2021 YEAR AHEAD ENERGY FORECAST – New Frontiers Await You!


New Frontiers Await You!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2021 is finally here!

Get ready! 2021 will be a wild ride!

This dynamic year will be full of excitement and transformational change.

As the calendar turns annually, it ushers in a new Universal Year in numerology. The spiritual lessons and vibrational shift depicted by the Universal Year Number are experienced globally.

2021 is a 5 Universal Year. (2+0+2+1 = 5).


Sounds boring, right?

The nature of 5 is to disrupt the status quo.

Anything outdated and outmoded will need to be upgraded. Any changes that have been avoided will need to be reconciled. Freedom will be at the forefront of people’s consciousness.

There will be drama.

Not everyone has the same idea of what freedom means to them. You can imagine how this will unfold.

Themes of freedom and change are what our astrology reveals too.

Jupiter and Saturn, known as the social planets, will be in revolutionary Aquarius.

Aquarius is a sign that brings innovation, collaboration, and unity. It ushers in an era of “power to the people.” Freedom is the hallmark of Aquarius – whether related to civil liberties, community gardening, or creative expression. Liberation is inevitable.

With Jupiter and Saturn in this humanitarian sign, freedom will be at the forefront of our personal and political lives. Individuality will be celebrated. Differences will be honored. Creativity will be cherished.

One thing is certain; change is inevitable.

If there is an area of your life that needs an upgrade, the Universe will force your hand. It’s best to be proactive about making positive shifts in your life.

In this forecast, I share with you the 3 essential steps to help you navigate the wild energies ahead:

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Hello. I’m Kari Samuels, your intuitive counselor and happiness coach with your 2021 forecast. Yay. Happy new year. We made it to 2021 in this year. Going to be exciting. This is going to be a wild ride. 2021. The themes are freedom, revolutionary change and radical transformation. Boring, right?

This is going to be a wild ride. There’s so much in store for you. Every calendar year we usher in a new universal year in numerology. So, that universal year number gives you an idea about the spiritual lessons that you’re going to have to integrate in the energy that we have to understand and integrate as well. And it’s a universal year because it really is global. It shows us what each one of us on the planet is working on. And of course, we’re all going to manifest that in different ways, but it’s really profoundly accurate.

We are in this five universal year in 2021 five is a pivot point. It’s really dynamic. So, it’s the center of the single digits. It really is a turning point and, and fosters a lot of dramatic change. Now, the letters that add up to the number five in the English language are N E N w which spelled the word new. This gives you an idea about what’s in store for us this year. You really want to try new things, explore experiment, be creative.

New Frontiers Await You!

This is about pushing the boundaries. The five is here to break up anything that’s not working. It’s here to break up structures and foundations that are limiting restrictive in any way. And that aren’t progressive. It really brings us toward future progress and change. And that’s why it’s a real year of experimentation now because so much had to change last year and so much.

Wow. I mean it was hard, and you had to let a lot go, and you may be in that in-between place right now, where you gave up a lot, and you know, you need to do something new, or maybe you didn’t give it up, but you know, it’s not working for you anymore. Things are just really strained or tenuous in some ways. And you know, you need something new, you know, you need to, to try new things or, or you’re headed for something better, but you don’t know what that is yet.

Well, you know what, you’re in a great place because that’s where you’re supposed to be because this is an energy of transformation change. There’s this, there’s this sense that you’re supposed to dip your toe in different waters and experiment and, and really explore and be creative. And the creative energy is not something that you just know inherently.

Freedom and Progress

It’s about the discovering process. It’s about the wild frontier that hasn’t yet been explored. That’s what this year is about. If you feel that sense of confusion or unease or, or anything of that, that unknowing, that’s exactly where you’re supposed to be. Just remember that it’s an exciting place, but it’s also kind of scary when you don’t know what’s going on, but just know that’s exactly right. So, really this five is this pivot point.

