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Guided Meditation for Forgiveness

This forgiveness meditation will assist you in releasing your past with unconditional love. Breathe deeply and easily as you bring your awareness from your mind into your heart. We ask that you are surrounded by a legion of angels. They were surrounding you with love, light, healing, and protection. You are breathing in their loving, healing, light. This light is filling every cell of your being. Keep breathing this light into your heart. We now call in Archangel Jeremiel, who assists you in your life review in a loving and nonjudgmental way. to accompany you now. We call in archangels Michael, Raphael, and Uriel, and your highest-level spirit guides to assist you in this healing process. With their assistance on forgiveness meditation, you can heal your karmic residue so you can allow more love and prosperity into your life. You simply need to relax And receive as you allow them to heal your body, mind, and spirit through your etheric and emotional bodies.

Archangel Healing

Keep breathing into your heart chakra during forgiveness meditation. I’m going to guide you to bring your awareness to certain experiences. As you do, just notice and trust the first thing that comes to you without judgments. Simply trust the process. Bring your awareness now to any guilt about a choice you made at any time in your life where you or someone else suffered as a result of your choices. And trust the first thing that comes to you. Bring that to your awareness now. Feel where you are experiencing that in your body. Keep breathing as you visualize yourself during the time in your life when you made that choice. As you see yourself in that time, waves of light and love are flowing to you, to yourself in the present, and to your younger self, the one who made those choices. You can see yourself receiving that love, light, healing, and compassion in your body and every cell of your being. Allow yourself now to receive the pure energy of forgiveness as you release yourself from blame, shame, or guilt about those choices. Waves of light, love, and compassion are flowing to any people who are affected by those choices. In all directions of time, as you feel them receiving this light, you receive the pure energy of love.

Archangel Healing

As light flows to you, you allow yourself to release any guilt. Blame or shame about not being good enough for yourself or someone else. Allow yourself to release any guilt, blame, or shame about not doing enough for yourself or someone else. These emotions are now being transmuted, formless and harmless into the pure energy of compassion. Keep breathing after forgiveness meditation, letting go of anything that doesn’t serve your higher purpose as you continue to breathe in love. You are now going to heal the karmic residue with a specific person in your life. Ask yourself, is there any person who you feel has caused you suffering? Allow yourself to notice the first person who comes to your awareness. No need to judge. As you bring this person into your awareness, notice what is happening in your body. Do you feel any tension or sensations? Breathe light into your body. As light flows through you, you release any anger or resentment you have toward yourself or the other person in regard to your relationship with them.

Guided Forgiveness Meditation

This anger and resentment is being released from you now in all directions of time and being transmuted into the pure energy of love. Any blame you have toward yourself or the other person is now being released from your energy, being transmuted in all directions of time into pure. Love. Love. Allow yourself now to receive the energy of forgiveness. Love and compassion are flowing through you as you breathe in this light. Take a deep breath in as you release anything that doesn’t serve your higher purpose. Now. You are going to balance the karma of giving more than you are receiving. We ask Archangel Raphael to open up the channels of your receiving energy. As he touches the back of your heart chakra, you feel any restrictions releasing, so you can allow an equal flow of giving and receiving love. Ask yourself, is there anywhere in your life where you deny your own well-being? To benefit others, notice what comes up for you without judgment. Breathe in light, and on the exhale, allow yourself to release any beliefs that you are a bad person for having these feelings. As you release this judgment, you are flooded with the divine light of unconditional love and compassion. This light pulses through you in all directions of time, healing your past, present, and future.

Forgiveness Meditation

Take a deep cleansing breath as you release any belief that you need to work hard and prove your worth in order to be loved. Allow yourself to release any fear of abandonment or rejection. If you are not perfect, these emotions are being transmuted in all directions of time into pure. Love. You are being flooded now with the pure energy of unconditional love. Drink that energy into your being. As Archangel Michael surrounds you with a shield of positive energy, we ask now that Archangel Uriel continues to expand your consciousness with the light of understanding, integrating these lessons your soul has experienced. So you can now choose love toward yourself and others for the highest and best of all. Take another deep cleansing breath and notice how good you feel in your body. Bring your awareness now to the present moment and honor yourself for your experiences, for who you are now, and for how much you’ve learned on your journey. With love. As you affirm, I am love. And so it is.

Forgiveness and Letting Go

Forgiveness and letting go are powerful acts that can bring healing and liberation to our lives. But what if we feel stuck in the process, unable to release past hurts or resentment fully? This is where Archangel Healing comes into play, offering divine assistance to help us navigate these challenging emotions. Archangel Raphael, known as the angel of healing, can aid us in forgiving ourselves and others by offering comfort and guidance. By calling upon Raphael’s energy, we invite a higher vibration of love and compassion into our hearts. Visualizing his emerald-green light surrounding us can cleanse lingering negativity, allowing forgiveness to bloom.

Additionally, Archangel Michael’s unwavering strength can offer support when it feels difficult to let go. With his mighty sword of truth, he assists in cutting cords that bind us to painful memories or toxic relationships. By enlisting Michael’s presence, we find the courage to release old wounds and embrace a future filled with renewed hope. Ultimately, forgiveness and letting go are gateways to personal growth and inner peace. Through harnessing the power of Archangel Healing alongside our own willingness to heal through forgiveness meditation, we embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and liberation from past burdens. May this heavenly guidance lead you toward embracing forgiveness as a path toward true freedom. Practice this 15 minute meditation, Open your Heart to Love, here ».

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