November 2022 Astrology Forecast

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November 2022 Astrology Forecast

November is a wild month. Anything that can happen will happen, so expect the unexpected. Hello, I’m Kari Samuels, your Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach with your November forecast. And I’m sure you are feeling this emotional intensity. We are in Scorpio season until the 22nd. Scorpio is known for that emotional depth, transformation, and intensity.

So it’s more than just that. This is a very waterlogged first part of the month. We have a lot of planets in Scorpio and water signs, and that’s deep emotional energy. And there’s so much transformation happening because as we head into the month, we are in an eclipse portal.

November 2022 Astrology Forecast

That first eclipse, New Moon Eclipse, happened in Scorpio on October 25th. And up until our total lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8th, we are in that Eclipse portal when things are coming up for you to be healed, to be transformed. And because this is so much water and emotion, and Scorpio, and all the things, everything is coming up for you.

One moment you feel like you’re on top of the world and you could do anything, and everything is hilarious. And then, the next minute, you are crying. And I mean really crying. Trust me. I get it. I’m in it too.

There’s a lot happening, particularly with the Taurus and Scorpio themes, which are about love, sex, death, emotional transformation, and money…what you value, how you value yourself, the economy, and all the things. I mean, like so much.

November 2022 Astrology Forecast

And this total lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8th is conjunct within one degree. The planet of shocking transformation, freedom change, and liberation revelations. This is really paradigm-shifting stuff.

And that is also square other planets. Total lunar eclipses always bring about karmic endings, and this in Taurus is about how you communicate. Taurus rules the throat, what you value, how you manage your resources, and your sense of security. It’s very intense. It’s going to bring about incredible, shocking new beginnings.

It also happens to be on election day in the United States. So no big deal, right? Okay, so here’s the thing, because there’s so much full Moon and Eclipse energy, and Uranus can bring shocks, and this is square Saturn, and we have this Mars energy that’s very intense. If you live in the United States, you get your ballot in early.

November 2022 Astrology Forecast

Take it to a dropbox or polling station if you can, and mail it if you must, but do it early, okay? Because things are going to be more intense than usual for an American election. I mean, go figure! It’s so important. And these shocking revelations could bring us in a very positive direction to move us forward with progress.

That’s why you’ve got to vote! Or we can have some shocking upsets, or we can have a combination of a lot of things. There’s a war of words happening now, and that’s because Mars has been retrograde in Gemini since October 30th. Mars is usually only in a sign for about six weeks. Mars is going to be in Gemini for seven months because of this retrograde.

Mars is going to be retrograde in Gemini all through late January of next year. So Mars is the warrior planet. It’s aggression. It’s action. Gemini is words, communication, and transportation. So we will see some slowdowns in transportation, and it’s not like Mercury retrograde. Mars is more about vitality, but Gemini is ruled by Mercury.

November 2022 Astrology Forecast

So we have those elements as well. And mars retrograde can make you feel like you don’t have a lot of energy or you don’t have a lot of vitality. Yet, in Gemini, you’re getting in touch with repressed anger, and we’re seeing that now, but it can also cause some anger with your words if you’re too quick or you don’t think before you say something or write it on social media.

So I encourage you to be very careful with your words, what you write and how you speak. Especially since Mars is helping you get in touch with pent-up anger. Mar’s retrograde can also help you get in touch with your passions that have been buried and how to communicate them. I have a whole section on Mars retrograde in Gemini in my Celestial Guide, my 2022 Celestial Guide.

You can get that for FREE using the link below. There’s so much in there for you. You can learn about eclipses and all the retrogrades. You can look forward to the next two months, and you can also look back. I’ll tell you more about that at the end of this video, but for now, know that you can get that for free using the link below.

So again, there’s a lot to Mars Retrograde and Gemini. And so the most important thing for you to remember is to watch your words, to use your words wisely, and to really connect with parts of yourself that have been repressed through anger. Your anger tells you where your boundaries have been crossed and where you’re not maintaining boundaries, where you’ve been tread upon, and where someone is imposing their will on you.