So because it brings freedom and progress, and there’s this sense of breaking up the status quo. It’s important to remember that not everyone in your life or the world is going to have the same idea about what freedom means. So, this is why this number can also bring some drama. It’s very dynamic. So, and maybe even that sense within you, like, should I shouldn’t die, right?

It’s like, I don’t know, but I’m encouraging you to explore as much as you can and be as creative as you can. Five is a very social number and group oriented. And it’s also associated with technology. Even because we’re still in this year when it’s not really in-person socializing as much technology is going to be a big part of that still. And we’re going to see a lot of progress in that. So, you know, it’s also fun.


Five can be a lot of fun, and we didn’t really have that many in 2020. We also have a lot of this freedom, revolutionary energy in our astrology as well. Now you may remember this great conjunction of 2020 on the solstice. Do you remember 2020? Yeah. So on December 21st of 2020, we had that great conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter, which are known as the social planets because every 20 years when they meet up in assign, it changes the paradigm.

We have a whole new changing culture, changing society. Really, it really is a bit radical. The roaring twenties is when that happened, the forties that was radical, the sixties that was really radical. The eighties that was radical in all the wrong ways, 2020 20, it really started, it starts these paradigm shifts. We’re going to see progress being made in our culture. Everything’s, it’s going to be a whole new genre and we’re ready for that. We’re ready for a lot of change in our culture and our societies.

They met up in the sign of Aquarius, Saturn, and Jupiter, and they’re going to be in Aquarius throughout this whole year. And Aquarius is also a sign of revolution, radical change, freedom. It’s a very much a power to the people, energy. It’s also associated with innovation and electronics and technology. We’re going to see a lot of innovation and progress in those realms.


Aquarian is a very much about the greater good. And again, we need that. And even though it’s about the groups and societies and friends and culture, which is very much five energies while there’s always a theme, it’s also about the unique individual. It is your unique voice that contributes beautifully to the greater good.

And this is why creativity and art and culture is such a big part of what’s. What progress is. Your unique voice is as much a part of moving things forward as the collective energy. And it is the collective energy. You’re the particle within the wave. That is so important. Because this energy is very dynamic and a little of a roller coaster, I want to make sure that you have everything you need moving forward for this very dynamic year. There’re three things to keep in your mind and your heart as you move toward the whole entire year.

So keep these as your overarching themes and actions.

Three Essential Steps

Your first step is to be very proactive about change. Now, there’s going to be many areas in your life where it’s easy to hold on to the, the universe has been in your intuition and your inner voice has been telling you it’s time.

It’s time to move on. You really need to change this, but life is busy and things are scary to change. And so, you may be holding on to some things that seem secure, or just because you’re being complacent, or you don’t have time. The universe is going to force your hand. You must be very proactive about change because change is going to happen. You might as well make conscious choices and be proactive about that. So again, keep that in your mind in your heart.

And if you feel yourself being complacent in any way, really start to, to take some very concrete action steps, moving forward, again, dip your toe in different water. That’s what this energy is about. It’s not about knowing what you want. It’s about at least exploring new things.

Second Step

Now your second action step is to be flexible. There is a roller coaster year, and there’s going to be many times when life is going to happen. And you don’t necessarily what you thought you were going to do. You won’t have a chance to do so. It’s good to leave things a little open and know that you can’t just like, say, this is what I’m going to do. And this is exactly how I’m going to get there. It’s not the year for that. And as I’m tracking the energy for 2021, there are some very specific cosmic storms that are coming up.

And there’s, there’s these pivot points where it’s obvious that your intentions will change. I, you know, I go through these in depth in the 2021 illuminated event and really specifically, but just so you know that you just need to stay very flexible.

If things start to feel like they’re not right, pay attention to the universe, the universe is going to show you when and where you need to change, but just don’t be stubborn about getting all your goals done because they, they, they will probably transform over time. Okay? So, it’s important to have intentions, but it’s important to know when they’re going to change and to, to let life happen as well.

Third Step

Now, your third action step is to dare to be yourself. Remember, this is about, this is about being unique. This is about both the five energy and the Aquarian energies.

