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May 2023 Astrology Forecast – Cosmic Surprises and Unexpected Events

May is a wild month, so buckle up and get ready for an adventure. Hello, I’m Kari Samuels, your Intuitive Counselor, and Happiness Coach with your May forecast, and a lot is happening this month, and it has been since last month.

The energy is intensifying now. I know you’ve been feeling it, so if things have been coming up for you, please know you are not alone. This intensifying happens because you are making space for new growth, new identities emerging, and a new way of expressing yourself.

April was also a bit wild, and that’s because we had the eclipse and Mercury retrograde, and that energy is intensifying now.

We’ve been in the Eclipse Portal since April 20th. That means that eclipses are two weeks apart, and we had one on April 20th that was a new moon eclipse, and the two weeks between eclipses is known as the Eclipse Portal, and that’s when things come up for you.

Cosmic Surprises and Unexpected Events

That’s when you are letting go of things and realizing things you haven’t been processing, something that eclipsed from your consciousness, come up for you so that you deal with them because eclipses are fateful and destiny oriented.

So there’s a sense of letting go of a karmic pattern. Sometimes fateful new beginnings and things that happen to you, or that you attract into your life, or people you meet may change your life forever.

So it’s a very exciting time, and that’s what we’re in now, and we begin this month in that Eclipse Portal, and we have this very powerful eclipse on May 5th. It’s a Scorpio full moon eclipse. Scorpio full moons tend to be more intense because Scorpio is all about what’s in the shadow and connecting with the deepest parts of yourself so that you can have more intimacy and deeper connections. Scorpio’s ruling planet is Pluto. It’s also co-ruled with Mars, and Pluto is going retrograde.

On the very first day of this month, May 1st, Pluto goes retrograde. And outer planets go retrograde for several months a year. So it’s not really like a personal planet that feels very dramatic, but this one is dramatic.

May 2023 Astrology Forecasts

Everything about this month is over the top. Pluto is the Great Transformer and the Lord of the Underworld, bringing up things from the shadow, and it’s going retrograde at zero degrees, which is the beginning of a sign.

If you remember, Pluto just changed signs into Aquarius at the end of March and will be in Aquarius until June 11th and then goes back retrograding into Capricorn, those final degrees of Capricorn. And then Pluto will be in Aquarius for 20 years, beginning in January 2024.

So these are era-defining moments, and Pluto is going back and forth into these final degrees of Capricorn and beginning degrees of Aquarius. It’s finishing up some business, and Aquarius rules society. Capricorn is our economy, our government. Aquarius is very forward-moving. It’s about technology, change, and transformation in a way that everyone celebrates their uniqueness.

Everyone can be co-equals in a way. And so those issues will be coming up as Pluto is retrograding. It’s changing our government, economy, how we do business, and how we relate to each other.

May 2023 Astrology Forecasts

So what’s happening the first of the month is when this change starts to happen, this retrograde happens. And it will be retrograde for several months.

Scorpio’s rolling planet is Pluto, and we’re having this wild eclipse on May 5th. Now again, Scorpio’s full moons are always pretty intense. To have it be a lunar eclipse is even more so; it’s exponentially so. This eclipse is a South Node eclipse, which means it’s connected to this part of our collective way of being where we’re letting go of karmic patterns.

So this is happening personally and collectively, and there are sudden abrupt endings. Sudden, sometimes shocking revelations and things come up for you so that you are forced to let go, to change a pattern that has been weighing you down and keeping you stuck. And again, this is happening in the world as well, and we’re seeing things happening very dramatically and quickly.

Sometimes things that you never thought would happen. So this is a South Node eclipse, meaning it has a karmic ending. It’s also at 14 degrees. And it’s on May 5th. So that’s the fifth day of the fifth month. And 14 also reduces to five, and 14 is a karmic number.

May 2023 Astrology Forecast

So the five, everything’s a message. Nothing’s random in the universe. Five is a lot of things. And the 14 karmic energy of five is all around freedom. How you’ve been restricting your space and dependent on people or circumstances or situations in a way that you may resent, but you feel like you need this for security.

Well, these things are coming to an end. Something that you’ve been relying on, people that you’ve been relying on, and maybe resenting that you feel that you need because you’re afraid of moving forth in different ways.

The universe is making you right now deal with those things. So when you let them go, you’re letting go of these identities, relationships, and circumstances that have kept you stuck. You become liberated, so you can find new ways of being and expressing yourself.

And on the May 5th eclipse, the Sun is conjunct with Mercury and Uranus, and Mercury’s how you communicate. Uranus is the freedom planet. It’s a liberating planet. Aquarius’ co-ruler is Uranus.

