots of Love and Aloha from Hawaii.


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