It’s about expressing your voice and how your voice matters and, and how, how being yourself is what attracts positive people and circumstances to you. And if you are hiding and new identities are going to be emerging. So as you allow yourself to express who you are, even if it’s someone you weren’t before, if you’re if you’re some, if you want to do or be, or represent yourself differently, that’s what this year is about the future, right?

This is a futuristic energy and that’s happening right now. So be your future self and, and don’t hide parts of yourself. The five is associated with the fifth chakra, which is very much creative. It’s very much about the voice that you were meant to share with the world, your unique gifts, your unique creativity. So as you dare to be different, you are going to attract a whole new world of possibilities to you.

2021 Year Ahead

And this is going to be an exciting adventure now because this is a bit of a roller coaster poster kind of year, never a dull moment. I want to make sure that you have the spiritual, emotional, and practical tools that you need. And this is why 2021 illuminated is a four-day event. On day one, we do energy healing to let go of the grief, the heaviness, the emotional baggage, the emotional burdens of 2020. Oh my goodness.

We’re going to let that go and call in your guides and angels for spiritual protection, for renewal, for intention setting. So, you have all those spiritual tools that you need moving forward. Now on day two, we go a month by month. And we’re looking at all the deeper spiritual lessons that this year is going to bring in. There are many lessons and when the cosmic storms happen and when the opportunity moments are.

And so, that you’re prepared, and you know how to plan to avoid some of the pitfalls that may occur. And then you can plan for happiness and success. Yes, we’re going to go through your purse year numerology, which is significant to know how to focus your energy as good as you can focus. Right?

2021 Illuminated

But what, how, what types of energies want to come through in your life and how that relates to the five universal here? Because it’s a little, it’s a little different in every year. It’s a lot different actually. And we’re also going to have a live Q and A. So, I hope that you join me for that. I know that it can help you. I get so many thank you’s every year from people who say it saved them a lot of time, money, headache, hassle, and heartbreaks. So, I hope you join me. It’s extraordinary.

And I want to impart on you all the tools that you need to be prepared. Whatever you choose to do, I am wishing you a magical, fantastic stick, fun, fabulous five universal year and beyond. It is going to be such an exciting adventure. So honored with the journey. I love you so much, and let’s do this. Lots of love. Bye for now.




Three essential steps for an amazing 2021:

Be flexible

Change is inevitable, so it’s best to be proactive about it. If you’re clinging to your tried and true ways of dealing with things, the Universe will have some surprises for you. As you set your intentions, know that your plans will most likely change.

Save some space on your calendar for spontaneity. Allow time in your day for curveballs that life may present to you. You can trust that even if things aren’t turning out how you intended, there is a divine plan for your life.

Change your routine

You’ll be making significant changes in your life this year. Yet, it’s the incremental changes that will create strong and lasting foundations. For example, if you take the same route to work every day, maybe you want to walk or drive on a different path. By doing so, you might find your new favorite shop!

Try a new sport or dance if your routine has become uninspiring. Perhaps once a week, you can replace food in your diet with something more nutritious. If you want to learn a new skill, you can practice a little every day. You’ll be amazed at how small changes can yield profound results.

Express your true self

It’s time to break free of your self-imposed limitations! If you have aspects of yourself that you are hiding, you are doing yourself and others a disservice. It can feel scary sharing your feelings and uniqueness. Yet, it’s always worth it! You can only be loved for who you are if you allow yourself to BE yourself.

Any feelings, artistic endeavors, creative projects, or spiritual callings that you’ve been repressing will need to be expressed. Reveal your true self.

2021 can surely be a wonderful year if you tune into the divine and express what’s in your heart.

Have a magical year!


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  1. Thank you thank you thank you Kari 💗 I am LOving this 2021 Year so far. Freedom, 5th Chakra, FUN, ProActive, be Flexible, be your Unique self, Pivot, Creative, Saturn & Jupiter… I LOve you Kari 💗💗💗

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