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Empaths And Energy Vampires – Healing The Inner Child

Empaths And Energy Vampires – Healing The Inner Child

There’s a new type of energy vampire I’ve discovered. I want to bring your attention to it.

They magnetically attract empaths like us (so we can learn to have discernment).

Closely aligned with the Victim archetype, this one is a bit more complex. It’s the Hapless Fool. It’s the shadow side of the Innocent Child or the Magical Child.

It’s the kind of person that seems well-meaning and guileless. They can come off as folksy or innocent and good-hearted yet seem to never get a break. That’s usually due to a laziness or incompetence on their part, but the empath in us just wants to help them.

So no matter how many times they disappoint you or are irresponsible in some way, you give them a pass because they “just don’t know better” or they seem to be trying really hard. You can feel bad being direct with them because they have a child-like energy.

Be warned of these kinds of people you make excuses for.

No matter how much compassion you’ve shown them the minute you call them out on their BS they turn on you and get very very selfish.

This is the kind of person who has a “you couldn’t say anything harsh to me because I’m so innocent” energy.

They seem so hapless and innocent, yet use all manner of emotional blackmail so you feel too bad for them to confront them about what they’re doing wrong.

They wind up being sociopaths who can’t communicate with any emotional maturity and were stunted somewhere in childhood.

Boundaries and energy

A way to monitor this in your life is to be aware when you make excuses for them. And most importantly remind yourself you’re not here to be everyone’s savior.

I’m sharing this with you because empaths are highly susceptible to this kind of person and they are teaching us karmic lessons in boundaries and discernment.

I hope this helps you! May the Force be with you

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