November 2022 Astrology Forecast

And so that will really bring up some anger as well. And sometimes that’s going to help you, especially as we get toward the end of the month. We have this incredibly positive New Moon in Sagittarius. The Sun moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd, and that next day we have a beautiful, lucky New Moon in Sagittarius.

It’s really a benevolent one. It’s one of the best new moons of the year. And just after that, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance and optimism, goes direct after being retrograde since July. And it goes direct in Pisces, which is about your dreams and your empathy and your compassion and feeling connected.

And so this is a very beautiful time to pursue your dreams. Everything at the end of the month starts moving into the fire and more positive emotions. So after this, Really reflection and letting go of these karmic patterns that the eclipses are bringing up and all that waters helping you connect.

You can really connect to your ideals and dreams, and that Sagittarius energy is going to help you move forward with joy and enthusiasm. So even though Mars is slowing you down a bit in your action, Jupiter is going to help you move forward with things that really matter. It’s really stewarding your energy on things that are really important to you so that you can really go for your dreams.

Three Action Steps

So I have three action steps to help you navigate this very dynamic energy. Your first action step is to calm your nervous system. Eclipse season can feel like you have all your fingers in an electric socket.

It’s very highly charged. It can really run through your nervous system and cause a lot of anxiety and agitation. Maybe you have trouble sleeping. Maybe you feel like you can’t calm down. So ground yourself. Mars in Gemini is breathing. Okay, so instead of pushing yourself forward, you find exercises that restore you.

That’s part of what Mars and Gemini retrograde is teaching you and really work with your breath. If you find yourself getting really nervous, slow down your breath. Feel it in your body. Make sure you’re exhaling right, and make sure you’re slowing down that exhale.

I like to imagine the breath is massaging my nervous system, really slowing it down to relax and calm my nervous system, and that’s what I suggest you do.

Second Action Step

So remember, if you feel yourself elevating and getting too agitated or you fried, calm yourself with your breath, which brings us to action, step number two, which is to listen to your body. Especially with this Mars retrograde, you may feel like pushing yourself, but everything in the universe is saying, “Hey, you have to restore yourself.”

You have to find what regenerates you. And Mars is your physical vitality. So again, you may not have as much vitality. Gemini rules the respiratory system and the lungs. Now with Jupiter in Pisces, Jupiter expands everything it touches, and Pisces actually rules the hospital system.

So we are going to see more people, maybe the hospital’s filling up and some of these respiratory issues. All kinds of respiratory issues are surfacing now.

And if you are run down, you don’t want to push yourself into a situation that doesn’t feel comfortable for you. So make sure that you are tuning into yourself so as you get invited to social events or parties or travel.

If you are not feeling up to it, promise yourself that you’re going to listen to yourself and take care of yourself, and your body is also telling you what feels good for you and what you’re excited about, what lights you up and what doesn’t anymore. So really make a practice of tuning into your body to tell you what’s right for yourself and what’s not right for you.

Third Action Step

Now your third action step is to make space for new growth. This is a time of karmic endings and destiny, new beginnings as you let go of what is not right for you. As you create healthy boundaries, as you let go of people and circumstances that deplete you, you’re making space for new growth. And as Jupiter is moving forward in Pisces, this is going to connect you more to your dreams.

As we’re in Sagittarius season, towards the end of the month, you will be more connected to your dreams, and so you want to really tune into your dreams and also let go of anything that’s keeping you from them—actualizing your dreams. So I know it’s scary to let go of security. That’s what this Full Moon in Taurus is teaching you.

Because Taurus is all about security, so the eclipse is telling you that as you elevate your self-esteem and your self-worth and what you value and really connect with your ideals, it’s important for you to move forward in a way that represents who you truly are.

Rather than who you thought you once were. So really feel confident as you let go of those old aspects of yourself that you are moving towards something renewing and joyful and beautiful, and your body will always show you when you’re in the right direction.

November 2022 Astrology Forecast

So I hope that this has helped you really understand this big picture of what’s happening now and know that you’re not alone, and this is something that we’re all experiencing, and this is why I really want to share my 2022 Celestial Guide with you. This 160-page guide is your ultimate oracle to all things divine: tarot, astrology, numerology, and my intuitive insights.

