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Psychic Activation with Your Spirit Guides

Psychic Activation with Your Spirit Guides

Expand your sixth sense and connect with your celestial support team for divine guidance, healing and support.

Your Spirit Guides are advanced beings who are divinely leading toward fulfilling your soul’s purpose and heart’s desires. When you learn how to tune into your intuition to open your connection with these benevolent beings, you will be in the flow of creativity, prosperity and love.

In this inspiring masterclass, you will:

  • Learn how to tune into your internal guidance for answers to any decisions or inquiries
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides for protection, clarity and insight
  • Expand your psychic senses to connect with the Higher Realms so you can elevate your vibration, attract positive circumstances, and receive inspired guidance for your life
  • Learn psychic protection techniques so you are free from negative energies and held in a high vibration of love
  • Discover the different types of Spirit Guides that are with you throughout your life

You will also Develop a personal relationship with your Spirit Guides so you can receive answers from them at any time.

Recording of a live teleclass
80 minute MP3

Purchase MP3 – $44 $22

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