Sep 2023 Astrology Forecast: Soul-Searching and Surprises

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September 2023 Astrology Forecast – Soul-Searching and Surprises

This month is going to bring some surprising twists and unexpected events. So if you know how to manage this energy, you can really have a beautiful relaxing month and avoid some of the challenges that other people may experience. Hello. I’m Keri Samuels, your intuitive counselor and happiness coach with your September forecast. And we begin this month with six planets retrograde plus Chiron. which is an asteroid known as the Wounded Healer, which sometimes acts like a planet. So that’s a lot of retrograde. And this whole month is very retrograde y. It’s all about tuning in, listening to yourself, really understanding what’s right for you. It’s very much in alignment with this 7 Universal Year that we’re in. 7 is a number of soul searching, retreat. Retreat from the external world in a lot of ways and really going inward. Really knowing what’s right for you. Really discerning what is good for you moving forward. And in addition to these six planets in retrograde plus Chiron and this seven universal year, we’re in.

September 2023 Astrology Forecast

September 2023 is a 7 Universal Month. So you have this double 7 energy. Every September brings a double energy of the year. And 7 is really very intensely a number of tuning in and soul searching. And so this whole year has been about getting you to understand what’s right for you, getting to understand what’s not right for you. There have been perhaps many obstacles to you moving forward because when the 7 is present, it’s really about Knowing what’s true to you before you move forward next year. 2024 is going to be an 8 Universal Year and 8 is all about going big, but the reason the 7 comes before the 8 is because you really need to know what’s in your heart before you expand on it. You really don’t want to magnify something. That’s not appropriate for you. You want to know what’s right for you. So this energy of discernment is playing out through this whole month. You’re in Virgo season until the 23rd and Virgo is all about knowing what’s right for you. Virgo, the maiden of Virgo, always holding the wheat.

Soul-Searching and Surprises

It’s about separating. The chaff from the wheat separating what’s not good for you. What’s not nourishing you and retaining what is healthy. Virgo is very much a sign of health and well being and self sustenance. The Virgo Maiden is a goddess who knows what is right for her, right? And so this energy right now is about knowing what is right for you and what isn’t. This energy of discernment is playing out through this whole entire month. And by the way, fellow Virgos, happy birthday to us. So we are meant to know what is. really nourishing for us and develop different ways of being moving forward for this last part of the year and into this very robust 2024 with a clear heart. Now Venus, which really governs your heart, has been retrograde and will end her retrograde on September 3rd. That 40 days and 40 nights. Retrograde is all been about you knowing what is it right for your heart knowing who and what you love. And so that ends on September 3rd. However, we’re still in Mercury retrograde until the 15th.

September 2023 Astrology Forecast

And so Venus and Mercury are personal planets. And so they affect you more personally, right? They’re really about your heart and your mind. So whereas Venus is about what you feel Mercury. is what you think, how you communicate. So you’re understanding what’s in your mind better, what’s in your heart better, and connecting them. And that’s why we have so many retrogrades. It’s really about getting you back into yourself because forward moving planets are just that. They’re moving ahead, going about their business, right? And then when a planet is retrograde, which appears to be moving backwards, From the Earth’s perspective, it’s time for you to go back before moving ahead and re assessing, re evaluating, reviewing all the RE words. And so, this Mercury retrograde, Mercury is in Virgo and Mercury is also Virgo’s ruling planet. So it’s a little bit extra retrograde y. So the trickster energy of Mercury retrograde happens when you’re moving too fast. When the universe is trying to get you to slow down and rethink, fix things that are not working properly, including how you communicate so that you can move forward with more clarity.

Soul-Searching and Surprises

It’s about really going back and collecting parts of your psyche, parts of your consciousness. you weren’t paying attention to. And of course, September is always this month about getting back to business, right? Or like really learning things and rolling up your sleeves. That’s very much Virgo energy. Virgo is all about service and work and also health and well being. So it’s not summer energy, whether you’re in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere. This is really very much a time about. Going in and learning and being productive in a way that benefits yourself and the greater good. We have some very special events this month. Of course, we have our Equinox, which is on the 23rd. So after all of this retrograding, all this tuning in and going inside and slowing down because that’s what the retrogrades require of you. The 23rd is when we have. Our equinox, the days and nights are equal all over the planet. There’s this sense of balance and harmony and beauty. And that’s what Libra brings or at least that’s what Libra is seeking. Harmony and balance and that happens at the end of the month. And so the personal planets in retrograde will be behind you by the end of the month. And then. We have this beautiful equinox, which is really about finding harmony within you and finding a balance between heaven and earth and body, mind and spirit.

