June 2023 Astrology Forecast

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June 2023 Astrology Forecast – Destiny is Calling

You can breathe a sigh of relief because this month’s energy is a lot lighter than the past couple of months. Hello, I’m Kari Samuels, your Intuitive Counselor and happiness coach. With your June forecast and we begin this month in Gemini season, this is also light energy.

Its element is mutable Air Gemini is the honeybee of the zodiac, so you may feel the impulse to explore new things, go to new places, meet new people, mix it up a bit. It’s been very intense the past two to three months, probably the most intense of the year, and thankfully, The eclipses, the Mercury retrograde, all behind you.

Now, what that did was bring up for you anything that you needed to change in your life, karmic endings, things that needed to be cleared. It was a lot of work. It was not easy, but you made it through and now you have emptied your cup ready to be filled again.

There’s more of that actually, because June, 2023 is a 13 universal month, and 13 is the number of letting go and also weeding out your spiritual garden. In the tarot, it’s the Death card. It’s never the death of a person.

June 2023 Astrology Forecast

It’s always about the death to an old way of being. In a way that’s weighing you down so that you can make room for new growth and new life and new things. And that’s what’s happening.

There’s a lot of new energy bubbling to the surface and things that you want to fulfill in your heart and you might feel more social. And really it’s about momentum now. And this month is very special because there’s a lot of energies converging that are helping you get in touch with your destiny the very first day of this month, June 1st.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance is connecting with the north node of the moon In Taurus, the north node of the moon is known as your destiny. It’s the lunar node of destiny.

It’s opposite the south node of the moon, which is also about karmic endings and letting go. But this is about where you are headed, what your soul decided to come to earth to do. To become. And so you are going to feel this urge within you to move forward in ways that you haven’t explored before because that north node is unexplored territory.

Destiny is Calling

So there’s a real drive right now. But because this is something that you are becoming something unexplored, it can feel a little exciting, but also perhaps. Scary, but really good. So I’m encouraging you to follow those callings within you and really move toward uncharted territory. It’s going to open up a whole new world of being for you.

There’s a lot more around this getting in touch with your soul kind of energy here because, well, first of all, we have, it’s a busy month. Pluto is changing signs Retrograding back again into Capricorn. Now you know, all the hullabaloo about Pluto in Aquarius, where it’s going to be for 20 years, beginning in January of next year.

We got a taste of it beginning the end of March. So this age of Aquarius, which is more about really uniqueness and equality and group energy and diversity and power to the people. That’s all aquarium themes. Well, Pluto goes into a sign for about 20 years at a time to unearth things so that we have more change toward those things.

Well, Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld is retrograding back into Capricorn, the final master degree of Capricorn Retrograding back June 11th, and then it’s going to be back in those final degrees of Capricorn until January of next year. So what does that mean? As a collective, we’re mastering the energy of Capricorn.

June 2023 Astrology Forecast

We’re tying up loose ends in Capricornian themes. So Capricorn governs government and economy and business finance. So most likely we will see some drama. Around those things and the economy may have a few shakeups and so, all the way back in December of last year when I was forecasting this year, advised people not to do any risky financial ventures. Right now this is about slow and steady. This is about really the big picture, the long haul.

So don’t do anything risky right now financially. Personally though, what this means for you is to really reclaim your authority. Capricorn is all about your status, your authority, systems, business, really how you’re making a mark on the world. So this is about you getting in touch with those parts of yourself that is the authority of your life.

And about being in authority and about not being afraid of your power. So the rest of this year is about that for you, is about really reclaiming the parts of yourself that is not afraid of being powerful, that is not afraid of making a mark in the world. And so that is really coming to a head right now.

And so these themes are going to be coming up for you in your inner life, in your outer life as well and really knowing your worth. Also, it’s a really good time to look at your finances and the systems of your life to make sure they are working for you.

Destiny is Calling

We have two other outer planets, retrograding this month. By the end of the month, they’ll be retrograde and they stay retrograde for several months as well. Saturn, which is Capricorn’s, ruler, is Retrograding into Pisces. It just went into Pisces in March as well.

And Neptune, Pisces, ruler is Retrograding also into Pisces. So we have these retrograde planets going into Pisces. So these outer planets going retrograde is all about the big picture of your life.

This is about really having an overview of your life and going inside and reconnecting with those parts of your soul that are speaking to you. Pisces is the sign of the soul. It’s also about tying up karmic endings as well. So remember, you have to let go of things in order to make room for new growth, and that is the theme of this month.