Cosmic Surprises and Unexpected Events

So there’s a lot of this energy this month that’s around expression and freedom, and finding new ways of expressing yourself, ways of communicating, and ways of connecting with the world. Five is also a number of speaking and communicating.

The Sun is in Taurus for the first three weeks of this month, and Taurus rules the throat. And Taurus teaches you another way of being. That’s all about appreciating life’s beauty and simple pleasures. Taurus, the element is fixed earth.

It’s stabilizing and grounding after the Aries energy, which is all about pioneering. It’s like seed energy. Taurus is about finding a nourishing container, finding ways to nourish and nurture the grounding ideas that give you security. So a lot is coming up right now around security, and this is one of the lessons that Taurus teaches you.

May 2023 Astrology Forecast

It’s all about what and who you value and valuing yourself. So you are learning to slow down and value what’s truly important in life, your health, and the beauty of the simple things in life. To value your self-worth, and that is what this month is about. Now, our Sun is in Taurus.

Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, and Mercury is how you think and communicate. And when Mercury is retrograde, which it will be until the 14th, again the 14th, it teaches you to slow down and catch up with those intuitive parts of yourself, the information you’ve been overlooking.

So again, there’s more of that. What did I miss? What have I not been seeing? What has been in front of me this whole time that I’ve been too busy rushing, striving, and doing all these things that are stressing me out? What can I do now to slow down and appreciate what’s right here? Taurus is associated with money, and they talk about your funds appreciating, which means they’re growing, and that’s not an accident.

It’s about valuing even your material things so that you feel grateful; you know the value of things. You know the energy and the care that goes into creating things, having things, and these are some of the lessons of Taurus and Mercury and Taurus teaching you to slow down, value yourself, value your gifts, and express your true self.

Cosmic Surprises and Unexpected Events

In numerology, May of 2023 is a 3 Universal Month, and three is also about communicating, speaking from your heart, things that have been in your heart that you’ve wanted to say, need an expression. And all of the energy this month is compelling you to share your unique voice, creativity, and expression with the world.

So can you see how beautiful and exciting this is? So when things happen to you, when you are drawing into your circumstances, frustrating people, maybe the universe is telling you to slow down and process and deal with things and recognize how you can express what’s in your heart in those moments.

We have another outer planet changing signs this month, which is so exciting. The day after Mercury goes direct, Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion, is changing signs. It’s in a sign about once a year and moving from Aries into Taurus. Now, Jupiter expands everything it touches, so while it was in Aries, it brought life, power, and expansion to all things Aries.

The entrepreneurial spirit, you believing in yourself, having courage and confidence, and making yourself a number one priority, but also anger and how anger shows you where you need boundaries. Well, that energy is expanding now that Jupiter’s moving into Taurus for a year. So that energy around delighting in life’s beauty and slowing down and enjoying food, art, nature, and the beauty of life gets a boost.

May 2023 Astrology Forecast

And yes, if you have your Sun and Taurus, your Sun sign is in Taurus means that lucky Jupiter is in your sign for a year. But we all get to benefit from this all of these Taurean qualities. Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus. So we get a boost to this Venusian energy.

And Taurus is associated with money, but in a Venusian way; how do you attract things to you? By elevating your self-worth and appreciating what you have, you attract things by valuing what goes into things and your time and energy.

This process isn’t a get-rich-quick kind of money. Taurus is about slowly building and growing wealth and financial well-being. So this is an incredible time, and you have so much opportunity. So can you see why I’m so excited about it?

First Action Step

I have some action steps for you to navigate most of this incredible time. Now, your first action step is to slow down. And I know that doesn’t seem like an action step because maybe that’s the opposite of action. After all, how it is slowing down helps you be productive.

Well, it does. Especially with Jupiter and Taurus, and this is what we will learn for a whole year. The slow way is the fast way. The tortoise will win the race because you’re paying attention to things and learning how to draw things to you in a feminine way, in a Yin way, through love, through appreciation, and through nurturing.

And through being connected to nature, which restores us all to being connected to art and beauty, which feeds the spirit, which always helps every area of your life.

Second Action Step

So, slow down and take time to process, which brings us to action step two: feeling your feelings. We’re not taught how to do that.

We’re taught to think about our feelings. If I asked you how you’re feeling, you tell me everything in your life, or you’d say you’re fine and not even think about it. Feel your feelings in your body when you’re thinking about something you wanna do or something that upsets you or anything.