September 2023 Astrology Forecast

And so that’s when you can really move forward with more of a sense of peace and harmony. And there’s not so much of these personal planets. making their trickster energy get in your way. Now, also at the end of the month on the 28th or the 29th, depending on where you live, we have our last supermoon of a series of four. Now we begin this month really riding on the waves of that supermoon that happened on the 30th of August and we have four supermoons in a row. And so supermoons really Amplify your emotional energy. That’s what these moons do. They amplify your emotions to bring things to light so that you can let them go. And so there’s so much of this really like bringing things up having you get in touch with what’s inside of you so that you can let it go. and move forth with more confidence and clarity. So I have three action steps to help you navigate this energy to avoid the pitfalls of these retrogrades and really make the most of this beautiful time which can be a very Spiritual time.

First Action Step

Now, your first action step is to leave space in your calendar. I know I said this last month, but we were also in retrograde season last month with Venus and Mercury retrograde. So that still applies. And if you didn’t heed that advice. I’m sure maybe things didn’t always go as planned because you can’t really just push forward with everything like go, go, go. When these retrogrades are happening, especially Mercury retrograde, especially with Mercury being in his home sign of Virgo. One of his home signs, the other is Gemini. And so you really want to stay flexible. You really want to Leave things a little bit open for things to maybe not go as planned. And so you also want to take extra care of your health. because Virgo really governs health. And if plans go awry because people around you or you are not feeling well, that could really throw a curveball in things, right? So you want to take extra care with your health and you want to take extra care leaving space in your calendar.

Second Action Step

Now, your second action step is to build healthy habits. We’re all about health right now, health and well being. And so healthy habits… Habits are built incrementally. So this isn’t about completely changing or revamping your life because that actually isn’t the way to create healthy habits. Healthy habits are done a little bit at a time incrementally. So really pay attention to some of the things that you’re doing that you know aren’t good for you that you can change a little bit at a time. So one example. is scrolling on social media and getting triggered. So maybe you want to allow yourself just a little bit of time to scroll on social media and then have time where you’re writing in your journal instead, or meditating or exercising or doing breath work or incorporating those things into your daily routine. Again, start a little bit at a time, incrementally, and that’s where you’ll see the biggest results.

Third Action Step

Now, your third action step is to do what nourishes you and let go of what doesn’t. Remember, this is the time of discernment. It’s about health and well being. And so, as you are going through your day, take note. Is this activity nourishing for me? Is this person… Good for me. Is this situation I’m in nourishing for me or does it drain me? Do I need to let it go? Is it an energy vampire? All those things. This is an incredible time. To take note of that and really actively let go of energy drains. Let go of people and situations that do not nourish you. I have something that I am so excited about that can help you with this. On the new moon, September 14th, I am hosting a free live new moon ritual that will be an energetic reset to help you let go of any energy, emotions, beliefs, and expectations that aren’t benefiting your well being so that you can let go of them and start this new moon cycle with clarity, confidence, joy, and enthusiasm.

September 2023 Astrology Forecast

Again, that new moon. Equinox magic ritual is absolutely free and you can join me using the registration link below. I hope you will and even if you cannot attend live. When you sign up, you get the recording and you can listen and enjoy it at your own time. So I am wishing you an absolutely beautiful, harmonious, blissful September and beyond. And if you’ve enjoyed this video, make sure you like it and subscribe to this channel and hit the bell to be notified when I come out with a new one. I have a lot to share with you in the months coming up. I’m wishing you a beautiful September and so much love. Lots of love. Bye for now.

September 2023 Astrology Forecast: Soul-Searching and Surprises

September astrology brings surprising twists and unexpected events. We begin this month with SIX planets, plus Chiron, an asteroid known as the Wounded Healer, in retrograde. With retrogrades in every corner of the heavens, you will rethink all aspects of your life. When a planet goes retrograde, it appears to be moving backward in the sky. This can be a confusing and frustrating time, as things may also seem to be moving backward in your life. However, retrogrades are a valuable time to pause and reflect.

New Moon Healing

You have some soul-searching to do.

Retrogrades foster inner work. You can use this time to review your past choices and see how they have led you to where you are today. This introspection can help you to make better choices in the future. In numerology, 2023 is a 7 Universal Year, and this is a 7 Universal Month (9 + 2+0+2+3 = 16. And 1+6 = 7). The 7 vibration requires deep reflection and a retreat from the mundane world. In this forecast, I share with you how to avoid the mayhem Mercury Retrograde can bring so you can have a peaceful and beautiful month.

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