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Moon Magic: Your Soul’s Path Illuminated

Moon Magic: Your Soul’s Path Illuminated

The moon in your birth chart illuminates your soul’s purpose. Learn how to harness the manifesting power of lunar influences.

Your body is made of mostly water, and like the tide your whole being is responding the incredible magnetic potency of the moon. When you harness the moon’s power, the entire cosmos helps you make your dreams come true.

Did you know the sign and phase of the moon when you were born influences your soul’s purpose?

Your soul chose to incarnate during a specific celestial influence. Your soul’s purpose is intrinsically designed to be in harmony with the moon’s magnetic pull. Understanding the moon in your birth chart is a powerful tool for fulfilling your heart’s desires.

In this in-depth inspiring course you will learn:

  • Divine timing for every aspect of your life including business, romance, and relationships
  • Your spiritual lessons and gifts associated with your moon’s sign and phase when you were born
  • How to manifest your intentions harnessing the moon’s powerful energy
  • The days you absolutely must avoid if you want your plans to succeed
  • Why you’re more emotional during a full moon and how you can use that for healing

You will experience powerful guided meditation to manifest your soul’s intentions and heal your energy with the moon.

Recording of a live teleclass
2 hours

Purchase MP3 – $44 $22

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