But this month is more about the growth rather than the release, but there’s always that ongoing process. You’ve been through a lot of soul searching this whole year. Being a seven universal year is about soul searching, and this is a pivot point. This is a time when you are reclaiming parts of yourself that maybe you buried or tucked away for safekeeping, and now it’s time to get in touch with those parts of yourself. So how do you navigate this incredibly soulful energy?

Three Action Steps

Of course, I have three action steps for you. Your first action step is to tune into your calling. What do I mean by that? Your calling is different than your career. Your calling is really about what you came to the planet to do. And again, that is more than your career.

Your calling is about what is going on inside of you. That acorn inside of you that wants to grow into a tree. What is that inside of you that is longing for expression in the world? And it could be playing music, not necessarily as a career, but something that your soul is longing for.

It could be connecting with your soul, family, or your soulmate, and now it’s time for you to really focus on that. Whatever it is that you’re longing to express.

The creative urges inside of you that really want to be born into the world is to connect with that and use that as your compass. Use that as your North star, because oftentimes we think of things in life in terms of just the practicalities. So right now the universe is asking you to think of yourself.

Action Step Two

In terms of the spiritual urges inside of you, which brings us to action step number two, which is to listen to your soul rather than your ego. You can make soulful choices or you can make ego choices, and when I say ego, I’m typically referring to.

The parts of you that are looking for approval, the parts of you that are doing things because you think you should do them, the parts of you that are doing things because you are afraid. Now, there is something to having a healthy ego and Pluto Retrograding into Capricorn is going to help you reclaim those parts of yourself.

That is done through the soul. That is done by knowing yourself, knowing what’s true to you, knowing what’s inside of yourself, and choosing everything in your life from that perspective.

Action Step Three

Which brings us to action. Step number three, tread your own path. This is very much. An era, especially as we go into Pluto in Aquarius starting next year. But you’re training now to be more unique, to be more of an individual.

This is a time of individuation where you’re breaking away from the pack. So much in our life, especially with social media, tells us what our life should be like. And so when you are looking. Around the world, you can think, oh, this is what I’m supposed to be doing. This is how I’m supposed to be feeling.

This is how I’m supposed to be acting. And yet the soul is very unique. Your soul has a way that it wants to express itself in the world, and so that often requires you doing something. That you don’t see around you, it requires you to take the road less traveled. That is a way that your intuition really gets tested a lot too. When you listen to that part of you that says, well, everything logical tells me to do this, and everyone is telling me to do this, but I feel I should do that, you are a unique, beautiful individual being.

June 2023 Astrology Forecast – Destiny is Calling

You have a unique essence. That needs to be expressed, so listen to that, especially if you don’t see it modeled in the outside world. You will be rewarded manifold, I promise you. And I’ve also created something that’s going to help you with this. I have a free on demand masterclass.

Numerology and your soul’s destiny to live the life your soul intended. This is to help you understand the karmic patterns that you came in with, the things that are holding you back, and how to move through that to live your fullest potential. This is a free on demand masterclass and you can access that using the link below, and I highly encourage you to do that. Not only will you understand yourself, you will also understand your loved ones and everyone around you more deeply.

Your birthdate is not an accident, and that is a clue that helps you understand very much what you came here to learn. And to express. So again, you can access that using the link below. And this is an incredible month, and I hope that you have the courage to be yourself, to listen to the voice of your soul and to express your unique essence in the world. I love you so much, and I’m wishing you a joyful June and beyond lots of love. Bye for now.

June 2023 Astrology Forecast – Destiny is Calling

PHEW! You made it through some tumultuous terrain. You’re in the aftermath of a cosmic storm. You may be reeling from the intensity, yet this is an opportunity to rebuild your life to feel more fulfilled.

Before you begin the reconstruction process, you must clear the path for new growth. It’s time to weed your spiritual garden and let go of the people and circumstances weighing you down.

Your Destiny is Calling!

You’re off to a great start on June 1st with a blessed meet-up between beneficent Jupiter and the Moon’s North Node in Taurus. Jupiter brings optimism and expansion. The North Node points you toward your destiny.

Throughout the month, you’ll expand your comfort zone – like a plant that has outgrown its container.

In this month’s forecast, you’ll learn how to tap into the energetic momentum for a bigger, brighter future.

Onward and upward for you!

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