They’re all there. We have journal prompts and affirmations, so that’s going to help you plan your next two months and then some. And it’s also going to help you look back on these months and understand why you went through certain things at certain times. And tracking your life through the planetary cycles helps you become more in tune with the planetary cycles.

It helps you understand why things happen to you so that you can be more empowered. And this is why I am so passionate about astrology, numerology, and all things divine. So again, you can download that for free using the link below. And if you’ve enjoyed this video, make sure to like it and subscribe to this channel, and make sure you hit that bell to be notified when I come out with a new video.

I will have lots of videos for you moving forward. And let me know in the comments how you are enjoying it—Scorpio season and what’s going on for you with the eclipses. I love you so much, and I wish you an incredibly joyful November and beyond. Lots of love. Bye for now.

November 2022 Astrology Forecast

Prepare to chart a new course. The winds of change are coming.

We begin the month amid eclipse season. Eclipses are always two weeks apart. Our New Moon eclipse was on October 25, and we have a powerful Full Moon eclipse in Taurus on November 8.

The time between lunations is brimming with intuitive insights. You will feel especially sensitive with our Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio.

We’re in Scorpio Season

Scorpio’s element is fixed water, taking you to the depths of your psyche. You are uncovering hidden gifts and buried emotions.

Also in sensitive water signs are Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Your cup may spill over with emotions. One moment you can feel immeasurable joy followed by a wave of sadness then washed over with peace and serenity. Your moods can change like tides. Allow your feelings to flow.

As you connect with these deeper aspects of yourself, you will recognize what you have been avoiding. People often don’t make changes because they are uncomfortable.

Yet, you will find that you can no longer hide from your truth. Relationships and circumstances that do not nourish you will feel unsustainable. You will need to let go of whatever no longer supports you.

The elements take a turn toward the middle of the month. After being oversaturated in sensitive water signs, your spirits will be lifted by a series of planets in fiery Sagittarius.

New Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, aiming your sights toward a more joyous future. A jubilant New Moon in Sagittarius blesses our skies on November 23, just one day after the Sun sailed into this optimistic sign.

This is one of the luckiest New Moons of the year! With the Sun and Moon aligned in the first degree of this sign, joined by Venus and Mercury, your manifesting potential is immensely potent.

If you dare to embark upon new horizons, you have a bright future. Change is most frightening in your mind. On the other side of it is magic.

There’s More to Explore!

We have busy and bustling last two months of the year, that’s why I’m offering my entire 160+ page 2022 Celestial Guide as a free gift to you. Get your FREE 2022 Celestial Guide Now »

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9 thoughts on “November 2022 Astrology Forecast

  1. Kari, I saw the blood-red moon (full eclipse) this morning, and it was the first opportunity I’ve had all month to watch your November astrology forecast. And, wow, did it resonate! The other day, I asked my husband what in the heck was wrong with me because I’ve been vacillating from being happy and up in the clouds to spewing angry words (which is very unlike me)!

    Also, I’ve been feeling this internal, undeniably strong pull to move in an entirely different direction from where I have been, and that includes setting healthier boundaries, listening to my body, and expressing my authentic self—all things that popped up during this forecast.

    I’m excited about this journey, and I’m grateful to you for sharing your insights and support for all of us. Thank you.

  2. You are just amazing. Such wonderful insights.
    So far, so good. Staying grounded and positive to help others through this time.

    Much Love to you.


  3. Thankyou Kari. You always bring positive light and explanations to what we going thru in these uncertain times.. Here’s to breathing deeply, learning to let go of what is pulling me down and setting better boundaries. and a good future ahead

  4. Thank you Kari for your wonderful insights and sharing your knowledge. You are a joy to listen to. Here’s to release and new beginnings!

  5. OMG your reading of the month (as usual) is SO spot-on!
    Mega- boundaries crossed, so much emotion, and your action to connect much more with my body resounds strong and clear. Thank you Kari.

  6. Your celestial notes provide clarity on what is circulating in the news and how to calm during this storm. Thank you for the higher perspective.

  7. Thank you so much. I’ve had so much anger lately and have been trying to get it up and out instead of stuffing my face. And wow the pushback for setting boundary; mansplaining, gaslighting and entitlement.

    Thank you so much. I feel.seen.

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