What’s happening in your body as you are experiencing that? We go straight to our minds and try to explain things, but we take the time to feel them. Because the eclipses will have you processing a lot of emotions at once, you can only really process and transform when you allow yourself to feel them. So get in your body, and notice what’s happening in your body.

If things are uncomfortable, just breathe through them. Breathe life and light through your body until you feel things start to move for you. Identify your feelings, not like what’s happening in your life, but try to describe your emotions. The more adept you are at processing and feeling your feelings, the more you can transform them and make space for new growth.

Third Action Step

And your third action step is to change your story. We all have stories that we tell ourselves. I’m always a person who does this. I’ve always had this happen to me. Whatever that is for you, those are your karmic patterns, and you are letting go of them now.

And now it’s time for you to have a new version of yourself emerge. You are the heroine of your adventure story. How do you want to write this next chapter? So let’s say you’re someone who has always attracted romantic partners who are emotionally unavailable.

Instead of saying to yourself, “Oh, I’m that person who always finds those people who will not be good for me,” rewrite that for yourself. Know that you are that person who’s learned from that and now can attract people who always support and love you and value you for who you are.

Let’s say you’re a person who’s never been good with money. Know that, yes, I learned from that. That was a drama in my story. And now I know that I can be responsible with money. I can attract lots of money. Whatever it is for you that you have identified with, change that for yourself.

May 2023 Astrology Forecast – Cosmic Surprises and Unexpected Events

Cause this next chapter is unwritten, you can go on an incredible adventure and attract all the good things to yourself. One of the reasons I love astrology is because it helps you understand your true nature, and when you understand your true nature, you can align yourself with that.

So if you’d like some assistance, I have a free Zodiac guide that will help you understand your Sun sign and other people’s Sun sign so that you can live following your true nature and express your destiny in a way that feels in alignment with you.

If you’d like that, you can get that for free using the link below. And if you’ve enjoyed this video, give it a like, a thumbs up, and subscribe to this channel. I have so much more I want to share with you, and I wish you a marvelous May and beyond. I love you so much; lots of love. Bye for now.

May 2023 Astrology Forecast – Cosmic Surprises and Unexpected Events

Cue the drama. This month is full of twists and turns. Emotions will run high. Truths will be revealed. Expect the unexpected.

Eye-opening awakenings abound! It’s like turning on the lights in a dark and dusty attic – all those buried emotions and desires are about to come to the surface.

First up, we’ve got powerhouse Pluto going retrograde on May 1st. Though the retrogrades of slow-moving planets tend to be more subtle in our day-to-day lives, Pluto always packs a powerful punch, especially since this is at 0 degrees Aquarius.

Our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th will be one for the ages.

Eclipses illuminate all that has been hidden from your consciousness. We often hide from our intuition because we fear our transformation.

This is a turning point. You MUST move forward toward inevitable growth, no matter how frightening it may feel.


We’re still in Mercury Retrograde until May 14th. Taurus teaches you what you truly value. As you elevate your self-worth, you learn to speak your truth more confidently and directly.

This is a lot of change, but fear not. You’re creating space for new growth and exciting horizons.

In this month’s forecast, I share with you how to make the most of this momentous month. You can feel excited as you journey forth on your new ventures.

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6 thoughts on “May 2023 Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you Kari for all that you give to us of your wisdom and thoughts. I look so forward to your Monthly forecast and reviews. It is always a delight when I see your face and know that I am going to get the highlights of events that will be coming in for that month ! It is like a friend has taken their time to send me a message.
    SO… thank you Karit.


  2. Kari is a guiding light! I love her insight and recommendations to help with the changing energies. As an empath I went through a dark night of the souls last fall. She has helped me see my way through that difficult divination processing my emotions while ascending. Now that I have an idea of this feeling I will be better when it comes knocking again. But I will definitely reach out for Kati’s help.

  3. Thank You for your brilliant insight into the month of May. There is change afoot- I know it now for sure! May your blessings abound 🙂

  4. Dear Kari ,

    Love your insights and your thoughts and positive&
    Compassionate down to earth way of thinking thank you for sharing your thoughts and information about astrology , numerology , and angel meditations also you are a blessing to the universe ! Blessings✨, April 💗💛

  5. WOW, thanks for the forecast, Kari! Yes, I feel like I’m pedaling as fast as I can…which is pretty fast for and Aries Sun/Sag Moon/Cap Rising XD…but I feel positive, and your guidance always helps to keep me focused and on track and NOT in the ditch!

    BTW, when you spoke of the number 14 and how it represents FREEDOM, I immediately saw the 14th Amendment…so awesome how the Universe works!

    Looking forward to the Monthly Moon Meditation!


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